Podcast 072: Algae and Weight Loss

In case you have not heard, America is now officially the most obese country in the world! We now have two out of three people overweight, and almost half of them officially obese.

Obesity is not something to take lightly, pun intended. But you already know that. What I want to tell you is this: it is NOT your fault. Yes, you know the rules: if you take in more calories than what you use up, it will end up stored as fat. But why are you so compelled to eat more than you need to?

The biggest trap of all is the convenient, “fast food”. It is now cheaper to eat at a fast food restaurant than to make a wholesome meal at home. Probably because of the scale of production, the industrial producers can make a “meal” for less than you could. Today, food is less expensive than it ever was, but unfortunately you are getting exactly what you are paying for. Not much in the way of REAL nutrition.

Slendcor, the product discussed in this podcast was discontinued. It was not a bad product, but it failed to gain sufficient sales and was dropped by the manufacturer.

Podcast 072: Algae and Weight Loss

This is the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: You’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op podcast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela. Hey Martin, how are you doing today?

Martin: Good, good.

Scott: Awesome I thought we would talk about the president of the United Stated gives his union address once or twice a year so why don’t we give a state of the health address about the state of mind and their health in North America and Europe and probably other places in the world today.

Martin: Just a day or two ago I was watching a news program, new statistics were released and they showed the diabetes is on the march, the rates are increasing and they are talking about oh my gosh if this continues we will have half the population diabetic in twenty years.

Scott: Holy smokes, half the population in twenty years?

Martin: Well you know computer model that somebody plugs in but the fact of it is that 18% of the Native American are diabetic, full on injectable diabetes and how many more are undiagnosed diabetic and all you have to do is walk into any of these towns where the population of Native folks is noticeable and you just see just how badly they are doing.

Scott: I live in British Columbia and I was talking to a doctor and he was telling me that in British Columbia there was 30,000 diabetics who are on and it’s not like it is only 30,000 it was 30,000 who are on a watch and I said what do you mean a watch? And they said we are watching them for? He said they have a sore. I’m not getting at all what he is talking about and he said well they’ve got this sore and it doesn’t heal and I said what do you mean it doesn’t heal? He said because of the diabetes and the way the blood flows and this and that and sometimes they get a sore and it won’t heal. So what happens? So we watch it and we do this and do that and unfortunately if it’s on their foot or arm and it gets infected and we end up amputating. Basically there is 30,000 people who are figuring in the next little while that they could lose an arm or a leg and I thought that is just sick because I suspect that it is not necessary.

Martin: First of all I wish they would read about the transdermal magnesium therapy because all you have to do to improve this situation immensely is to soak your feet in the magnesium oil or the bath crystals. That alone makes a huge difference anyway the cause of the diabetic epidemic is the diet, we are not eating right for the body type. There are two very different body types, one is the hunter gatherer and that person is genetically suited to eating a lot of meat you know you are supposed to kill a deer or a buffalo and live off of it for quite a long time. You are not supposed to be stuffing your face with macaroni and cheese and that’s precisely what you see these people do, they eat chips and drink soda pop and they are just over loaded on carbohydrates and it just totally blows up their metabolism and then it’s called an illness which is diabetes when in fact a large percentage of it is actually curable by lifestyle changes. What I’m trying to tell you Scott is this, when you are eating in a particular life style you get the fruit of that labor and the fruit of that labor is illness and if you are feeding yourself incorrectly you are going to develop problems. People who have blood type O are not supposed to be gorging themselves on carbohydrates simple as that. You can’t make break bread eating vegetarians out of that. There is this other blood type A and B which is suited to this non meaty diet, vegetarian diet and they would not do well eating meat at all and shouldn’t. This is where for instance Dr Adkins with his famous Atkins diet had it half right and so some people would get on the Atkins diet and start eating meat, start losing weight and trimming down and do okay. The other half of the population or the other portion would try it people are like what are you people talking about I’m putting on weight like crazy.

Scott: Because we are individuals, some of us work one way and others of us work another way.

Martin: That’s right, but you know what is interesting there is some press arriving about appetite suppression drugs I mean foods, there are suppression drugs like amphetamines but now we actually have natural things that can help people do away with food cravings.

Scott: What foods would those be Martin?

Martin: Well in Africa there is a succulent plant called Hoodia gordonii which known as Hoodia, it’s actually hitting the internet big time and you can see advertisements about Hoodia all over the place. It actually started with research done by Pfizer who has licensed an extract from Hoodia and I think it’s called P57 and they have a patent on it and they want to run massive campaigns on it and you will probably see it advertised very soon in a pharmaceutical way. Where it is going to be treating obesity but in the mean time we have access to the raw ingredient which is a concentrated extract of the Hoodia cactus and that cactus actually grows in South Africa in the Kalahari Desert where the pygmies, the bushmen, have been using it for thousands of years.

Scott: I found reference to one of those clinical trials you were talking about and they said that they took an obese group of people and confined them in a special closed unit and all the volunteers could do is read, watch TV and eat, there was no exercise involved. Half were given the Hoodia and the other half was given a placebo, fifteen days later the group that had taken the Hoodia their appetites suppressed and reduced their food intact by 1000 calories a day despite having all the food they could eat. so it made them feel full and help them to lose weight.

Martin: The point is very clear you won’t feel like eating if you take this supplement.

Scott: Which is a big key for me I know often times I need to have something.

Martin: Exactly a bag of chips if it was in the cupboard you would break it open.

Scott: Actually one of my friends was over the other day looking through the cupboards looking for something to eat and he said man you make sure that you don’t succumb to any cravings or loss of discipline, do you? and I said that’s right! There are no chips and no chocolate bars, there is lots of apples and oranges, and you know what is really funny is my youngest son came to live with me almost a year ago now and after he was with me about 6 or 7 months and he came up to me and said: Dad, you know I’ve lost about 20 pounds since I’ve moved in and I said really and he said yeah we have the bike park so I exercise every day and I’m walking to school and he said there are no chips here like I had where I was before and any of that sort of junk food and all there is here is apples and oranges so I’m eating apples and oranges so the weight just dropped off. I looked at a picture of him about two years ago and he was really big and now he is slimmed down so I was really pleased with that and it just shows me too how much of an impact all us parents can have on our children so be really cognizant when you are doing your shopping and what you are picking up. Like last week we were talking about organic farming and the guy who took his home and turned it into a homestead and they made some really important choices that will have huge impacts on their families.

Martin: I recall the kids in the family video and they were all healthy and happy.

Scott: So this Hoodia sounds like fascinating so it really works?

Martin: Yes it really works there is this relative cousin that is in India where also in the dry regions of India where they have another succulent it actually grows on the road side there and It is called Caralluma fimbrata by its Latin name, I’m sure it has some local names and it does the same thing. It’s a food that is recommended to eat during a famine or when you simply need to last a lot longer than what you have available so we have actually gone out and found a product that combines these two and it has the Caralluma and it has the Hoodia and a couple of supporting actors to go along with that.

Scott: Martin I found the page where you are talking about the Caralluma one of the interesting things that you have on the Life Enthusiast web site is it’s also effective in blocking the formation of fat and forcing fat to be burned as a fuel and that’s an amazing thing.

Martin: That is a very important thing especially for the people we were talking about earlier in the conversation, those tend to be diabetic and to get fat. It’s tied together, obesity and diabetes go hand in hand which is for people who are having a hard time with the diet they have got themselves into which is too heavy in carbohydrates and too heavy in fried fats and just incorrect for the body type so here is the thing this product sixty capsules in a bottle you take one capsule one hour before your main meal.

Scott: Twice a day?

Martin: One, one hour before dinner and one, one hour before lunch, that’s what you do.

Scott: So what is the name of the product again?

Martin: We call it Slendgor, it’s actually affordable we are putting it on a special right now where a single bottle is forty dollars but if you buy three it is ten percent off so it would be 100 dollars.

Scott: Sixty capsules?

Martin: One month’s supply. So anyway the ingredients are well researched and carefully made and American pharmaceutically controlled conditions in fact the company’s name is Nutraceutics.

Scott: I’ve heard of them that they are a very good company. It also has some super foods in it we often talk about the Exsula Superfoods and that line this also has some spirulina and chlorella.

Martin: Right these are good carriers that will help your body recognize this as proper food and digest it correctly and when you put it in the stomach just a head of your main meal it will do the job of curbing your appetite just enough so that when you sit down to have the meal you can easily satisfy yourself with half the portion you would otherwise take.

Scott: One of the things that happens when you start eating there is a lag time between when our stomach says we have had enough and when our brain gets that message so if someone is eating away and continuing eating past when they should have stopped is that what you are saying?

Martin: Exactly it will trigger that satiety point much sooner.

Scott: I’ve been taking it and one of the things that I noticed was that a lot less cravings and I don’t feel hungry very often which is really great.

Martin: This is something that is worth talking about which is your body will set your weight to whatever you feed it and you are aware of this I’m sure if you are eating 2500 calorie diet your body will say 2500 it is and that’s what we will live on.

Scott: And then if your body doesn’t get 2500 than it says I’m starving.

Martin: That’s right or you can just starve yourself and go on a starvation diet and eat a 1000 calories a day and it will just reset itself and you will be gaining weight on 1000 calories a day.

Scott: Because the body thinks it has to store fat because it is pretty sure it lives in a feast and famine situation because when we were nomadic cave men we would eat a lot in the summer time and probably not eat as much in the winter time.

Martin: Probably something like that or in the hunter gatherer society if you have a kill you have a feast you eat so much you are probably just falling over with how stuffed you are and three days later it is all gone and we are wondering where we are going to get the next kill.

Scott: And then wait another three days until we get another kill.

Martin: We could be quite empty.

Scott: We need that stored energy so we can survive and that of course is not the case anymore.

Martin: No you just go into a grocery store and hunt yourself down a fine meal or a fast food restraint where they give you three times as much as you really need, super size it.

Scott: So any other things you want to share about the Slendcor?

Martin: It is best for people who have struggled with eating too much or anyone who is overweight or fat whose metabolism is simply asking for too much food, it will work.

Scott: You are talking about over thirty percent of the adult population. Right now because that is how many people they say are obese.

Martin: If you have a tire around the waist you can get help and this has none of the jittery stuff, there is no speed in it like fen phen stuff.

Scott: So no one is going to take to take it and be bouncing off the walls.

Martin: There is no ephedra in it and you are not going to be over hyper ventilating and speeding up your metabolism. It doesn’t make you burn stuff quicker it simply helps you intake less. Over time and it doesn’t take that long you will be just getting rid of stuff you shouldn’t have in the first place just packing it around.

Scott: Cool

Martin: Now what goes with that, my standard pitch is eat our super foods especially those because they are jamm-packed with important nutrients with what your body needs.

Scott: You have to have a good solid foundation.

Martin: Right so something like the ZoeTein which is a good amount of vegetable protein in it and a good amount a minerals and vitamins in it or any of the Exsula Superfoods depending on the budget or the desire. We have high energy foods and high oxidative protection foods too.

Scott: Great well Martin if somebody wanted to talk to you more about the Slendcor or any other issues they may have around obesity, weight loss or other health issues how would they get a hold of you?

Martin: Well the company line 1-866-543-3388 or 775-299-4662 or just read some pages on our website first and get educated at www.Life-Enthusiast.com

Scott: So those numbers again are 775-299-4662 or 866-543-3388 or you can head over to the website at www.Life-Enthusiast.com if you have enjoyed the podcast you can go to listen to previous podcasts that are entertaining and full of facts and motivational things to get you on the road to optimal health at LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com so any last words before we sign off?

Martin: Keep slim and vigorous, thank you for listening.

Scott: That’s a great one, bye-bye everybody.

Author: Martin Pytela