Podcast 068: Miracle II Non-toxic Soap

It’s astounding that the FDA does not regulate the same way what you put ON your body, just the stuff you eat.  But whatever comes in contact with your skin DOES get absorbed into your body!

If it’s not good enough to eat, then why would you put it onto your skin? If it’s bad for your skin, then you’re poisoning your body.

Podcast 068: Miracle II Non-toxic Soap

This is the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Welcome back Martin, how are you doing this week?

Martin: Doing good Scott thanks for asking. I’m still recovering from my over-excitement when I got so politically incorrect over the organic non-foods.

Scott: Yes, we got lots of emails and comments from people about everything and you didn’t hold any punches last week and I don’t expect you to hold any this week because we were talking about what we put in our mouth and even though it has the word organic it is still like dead food and we are all about restoring vitality by eating living food which is living plant food but what about what we put on our body instead of what we put in our body. Doesn’t that have a huge impact on our health too and I think we don’t think about that enough.

Martin: Well again, absolutely right, I am astounded that the regulatory bodies namely the FDA does not regulate cosmetics and does not regulate what you put on your skin. They only regulate what you put in your mouth but truly whether you put it on the inside of your cheek or the outside of your cheek, it is not that different, your body will absorb it.

Scott: If it’s not good for you inside your cheek than it is probably not good for you outside your cheek either.

Martin: The point I’m trying to make is that it is totally insane to pretend that stuff that you put on top of your skin is not important and shouldn’t be regulated as stringently as the inside of your cheek.

Scott: Well I look at women in their late thirties or forties that put all this makeup on when they were teenagers or in their twenties and their skin is just terrible.

Martin: Well they do wear it and its terrible and it poisons it and poisons get in and stay in.

Scott: I mean if it’s that bad on the outside of your skin what has been absorbed into the flesh, the fat and the muscles and the bones as well.

Martin: One gets to wonder. I’m reminded of an interview about a woman who was working in the advertising department, one of the top three companies that make, manufacture and sell soap and this famous company is advertising their soap as making your hands soft.

Scott: Let me guess, people even soak their hands in this soap because it’s so good it is making them soft.

Martin: These cute little hand puppets that speak on television and tell you how soft they are, well this woman worked in the boardroom and in the decision process and she says by the way folks because this industry is not as tightly regulated as the health foods we are able to say whatever we want. There is nothing to the point that it is healthier or not healthier. It’s irrelevant; in fact our soap is no different from another soap. It’s just that we say that this is.

Scott: That reminds me of an old story I heard about a guy in advertising and marketing of beer and he went into the local brewery and they were the number 4/5 beer in that particular market and he said show me how you make your beer and they said well we do these hops and these special hops we do this and we do that and we double boil and steam the glasses and the advertising guy had never heard any of these things. Man this is really cool and the brewery master says every brewery does this but no brewery actually told the public exactly what they did. So when they came out with the add it said we double boil our bottles so it’s especially clean and we use this special hops in this special way and we do this and we do that and of course it shot right up to number one because of all this wonderful stuff they did to make their beer and of course the other breweries were somewhat ticked because they did the exact same thing but because this one came out and said this is what we do and it’s so wonderful if any of the other breweries said they did it too they would just be second and following the other one. Or if they said all of us do that it would be just sour grapes so they we’re just kind of hooped and of course it became the top selling beer in the particular market so I was thinking of the same thing when you are talking about the soap ads and they say all this stuff and the soaps are just about the same they market and position it so they can charge 15 dollars for a bottle instead of 2 dollars a gallon that you can get at one of the big warehouse stores.

Martin: It probably isn’t that, it’s not the price difference it’s the market positioning. Like we are different and here is how we are recognized and we get to talk about how soft our hands are instead of how poisonous it is to our skin.

Scott: Good point.

Martin: Instead contrast this with this crazy over priced Miracle 2 soap which costs 15 dollars for a 22 oz bottle, mind you it’s a fantastic value when you translate it because it dilutes tremendously, it’s a highly concentrated product. So a bottle of that goes a long, long way as you probably know.

Scott: Yes, I use it all the time and I am thinking it lasts me just about forever, for months and months. I love the way my hair is and the way my skin is and I think it’s great.

Martin: Yeah, it’s a fantastic product and I think that I have to very carefully use a very small amount otherwise I have a very hard time getting it all rinsed out.

Scott: I was just thinking of this and I don’t want to forget you told me a story about someone using it with their dog and this is I think really interesting like how many people would actually eat their bar of soap. We wouldn’t do that and yet because we are probably concerned about the impact it would have on our health or our stomach and everything else but you’ve mentioned that you could actually take this Miracle 2 soap in and clean out your insides and detox and I think you were telling me someone was using it that way with their dog.

Martin: Absolutely, this soap is non toxic and of course when you ingest soap it lowers the surface tension on the inside which causes any parasites that are in there to lose their traction so this particular smart lady, she has a white Samoyed dog and Siberian beautiful blue-eyed white dog, it’s just a gorgeous thing. She sent me a picture of it. She tried to have the dog swallow it and the dog didn’t like that and then she got this idea and she put one drop on the dogs paw and the dog would lick it and she continued to do that and on the tenth day all this racket broke out in the kitchen and the dog giving strange yelps and the dog delivered a four foot long tape worm. It just came out all in one piece so anyway there you have it I certainly think that it is a great idea for pets and I suspect that it’s a good for humans as well. We are not that different from the other mammals. In fact I’m just reminded that a friend told me that he didn’t like the taste of it so he put it inside a capsule and swallowed it and he said by the way the double O capsule that holds 500 mg of stuff can give you a high colonic when you swallow that with soap which meant he literally moved everything out of the way.

Scott: So there you go there is something for the outside of your skin and possibly the inside. Holy smokes.

Martin: So anyway I just want to say there are all kinds of ingredients that go into our cleaning products that don’t need to be there, it could be make very simple. One of the best stories that I had was a lady who runs a foster home with several teenagers and I think she told me she did four or five loads of laundry every day, she bought three of our Miracle 2 laundry balls and she is very happy with it and she says is all I do now is throw the laundry ball in if it’s unsoiled bedding or not terribly dirty stuff it goes in straight, if its shirts with put one drop of the green stuff on the collar and just massage it in, if there are any salad dressing stains or grease stains she just rubs in some of the green soap.

Scott: I’ve got to jump in here Martin because you told me about putting that on the collar and I’m one of these people whose collar’s are always getting brown and dirty looking after I wash them and we had talked a week or two ago when you mentioned it and when I did my white shirt, my office shirts I did that I put a little string on the collar and I rubbed it all on and I got it kind of lathered and I threw it in and when I pulled it out I was amazed because it was white and it had already had been washed a couple times and It was already brown and I was thinking I was going to be needing to get new white shirts soon, but it just came out white and it was just like brand new and I was like wow that’s amazing and I could not believe it to be quite honest.

Martin: There you have it another miracle from the Miracle 2 soap factory.

Scott: I haven’t quite figured out if I’m going to put a little bit of it on the back of my hand and lick it but.

Martin: No not you, you are going to put it into a capsule and swallow it.

Scott: I wonder why if there is a rule that everything that is good for you has to taste terrible although I don’t think the Miracle 2 does taste terrible.

Martin: I certainly brush my teeth with it, that another use for it. If you use glycerin based toothpaste it will coat your teeth which stops and prevents the re-enamelization of the teeth. Normally calcium gets redeposited on your teeth but if you coat them with glycerin it doesn’t happen so that’s why you need to brush your teeth with either bar soap or straight liquid soap as opposed to glycerin based toothpaste.

Scott: Which also has fluoride and that is probably not that good for you.

Martin: Don’t get me started on that, we should do a whole other podcast on fluoride.

Scott: So I will make a note coming up soon folks the truth about fluoride.

Martin: But speaking of soap tooth brushing, I used to have to go every six months to have the calculus scrapped off that is deposited you know the calcification as soon as I switched to soap brushing I was able to go a year between cleanings and even then I just go every year just to be sure there is still is hardly anything to be undone and after a few minutes the dental hygienist say you have nothing going on here.

Scott: It’s almost like our society teaches us to do the wrong things.

Martin: One could say that it is in the best interest of the dentists to cause the deposits because that gives them more work.

Scott: We are going to come back with another podcast and talk about fluoride and it just seems that everything society tells us to do in general is wrong. I actually heard this in investing where the mob is going go the opposite direction so when everyone jumps on the stock market, sell. If you are you in the stock market like when everyone gets into housing which happened all over the United States in the last year, get out of it because of course now it has dropped like crazy.

Martin: Yes well you know when your friend’s grandmother is giving you stock market purchasing advice you know it’s time to get out of there.

Scott: And bragging about the million dollars she made in the stock market.

Martin: So anyway I wanted to say that yes in a dentist’s office it is not in his best interest to tell you the techniques that will keep you out of the office.

Scott: That’s the sad part about all of it, isn’t it?

Martin: Yes absolutely.

Scott: One of the problems that I have is we were talking about dentists and we kind of got off the soap topic which I think is kind of important is I’ve always had a lot of tension in my jaw which has caused me to grind my teeth at night and there is a lot of pain that comes from doing all that and I saw the dental hygienist and she said I can see that you are doing all that and doing some more grinding and next time you come in we will get you fitted with one of these plastic things that will be fitted to your teeth to keep your teeth apart. So if you grind on the plastic instead of your teeth you will wear out the plastic instead of your teeth. Where is that plastic going that get ground off but that didn’t seem to be much concern to her and I also thought there is a case of going after the symptoms not the cause. The cause is obviously I’m tense so what do I do to relax. What could I do to relax myself so that my body is not grinding while I’m asleep and I’m not clenching and all the rest of it. A little more meditation, going to hot yoga three times a week and burning off all that energy and actually have time to relax. I’ve been doing that for six months and I’m not clenching or grinding my teeth anymore. Because I could always tell every time I woke up you could hardly move your jaw it was so sore and tense and it’s not happening anymore. I think people look at it like here is a quick fix to get rid of the symptom, it doesn’t matter that you are still terribly tense and it doesn’t matter that you are doing damage here that I think indicative to how people in the medical profession look at things.

Martin: Precisely you are making my points, I think I can resign here, you are my man now. This is exactly what we were talking about since the beginning it’s the problem of our society that we are trying to solve symptoms and problems as opposed to focusing on solutions, the strategic thinking.

Scott: That’s absolutely right. So let’s get back to the Miracle 2 soap. We can use it for showering, cleaning our hair, brushing our teeth, getting rid of tape worms in our dogs.

Martin: You can use it on house hold cleaning, you can dilute it and wash your windows with it or your counter or you could wash your car engine with it too because it is a very powerful degreaser. The good part of this soap is that it’s made from coconut, you know to make soap you need a fat and you need alkali, it is the saponification, described in your chemistry work book if you want to go and look it up. So anyway the fat here is the coconut oil and the alkali comes from burning down into ashes of the coconut husk so it’s all made from wonderful, simple, natural, tropical ingredients. Natural soap, at least the manufacturer tells us that there is nothing in it that would not be edible or that would be detrimental to your health and we have plenty of user stories about getting help with all kinds of problems. In fact the reason why this soap is so popular is that it started because people didn’t know what is was good for so the thought they would wash their cars from it and this neighbor who got it from the inventor came back and saying there is something mysterious about this soap my skin cancer is gone so that’s how it started back in the 1980’s when they first came out with it and said you know this is better than just ordinary stuff.

Scott: That’s amazing.

Martin: Of course telling stuff like that gets us in trouble.

Scott: That’s right. Also I noticed that I was just looking at our website, if you go to www.Life-Enthusiast.com there is hundreds of pages on all sorts of health related topics and of course good descriptions and information about all the products that we talk about but I noticed there on the Miracle 2 page that they also talk about treating head lice and parasites and I thought that was interesting because I know when my kids were younger there was a break out of head lice in the school and we had to go to the pharmacist and get this really brutal stuff to soak their heads in to get rid of the lice.

Martin: It can be done with this soap; it lowers the surface tension so much that these poor things just suffocate.

Scott: That’s a really an interesting way of how it actually works because I never actually thought of how soap worked and surface tensions and how things grab on and I find it fascinating.

Martin: Right it’s just like that light switch, you walk up to it and flick it and there is light, who cares I want light. That is the same with soap; I want soap, who cares how it works.

Scott: What if there are different types of electricity and some is good and some is not?

Martin: Exactly now you are really thinking there are better soaps than others.

Scott: Awesome, do you have any last words on soap or shall we go.

Martin: Well folks if you are using our laundry ball in your washing machine you won’t be putting phosphates down into your creeks, rivers and into the sea and you will not be causing algae blooms and you will be protecting the fish from extinction and who knows what else and you won’t be having to pay for the soap because these laundry balls cost fifty dollars and they last for years. No soap needed except for treating the spots that we talked about to put onto the greasy spots. That’s restoring vitality to the planet as far as restoring vitality to you. How would you like to have healthy teeth instead of this weakening and wearing off material?

Scott: And how would you like to have your skin nice and supple like it’s supposed to be and not full of all the garbage that it gets now.

Martin: I have a lot of people right now who are pleased with the Moisturizing Miracle 2 soap that they use as a shampoo. So as far as the last words, folks you can read more about this at www.Life-Enthusiast.com, you can call us at 1-866-543-3388 to inquire about some technical details or place your orders if you don’t like to place them online and you can listen to all of our weekly stories at LifeEnthusiat.podomatic.com, thank-you very much for listening today. This is Martin and Scott for Life Enthusiast, goodbye.

Author: Martin Pytela