Podcast 066: Minerals – Part 4

One great, natural way to get your minerals are with natural Himalayan Crystal Salt Brine Therapy.

Foods grown on volcanic soils have been tested and show high mineral content, but these foods can be difficult to find.  So we recommend supplementing with Superfoods that we make with some ingredients we source from the places where the high mineral content of soils supports the growth of high quality ingredients.

All the products at Life Enthusiast have been tested on ourselves, our families and trusted friends, too.  So we know these products work!

Podcast 066: Minerals – Part 4

This is the life enthusiasts co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela. Hey Martin How you doing today?

Martin: Good, are you getting tired of asking me if I’m doing fine and I always answer good?

Scott: Nope, I know it’s because you’re taking all your minerals and the last three podcasts we’ve had Matt Bakos as our guest going over a whole bunch of amazing information on minerals and Ionic minerals versus non-ionic minerals and everything else so now I know why you are always a beacon of good health.

Martin: Well I tell you I am no picture of great health but I am certainly rebuilding from the disaster I got myself into thirty years ago. You know people ask me how come I don’t look 29 because I am looking my age and I’m saying I would look better if I didn’t get poisoned.

Scott: Right and we also live in a society that is looking for the quick fix and I think that one thing people need to realize is that time marches on and if you don’t do what you need to look after your body and your mind properly you are going to hit 50, 60, 70, 80 you’re want to want to do it in a vibrant healthy way, you can, or if you want to do it the way a lot of people do which is heart attacks, diabetes and strokes and all the rest of it, you can do it that way too. You know I didn’t have the reactions you had in your youth as I did in mine. My teenage sons friends come over and they were telling me my friends come over and they ask how old you are and I just kind of look at them and they say that they thought that you were 35 and I’m 51. I attribute a lot of it to taking the enzymes and the Exsula and exercising and thinking good thoughts and there are all sorts of things that go into the how to have a wonderful life. To me that was the biggest compliment my kids have ever given me. Your dad looks so young.

Martin: I completely agree. I’ve had a similar experience just recently one of our customers was passing through this town, she is driving around the country and she said could I drop in and I said we would sit down and chat. After about half an hour she said I want what you guys have. She said whatever you guys are doing I want it. She said I like how you are, I like the energy around you so it’s a similar kind of statement and I believe that when your electrolytes are good which means you have plenty of total dissolved solids in your bodily fluids, meaning you have ingested plenty of minerals that your body was able to maintain inside the cellular structures. Those electrolytes directly dictate the quality of the electric experience that your cells are going to have. Meaning that you can sustain a higher voltage and if you can sustain a higher voltage that means your light bulb is going to glow brighter. It’s just like you rheostat in your dining room when you twist or pull or whatever control you have to a higher voltage level your light glows brighter.

Scott: And we have a brighter personality that is attractive to people too.

Martin: And of course when you are being grown the mother’s womb the mother’s body will give up everything to give it to the baby so the baby comes out perfect or at least as good as it was going to be and the young ones have good reserves, they really glow well.

Scott: How can we resist babies and toddlers, we can’t, right. They just brighten up. In fact a friend of mine sent a picture of her grandson and its really funny to think that I am at the age where we are grandparent and it’s hard to adjust sometimes and she sent me a picture and she is holding this cute little three year old boy and he just has this great big happy smile on his face and of course she has this great big happy smile on her face because how could she resist this little boy and I’m looking at it just seeing the picture going oh man I want to hold that little boy. My boys are 16 and 19; they don’t let me cuddle like they did when they were a baby.

Martin: Oh no, they don’t. You’re gross Dad!

Scott: No, not in the least.

Martin: Hopefully soon they will bring you some grandchildren.

Scott: Not too soon, not too soon. So the last three podcasts we have just been inundating everybody including myself with all this information about minerals and ionic minerals. I heard of chelated Minerals but I never thought of it on an ionic basis and I was hoping that we could take this particular episode and kind of summarize it and put it all into a neat little package, kind of wrap it up because there was just so much information. I really recommend that everyone go back and re-listen to those three podcasts because those were just amazing information there about minerals and the impact they will have on your health. You know so often we’ve talked about this kind of peripherally before people go into health food stores or grocery stores to pick up a bottle of iron or pick up a bottle of gold or pick up a bottle of some other mineral like rocks and thinking that they are doing something and of course there is the placebo effect so great at least with the placebo effect you think you are doing something good but wouldn’t it be more impactful on your health if you actually were ingesting stuff that will help you.

Martin: Right, being absolutely absorbable instead of thinking it’s good.

Scott: I don’t want to say that and go into a huge tangent but I really thought what he talked about was very important and we don’t really hear about it that much.

Martin: There are several really important points, the first one is the complexity meaning you can’t take just one thing and this is where the health food industry and the alternative health food industry has it all wrong. You walk into a health food store and you will find thousands of products, I mean you have isolated this and isolated that. You have vitamin B3 by itself and iron by itself and chromium by itself and so on. It’s not like that in nature; all of these things exist in their complexity, inter-related. It’s like a rich tapestry that you are supposed to be consuming all at the same time. That was the big deal that Matt is using the biotite which is black mica minerals that’s coming out in volcanic soils that are absorbable to the human body. Not all are, he was mentioning that it’s the sulfuric acid from the volcanoes that turning it into the rock and an ionic form. So that’s the chemical part of it. In nature when you start with rocks, the plants with their roots will produce humic and fulvic acid and that fulvic acid will dissolve the minerals right at the interface of that root and the soil and allow it to be taken up into the plant. In an absorbable life-ready form.

The only other way we can have it is in the ionic form. The great example of ionic would be salt. When you throw a pinch of salt in your water, it will disappear and dissolve immediately, it’s an ionic form. The other form is colloidal – if you had calcium carbonate like chalk you throw it in the water it will just stay there. You will continue to see the pellets and chalk in the water because calcium carbonate does not dissolve in water. It will dissolve in acids or vinegar or lemon juice or whatever and your stomach acid, the hydrochloric acid can dissolve chalk. If you take calcium carbonate with a meal if you combine it with some essential fatty acids and some greens like a salad your stomach will be able to chelate it and make something absorbable out of it.

Scott: We have an amazing mechanism, I mean our bodies can take stuff and make stuff and do stuff with it but it could be a little more difficult if you take an all natural plant substance.

Martin: So those are essentially the two choices we have, we either need to take ionic minerals, ionic meaning they are small enough that they are able to dissolve one molecule at a time into the liquid so that when they make their way into your body the cells will be able to ingest these because of their ionic form. The other form is the chelated form that they already are bound with amino-acids so it would be something like magnesium citrate you know like where the citric acid like the lemon juice has been reacted with the magnesium carbonate or something like that and taken up the magnesium and tied it to itself and take it into your body. Therefore the best foods that we can get are grown in volcanic soils because in volcanic soils there is a rich a rich presence of the broad spectrum, all of the minerals not just calcium and magnesium but all of the other 84 minerals in trace quantities. We’ve talked about this in conjunction with the Himalayan crystal salt, the salt is from the natural sea and it has the rich spectrum of all of the trace minerals present. When you take the natural salt and you are getting the full spectrum where as if you took table salt or refined salt you have no chance. All you are getting is sodium chloride, 99.9% of sodium chloride. I mean that’s what you think you want but in nature all you really wanted was 97 % of sodium chloride and 3% of all that other stuff.

Scott: And it’s all that little stuff that makes a huge difference.

Martin: Yes, absolutely, these are the supporting cast of characters, this is the rich tapestry all of the details. I’m trying to come up with a metaphor but it’s very much like ecology of life, you need ants and you need mosquitoes and you need flies and spiders and if it wasn’t for the mosquitoes the trout would have nothing to eat when they are little. So the trout would never grow because the little trout eat the mosquito larva so they would never get past the baby stage if they didn’t have something to eat at that junction in their lives.

Scott: I read somewhere if there was no spiders the planet would be overrun by flies and insects in three days.

Martin: I wouldn’t know the length of time but I am not surprised to hear that.

Scott: I was surprised to hear that they ate that much.

Martin: There are many of them.

Scott: A lot more than I realized.

Martin: My daughter hates me for saying no I will not kill this spider honey, he is going to live with us because he is doing an important job.

Scott: I evict them but I don’t kill them. I grab them and throw them out the window. The like it indoors, though.

Martin: I keep them indoors because if they are indoors they have found food indoors that means there is stuff for them to eat which means I want them.

Scott: Interesting, I hadn’t thought about it that way.

Martin: They help keep my house clean.

Scott: So what would you recommend people do when they are looking at their mineral intake. I mean how would someone know what they need to do? I guess it’s safe to assume we are not getting the number of minerals we want.

Martin: That’s a given, the one way that we have always recommended is the natural Himalayan crystal salt, do the brine therapy every morning and take a teaspoon of the salt brine in the morning. The next thing is eat plants that have been grown in mineralized soils, that’s hard.

Scott: I was going to say how would you even know?

Martin: Yeah, bio dynamic farming is not very popular. Even organic farming does not necessarily use re-mineralized soils. What you need to have is to take volcanic rock dust and put it on your soils.

Scott: I was going to say we could go to Mount St Helens market and buy the produce there that was grown in the shadow of Mount St Helen because it blew up not that long ago so there is lots of volcanic stuff around there. That would be kind of extreme right?

Martin: Absolutely the next best thing we can do is we can supplement with super foods, it where the green super foods we make come in because most of the grasses are grown in bio dynamic soils and grown properly, rich in minerals. The spirulina we use is grown in water that is pumped up from 7,000 feet below the surface in Hawaii. Chlorella is grown in richly mineralized waters, too. And the third thing of course is we are bringing on the new line of minerals.

Scott: Right and when this podcast goes live they will be available on site right?

Martin: Yes, I have just received my sample bottles and I have started taking it and it’s nothing short of spectacular.

Scott: Which is another point that we can’t emphasize enough is that whatever is on the Life Enthusiast co-op site, you have personally tested it and checked it out and have had an amazing experience from.

Martin: Absolutely we test all of it on either myself or my wife or my close friends, people that I know that wouldn’t lie to me and they would say Martin this is crap. We have had a few lines like that were pitched to us and they seem to be okay and we test it and it just doesn’t quite do it. It doesn’t get listed sadly or brightly.

Scott: I think that’s good you know. There are all sorts of new products coming out and not all do what they say they are going to do.

Martin: So there are two more things that I want to point out from Matt’s conversations and one was that the he is using a biotite mineral which is actually a black mica. We have been using the yellow gold mica in the manufacture of the Twilight America and the Transderma minerals. We use the concentrated and sorted mica to do the energy charging. Mica is naturally pulling in the life force from the space all around us and focusing it on whatever it is in contact with. People can actually buy the laminar crystal from us and set it up in their own homes and set up a bed or at least a pillow with the laminar crystal to charge themselves or they can set it up in a bucket to charge a bottle of wine or whatever or water or apples and oranges. So that is mica and the other really cool thing that Matt mentioned that isn’t really obvious. I don’t know if he had a chance to get better noted on it yet but volcanic soils is also where we get most of the armors materials. We talked about The Gift and we talked about all of the Manna and we talked about the Great Salt Lake Manna and the Atlantic Manna and also the of the other ORMUS minerals that have all of the highest vibration and the highest effect on our consciousness both emotionally and spiritually. If somebody want to read up on it just look up nano or ormus minerals that is spelt ormus. This is a type of trace mineral that is not commonly know to the main stream scientist because these things do not usually detect on spectral analyses. These things are like gold, gold is one of the examples and it doesn’t look like yellow pliable metal it looks like crystal glass, it looks like diamonds. There is probably some analogy that carbon can exist as charcoal and it can also exist as diamonds. This is quite similar where you can have gold metal that you see in jewelry and you can also have it like this diamond like glass substance.

Scott: Sort of like a crystallized version of it.

Martin: It’s monatomic in nature, its inert, it doesn’t react in a chemical way but when present all life transactions are enhanced immensely. I would suspect that it is the interface between consciousness and the physical reality. So anyway people who ingest this have wonderful experiences, health-wise and also the spiritual and emotional health is greatly enhanced. I take plenty of it so if I sound coherent to you then it is because I do ingest these things in larger than average quantities.

Scott: You always sound very coherent to me Martin.

Martin: Thank you very much. Here we are growing food that is effective in volcanic soils or concentrating the ormus in the volcanic soils or now we are able to offer these ionic minerals in just drops that you can add to your drinking water. I think it is just a wonderful situation, we are able to offer our customers the advantage of having the best of nutrients in their hands in an affordable way so that they can actually maintain their cellular terrain at optimal levels. I don’t know what’s better than that because if you do manage your cellular terrain than your heath will be there for you.

Scott: That’s the ultimate right, that’s what we want.

Martin: Cellular terrain functioning at its best.

Scott: One of the keys to that is making sure you’ve got all the minerals in the quantities you need in your cells.

Martin: And nature has it in the correct ratios coming out of the ground in the volcanic soils so when we get it in this concentrate it is automatically at an appropriate mix, the ratios of this to that.

Scott: We’ve talked about that often because I remember talking about calcium and magnesium and how you need to have 50% magnesium and a 1 to 2 ration of calcium and magnesium and when we drink lots of milk and a lot of other things that we take in our society we get lots of calcium but we don’t get the magnesium which is like the mortar that holds the bricks of the calcium together and yet every time you go to buy magnesium and calcium they come 2:1 and you are keeping that ratio and everything in your body out of whack.

Martin: The balancing will never take place. You actually need to measure the person to find out what’s inside of them and then adjust it. We already know by experience that 8 times out of 10 people are out of balance with magnesium. So I would say Scott this is about as much as I want to say in this pod cast today.

Scott: We’ve come to the end of a very interesting Life Enthusiast podcast, is that what you are telling me

Martin: Yes sir.

Scott: Thanks Martin for taking time out of your day to share this information. I think it`s very valuable and certainly has been very helpful to me and to our listeners. If you would like to listen to some of our previous episodes you can get them at www.LifeEnthusiast.podamatic.com and Martin if somebody wanted to talk with you personally or get more information about the Life Enthusiast products how should they do that

Martin: They can reach us online at www.Life-Enthusiast.com and our company line is 1-866-547-3388 and I even have a direct line that rings on my desk and that is 1-775-299-4661.

Scott: We know people were calling you during this pod cast.

Martin: Yes I had to turn off the ringers. So folks feel free to call and I will call you back. SO this is Life Enthusiast co-op signing off, restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Author: Martin Pytela