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Podcast 063: Minerals – Part 1

Podcast 063: Minerals – Part 1

Podcast 063: Minerals – Part 1

We regret to inform you that Adya Minerals are no longer available. Instead we are now selling Black Mica Water. Please take a look and listen…

We are a suspended colloid mineral system with an electrically-charged liquid salt fluid that runs through us. So to have the proper mineral complex within us is one of the most important tools for our bodies to function most efficiently.

Podcast 063: Minerals – Part 1

This is the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela. Hey Martin How you doing today?

Martin: Doing good Scott, I’d like to introduce a guest of mine, this friend of mine even though we’ve only known each other for a short while and I know that if we are not friends yet than we are going to be great friends because Matt and I spent a little while talking together and I already know that we both share the passion for helping the people and helping the planet. So I want to introduce Matt Bacos from the new company that Life Enthusiast is going to introduce and it’s called Adya Water. Hello, welcome to the show.

Matt: Hello, how are you guys doing? So is there any specific question that you would like me to address about the new product and minerals that we are introducing to the world?

Martin: Matt, I would like to ask you a question. Why is it that we even need to introduce minerals to the world? I mean there are rocks everywhere.

Matt: That’s a good question, the main thing is we are minerals, we are suspended colloid mineral system with a liquid salt fluid that runs through us that is electrically charged. So to have the proper mineral complex within us is one of the most important things with our bodies as far as having tools to make our bodies function most efficiently.

Martin: So this is kind of saying the same thing I was saying earlier to our listeners that the quality of the electrolyte will dictate the quality of your life.

Matt: And electrolyte is the key because when you are saying electrolyte you are saying electric. The body is an electrical system, it communicates with electrical things and that’s why there is a big push right now on the market for a raw food diet. The biggest reason for that and most people go alkaline, try to talk about alkaline and these things where a lot of them are just missing the point. We have electricity, we have a vegetable or fruit which is acidic and electric and a mineral system that is within this plant also surrounded by nutrients so the key is the mineral because the mineral is actually like the magnet that keeps all the nutrients and all things in order, the communication device. To give a quick example of that all computer systems run off of crystals most people don’t know this. Radio systems when they came out in the 40’s were called crystal sets, computers have a silicone pad in the mother board that’s what allows all the information to transfer. So this mineral is the key because it holds all this information and energy that allows our body to communicate with it. So when it’s electric or liquefied electric state it’s most absorbent and has the best communication ability to it. Our body can send it where ever it needs to go so that’s more of the key, the electrolyte being the key because it’s fluid and it can travel right through the bone marrow.

Martin: Right, I’m well aware of it. The signaling in your body for every contraction of the muscle, a calcium ion has to be present, for relaxation of the muscle a magnesium ion has to be present, for every exchange of energy your sodium and potassium pump has to be activated to execute these transactions.

Matt: Absolutely and one of the biggest things I think is lost in understanding that is every mineral on the periodic table when you are talking about nature and natural formations whether in humans, plants, rocks or anything on Earth that has that type of information that it is a matrix and for your body to be able to be able to communicate with all of the minerals properly. There has to be a matrix and that’s where all the information has been lost because they have been isolating everything, taking everything out of its natural compound form and trying to add this and add that. That’s why raw food dieters are having the best success when it comes to health and energy.

Martin: So you are saying that this method that the pharmaceutical industry has adopted where they try isolate everything down into the single component then treat a single problem with it is just completely backwards?

Matt: It’s not the pharmaceutical company that created it; it’s just that the pharmaceutical companies are just following suit. More than anything it’s the top echelon of science, the royal society and groups like that, that rule the world of science they basically got the idea or theory that man has better capabilities of creation then nature does. And that’s where I think we went backwards rather than just following the path that was already there before man decided to change it. Like managing wildlife.

Martin: Oh, by shooting the wolves or poisoning the rabbits.

Matt: Or whatever. That’s everywhere; I can go into some of the stuff i did when I was younger with the buffalos in west Yellow Stone Montana but it’s everywhere and we can’t manage nature and that’s the problem. We can manage ourselves but we can’t manage nature. Look how much back tracking we had to do with the wolves, just talking about the wolves. They went from no wolves to reintroducing them to now they don’t know what to do. It does not work when you do that so the idea is keep nature intact, let nature be the guideline principle for our decisions when it comes to health, when it comes to living. Then take what the best that we know that we need and go by our basic instincts, do we feel good, do we feel healthy do we have energy. Are the problems that we are experiencing gone? Versus just blindly taking something that someone says in a lab coat is and things like that.

Martin: It comes back to the holistic cellular terrain management versus chasing the symptoms.

Matt: Absolutely, it’s the entire body, the whole mechanism just like nature. It’s like the water problem, now you have an imbalance in water worldwide and that’s causing major havoc worldwide. So we don’t even know the detrimental effects that we created 20,30, 40, 50 years ago that we are experiencing now and that we will experience as we come closer and closer, further down the road. It’s going to escalate, it’s a cumulative effect.

Martin: Let’s describe some of the problems that people get into when they have mineral deficiencies.

Matt: One of the biggest problems we have is people taking calcium pills and isolated minerals or colloidal mineral or those types of things that your body just can’t possibly digest in a thousand years. This is the misconception I think when a scientist explains what a mineral is, what I always tell people is, is this mineral good for me? Say what form is it in and where did it come from? That’s the first questions that you should ask and if you look at a bottle of minerals and it says magnesium calcium, iron and you don’t know where it came from and it’s just a pill that says mineral complex, most of them created in labs but if you don’t know if it came from a plant or a root or a tree or in its whole form then you shouldn’t take it. You should stay away from it because it’s only going to do more harm than good. In fact most people don’t even realize this. You look up the definition in the Webster’s dictionary and people have to do that for themselves because you have to look at these things and what they mean. Colloidal says right in the definition too large to pass through cell membrane. So anybody in science or chemistry or microscopy will tell you that the most effective form of minerals pass through the cell. If water cannot get into the cell then you are dehydrating or retain that’s why women have migraines, headaches, swollen ankles, water retention, bloating during menstruation, men having swollen prostates and everything else out of whack. Men have more problems than women in most cases but they are just to numb in most cases or they just don’t care. Women are a lot more sensitive than men from what I have found, that’s my personal opinion. As far as the minerals, people are just out of control buying the next best thing, buying the next best juice, buying the next best thing in a bottle, the reality is we need something that is whole. You referred to something like electrolyte or electrolytic something that has a positive electric charge and that can assimilate in our body from a positive natural state versus trying to fit a square peg in a round how, you can’t do it.

Martin: So you’re saying that if I think I have osteoporosis and I try to fix it by eating some ground up dolomite rocks or calcium carbonate or chalk or whatever the mineral is that my pharmaceutical company is offering me, it’s just not going to work for me?

Matt: Well that all depends on what kind of process your putting those through, but if you’re just eating them raw you’re not going to have any success and you might like I said before do more harm than good in most cases. That’s because when you put complexes like that within your system you can’t possibly digest those things, in fact when we decided to extract minerals from stones we had to use the same thing nature uses. A volcano uses sulfuric acid at high temperatures that’s how you get the result of volcanic ash and magma that actually purifies the water. You’ve seen just where you’re at with Mount St Helen in your area that when you see Mount St Helen goes off a few years later you didn’t see things get worse you saw them get better and that’s due to the predigested minerals that are thrown back on the Earth. So the reality is when you eat a stone or something that is in its rock form that’s not how a plant would give it to you. That’s not how something in nature would give it to you in your water that would have to be dissolved first. That would be what plants do best, they dissolve minerals.

Martin: As I understand it with plant roots, with the presence of microbes with fulvic acid and humic acid are able to dissolve these minerals down into the ionic state so the roots are able to take it up and bring it up and so on.

Matt: Yes and that’s why we are having such a big problem with the unconventional farming, the unnatural farming has destroyed those microbes and there’s where we run into the mineral deficiency problems now that they’ve genetically modified everything so now they can have a plant looks like it’s good but it’s not so it has prions and who knows what else is in there but that’s a whole other topic. But yes you’re absolutely right.

Martin: Okay so the question I asked you is if a person is not ingesting the minerals because for instance they are eating the food that is grown in soils that have lost their original mineral content what sort of problems are they going to run into?

Matt: Every mineral has a deficiency syndrome which is basically what you would call a symptom so what we look at is all the different things like copper, anemia, grey splitting hairs, pale skin, circulatory functions and that’s just to name a few. Copper, when you get into other minerals you have a new set of symptoms that you face and when you look a certain minerals like there is copper, magnesium and a few others that are all linked to these specific symptoms that let you know they are communicating to take care of that problem. So minerals obviously in their whole state will communicate properly and give all the information to the person and from what I’ve researched myself as far as looking at other doctor’s work and other scientists from what I found is trace minerals and the reason why they are so effective in liquid electric state is because they vibrate at the same vibration that the gene does. Which is ten thousand vibrations per second, now what the gene does is in reality is most people who have problems blame it on their bad genes. The reality is if you really want to talk about genetic problems we go back to mineral deficiency problems and you can use a perfect example as someone during the great depression didn’t get their food because there was no food available other then potatoes and they were lacking all these minerals so what are they going to pass down to their children, a mineral deficiency. Now it’s become a genetic disposition.

So this doctor, his name is Hisatake Nojima has studied it for over fifteen years in Japan has ameliorated over 4500 stage four cancer patients just using minerals and in some cases the patient was just too scared to use just the minerals so they would use it in conjunction with chemotherapy or radiation techniques and the main thing they found was that even during the chemotherapy when it destroys your cells, the minerals in the ionic form are actually rebuilding the cells so at the same time you’re killing yourself you are rebirthing, or youthing yourself. That’s something that people have not connected to because most people don’t understand what’s going on, on the inside, they think if I don’t see it, I don’t believe it and that’s the problem. So to answer your question the main thing is if your deficient and lacking one mineral more than likely you are lacking more than just that one. Each mineral like I said has its own symptoms attached to it.

Martin: Right, we have done a lot of work for instance with magnesium and we know that there is a lot to do with magnesium and a whole bunch of illnesses such as heart, angina or kidney problems or bone problems, inflammatory response for instance for that. I could go quite technical and start discussing each and every element but that’s really not what I wanted to get into. To my understanding as I would like to portray it to people is that if you’re eating food that is mineral deficient. your body is going to run at a deficient manner. Is that correct?

Matt: Absolutely because minerals are, here’s the reason why minerals are so effective in the body. because minerals two main functions are to deliver nutrients into the cells and deliver toxins out of the body. So the main thing people don’t realize is that the minerals function first of all. So if you’re deficient in minerals to begin with then of course you’re not going to be able to get all the nutrients into the cells that your body needs.

Martin: Okay so I have a question in a different direction for you. How do you know all of this? How did you get to understanding all that you understand?

Matt: Main thing I think was becoming mineral efficient. I started drinking this mineral water that I got from Japan; it was a mineral concentrate that I started adding to my water. The first thing I noticed, my wife was breast feeding we were six month into our first child and before she started drinking this water my daughter cried every day, most people would call it colic. My wife’s breasts would hurt so badly from the lactation that she couldn’t bear it most times. She would just sit there and grunt from pain for a while. What I noticed was the minerals immediately stopped that like the next day, my daughter stopped crying and happily ever after obviously. The reality is that when I started to consume these minerals especially in water, liquid fluid obviously when people drink a lot of water that’s one of the number one causes of illnesses, dehydration. If you read any water book I don’t care if you look at Victor Schauberger, Batmaghelidj, if you look at all these major water experts and they are all going to refer to the mineral water balance. Mineral and the water balance together so that’s the key that’s what I was doing.

The first thing I noticed was my thoughts became clear, my colon emptied out and all of a sudden things were just absorbing in like it was magic. Like you don’t have to think or try to remember things to be fluid in your conversations or your thoughts they just come to you automatically. The first step for me was to consume the minerals so then I had an affinity for the knowledge and started researching all the major water experts, anybody that would give me any information that was validated and true. I would absorb it, I became the dictionary, and I became the encyclopedia. That would be the reason why I first began to obtain the knowledge and the rest would be through my studies and researching of water experts and mineral experts. You know looking for the congruencies I always refer to the universal parallels, the congruencies, things that fit no matter how you say it or do it. If there is a question or it doesn’t work there is a scientifically accurate or so to speak if it’s not naturally accurate than it doesn’t fit. So that’s what I look for more than anything when I’m looking for information.

Martin: So I guess you could call yourself an expert now?

Matt: You know what some people might call me an expert but I just say I’m me and that’s all I am and I try to help people. I think my main thing is when I realized how fast this works, I’ve seen it time and time again, I’ve seen it with Dr Linda Hangstrand who is an MD, a PhD she’s studied at Yale. She is literally as credible as it gets when I saw her through a live microscope with three stage four cancer patients back to back to back and saw the results. I mean there you go, you have to see it to believe it. I’ve seen it so that’s where I get this passion to really share this with people. It’s not like you want to tell them it cures everything, it is a life changing experience as far as lifestyle and direction that you take. You can’t just want to be unconscious and I think that’s the problem that most people are having. They don’t want to bother with the internal knowledge they want to just focus on paying their bills and nine to five job and getting work done and maybe have time for their kids if their kids aren’t giving them headaches and they are fatigued and they can’t sleep properly, they don’t eat properly so first you have to want to change all of that, I believe if you are mineral efficient and you are drinking the right water that it comes naturally and it comes in time. You just have to be patient with yourself.

Martin: Great so this is the first part of our interview with Matt Bakos I will be introducing these products over the next two segments but for now thank-you folks for listening. This is the Life Enthusiast co-op, restoring vitality to you and the rest of the planet. Watch for next week when we explain to you exactly what these minerals can do for you.

Author: Martin Pytela
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