Podcast 056: Fulvic Acid Rejuvenation Therapy

Fulvic Acid is apidly being recognized as one of the key elements in many outstanding health and scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century. Scientists and doctors throughout the world are beginning to discover fulvic acid and are starting to recognize its extraordinary potential.

This week Martin Pytela and Scott Paton discuss holistic principles for healthy living, or more specifically, a new anti-aging, Cell Rejuvenation Therapy.  They say it’s the key to consistent health and longevity.

This micronutrient supplement is an advanced and effective electrolyte and oxygen formula with the amazing ability to balance physical, electrical, biological, chemical, emotional, and psychological aspects of your life.

Advanced formula for cell rejuvenation is based on a combination of ancient wisdom and modern technology. It’s mineral, oxygen and nutritional components are formulated with a unique nutrient delivery system, providing optimal nutrient absorption to your cells.

Benefits seen with Rejuvenate:

  • boost your energy
  • reverse cell damage
  • rejuvenate your natural production of enzymes
  • support your immune system
  • promotes youthful aging.

This product oxygenates and detoxifies at the same time. We are now offering it with our own label.

Podcast 056: Fulvic Acid Rejuvenation Therapy

Scott Paton: You are listening to the Life Enthusiast Co-Op Podcast with your co-host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Hey Martin how are you doing today?

Martin Pytela: Doing good Scott, life is good, how is yours?

Scott Paton: Excellent, it’s going great. So what’s new at the Life Enthusiast Co-Op?

Martin Pytela: Well you know the growth continues and we are strong enough now that we are able to add new product lines and I have been working on this for the last six months and we are launching two new lines and one of them is called cell therapy and the product is called Rejuvenate (now replaced with Deutoxycell).

Scott Paton: That sounds exciting.

Martin Pytela: it’s a great name, I think the guys have lot of balls to call it that but what the heck.

Scott Paton: So what’s the idea behind cell therapy and Rejuvenate?

Martin Pytela: Well the idea is this; we have been talking about this for a long time. If you have proper minerals in your cellular terrain you will be able to function at a better level. It has to do with the total dissolved solids or with the osmotic pressure or with the quality of the electrolyte in the cell you know when there is enough minerals in your cell it seems to glow brighter in the same way as the dinning room light will glow brighter when you turn up to rheostat.

Scott Paton: That’s and interesting way of putting it, glow brighter I like it.

Martin Pytela: , in fact you probably noticed that on healthy people when they enter the room they shine I mean there is something about them you know when you see young folks or really healthy folks just all they have to do is just make their appearance and you see it oh my gosh there is vibrancy coming off of this.

Scott Paton: Right, right, that’s very exciting so what made you decide to add this line to the Life Enthusiast Co-Op line of products?

Martin Pytela: We have a very strong presence with the major minerals like magnesium and sodium but we did not have a very good trace mineral product and its very important to have a full complement of the trace minerals to help the cells to function completely at full capacity, I am just hesitating at which words to use and how technical to go with this.

Scott Paton: Right, well my understanding is that our soil is very depleted so we are missing a lot of these trace minerals that our ancestors use to get when they foraged in the woods and that sort of stuff right.

Martin Pytela: Yes.

Scott Paton: So that’s really what you are talking was the ability to -.

Martin Pytela: absolutely we are talking about the quality of soils that are providing the food and if the quality of soil isn’t there, you are in trouble and one of the aspects of soil quality is expressed in something called the fulvic acid.

Scott Paton: Fulvic acid, okay.

Martin Pytela: Fulvic Acid is a very complex compound. I put the picture of the fulvic acid molecule on our websites the product is called Rejuvenate and its by biological therapeutics and I put a web page on the Life Enthusiast Co-Op website where people can admire what a fulvic acid molecule looks like and it looks -.

Scott Paton: So what would the fulvic acid do when we take it?

Martin Pytela: It improves the quality of the electrolyte which you know it essentially is a super charge of the electrical integrity of the bodies colloidal systems which means the blood, the lymph, the intracellular fluids, its just improving the electric quality of all of that.

Scott Paton: So it kind of balances things is that part of what happens?

Martin Pytela: Yes balance, support, strengthening, it acts as an antioxidant, as a free radical scavenger, it’s loaded with metabolic enzymes, it’s loaded with amino acids.

Scott Paton: Wow.

Martin Pytela: It’s got everything, all of the trace elements that you have ever dreamed of meeting.

Scott Paton: natural bio available form?

Martin Pytela: Yes, that’s because it comes from the soil, the fulvic acid is essentially the difference between beach sand and fully alive living soil that supports life.

Scott Paton: okay that’s really cool, I noticed as I was reading through it that they talk about the Zeta Potential and I am just – I didn’t quite understand that I haven’t got to the point what explains that and I think it will be good for our listeners to get an idea of the Zeta Potential is as well?

Martin Pytela: Right I have even heard of pronounced Zeta Potential so it depends how where people come from or -.

Scott Paton: I am known for mispronouncing words so -.

Martin Pytela: That’s okay well essentially Zeta Potential is the ability of the molecule to hold an electrical charge.

Scott Paton: And now is it more electrical charge as we can hold obviously the more – its like we are a light bulb bright and if you don’t have any power the dim switch is at low you are not going top burn very brightly, you are going to be tired, you are not going to be very energetic, you probably be sick a lot and that sort of thing whereas if you got a lot of charge and you are more energetic if I got the kind of the analogy right.

Martin Pytela: Absolutely, top form humans have to have, have to be loaded with these trace minerals and have to have their electrolytes in great order and have to be able to hold this electric potential whenever you reduce the electric potential all the way down to zero the cells will just fall apart – weakness, illness that sort of stuff.

Scott Paton: Totally makes sense when you think about it but whoever thought of I mean I don’t normally think of myself as an electrical being right?

Martin Pytela: And yet, everything, every nervous signal, every impulse is an electric event.

Scott Paton: Right, right.

Martin Pytela: It’s just that you are not made with transistors and integrated circuits, you are made with cells but the transmission is you are essentially a wet electric device.

Scott Paton: And you know what happens when you put electricity in a bathtub right?

Martin Pytela: Oh no that’s a different story lets not go there, so anyway -.

Scott Paton: So lot of power was what I meant right there is -.

Martin Pytela: discharge of electricity in the wrong direction so you know what will lower the Zeta Potential of your cells, loss of blood, loss of fluids so that would be if we you know if we drain your blood of course you will be in trouble but even when you are dehydrated that’s a classic loss of fluid, that’s causing trouble, excessive emotional stress.

Scott Paton: Right, there we go again.

Martin Pytela: Lack of sleep, lingering infection, lingering inflammation and unbalanced diet again you know we are telling the same story and we keep telling people it is really hard in this western society to keep yourself properly nourished because the products that you are buying are grown in soils that just don’t have it anymore.

Scott Paton: So you had mentioned earlier electrolytes and for those of us like myself who are not quite not sure what electrolytes are can you, you know so tell us what their purpose is in the body and what they are?

Martin Pytela: Okay, well electrolyte is the medium in which an electric transmission can occur or transaction can occur, it has the ability to carry a current like for instance distilled water is not conductive, as soon as you throw a couple of pinches of salt in it the water becomes conductive.

Scott Paton: So the salt is an electrolyte?

Martin Pytela: The water with salt in it is the electrolyte.

Scott Paton: Okay.

Martin Pytela: So your blood is an electrolyte, your cellular fluid is an electrolyte, your saliva is an electrolyte and you know the disassociation of things is done in electric way where the H and the OH is attaching itself to different ends of different molecules taking them apart but those are all electric or electrolytic transactions.

Scott Paton: So that explains why when you said if we are dehydrated we don’t have, the electrolytes don’t work very well because there is not enough water for – because I assume it’s a concentration of in right and if there is too much salt in water it probably doesn’t conduct electricity as well if there is an optimum amount.

Martin Pytela: in that particular case it would conduct too much which would cause discharges and draining and you know we have to be at optimal levels too much you die, too little you die. I mean you have heard of this marathon runner just recently drinking too much water, diluting electrolytes causing potassium depletion and dying of arrhythmia.

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: So that’s from too much water, the other way you know too little water trouble as well and of course chronic dehydration is causing all kinds of cellular problems, it just won’t function correctly and you know we are going from maximum potential I mean we are the life enthusiast right where we are storing vitality.

Scott Paton: Enthusiastic about it.

Martin Pytela: Well we need maximum potential so here we have the fulvic acid supplies all of these necessary components to the electrolytic medium that your body needs to function correctly, it helps detoxifying metals, it helps every cell to discharge and get rid of things it doesn’t want. Essentially its like eating the most beneficial, organic well grown food you can get your heads on when you supplement with this and that’s what happened with me when they sent me the sample bottle you know I mean I keep telling people that everything that we sell at Life Enthusiast Co-Op is tested by us personally directly.

Scott Paton: Right.

Martin Pytela: Well I mean in this case I was doing the testing and so I got couple of bottles of this thing and started using it and lo and behold you know feeling tired and went away. My after effects of staying up too late because unfortunately I am abusing myself when I tried to manage this business you know instead of feeling completely ready to die by 02 ‘o clock in the afternoon because I didn’t sleep enough I was able to sustain, I was able to keep a straight head with my thoughts present.

Scott Paton: So your energy level went up?

Martin Pytela: Definitely energy up yes sir.

Scott Paton: That’s the key, that’s what we all want to hear.

Martin Pytela: we want to be energetic, we all want to be able to run and play and you know like let me just read a little bit about fulvic acid which is the core of this product.

Scott Paton: because I am very curious about that I have never heard it before.

Martin Pytela: Its not commonly recognized or commonly known but and the folks that really understand natural health and wellness there we are so here it is fulvic acid increases energy and energizes your cells, it’s a ferocious antioxidant and free radical scavenger, it chelates heavy metals and body toxins helping remove them from the system, it makes cell walls more permeable to transport nutrients into and out of cells.

Scott Paton: That’s important right.

Martin Pytela: Oh crucial you could have the richest supply of nutrients but if they don’t make it inside the cells you are going to wither in fact one of them is the for instance insulin resistance you know people end up with insulin resistance and glucose doesn’t get inside the cells that’s how you get high glucose levels as a diabetic, its not because you have eaten too much of something but because your cells are not able to take it in.

Scott Paton: That’s fascinating I never thought of it that way, I always thought of the other way around.

Martin Pytela: no, it’s the cellular membrane’s in ability to allow the glucose to come in. so that was the permeability of the cellular membrane then extending the time that he nutrients remain active increasing the availability of essential nutrients, increasing metabolism of proteins, helping with the RNA and DNA synthesis, restoring electrochemical balance, increasing activity of enzymes, now that’s a big aim.

Scott Paton: Because we have been talking about enzymes forever.

Martin Pytela: again you know if you have however many or however much and many of enzymes you have, if you support them and give them a better chance to create the compounds they need to make that’s just like taking an extra supplement.

Scott Paton: Right it could be a huge difference.

Martin Pytela: Right, increases absorption of oxygen and decreases acidity again big time we were talking about the acid alkaline balance in the body and how the more acidic you get, the less you are able to carry or your lymphatic system is able to carry the oxygen to the tissue, so here by decreasing the acidity we are improving the oxygen carrying capacity so with more oxygen that’s A. more energy to move around but B. also cancer is the illness of oxygen deprivation at the cellular level so this serves as preventive to cancer. I think that’s about the list rebuilding and stimulating the immune system.

Scott Paton: So what you are talking about here is some of the benefits of Rejuvenate would be like boosting your energy, reversing cellular damage, rejuvenating your natural enzyme production, supporting your immune system and maybe looking a little younger as you get older.

Martin Pytela: Oh yes, absolutely I mean everything that you named are process that are associated with the youthful functioning of a human body and you know all of those statistics that they show you, when you are aged you lose this or you lose that or this gets slower you know the hormone levels go down, the mineral levels go down, well if you supplement it its just like reversing aging.

Scott Paton: The fountain of youth has been found?

Martin Pytela: Well you know nothing its totally simple but the folic acid supplementation is phenomenally effective, just phenomenally effective because it makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary functioning of your body. You are able to eat ordinary groceries and you are supplemented with the fulvic acid and its the most well grown organic bio dynamically treated foods because you are making up the difference between which you are able to get and what you should get.

Scott Paton: Right, right so eat at the grocery store organically by taking this very cool. There was on interesting thing I just was reading about the – it just gives you an idea of how these people think and I always think its very interesting getting into the minds of people that produce these products because you know they don’t just come from the you know my background is working out like a Safeway through a big giant grocery chain right as you kind of get the food in, get the food out you know put cans of beans on the walls and where you go right?

Martin Pytela: lets move the stuff.

Scott Paton: Lets move the stuff and the bottle that Rejuvenate comes in is a violet or purple colored bottle right?

Martin Pytela: Oh that’s a cute little detail that the manufacturer included. It is called MIRON glass.

Scott Paton: and so I just want to read a little bit of what you have put on the site about it because I just think you know everyone that’s interested and they should go and really read through all the material you have placed that there is just tons of it but I mean my mind just goes like wow like people that are really, I mean you have to be really, really wanting to optimize your own health and everybody else’s health to have looked at this particular detail right and so the early Egyptians preserved their precious oils, essences and medicines in gold or violet jars so today thanks to modern science and research we know that life energy is best preserved by violet glass in fact no other spectral range can compare, so rejuvenate is bottled exclusively in MIRON violet glass bottles with a gold label and this MIRON glass ensures that Rejuvenate retains its maximum energy and quality during storage, protecting its delicate contents by allowing a small amount of the lightest UV Spectrum in the glass while blocking the hard UV rays and almost all of the destructive photosensitive range so you know and I just -.

Martin Pytela: I mean is that beautiful or what right?

Scott Paton: That’s just awesome like you know its safe like we have to just stock it in a can and screw the top on and be done with it right you know maybe a picking on my old company there a bit but you know we never really thought about that just was beyond our concept right and to think you know that someone says okay like here I have got this great product now how can I protect it so that its still great when it gets to the consumer its wonderful.

Martin Pytela: Exactly and you know these are lovely one ounce bottles so when you are done with the product you can of course put other things in it.

Scott Paton: Right keep using it.

Martin Pytela: by the way this product is not overly expensive its 40 dollars for the one ounce bottle and that’s probably a two to three months supply at a moderate use you can of course and I would love for people to use a bottle a month that’s really -.

Scott Paton: That’s a question I always have Martin and I know that it’s a difficult question for you to answer generally but I would say like on it taking like an average person do you kind of assume that we are you know you are quite deficient to begin with so you take maybe a bottle in the first month and then get on to you know a one or two months you know length of using the bottle but what I am saying is do you load up at the beginning.

Martin Pytela: Yes well actually well let me say it differently, what you need to do at the first is you need to slowly build up because if you just start pouring it on you are going to trigger off a healing crises.

Scott Paton: Right we had a discussion about a healing crisis in our last or two podcast didn’t we?

Martin Pytela: Oh yes, so yes you need to start slow, you know start with one drop and in a glass of water and then see how it goes and increase slowly and then yes then you wanted to load up until you feel just so filled with life force and energy that you don’t think that you can raise that anymore and then you can start reducing.

Scott Paton: So you are really talking about being aware of where you are in yourself right?

Martin Pytela: Right, but you know what happens, sorry to interrupt you, what happens is when you start actually ingesting this stuff your ability to think improves phenomenally and your intuitive powers improve phenomenally so you can actually start trusting your mind you know.

Scott Paton: That is very cool.

Martin Pytela: Well I am sure you will be asking me for a bottle of Rejuvenate.

Scott Paton: It’s on my list. I think you sell me on everything right?

Martin Pytela: Well yes but honestly folks heading a high Zeta potential is the answer you know like a cell that’s down at about 35 millivolt its pretty much well put it this way, cancer patients have Zeta Potential of about 15 millivolt. Okay when it goes down to zero the cell is dead. Serious illness the potential sum around 35, old cells between 50 and 70 and really healthy between 70 and a 100.

Scott Paton: So it goes to get it up to a 100.

Martin Pytela: So you know yes of course we would like to have the you know high and that high what shall I call it the Zeta Potential, the ability to carry current or make the current flow.

Scott Paton: Cool so if somebody wanted to know more about Rejuvenate and biological therapeutics how could they get a hold of you?

Martin Pytela: Well this is on the Life Enthusiast website and if you would click on brands, look up biological therapeutics and there it is, product is called Rejuvenate. [we have since switched to another brand of fulvic acid]

Scott Paton: So that is www.life-enthusiast.com.

Martin Pytela: Oh yes and then look at brands, look at biological therapeutics and you know that -.

Scott Paton: What if somebody wanted to talk to you about it?

Martin Pytela: Well the phone number is right on the website you can call the company number at 1-866-543-3388 or my direct line at 775-299-4661.

Scott Paton: Wonderful.

Martin Pytela: we are taking calls from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm Pacific time, I am not there all of those hours but most of them.

Scott Paton: Right so that’s like 11 to 11 on the East Coast?

Martin Pytela: That’s right.

Scott Paton: And we had, do you want to tell people about the e-mail that we got?

Martin Pytela: Oh you mean this last e-mail that came because of the podcast series about water.

Scott Paton: Yes flooding the rabbit holes, I can read if you like.

Martin Pytela: would you please because I just don’t have it at my fingertips.

Scott Paton: I want to share this e-mail because it just warms our hearts when we get something like this right and this is not a oh you saved my life and anything else type of e-mail at all but I just think it really reflects kind of the attitude that you have Martin and that I have about what we do and it went Martin I am so and basically if you go to and some of the pages as an opportunity doing the newsletter and we have a series that we are running on the impact of water and so it’s a – this is he was responding to one of those letters that we send out about water calling flooding the rabbit hole and Martin I am so glad to see other enthusiastic about life, I think this role is so beautiful and amazing, the idea of a connection between water and man is amazing, I strongly feel and this study just backs up the way I feel about the importance of connections in life not only between human beings but the world itself, I see the planet Earth as another being, another organism and you must find peace between ourselves, you must come in harmony with the world, throughout the years god bless us with a beautiful planet and somehow we have managed to show our gratitude by this drawing, polluting and abusing this world. I write phrases on my gallons of water what that I drink daily and it is great to see the rest of the school taking somewhat of an interest, being in college I get to see people at their best and worst, I live with people full of hate and judgment and I feel sometimes like this proof that our feelings and our words meanings have impact on how we feel, live and love is truly a blessing that this whole world should know about. Hate is a disease and I really feel that the study in water is a cure thank you and the rest for trying to take chaos out of a peaceful world thank the lord for this complex world, please forgive me for rambling I tend to do that a lot I think too much ha, ha who knows this could not even be a real person some kind of automated service still thanks for the time so you know yes we are real people, we do read the real e-mails that we get and we do appreciate them.

Martin Pytela: in fact that’s what I wrote back I recall I said yes your e-mail was read by a live human being and I am grateful for what you are saying and also I just want to remind you that what you want to focus on is or I should say whatever you want to expand that’s what you want to focus on, don’t aim your mind at things you don’t want or don’t fill your mind with thoughts that would give energy to things you don’t want.

Scott Paton: You know that’s a really good point and Mother Teresa would never go to an antiwar protest.

Martin Pytela: Yes.

Scott Paton: She said I would go, always go to a peace rally, she didn’t want to give any energy to war but she would give it to peace and I thought that was a beautiful way of looking at.

Martin Pytela: John Lennon did it before her, give peace of chance was a phenomenal concept I mean he was such a marketing genius; unfortunately he was too powerful for the establishment to let him continue.

Scott Paton: Right, good so any last words before we sign off with this podcast, thank you Martin very much for sharing all this information about Rejuvenate I am very excited about it and I hope our listeners will take the time to learn more about it and if it resonates with them to give it a try.

Martin Pytela: Exactly well Zeta Potential folks to see about increasing your Zeta Potential we have the folic acid supplement called Rejuvenate, we also have the greater mineral products such as the Transderma and Twilight America lines and of course all of our Exsula Superfoods are loaded with minerals and elements that help ways to Zeta Potential, so all of this works hand in hand working together.

Scott Paton: Nice.

Martin Pytela: Pay attention to what you eat, pay attention to what you are thinking about.

Scott Paton: Cool.

Martin Pytela: If you find yourself in a need of an improvement in your how you are feeling or how your body is working call us we have ways to help you, its 1-866-543-3388.

Scott Paton: So if you call at 866-543-3388 or head over to www.life-enthusiast.com there is contact information there and plus pages and pages and pages of information for you and all sorts of different health and related topics. So Martin we are signing off can you get the last words.

Martin Pytela: Yes folks thank you, thank you for listening to our radio show this is Life Enthusiast Co-Op restoring vitality to you and to the planet thank you.

Scott Paton: Nice.

Author: Martin Pytela