Podcast 059: Raspberry Seeds Powerful Antioxidant

Raspberry ellagitannins have been clinically shown to be transformed into beneficial levels of ellagic acid in the body. Ellagic acid has been found to inhibit the promotion and progression of cancer, by keeping the cancer cells from dividing and multiplying.

We ended up replacing the products described in the podcast with ones that were formulated without parabens and other questionable ways to prevent oxidation of the creams. We found out that our clients did not share our initial enthusiasm – despite the fact that people were getting excellent results, the clients were insisting that the carcinogenic preservatives were a deal breaker. We have introduced a different skin care line that is free of the preservative, and we have available the pure raspberry and grape extracts.

Podcast 059: Raspberry Seeds Powerful Antioxidant

Ellagic Acid and Apoptosis

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the Life Enthusiast Co-op podcast – restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela. Hey Martin How you doing today?

Martin: Feeling warm.

Scott: Good, spring is in the air. I’m really excited because you’ve brought an new line onto the Life Enthusiast co-op website and I understand there is quite a story you and your particular relationship with this company and I’m really excited to hear more about it.

Martin: Yes, the company is called Scientific Medical Devices Inc, which is a comical name for a company run by two old fashioned guys. They make it look like they are real somebody when in fact they are just designers sort of like this Life Enthusiast. There are just three guys that make Life Enthusiast tick and the rest are contractors. The people behind it, I don’t know what to call it a guru, a fellow, the man in charge. Well the fellow that is in charge of SMDI, his name is Kent and we have been doing business with him for something like 15 years. Exsula Superfoods has been buying the raspberry products from him for a long time because the raspberry has been an ingredient in all of the super foods because of its wonderful qualities of cancer preventive or apoptosis initiating qualities.

Scott: I’ve actually learned so much about raspberries in the time that we’ve been doing our show together and I’m just always amazed at the uses that it has and the power that it has, I had never thought of it those ways before.

Martin: Yes, this power is actually in most seeds, it’s in the blueberry, kiwi, strawberry, raspberry – all of the berries and they all contain these ellagitannins which in your body will convert into the ellagic acid which somehow stimulates the apoptosis process. You know all of your cells are supposed to live a life that starts at some point and then ends when the cell is somehow damaged or exhausted or not functioning correctly. If you are able to supply all the correct nutrients and remove all of the toxins or metabolites the cell would go on indefinitely but that’s really not the case in the human body. Every day you turn over a trillion, is it a trillion? I hope I’m not lying anyway it’s a huge number, it could be a billion and I’m not remembering correctly but it’s really a significant number of cells that are getting turned over every day and it’s a natural process of division where if there is a need for a cell, the cell just divides and creates two where there was previously one and it’s the copying of these cells that is controlled by the DNA in the middle of the cells and if the DNA is somehow damaged because of the cellular terrain being hostile, toxic or otherwise incorrect you will end up with badly copied cells, cancer. Cancer is cells that have gone, like a horse that gets spooked and is running and you cannot control. They are just running out of control. A cancer cell well at least the most common cancers like lymphoma or breast cancer, prostate cancer those types are cancers caused by lack of oxygen at the tissue level. That is normally caused by too much acidity in the terrain. You know toxins come in and they plug up the lymphatic system, the lymphatic system stops cleansing itself. It’s like a septic tank being clogged with garbage and it’s just getting worse and worse. I gave somebody a metaphor of an aquarium it’s like your cells are like the fish swimming in an aquarium and your lymphatic fluid is like the body fluid like the water in the aquarium and the cells they are in it. They are having to inhale the oxygen from the water, they are having to poop in the same water, they are having to take the food that comes from the same water. It’s a closed system so if there is too much input of toxins soon enough that water in the aquarium will turn into a nasty soup and the fish will die.

Scott: So just getting back to Scientific Medical Devices Inc,

Martin: Oh, our friend Kent so we have been buying our raspberries from him for a long time but we have only bought the encapsulated powder from him all this time, nothing else. Somewhere along the way he figured out how to get this extract of raspberry into a skin cream, major revolution. He’s now able to treat things on the surface of the body, previously all he could do was put it in the body, swallow it and hope that it’s going to do its job but now that you have the raspberry with its rejuvenation capacity, it’s not just cancer stuff, it’s rejuvenation. Anything that’s not functioning correctly gets switched off and recycled that’s a concept of rejuvenation.

Scott: Okay, so when I hear rejuvenation I think of my skin going back to the way it was when I was fifteen for example and I know that one of the reasons why I have more wrinkles on my face today rather than thirty years ago is because there has been some skin damage, there’s been the sun and it’s dried and all those sorts of things so you’re talking about sticking stuff on my skin that makes it younger. I’m excited about that.

Martin: Oh yeah, I’m not joking. Yes this is probably the best skin care secret out there and it’s not expensive. I mean a two ounce jar of this stuff is 25 bucks and the quality of it matches up with most three hundred dollar fancy products. You know there are other ways to do it, there is hyaluronic acid and NaPCA and some other fairly expensive ingredients that are able to deliver the nutrients and convince the cells to turn over but this here is inexpensive and effective.

Scott: Wow, so tell us a bit more about some of the products that he has put together.

Martin: Well the skin gel, that’s the basic it will work on most anything that’s the stuff you would put on your sun spots or that’s the stuff you would actually put all over your face to just deal with it, period. There is an emollient facial cleanser which is ladies that put make-up on they love cleansers and everyone should use a cleanser when you come home from whatever work you do cause most guys that work physically they just splash with water, but the emollient facial cleanser removes make-up and does a wonderful job of it. Then there is the anti aging night cream which is a more thick kind of a formula because it’s got more nourishment to it so that’s straight forward. Most women would understand the night cream but I hear these days’ guys are using it too.

Scott: Yes us guys are doing everything we can so that we can be handsome for the women.

Martin: Yes, I think so once you get divorced or something like that then your back on the market you need to compete with all the better looking crowd so that’s that. Vitamin C serum, that’s the wrinkle remover. You know skin needs to be nourished and vitamin C does a fantastic job so that’s a collagen rebuilder, so this vitamin C serum that’s the stuff that you would use on the on the wrinkles. Then there is the progesterone cream, that’s a girl product you know most ladies that are reaching the menopause or are into it are starting to become estrogen dominant so the skin is thinning, the vaginal tissues are becoming thinner and the ability to stay moist and lubrication is going away all of that is caused by the loss of progesterone and dominance of estrogen. When you use that you number one improve your hormonal levels so the hot flashes don’t come as strong and serious and a side benefit is that the sex organ actually feels like it did in younger days.

Scott: Yeah, that could be a hot product then.

Martin: Yeah, it would be, you could actually start enjoying the sex act again. I mean a lot of older ladies are having this pain, it just hurts or the lubrication just doesn’t come on and now we just need to use artificial. The progesterone just helps to restore the natural function as it was.

Scott: Very cool.

Martin: The side benefit is that it is using the raspberry in it so it’s also improving the skin and then we have a couple of specialized products for burn victims. There’s an analgesic burn cream and a regular burn cream. The analgesic is for people who are currently experiencing pain so this would be either folks that are exposed to the elements that can’t avoid it; you know if you’re working outdoors, you’re a farmer or an outside worker or if you’re a surfer or something like that.

Scott: So you’re talking about sunburns in particular.

Martin: Yes especially but you could certainly use it for whatever. It’s certainly a great thing to have in your cupboards as a preventive.

Scott: We are doing this particular episode in the spring so it would be great to get it so you’ve got it so when your kids come home and they are beet-red. What my mom used to do was to pour vinegar on me which worked but it stunk and this would probably be a good thing to put on the skin as well.

Martin: What that does is, number one is there is some analgesic in it so soothes the pain. Second there is the nourishment and healing and then there is the regular burn ointment without the analgesic so if it’s not hurting anymore you would carry on with that and then the next hot item we have is hot raspberry pie foot cream. This is a very special product.

Scott: That sounds good enough to eat Martin.

Martin: Well okay, all you toe fetish boys out there.

Scott: Well I wasn’t thinking of that. I was thinking hot raspberry pie. I stopped listening at that point.

Martin: This product was specifically designed for people who suffer from cold feet.

Scott: Cold feet?

Martin: This is a very common problem people end up with clammy cold feet especially in the evening and it’s no fun going to bed with your feet clammy and cold.

Scott: You know where most of my girlfriends feet end up? On my back.

Martin: In your lap or somewhere else.

Scott: On my back and like oh you’re so nice and warm and I’m going oh its freezing.

Martin: Well you could turn it into a great deal of fun. Well honey I’ve got some hot raspberry pie for you.

Scott: There you go.

Martin: I think it would be more fun doing it one to the other but anyway this is what this thing does and it will stimulate circulation in your feet. It contains peppermint, menthol, tee tree and spikenard and it smells lovely and it’s all natural plant based stuff.

Scott: So you just put it on your feet and if you can get your honey to put it on for you and rub your toes and massage the bottom and give you a little reflexology, you will be in a total state of bliss.

Martin: Right, because relaxation is accompanied by warm extremities and cool forehead. As soon as you warm up the extremities which is the hands and feet you have to be relaxed because if they are cold you have to be tense. The last one of the lot we actually have a raspberry extract in a tincture, it’s actually a combination between raspberry and grape. The grape is mainly there as the antioxidant to keep it from acting on its self but grape extract is a good thing anyway and its very antioxidant and healing, stimulating product.

Scott: Very cool. I was going to say I’ve noticed as I’ve read through some of the material on the website that they recommend a lot of these things, not necessarily the skin cream but a lot of the extracts and stuff for your pets.

Martin: Well the main reason we stress a lot of use on pets is because we don’t want the regulatory oversight that we are just trying to cure people because we just don’t want to do that. If you click on the brand Raspex you will find user reports and most of the user reports talk about dogs and how the dogs have been cured from cancer and all of that. It will cure the master from cancer every bit as well we just can’t talk about it.

Scott: Even though you just did. Why don’t I read one of these?

Martin: Go ahead.

Scott: I’m from an Irish Scottish background; just like me although I didn’t write this, very fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair okay I don’t have blue eyes or blonde hair, I was born in New Zealand and I came to live in London when I was 22. I’ve always been aware of looking after my skin I’ve had a number of troublesome Keratosis on my face so what’s that?

Martin: Keratosis, it looks like a scab, it’s a patch of skin that just thickens.

Scott: Okay, on my face hands and neck since my twenty’s I’ve had them burnt off several time only to have them return. The raspberry skin cream Raspex, is steadily clearing all these erosions and moles and at the same time protecting my skin from further damage. So this would have an impact on moles?

Martin: Yes, you know the brown spots and all of that.

Scott: Well I have a couple moles since I was a teenager on my back. It would be kind of cool to try. The raspberry skin cream has been exceptional in healing these. I have used most of the best and new products on the market but there nothing to match raspberry skin gel. I recommend the cream to another friend who had a large erosion on his head. I have this impression that he’s missing half his head and within several weeks the erosion was considerably smaller and the redness and itchiness gone. Thank you for an exceptional cream, advice and service. I will continue to recommend it to my friends.

Martin: Yeah it’s that kind of thing. Here’s a good one. I confess initially the Raspex anti aging night cream made me nervous. I asked myself the first couple of nights, is it really working because it’s so very light and American women have been made to believe that heavy, baked, greasy cream are the best but I studied this enough and I know this is not true. Still, I was concerned because I paid a lot for high powered products and since I’m getting older every day I couldn’t afford to waste any time. However this morning my skin was literally flaking off, shedding which is excellent it means it’s sloughing off the dead top layer which means it can compete with the stronger alpha and beta hydroxides. I’m impressed with how fast it absorbs and there is no mess on my pillow case.

Scott: That’s an important one.

Martin: Yeah or something like this update on the basil skin cancer on my cheek, the Raspex skin gel has reduced it from an open would to a couple of small scabby lumps. So it really works, it renews the skin. How about this one, my husband has basal skin cancer and recently found Raspex skin gel which I ordered. It seems like a magic thing. Can you tell me if I can buy it in the UK? No, you have to mail order it from us.

Scott: So we’ve got pages and pages of user reports like that for anyone listening that wants to read more of them. They are fascinating reading.

Martin: Yeah, all the skin lypomas or keratoses and brown spots because all of those are expressions of confused cells that are supposed to shut down, die and be recycled and be replaced with fresh new genetically correct new skin cells.

Scott: And that’s not happening.

Martin: Right because of toxins and stuff so if you detoxify using good water and use Raspex on the skin then you will be producing fresh new skin that is genetically correct.

Scott: Which is what we all want, wow fascinating. Well Martin thank you very much for sharing all this information and bringing on this new line, it’s very exciting.

Martin: It is. this one I’m so pleased with. We’ve been looking for an intelligent skin care product for the longest time. We’ve tried this and that, it just wasn’t good enough but this one is.

Scott: Okay if somebody wanted to get a hold of you and ask you some more questions about the Raspex line and how it might be able to help them, or whatever their particularly challenges are how would they do that?

Martin Well, if they are clicking on the website it’s under brands at www.life-Enthusiast.com and the phone numbers are posted right there at the top of the page. 1-866-543-3388 or the direct line is 1-775-299-4661 and of course they are listening to the pod cast already. There are more of these pod casts at lifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com.

Scott: Great, well you’ve been listening to life enthusiast co-op pod cast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to join us and I look forward to having you join us next time.

Martin: Thank-you people. This is Life Enthusiast co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Good bye.

Author: Martin Pytela