Podcast 071: Pure Canadian Elk Antler

Aging and Hormones

Aging men see lower testosterone, higher estrogen, enlarged prostate and decreased physical (including sexual) functions.

Elk Antler Velvet is a nutritionally dense dietary supplement that’s shown to improve overall health and well being. It promotes longevity, athletic performance, relieves inflammation, gives vitality and better sexual functioning.

It contains chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, collagen and all major amino acids, a wide range of essential minerals and other beneficial components.

In nature, the male elk rub and scrape off the velvet covering their antlers. We do it for them and gain a wonderful growth-stimulating supplement.

Pure Canadian Elk Antler is made from the elk antler’s inner core during its velvet stage. It’s a natural, renewable organic resource. No harm is brought to farm raised animals in the harvesting of it.

As a supplement, Elk Antler Velvet has can be traced back thousands of years when people in China and Korea used it to maintain good health, and to strengthen a weak immune system.

Podcast 071: Pure Canadian Elk Antler

This is the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op podcast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela. Hey Martin, what’s up today?

Martin: Well today yet another fine day, summer time coming into my life so I am finally getting a little more active.

Scott: Good, I know you spend a lot of time on the phone helping people and teaching them how to improve themselves and one of the things that we’ve talked about in the past that for selfish reason I want to keep bringing up is the aging male syndrome. I mean people talk about women and PMS and everything that happens to them and us poor guys get kind of get left behind and the fact of the matter is that we do experience changes and I am different then I was in my twenties and a teenager and my early thirties and I’m just really curious as to what I can do. I’m trying to keep active and eat well and all those good things but is there anything new on the horizon for guys getting into their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and up might want to know about and their women friends would love them to know about if you know what I mean.

Martin: Definitely, yes well as you know the most popular advertisement on the television right now is that famous blue pill.

Scott: That’s right and not only that every second email I get is some friend of mine telling me that I need to buy some of those too and I’m wondering how they know but anyway.

Martin: They don’t really know but the reason why we are getting this deluge of spam about these male dysfunction or erectile dysfunction issues is because the advertising is working. I’m sure the spammers would long stop if they weren’t making money so they are making money so there are many men probably from their thirties onward that feel that their performance straight out of the box is not good enough and they need to enhance it somehow. No surprise there because the more toxic one gets the more debilitated the situation, testosterone levels are declining, we know that. Estrogen levels are rising, we are reading about the pseudo-estrogens or phyto-estrogens and the pseudo-estrogens that come out of plastics and phyto-estrogens that come out of whole grain foods that we eat. All of which reduces the man’s being a man turning him into a woman. That’s what a classic treatment for prostate cancer or enlarged prostates is. You know you give a man estrogen and they start growing breasts and they start losing body hair.

Scott: Doing the things that estrogen causes in guys.

Martin: Well you are turning a man into a woman.

Scott: That’s not good.

Martin: Very undesirable. That’s what’s going on, today a forty year old man is probably a less of a man then back in 1950’s anyway so I have been quite bothered by the aging male syndrome myself, I’m 55 and things aren’t what they used to be. I’ve suffered from the metal toxicity, that’s a public thing now told that on the podcast a number of times and I have had many effects of the toxicity and I’ve suffered all kinds of symptoms from fibromyalgia to brain fog to I don’t even want to list it all. Anyway one of the side effects has also been that my testosterone levels aren’t as good as they used to be so I have been looking for something that I could feel good about. I looked into the HGH, the human growth hormone.

Scott: I’ve heard about that, can you tell us a little bit more about what that is.

Martin: Well the growth hormone is the hormone that is released in a young person you know growth when your body is growing.

Scott: And so you are going from ten to twenty and you put on more bone mass and more muscle mass and your bones get larger.

Martin: Yes, all of that well you know you have teenage boys in your house and you’re watching this go. I mean these guys are so virile and so energetic and so able to recover from bumps and bruises.

Scott: In fact, I spent the last week away in Panorama near Banff Alberta and when I came back I swear my 16 year old grew an inch.

Martin: I wouldn’t be surprised.

Scott: I remember looking up higher and thinking I don’t remember looking that high when I left.

Martin: Also of course he is putting on weight and muscle, a typical 16 year old man is putting on weight, filling out anyway he is full of this hormone and wouldn’t it be nice if I could have something like that, so some men go for growth hormone injections to maintain the youthfulness of their bodies.

Scott: Is that effective?

Martin: Oh yeah, it works absolutely both testosterone injections and growth hormone injections work.

Scott: Now is there a bad side to that?

Martin: Well one is ethical you know the thing is that injecting anything it’s an assault to the body that is totally unnatural. We are supposed to eat things through the mouth or absorb things through the skin but we are certainly not supposed to main line anything so philosophically I am opposed to that unless it’s a dire emergency when I need to save myself with an injection of an anti-venom or something or really want to have an injection. The other thing is the inconvenience of it, let’s just say you are doing it once a month you will have huge swings because you get the injection which is supposed to last you a month the first week you are going to be in a huge over dose and for the last week you are going to be in an under dose. That is sort of like the female cycle right. You are going to be PMSing for the first week after and the last week before or else you are going to go every two weeks for a smaller dose and pretty soon you are going to be looking for places to stick needles into your body because soon you will be sore all over.

Scott: Ouch.

Martin: Yes, ouch is right. however it works, athletes have proven it to be working. It’s a banned thing for athletes but it cannot be proven really because it’s a natural thing, natural testosterone you cannot tell unless you have elevated levels of testosterone for which some people get kicked out of some athletic competitions but anyway the velvet that grows on the antlers of ungulates which would be the deer, elk, wapiti those type of animals, this material is the fastest growing thing in nature. If you can visualize it, every spring this elk is putting on a rack of phenomenal size and it grows on him and inside of several weeks. The velvet that fuzzy covering that is on top of that bone, that’s the growing part and at the end of the season the elk simply rub it off and get rid of it by rubbing it on trees and stuff like that. In a farming situation where elks are raised on an elk farm so the staff will rub it off for them and harvest it and collect it and put it in bottles and make it available to us for people who get to eat it in capsules.

Scott: I know when you first told me about this I was thinking elk antlers, ground up horns and then another thing I was thinking was I had this image of them hacking off the antlers and grinding it up and I was like oh my goodness and that would be just awful and knowing you as I know you I couldn’t imagine you wishing anyone’s antlers to be ripped off and so that was my first inclination and as I was reading the information on the Life Enthusiast website before our recording I realized that we are not talking about the elk antlers at all but about this covering that happens and it’s a covering that the elk itself gets rid of so it’s kind of like one of those perfect things.

Martin: That’s right when he’s finished growing that set of antlers he kind of just rubs it off and it just peels off to show the hard bone that’s underneath. It’s sort of if you visualize a tree, the tree has the inner parts like the cambium and then the bark on the outside. The cambium is the growing part of the tree. That’s where all the fluids, juices and liquids run up and down the trees, well this is sort of like that except it’s on the outside of the antlers, outside of the bone.

Scott: Just to kind of tease our listeners there has been a few listeners that have contacted us and have been using this particular velvet and I just wanted to share a couple of the stories and I just thought they were amazing. One was from Bonnie in Denver and she wrote in and said I’m 80 years old and I’ve had very bad rheumatoid arthritis and after taking velvet antler I was able to cut my medication back more than 75% and I feel much better and I have a lot of energy and I’m traveling and playing the piano again, which is just amazing. The other one that I just wanted to share was from Scott Zimmerman and he says I play for the St Louis Rams NFL football team and after a shoulder injury I was out for most of the season but after taking Velvet antler it took a third of the time anticipated to heal. I was able to play sooner than expected and I’ve noticed more endurance during work outs. That was just incredible and he is still in St Louis I believe and the last one is from Eddie who is a professional rodeo cowboy and he is with the PRCA and he says I was steer wrestling in a rodeo in Little Rock Arkansas and I think if you are wrestling a steer and you dislocate your shoulder like he did then you deserve it but anyway he began taking the velvet antler in January and his shoulder has not been a problem since. I have not been back to physical therapy since January and that to me is just amazing to me whether you are an athlete of whether you are a regular person.

Martin: Well we all get injured at some point like you can twist an ankle or pull a muscle whether you are an athlete or not so that’s the application. You have the idea, the insulin growth factor, IGF-1 that gets stimulated by this. To give some back ground on it, the growth hormone is produced in the pituitary in the brain and that stimulates the body’s regenerative function, building muscles, building bones, building all of the tissues. I was doing a 90 day test of it and indeed I was putting on muscle without exercise, I was losing fat without exercise I mean I was turning into a twenty year old guy again which is great.

Scott: We all want it to happen, except the women of course they want to be twenty year old women.

Martin: The unexpected side benefit was that indeed my sexual function improved significantly which was a real nuisance because at that time my wife was not taking the supplement.

Scott: Now she is caught up I hope.

Martin: Oh she is going to now; I was doing the testing on one product and decided to carry a different one in the end. The product we settled on comes from Minnesota, there is a Ranch, McCoys Ranch that they have thousands of acres and elk running wild there well they are not wild they are in a pen anyway these people are able to supply us with decent quantities of it with a reasonable price relatively speaking, it’s a ninety dollar product that bottle will represent about a two month supply for regular use and a one month supply for people who want to put the pedal to the metal but heck Viagra costs ten dollars a shot.

Scott: I still think that’s cheap.

Martin: You mean Viagra at ten bucks a shot or our supplement at $50 per month.

Scott: No I think the elk velvet is cheap.

Martin: And the good thing is that it’s ecological and non threatening and there is no down side to it and scientific studies that have been carried out especially in Russia but also in New Zealand this thing has been researched up down and sideways and I have done quite a bit of reading on it and have published the scientific facts on our web site.

Scott: There is quite a bit of reading and actually looking at it, one of the articles you have up talks about it being a naturally renewable resource. It’s kind of like getting wool from the sheep. I never realized that the antlers drop every winter and then they regrew every spring so what that means is that not just once the velvet covering in its richest concentration on all the growth factors and co factors and they obtain it so its basically got this really brand new high growth composition that the deer or the elk don’t want.

Martin: Exactly, another thing is this, the older the elk male the greater is his value because his rack keeps growing so we don’t have a lot of incentive to kill him off, we want to keep him around, which is nice.

Scott: That’s a great point.

Martin: I would like to be more valuable as the older I get. This society is upside down, the most valuable you are is at about 35 and then after that I don’t know it gets tougher and tougher. If you are like a fifty year old guy working a manual job and if you lose your job, it gets quite difficult for you. It’s pretty hard to get yourself into manufacturing and retraining when you are 52 or 55 years old, who going to want to invest in you? So here at least with the Velvet antler you can keep on working or whatever construction job or whatever physical work you do because your body is able to repair itself and I found that a lot of people are contacting us saying I used to have a physical job but I can’t hold it anymore because it’s too much pain. We finally lucked out with the Recovery that we are able to liberate people from the pain of inflammation but with this or with the velvet antler we can actually bring people into rejuvenation. I find that exciting.

Scott: That’s just amazing, we even talked about when we talked about the Exsula superfood products is the fact that most manufacturers who produce such high quantities in such great speeds that basically what they are doing is grinding the greens and it creates so much heat that is basically cooks all the enzymes and destroys a lot of the nutritional value in these super foods and how you have been able to work with Jevari and work with the manufacturers to make sure it’s done in a very slow and cool process to make sure the ingredients remain active and I was just noticing as we were talking about the elk velvet that heat can also if you are not careful about how you produce the elk velvet antler product you can destroy or reduce the beneficial properties so they are very careful about how they produce it so it just doesn’t become a dead thing that you are sticking in your body.

Martin: Well I did a bit of research and I was talking to Tom McCoy the owner of the McCoy ranch and asking him about they how they go about the manufacturing. I wanted to find a product that didn’t contain fillers because there are manufacturers that make the pills go longer they stretch it out, they give you a 500 mg capsule that is half-filled with other stuff so instead this company puts out a healthy product and unadulterated, unstretched no fillers product, it’s just straight goods and you know the second thing is small quantities small batch essentially a controlled environment where we know we are dealing right at the manufacturing level instead of some import from New Zealand that we don’t know what that is, we know exactly what this is. This comes from a good old Tom McCoy in Minnesota.

Scott: Right, he’s a good old boy, he’s a country farmer.

Martin: He’s ranching; he has an elk ranch, good old American ranching family.

Scott: So is there just one product if someone wanted to find out more?

Martin: Yes, we settled on the elk antler we might go with another product in this class in the future. There is another delivery method, this is just the raw elk antler powder in a capsule and I’m also considering getting a product that is a sublingual spray. Stuff that would be dissolved in a fat soluble solution but it is a spray for under the tongue. For now this is what we are going with, the results are good and the price is reasonable so that is the one product although I’ve started doing research into managing weight as well but I’d like to save that for one of the future episodes so that we get to talk about how the bushmen of the Kalahari have been taking care of not having food on hand and having to go for a couple days on a long march.

Scott: So just to get back to the elk antler velvet I just wanted to summarize some of the benefits they were receiving from it, one is quicker recovery from injuries and we’ve had a couple of NFL players talking about that and increased blood circulation which is always very good because I know my grandma she had really bad arthritis and if you looked you could always tell there was no blood going into her hands and feet, greater energy and vitality which of course, it improves sexual performance that is something we all want. A stronger immune system is very important, decreased soreness and stiffness, healthier skin, nails and hair and it’s just amazing when you read all the things that are in it beyond the instant like growth factor. You talked about all the different proteins and fatty acids.

Martin: Again it is one of those natural complexes, everything you need, all in one place. It’s sort of like an apple there is vitamin C, structured water, there is fiber, and there is pectin. If you take the apple apart you will never put it back together, together an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Separately a glass of water and some vitamin C might not be enough. Similarly with this elk antler, this is a natural compound just like nature made it, how creation put’s it together. So that when you take that you are getting everything that you should have in this complex to get this job done. Actually one of the benefits that people are reporting is mental clarity and creativity, I’ve had people like entrepreneurs reporting that they have better ideas about running their business and artists reporting that they have better creative ideas, of course better sleep, it goes from one end to the other. This is the youth factor anything the young get free and don’t appreciate, you get it back.

Scott: It’s one of those things if I only knew now what I knew when I was younger I would have appreciated it a lot more. So where would we find some more information on the velvet?

Martin: Well on our website, it’s under brands McCoy’s elks.

Scott: So www.life-Enthusiast.com,

Martin: Click on brands and then McCoy elk ranch.

Scott: Where are the velvet elk antler capsules?

Martin: Yes, that’s right.

Scott: So any last words before we end this session?

Martin: I can’t think of anything, if you want to better in every way sort of thing, we’ve had menopausal women say this helps with hormonal changes, we’ve had executives say things are working better and we’ve had athletes reporting that they are recovering faster as young as in their 20’s so this will work for everybody so here is Life Enthusiast restoring vitality to you and the planet you can call us at 866-543-3388.

Scott: If you want to listen to previous pod casts go to LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com. So we are signing off, restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Martin: bye-bye everybody.

Author: Martin Pytela