Podcast 065: Minerals – Part 3

We regret to inform you that Adya Minerals are no longer available. Instead we are now selling Black Mica Water. Please take a look and listen…

Ionized minerals are bio electrically charged minerals that are dissolved in water. They carry an extra electron. You may have heard of colloidal minerals. Colloidal minerals are suspended in liquid but they are still frequently too large to be readily absorbed into the bloodstream. When super small minerals are defined to be in a colloidal state, it is assumed that minerals are suspended in a solution, such as water. The best minerals are IONIZED or living!

De-calcification is when ionized calcium breaks down the scale or build up of dead calcium. Adya water will break down the unwanted scale build up in your body, teeth, joints, coffee and tea pots. Due to “decalcification” in some cases, pain disappears within a few glasses of water. In other cases kidney stones have been dissolved and passed with absolutely no pain.

Podcast 065: Minerals – Part 3

This is the Life Enthusiast co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. We are here again today with a very special series of podcast episodes with Martin Pytela and Matt Bacos and we’ve been talking about minerals and Ionic minerals and volcanoes and all sorts of amazing things and on this particular episode Matt we wanted you to tell us a little bit about the company that you have put together and some of these minerals because we have had a number of people saying okay we know we need minerals what do we need to do now? So that’s what we are going to do in this episode so tell us a little bit about your company it’s name, how you got started and we will go from there.

Matt: First of all I started off as I said in the prior that I was basically introduced to the mineral solution from Japan. It comes from a volcanic mountain, biotite black mica and then I started to do my own research and what I found was that volcanic black mica or biotite was one of the most abundant minerals on earth and in fact it is being mined all over the world as we speak and as one of the number one minerals in the world. So I decided that if this could be done in one place than it could be done in another place. I started to get the idea that if hey something happened with Japan what am I going to do for my family or the people that I know that rely on these minerals as their mineral source to stay healthy and have good skin and have the energy they need to go through the day and going through life’s troubles without being fatigued and so I looked into chemistry and I did some research and I found this guy from the mines in Canada that is the number one geologist for vermiculite in the world that supplies these minerals already to organic farmers all over the United States and Canada and he has also been to almost every mine in the world. This guy who is actually from California he introduced me to his understanding, everything matched, he told me how pure his mine was and there is only one mine as rare as his and I said you know there is something to this.

At this time I already had some energetic tests done and studies done from the University of Wisconsin on the Japanese product and then we realized that we needed to get our tests to our people consuming our minerals and can feel safe that it is performing some of the function that we need and I looked into getting this produced so I finally got it to a lab two years ago and I started to produce the product. At first it was a little rough but once I researched in chemistry and understood what I was working with and talked to experts, I have several people that I rely on for information and then I got the first batch done that was a success and had it tested and I knew that we had something so the next step after that was coming up with the name and that was probably the easiest. It didn’t really take much. I had a woman call me and she is one of my close people, you’ve got a group of people that you talk to about health and stuff like that and she’s a customer and she said I think you should call it primordial and I said that sounds like a good name but I think I have the same opinion most people do, primordial sounds a bit to out there. So one day I was just looking through something and I came across the Sanskrit dictionary and I was just skimming down the word A in the a list and I cam e across the word Adya, I remember this one guy told me you have to have a two word name that is very marketable like Nike or any of the other ones that use that and I was like okay and I look and the first word is primordial and originally we had our company named primordial solutions and we changed it to Adya right away and then we made a logo and it sounds more feminine and soft because it’s more like mother nature and I look at primordial like primordial earth to take things back. If you look at the definition it’s to take things back to its original state and when I tell people you want to get back to your original state. What I always tell people is you want primordial in your body, you want your body in its original state and that’s what minerals do they take everything to its original state. That’s why the name became Adya because we knew what we wanted it to be called and you know you have to come up with words that’s the whole thing about marketing, I’m not a marketing guy but the name stuck with everybody and that why the product is called Adya, its spelled Adya and Sanskrit there is actually an A, double A in the front and dya double A but the short version is Adya.

Scott: So tell us about some of the mineral products that your company is creating.

Matt: Some of the mineral products we are creating, the first and foremost is a mineral concentrate where you just add the water, it doesn’t matter what kind of water it is as long as it it’s not salt water, salt water doesn’t need salt so there is really no pint in doing that. We are not trying to restore salt water we are trying to restore fresh water. The main thing is the fresh water you drink is the same fresh water that the fish swim in and the rest that the fresh water life that they feed off of. So the first step in order to restore the fresh water, lakes, rivers, fresh waters full of life, we need to bring the mineral balance back to the water. Our first product design you can actually take tap water and remove the chlorine, 100 percent chlorine free, reduce the fluoride, chemically altering the fluoride, so that the sodium fluoride becomes calcium fluoride, killing the anaerobic bacteria’s and allowing the aerobic bacteria’s that are necessary to thrive and giving the body the most important tools which are the minerals in water there is no better combination to have your minerals. There is no better way to have a Cadillac for minerals in water so that basically the main product that we are going to come out with to get people involved because we know just from the water reports in the media just recently what we pee is what we are drinking so if we are peeing mineral water and sulfate mineral water that is healthy for you and healthy for fish and healthy for plants than what do you think the water we are drinking the next time around is so that is the first step obviously in restoring our water ways.

The second step would be product which would be on the same basis as the agricultural department. We already have a taker in manufacturing, licensing out, manufacturing for these different segments that we have because it will be too great for anyone organization or empire to try to handle. You need everybody to get involved so we are more than willing to talk to anyone about restoring the world’s natural water ways. The other product is like a side kick that we have, it’s a mineral bath salt so it’s on the same basis as the first, it’s all going to be on the same basis’s as our other products. We do have another one that will be up and coming in the near future, it’s going to be a fulvic mixture it might even have some humic there. We are going to have an all organic product that is going to blow the socks off of everybody and it’s not just water. The mineral bath salts designed to get rid of chlorine to reduce your sodium fluoride to calcium fluoride and to give the water the submersion ability of healing. Most people don’t realize when you take Epsom salts which is no more than magnesium sulfate; you are doing yourself a lot of good by putting that in the water. The reality is that we don’t want to just add the good we also want to get rid of the bad. That’s the first step we are at with our minerals when you add to your bath water or your drinking water you are creating an environment in the water that is going to be pleasant and suitable for the environment within your body.

Martin: So exactly how is this going to be packaged now?

Matt: We will sell the product in three different sizes at first. The first will be a 2 oz cherry round bottle that will have the ability to treat up 15 gallons of water and the second size will be a 16 oz bottle which will have the ability to treat 125 gallons of water and the third size will be a 32 oz bottle which will have the ability to treat 250 gallons of water. For a person who is just looking to sample it you go for the 2 oz bottle and the person who is looking to have a constant supply and don’t have a lot of excess money you have the 16 oz bottle and for the person who wants a whole year supply of water or they are a very avid water drinker like everyone should be then you would get two 32 oz bottle a year but as it stands right now 250 gallons of water with a half a gallon of water a day which should be your bare minimum which is based on your weight. Half your body weight for most people should equal half a gallon for most men. If you’re doing that’s five hundred days of drinking water for the 32 oz bottle.

Then we have a commercial application where you have people who put it in product or use it for because it’s a natural preservative this natural mineral solution is what preserves life. When you put it in products such as fluid products bacteria and molds cannot exist. I want to touch on that really quick for all you wheat grass drinkers. Anyone who is drinking wheat grass that is grown from the little pallet that they sell at the health food store those are full of mold and in fact I have been told by several experts in one of the largest wheat grass sellers in the country they all stopped selling it because it is so full of mold that’s the main detox system that they are feeling or detox symptoms because they are putting mold into their systems. What I can assure you is that if you add this water to your pallet you will destroy 100 percent of the mold and I just wanted to touch basis on that right there and the commercial application would be ten times stronger than the product that everybody else is going to buy and that would be for dilution purposes only or commercial applications but that will be available upon volume of purchase and that’s obviously something totally different than the product. That’s where we are headed, we want to affect the water ways and have government contracts to clean up St Louis in fact we actually have a guy who tested our product just the other day and I have documentation on everything I do. I will always provide documentation and we just had him put five gallons of the worst bacteria infested water you can imagine that are killing the trees in New Orleans and within five minutes 100 percent of the bacteria was eradicated and he even said that after he flushed it out, fifteen treatments later it still would not form bacteria, even without putting more mineral in which is still boggling me today, I’ll get to the bottom of that one. I don’t know any answers to that one. That’s basically how we are going to introduce the product to the world.

Scott: That’s amazing Matt.

Martin: So at Life Enthusiast co-op we are offering the product exactly in the 2 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz packages and even at the small packages we are looking at a daily cost of under 50 cents for having this great water product in your life.

Matt: I also want to add another product that will be coming soon, it’s a filtration system. Most people have heard of what we call Berkey systems and it is designed specifically for getting rid of microbes, heavy metals and things that are in the world’s worst water so what we want to do is provide people with those so they can go anywhere like camping but more importantly the minerals that we add in the top do not get stuck in the filter and it stays right in the water and instead of removing all the bad stuff out you are actually adding the good stuff in too. It’s a complete package and it can make some of the world’s worst water into the most drinkable healthy water on earth.

Martin: So this is a flow through camping kind of water.

Matt: Yeah, gravitational holds within itself, it’s in a square cubed foot box; it had a handle that’s easy to carry has two different filters, a ceramic diatomatious earth filter which is electrical baked, not oil baked. which is the world’s most supreme ceramic and also a carbon cartridge to give it… One of the most important things to me is understanding Victor Schauberger’s work with water and a lot of the coal mining is destroying our water ways because coal is our first filter system for water when you look at carbon it is one of the most important elements, when you look at carbonic acid it is one of the most important elements in water when it comes to completing water. There are a lot of things that play with making your water good, the first being having the right minerals. The second being where did the water come from and what do we have to do to it but most importantly we don’t want to drink solid particulates even if it’s dead bacteria and it kills the bacteria and things that are floating around in the water that you never know when you are going to have to get. Look at people in Katrina first thing they didn’t have was water so that’s something we should all keep in mind today and for the rest of our lives. I remember in 2002 when George Bush gave his first state of the union address, one of the very first things he said was that we would not have potable water in five to ten years. We are now in 2008, we are in that sixth year of not having potable water in the United States and they have already come out with nationwide broadcasts on the news in the media that our water is toast. Everybody should be concerned about their water and should be doing something about it and the first defense, Ori Hofmekler wrote a book called the Warrior Diet, the first defense to radioactive minerals and the toxins within your system is minerals, ionic minerals specifically. So that’s why ionic minerals should be your first choice for water and your first choice for health.

Martin: Okay so you are offering this filtration system already, ready to go?

Matt: Yes.

Martin: Okay, how much are you selling it for Matt.

Matt: The retail price of the filtration system is very affordable, its only 249 dollars and it comes with a 16 oz bottle of minerals and the mineral has a value of 79.99 so when you actually look at the unit itself you are paying less than 200 dollars per system because you get the minerals with it so a very affordable system and the ceramic filter lasts for about two years. You get your money’s worth out of the filter itself.

Martin: And you can use it on the counter top or you can use it out in the camp or where ever you go, yes?

Matt: I have a wife and two kids and I have been all over the country and I have had city water all from California to Florida and I am in Michigan now and I haven’t stopped drinking city water. We’ve taken it to springs, I’ve taken it to just below Panama at the Tablas and we took the world’s worst water that the indigenous drink, everyone knows not to drink the water in Panama. I added the solution, I shook the solution, this is the water that you have stuff floating in it that I wanted to filter but I didn’t filter, because I knew the power of the minerals and I shook up the water and immediately took a drink of it and I have this all on a video and I shook it and drank it immediately and the whole indigenous tribe looked at me and did one of those ahhh like you’ve seen a ghost face and I was perfectly fine,never had a problem and in fact I still have that same bottle of water today and have had several people take a drink out of it. Not once have I had anybody tell me that something illful has happened to them. Now the side factor to that is if you were to have the water before you added the minerals, here is a perfect example, the lady that I went with her son, they went there every year and he stayed behind without her one year and he was staying on an island and drank some of the water and they had to life flight him out of that village that night or he would have died. That’s the power, so if you question where you can use these minerals well guess what use the best water source available to you that you have but if it’s in an emergency situation you have to do what you have to do and you are going to be okay. You will be able to survive the worst water conditions.

Martin: This is fascinating Matt, I guess when I’m traveling I want to have my supply of minerals and the filter as well.

Scott: It’s a good one because a lot of these new companies one has this UV wand that you wave in the water and it kills giardia and all that and that’s great because the worst thing to happen to you in the wilderness or when you are camping or any environment where you are not able to get water that you know is clean, it’s the bacteria, the number one thing that will attack your system. Giardia, most people know for having this sulfuric acid, egg smelling, tasting burps and diarrhea and if you don’t treat giardia then what happens? You can dehydrate because your body won’t hold fluid and you can die. A lot of people don’t know there is a quick remedy for giardia and here we go back to the ash, you can eat charcoal from a fire pit and kill the giardia. Why do our minerals work because it’s extracted right from an ash. So the reality is basically when you are in the wild in nature your worst enemy is anaerobic bacteria which is any animal or plant living enemy. Anaerobic bacteria, those are the first things to go and other things like minerals that are toxic and bad for us because the bonds are weaker they react to the bond that we have because our bond is the strongest in nature.

Martin: Scott do you have any more questions?

Scott: I’m just totally blown away by the information that you have given us over the last three podcast episodes and my head is just totally spinning and a whole bunch of dots have been connected that weren’t connect before and I just really want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule over the last few week to be with Martin and myself and all of our listeners.

Matt: Not a problem, this is what I do for a living. This is the least I can do. I can’t wait to see more third world countries get good water along with everybody in the world. I know people in this country will have the first chance to replenish their minerals and the good water and their body and I look forward to hearing all the great testimonies and see all the great smiling faces and see the younger looking faces, that’s what it’s all about and free so my time is your time.

Scott: Thank you again for joining us.

Matt: Have a wonderful day.

Scott: Martin any last words before signing off today?

Martin: No, thank you everybody for spending time with us this is Martin for Life Enthusiast co-op, restoring vitality to you and to the planet. You can find us at LifeEthusiast.podomatic.com, you can look us up on the web at www.Life-Enthusiast.com, look for Adya, or you can phone us at 1-866-543-3388. Thank you very much for listening.

Author: Martin Pytela