Podcast 053: Zeolite Detoxifying Benefits – Part 1

Zeolite removes heavy metals and other toxins by capturing them in its honeycomb like structure. We believe zeolite to be one of the most important supplements available today for cancer prevention, through its removal of toxic heavy metals, environmental chemicals and pesticides.

Zeolite product benefits:

  • Revitalize Your Immune System.
  • Cleanse and Detoxify from Heavy Metals and Chemical Toxins (like mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, dioxin and furans).
  • Balance Your Body’s pH
  • Antioxidant Supplement (binds with free radicals).
  • Stops acute diarrhea from food poisoning.
  • Interferes with viral cell replication.

For centuries, the powdered forms of specific zeolites have been used as traditional remedies throughout Asia to promote overall health and well being. The story of the “volcanic rocks” has been passed down from generation-to-generation as more and more people have experienced its life-changing benefits.

Podcast 053: Zeolite Detoxifying Benefits – Part 1

Restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: We interrupt our regularly scheduled podcast to bring you some very interesting information about a new product line that Life Enthusiast Co-op has on its site, www.life-enthusiasts.com. So Martin and I hope you enjoy this special edition.

The following audio is about a one hundred percent safe non toxic product that was recently granted a United States patent entitled Epithelial Cell Cancer Treatment.

My name is Ron Steeler, I’m a medical doctor, practicing gastro enologist and special certification as a nutritional support physician focused on the treatment of cancer patients. I practice medicine at the cancer treatment centers of America in Tulsa Oklahoma. Which is a national organization dedicated to provide treatment and hope for cancer patients. Now I would guess by me saying that I treat cancer patients, images of suffering may have already surfaced in some of your minds.

Chances are that someone you know or love may have been afflicted with cancer. In fact according to the American Cancer Society approximately one out of two men and one out of every three women will contract some form of cancer throughout their life time. Cancer is a horrible disease that can cause horrible pain and anguish to the victim, their family and loved ones.

Many of the patients that come to our cancer centers have already been told that their cancer has spread and that the disease is at an advanced stage. They often have been given weeks or months to live and have frequently been told to go home and get their affairs in order or to consider enrolling in a hospice program. Many are depressed and have lost hope as a result of their condition.

A significant part of our job is to restore hope and to let them know that there is always something that can be done to help. We provide a whole person integrated approach to cancer care including state of the art, cutting edge; science based conventional cancer treatment, alternative therapies, naturopathy, advanced nutritional support, psychology, prayer and spiritual care. It can be very challenging to witness the pain and suffering these terminally ill patients and their families have to go through. No one should have to go through this suffering.

Since 1971, the US government enacted legislation to increase federal funding for cancer research, hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent and yet today there is still tremendous suffering from the disease of cancer. Now the real shame is that many of the cancers that we treat are preventable. With simple life style changes including diet modification, exercise, weight loss, proper nutritional supplementation and smoking cessation many cancers could have been prevented. It has been estimated that two thirds to three quarters of all cancers are the result of harmful toxins and carcinogens that irritate and damage our genetic material and DNA.

These carcinogens and toxins are everywhere; they’re in the food that we eat and the water that we drink and even in the air that we breathe. We’ve all read articles or seen news reports that describe how harmful chemicals have seeped into our water supply or how heavy metals and toxic fumes are released into the air or how hormones and antibiotics and other drugs are injected into our livestock or even how pesticides or herbicides are routinely sprayed onto our fruits and vegetables.

In fact one recent study conducted by the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City found an average of 91 potential cancer causing chemicals and toxins in routine blood and urine samples of their patients. A small amount of toxins are often not immediately noticeable to the body but accumulation of harmful toxins in our body over time may ultimately result in damage to our DNA, other vital organs such as the liver and kidneys and seriously impair the function of our immune system. Body cells with damaged DNA eventually produce cancerous growth an optimally functioning immune system acts as the first line of defense for our body to rid itself of cell with damaged DNA before they can develop into a cancerous growth.

A priority therefore in preventing cancer is elimination of these cancer causing toxins from our body and the maintenance of an optimally functioning immune system. Recently I was introduced to a product that focuses on cancer prevention. This product is based on a natural mineral that has such unique properties that it safely and harmlessly removes many of these dangerous cancer causing toxins from the body. It’s a product that I’m using and that my family is using as well. It has become a major part in my family’s daily cancer prevention program and quite frankly I believe that everyone should use it.

Over the last thirty plus year’s cancer treatments have greatly improved the odds of survival with this deadly disease but why would anyone want to subject him or herself to the risk of developing cancer. Clearly prevention is the key to living a long healthy cancer free life. We all need to start thinking about prevention today.

When I was a child my dad was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, which at that time was an incurable fatal cancer. He enrolled in a clinical trial for an experimental treatment at Temple University in Philadelphia and although I was just six at the time, I remember it vividly. My mother used to take me along with my two brothers and two sisters to visit him frequently. My mother was desperate to know if the treatments were working. The physicians wouldn’t give her the time of day. Then one day she spotted a group of young guys in blue jeans and white lab coats walking the halls of the hospital. They were the biochemists running the clinical trials. They sat down with her to patiently explain everything. She was relieved and overjoyed and I knew right then that I wanted to be a biochemist. I wanted to be able to help those closest to me in any way that I could. I began to study in the field of biochemistry and learned about how the body responds and interacts with outside nutrients, chemicals and drugs so that I could help others and make a difference in people’s health and well being.

Hello, my name is Rick Deitch, I’m a pharmaceutical and nutritional biochemist after receiving a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a masters in biochemistry I conducted research with some of the country’s most preeminent pharmaceutical researchers in a laboratory run by the Nobel prize winning scientist Gertrude Elion at the Duke University medical comprehensive cancer center. The research that we conducted expanded my knowledge base into the importance of the early detection and prevention of cancer. Presently I am the CEO of a publically traded biotechnology company called Nutripharma Corporation. Nutripharma is constantly seeking new technologies that we can help bring to the market place. For the most part we look for drugs that have a strong patent protection and address disease states or conditions that are currently without treatment options. We presently have drugs undergoing clinical trials for treatment of multiple sclerosis, HIV and adrenal myelin neuropathy.

Not long ago we were investigating a drug that was being studied by a small pharmaceutical company for the treatment of cancer. It seemed to be a nice fit in our current product portfolio. The company that had this drug was looking for a partner to help them fund drug trials and negotiate the FDA drug approval process. As we examined the drug we realized that it was 100 percent natural mineral and it had been used in its raw form for thousands of years in Asia. This researcher had developed a unique activation process and delivery system in essence they built a better mouse trap.

In fact the researcher that had been working on this product for over 40 years. Back in his early days one of his friends had died from breast cancer. This young researcher promised his friend he would find something so others would not have to suffer. For years he searched and came upon a natural mineral that had formed over thousands of years in the remains of volcanic ash. For years he worked with mineral to develop a process to enhance its potency so it could be used as a cancer drug.

This mineral is generally classified as a zeolite, a group of minerals known for their unique molecular structure. With his clinical work complete the company had applied for and received a patent for the method and composition of this product. The patent is entitled epithelial cell cancer drug. The clinical work that supported the patent had shown some incredible results for treating cancer. This natural compound had a 100 percent kill rate when coming into direct contact with cancer cells.

Well with my background with nutritional products and understanding the cost and time involved in getting a new drug through the FDA approval process I realized was the fastest was to bring this miracle to market was to immediately launch it as a nutritional supplement. Now it could take seven to ten years and cost as much as eight hundred million dollars to get a drug approved by the US drug and food administration. I also realized that the most efficient way to get this into the hands of multitudes of people without incurring the millions of dollars of advertising costs is through the direct selling and word of mouth channel.

This would allow the millions of people not currently diagnosed with cancer to have access to the product, whereas an approved cancer therapy would have a much narrower market. Now let me tell you a little bit about this particular zeolite, first of all its 100 percent natural safe and non toxic. It is a very unique molecular structure that absorbs and traps harmful toxins and viral particles that you come in contact with every day.

Picture a cage that has hole and pores and tunnels throughout it. This cage has a net negative charge that attracts and holds positively charged molecules, compounds and particles and removes them from your body. These toxins are in the food you eat, the air you breathe, the water you drink. They are in automobile exhaust you breathe every day, household cleaners you use at home, skin care products you apply to your face and body, second hand smoke. I really could go on and on. Now let me share with you the benefits of this amazing mineral, first and foremost it detoxifies your body of all the harmful toxins that I just mentioned. Literally hundreds of toxins the EPA, the FDA and the CDC have declared to be carcinogenic or cancer causing.

A recent study by Mount Sinai Hospital found an average of 91 toxins and cancer causing carcinogens in their participants. By eliminating these toxins from your body you will strengthen you’re over all immune system, meaning fewer colds or getting over them quicker and potentially having less affect from allergies and because it eliminates toxins and chemicals from the body, this in turn can reduce your risk of cancer because so many caners are due in large part to these harmful substances that get into our bodies and damage the cells.

This product is also a broad spectrum antiviral agent that absorbs viral particles that travel through your body. Not allowing for viral assembly. This is a process that allows a virus to form, if the virus cannot form it cannot further reproduce and it’s eliminated from your body. It also balances your body’s pH levels, this is especially important for people on a low carb, high protein diet. Popular low carb diets can force the body into ketosis or ketone acidosis, where the blood trim is a low or acidic pH. This is the perfect environment for bacterial growth and can lead to fatal blood poisoning.

Natural Cellular Defense helps to balance and buffer the pH of the blood stream. This product also helps to improve digestion and it’s a potent antioxidant. According to the MD Anderson cancer center in Texas the number one ranked cancer center in the United States up to two third of all cancer may be preventable. Some researchers say up to 95 percent of all cancers are caused by environmental pollution. This may account for the US having the highest per capita cancer rate in the world amongst men and women. Shouldn’t you be doing everything you can to protect yourself and the ones you love? I want you to briefly hear from a few preeminent physicians who feel so passionate about this issue, that they wanted to join me and say something to you regarding cancer prevention and natural cellular defense.

My name is Dr. Steven Troviani, I am the Yale trained board certified neurologist with 29 years of clinical experience. Nothing that I have dealt with has a greater emotional impact then cancer. The very nature of the treatment is disturbing. Essentially we in the medical profession attempt to poison the cancer before the poison we are administering kills our patient. Unfortunately in the majority of the cases we are unsuccessful. Despite our efforts the cancer advances over the course of months leading to a prolonged and often painful death, with our treatment only adding to their misery. So the old adage an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure takes on a new meaning with cancer. Where cures are seldom an ounce of prevention is worth years of an otherwise shortened life versus a ton of ineffective and miserable treatment. Since most cancers are caused by toxins we either ingest or inhale, prevention means riding our bodies of these toxins. I will be using this and I will be recommending this to every member in my family and every patient I see.

Hello my name is Steve Ellio, I am a medical doctor, a board certified internist and geriatrician in the metro Philadelphia area. I deal with cancer and cancer risk on a daily basis. It is a physically and emotionally devastating disease that everyone can and should seek protection. In my practice an almost universal response is what can I do to protect myself? Despite the surgery, the chemo and radiation treatments that are available patients also want to take back control of their lives and their health. They want to protect themselves and their families today for the concerns of tomorrow. Natural Cellular Defense gives them this opportunity. It is a 100 percent natural, safe, non toxic oral detoxification and treatment agent with no side effects and no drug interactions. It offers patients a direct to consumer, non prescription agent that can protect, detoxify and treat viral illness and exposure to environmental pollutions like heavy metals, pesticides and household chemicals, common cancer causing toxins that we get exposed to everyday. At less than 40 dollars a month this product should be part of everyone’s immune system enhancement and cancer protection program. I take it, my family takes it and I’m recommending it to all my patients.

My name is Dr. Alex Lee, I am board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology and I have been practicing medicine for over fifteen years. I’m also an assistant clinical professor at the UCLA School of medicine. In my field of practice no diagnosis is as feared as or as devastating to a patient and their families as cancer. As a gastroenterologist I see patients with gastro intestinal cancers all too often. I have personally experienced firsthand the pain and anguish of watching a family member succumb to cancer and the overwhelming feeling of helplessness in not being able to intervene. We know that the cumulative effects of pollutants, toxins, heavy metals and other carcinogens can have a devastating effect on our bodies.

No matter what we try to do to minimize exposure we are all at risk due to their presence in our environment, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat. Certainly diet and lifestyle modification can help reduce some of the overall risks, eating healthy, low fat diet, rich in fiber and antioxidants for example. However it is abundantly clear that the diet and life style changes are not enough.

Environmental factors such as chemicals in household cleaners, toxic ingredients in our daily skin care products and heavy metals in the air we breathe increase our risk to cancer and are generally beyond our control. What if there’s a product whose physical properties were to trap and activate and eliminate from your body harmful toxins, heavy metals and carcinogens and this is nitrosamines and nitrites.

Who would benefit from such a product? The simple answer is everyone. Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense is a unique all natural product that is 100 percent safe, non toxic, easy to use and affordable. As a practicing physician I know that prevention and decreasing your risk of cancer is a far better alternative to surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Prevention is clearly the best form of health insurance you and your family can get.

For more information about Waiora products please contact Life Enthusiast Co-op at 1-866-543-3388. That’s 866-543-3388 or at the web www.life-enthusiasts.com. Please understand this was not medical advice just an approach.

Author: Martin Pytela