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Podcast 064: Minerals – Part 2

Podcast 064: Minerals – Part 2

Podcast 064: Minerals – Part 2

We regret to inform you that Adya Minerals are no longer available. Instead we are now selling Black Mica Water. Please take a look and listen…

The body is electric. The key is minerals – they impact the quality of communication between your cells.

The form of the mineral and where it comes from are important to the power they can impact your body with. Discover what Ionic Minerals are and their ability to be absorbed in the body.

Nature has shown that mineral salts are the key to balanced water. Minerals help ensure that your water is life giving. That it has activated oxygen. That it is clear of pollutants. That it is free of bacteria and mold.

Awaken the oxygen. Awaken your consciousness. Awaken your life. An ionic mineral complex to transform your water into living, oxygenated, fresh tasting water. Once the Adya ionic mineral solution is added to water, it becomes free of anaerobic bacteria, is oxygenated and mineralized turning dead water into Energized Water.

Podcast 064: Minerals – Part 2

This is the life enthusiasts co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela and you’re listening to part two of the fascinating series we are putting together on the power of the minerals and how they can impact your health and help us achieve our mission which is restoring vitality to you and to the planet. So welcome back Matt, how are you doing today?

Matt: I’m doing wonderful, how are you doing?

Scott: So Matt tell us a bit about yourself and for those people that missed our last podcast how you got involved in minerals?

Matt: Like I said on the last recording I was basically introduced by a Japanese man to this mineral solution, basically extracted from a stone called biotite or black mica an aluminum silicate compound and I did a lot of research when I first started drinking it because of the results I received from it but more than anything the information I found on ionic minerals and the benefits and how absorbable they are, it was all matching, everything was lined up. That’s where I think more than anything it triggered to me the form that the mineral is, is the first important factor. Then I started to research about minerals and how they function in the body and without one the other is less operational. You have to have a matrix. Where the minerals come from is the second most important factor. So basically when I put the two together I started to receive this information and knowledge from people and books, from researching on the internet regarding this way of having minerals for yourself and it all matched up with plants and everything else I saw in nature. That’s where I learned everything and the minerals are in my life, the key to water, everything you look at that is in the body, life, plants. If you take away minerals from any one of those things in life you have an imbalance or sick water or a sick human or a sick plant. That’s where I come from.

Scott: Fascinating, you used the term ionic minerals?

Matt: Correct.

Scott: Can you just explain, I assume there will be a couple people listening to this that like me won’t understand what you mean by ionic mineral. I understand what a mineral is and I’ve seen rocks and stones and I know you can go to the store and get calcium supplements and all that sort of stuff but I never really got the idea of the ionic mineral and I’m kind of fascinated to hear what that’s about.

Matt: Okay, here is basically how it works. There are two major forms of minerals for life and that’s colloidal and ionic and the difference between the two is the colloidal is a suspended particle in water and does not have the ability to absorb into the cell membrane. Whereas for the other case with the ionic mineral solution it’s actually absorbable through the entire body and dissolves in the water. So it’s actually becomes a part of the water, a part of the molecular structure of the water. The main thing to understand between colloidal versus ionic is, if you put a handful of sand in your mouth how long do you think it would take before your body absorbs it?

Scott: Never.

Matt: If you put a handful of salt in your mouth how long does it take before your body absorbs it? That’s the best way to understand the difference between ionic and colloidal.

Scott: So what I kind of hear you saying is that if I go and buy a tablet of minerals because it doesn’t sound to me like they are ionic, they’re solid probably not going to absorb that well.

Matt: Yeah, exactly when you look at people putting Himalayan or Celtic sea salt on their food that’s actually doing a very good thing for their body because the salt, there is that old saying that it’s biblical it’s prophecy whatever be like the salt of the earth and the salt is the key. If you look at the ocean it’s full of life but imagine if it was colloidal versus salt you wouldn’t have life. That’s understanding why salt is so effective versus a mineral form which salt basically it’s safe to assume its Ionic because any salt is Ionic but we are not talking about table salt.

Scott: Actually a couple pod casts ago we were talking about salts and I made sure we made the point that we were not talking about white table salt. So I’m pretty sure all our listeners know that when we are talking about salt we are not talking about that white stuff that you can find on our kitchen table.

Matt: Just so you can understand the effectiveness of salt if you look at most of these new companies that are coming out with this sea salt mineral Ionic solution, sea salt has 72 or whatever trace minerals in it and it always gives you a high number because the ocean is full of it. I always try to tell them that look the ocean is good for the ocean in life but we are humans and we live on land and so we need things like sulfate mineral springs all over the world are known for the most healing springs on earth and salt what a sulfate is, it’s a sulfur salt. They have proven that the sulfate salt is the most absorbable for the human body. It goes right in to the bone marrow and that’s why if you go to places like Excelsior Springs Missouri you will see today, even today you can go there and there will be a lodge a huge well built lodge that has sanitarium in it, that has these baths, twelve of them lined up where they would actually do submersion therapy and that’s why it was so effective because the sulfate has the ability to penetrate through the skin and into the body and do what needs to be done. So when you are talking about salts the key to understanding what is for humans, what is for fish, what is for monkeys, what is for animals, what is for plants, those are the types of thing that we need to pay attention to and not just say minerals are good and it needs to be in salts. Like I said the two most important factors, one what form is it in and two where did it come from. So we are always going to go back to those two things when we are talking about what mineral is right for us.

Martin: So there you were telling me earlier an example of a person that is demineralized has himself in serious problems like cancer or something of the sort and puts themselves on the therapy and starts reversing the horrendous symptoms. There was this study that this Japanese researcher did, could you illustrate that?

Matt: The main thing with cancer is a lot of this pH balance in the body is misunderstood and needs to be observed and micro scoped in, you need to look at is cancer bad? Well the fact that you have cancer is bad but is cancer in itself bad? That’s where we have to look a little deeper. Cancer and you’re acid, like an acidic environment most people don’t understand they think now you’re acidic, you’re unhealthy and I was just reading this article and it’s just basically saying that litmus tests with your urine and your mouth and whatever else you are testing your blood isn’t a very accurate test because you constantly fluctuate. That doesn’t determine that your body is in a good shape and a perfect example is my aunt who has had very alkaline saliva, very alkaline urine, she was considered healthy by most pH people. She took oral calcium pills and of course calcium is an alkaline mineral. There are differences between alkaline and acidic; minerals can be either alkaline or acidic. Minerals do have that function and that’s the key to minerals. But the main thing is she got sick, she got ill even though she has a low alkaline. So what does that mean and so here is where we come into play. When you are talking about cancer, when you are talking about things taking over in your body, acid which is positively charged hydrogen has the ability to absorb or connect or magnetize or charge electrical. So when we have more positive charged hydrogen ions, what does that mean? We have more positive electricity. So the electrical level is going up, now you would that if the body wasn’t operating properly or something was going wrong that there would be less electrical energy. That is would be less electric. The reality is that this electrical energy has the ability to dissolve and so your body’s first defense mechanism is minerals. Your colloidal system attacks and grabs whatever is out there that is considered acid waste.

Why is it acid? First of all what does the acid do, the acid is a signal saying alright we need minerals, we need troopers, we need the army call in the minerals. So the acid is actually the electrical charge that sends the signal saying hey there is waste here that doesn’t belong. It’s when you don’t have the minerals to act is when you get in trouble and that’s when we talk about what you mentioned last tape about osteoporosis. Well osteoporosis, where is your major mineral mass? It’s in your bones and most people think that if you have an acidic environment, if your body is full of acid then you are going to dissolve your bones. Well the reason is that your body needs those minerals to get rid of the waste so it robs itself. We call it self cannibalization and so if you don’t provide the proper tools. A mechanic without his tools, what are you going to do with a flat tire if you have no wrench. You cannot change your tire. The reality is in order to change these things in our body, to get rid of things, bad parts or whatever is wrong with your system you have to have the mineral there to respond to the electrical charge and so when we are talking about that lets go right to plants. Plants we talked about fulvic acid, microbes which we call aerobic bacteria, eating these sugars that plants produce, secrete fulvic acid. Well when you are talking about acid lets always revert to positively charged hydrogen. When you think about what a plant is doing during photosynthesis, it would be a heating process just like a volcano just on a micro scale, has the ability to dissolve minerals. So this positively charged hydrogen is an electrical charge that says hey mineral come here and the mineral dissolves in an ionic state and the hydrogen attaches itself to the mineral Ion. In nature when you are speaking about water a positively charged hydrogen proton attached to a mineral is the strongest bond. That’s why minerals that come out of volcanoes are so effective in purification and in health because they have the strongest bond so they have the ability to move fast and communicate perfectly with nature.

Martin: So to go back to the point that you are making, you are saying that the body that is deficient in proper mineralization is likely to become more acidic and the only way to revert it is to feed the body something that is going to alkalize it.

Matt: More importantly it’s not necessarily the alkalizing affect it’s the proper pH balance because your body constantly changes as I mention, it fluctuates constantly and that is based on what you put in it, what you are doing at the moment whether you are moving or working hard or sitting still and so your body is one of the most resilient things that we have and it’s amazing that some people even live so long without minerals and with a major deficiency. That’s because your body no matter what will rob from itself to stay alive. So having the proper alkalinity isn’t necessarily the real answer, its more the proper mineral balance because if you have the proper mineral balance your body will take care of itself and it will have the proper tools to need to do it. It’s a communication device for the body.

Martin: So how will you decide what stuff you need now?

Matt: That is something that I ask myself, you know how do I know what the best id for me? What do I need to prove that to myself? You can’t just have minerals and water, you have to have other things such as nutrition but mainly when you are talking about minerals and water as I said a few minutes ago, the sulfate minerals from what we found have been, when you talk about the most healing springs on earth, we are talking healing springs not the spring your grandma went to, to go fill up her jug fifty years ago when she had ten kids. We are talking about the springs that are world known for their healing abilities. We are talking about sulfate minerals, it’s one of the main fuels for plants, it’s one of the main fuels for the human body and the main reason why a volcano would use sulfur as its main components for making this miracle happen in nature and so when you’re talking about the right minerals, first of all we need to find a matrix that belongs in nature, that’s made by nature feeds nature and gives it its qualities. So what I always like to point out is that volcanic regions are known to have the most beautiful lands, the most beautiful areas of life. You look at indigenous people on this Hawaiian island anywhere in the world you look at the people, they always look young when they are old, they never burn from the sun and they always seem to have a pretty high health rate. So that is the biggest thing I would say to people, where do your minerals come from? Well look in nature and see what the natural setting is where you are getting your minerals and if you don’t know you need to at least find out. If you call a company and you say where are your minerals from and they say it was mined from this. Well where did that come from and if you can’t picture that mineral being effective in nature, it’s dug down deep somewhere in the ocean. An ocean is probably one of the worst places because of heavy metal contaminant and the problems they are having with all the major, I actually knew a guy who does this for a living, he is married to one Sharmaine Basset who is a teacher in college on this subject actually. And he told me the number one problem worldwide, he’s been everywhere from Russia, Iceland to South Pole to everywhere and every sea creature is poisoned. If you hear sea, that’s the first place you want to stay away from, if you hear volcano that’s when the light bulb comes on and you say hey what do volcanoes do? Well they might destroy the land at first but as a result they replenish. That’s when you look at what happens when someone detoxes, it looks like they are destroying themselves. I had people who have within a week’s time when you take a higher level of mineral you obviously speed up the process or magnify the process. If you see someone’s skin go from okay to really bad and their hair and their nails looks like they are going through a transformation. Then a week later their skin is beautiful, their nails are beautiful, their hair is beautiful that’s what a volcano is. At first it looks like destruction but once it’s finished its beautiful. We need to take the things in nature, the congruent things we see for instance Goji berries, Noni juice, all these different juices that have these claims that are like hey we have this region that is in the jungle near these volcanoes that’s really good fruit because of all the trace minerals. Well what’s the key, volcanoes? That’s where I found that the minerals are most effective in nature are and that’s because of the volcano. They can’t manage a volcano and that’s why a volcano wins every time. There we have it, a volcano does its thing no matter what and you can always guarantee you are going to have plenty of minerals and they are going to be in a very good form for life.

Scott: You know I will never think of volcanoes again the same Matt.

Martin: Sort of like giving birth right? It’s an experience and it’s painful but the results are great. So the volcanoes bring fresh new minerals up to the surface of the planet and when we feed that to the plants in the volcanic soils we get excellent produce.

Matt: One of the things about understanding a volcano is that and this is a good way to look at it, if you look at vermiculite it is the number one mineral used for planting, farming or agriculture in fact a farms in California use the exact same source minerals that I use to put back in their soil. The key to it is the mineral first has to be exfoliated. Most people don’t know what that term is so I am going to explain in. When you have a volcanic element, first of all any stone for that matter you have a matrix of minerals with what we call a vapor lock, a vapor lock is actually the key. It is a moisture content that is locked within the stone or the mineral formation. This vapor lock has a role in holding its oxygen and it has everything it needs to hold the matrix together. When you release the vapor which is the process of exfoliation which takes heat which is what a volcano would do you actually digest the mineral and the ash that is left behind. So I always like to tell this story because a lot of people when they think about it they say wow that makes sense. Most people have heard the story of Moses and the children of Israel going through the dessert after leaving Egypt and manna falling from heaven a lot of people are like god is omnipotent and he rained down manna from heaven when they needed it. But the reality is that he is omnipotent enough to know ahead of time and created it when it first was created. Or before this creation it was probably a technology that was perfect and works every time and used time and time again from the beginning. The reality is that when you have volcanic ash rain down on you, it’s an edible mineral and the reason is that it is completely digested, it’s an ash. So your body could actually absorb these minerals very easily more than likely they mixed it with something that was acidic, who knows what they mixed it with but something to make it more powerful for the stomach and the digestive system but the reality is when you look at volcanic ash now it’s the number one thing they are finding with stem cell research, algae and all these magnificent things that we are now discovering that evolve around volcanic ash and minerals.

Martin: So there you have the freshly digested ash that you would what? Feed to the plants or feed to the humans.

Matt: That’s where we take another step further, in plants obviously you would just put it right in the soil because they plants obviously do their microbes and acidic, fulvic acid digesting these minerals as an ash. With humans what we do is we actually turn it into a mineral solution so instead of taking the ash that doesn’t have the sulfur attached because when we are taking the elements out of nature it is not digested by the actual volcano yet. It’s not exfoliated so this mineral that we retrieve comes from volcanic regions that produce biotite mica, it is in Canada actually, it’s the purest you can get, organic farmers already use it, and it’s on the organic list. The product is easily organic certified it’s just a matter of going through the process. The main thing is that we put it in a form like a sulfate mineral spring, one of the most purest forms in trace amounts. So you basically have the ability to take a mineral solution, add it to your water and produce your own sulfate mineral spring water that is healing and has the properties that you would get in the most magnificent healing spas in the world.

Martin: So I guess what we are going to do is leave this for our next segment and we are going to describe the product that you actually have. So folks we are going to cut it off here at the 20 minute mark, thank-you very much for listening this is Martin, Scott and Matt for Life Enthusiast Co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Until the next time.

Author: Martin Pytela
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