Podcast 074: Biorhythms and Event Planning

The inherent rhythms are said to control or initiate various biological processes and are classically composed of three cyclic rhythms that govern the physical, the emotional, and the intellectual (or mental) performance. Others claim there are additional rhythms, some of which may be combinations of the three primary cycles. Some proponents think that biorhythms may be potentially related to bio-electricity and its interactions in the body.

Life Enthusiast podcast 074 – Biorhythms

This is the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how are you biorhythms today?

Martin: I’m feeling pretty crappy if I must tell you; my emotional and intellectual are bottoming out today and my physical will be bottoming out in a couple days from now. Have you ever walked through molasses?

Scott: Yes … Well no, but I know what you mean.

Martin: Well I haven’t walked through molasses either but I remember walking in water, in a lake, up to my waist for half an hour, trying to cross it and I tell you that’s what this feels like. It feels like I’m dragging.

Scott: It was really funny that when we talked before recording you said it’s not a good day today and of course we started late and that was all my fault.

Martin: Never mind that Scott, you absolutely upset me because you’re late because it’s not that I’m seeing it as a minor inconvenience it’s a downright …

Scott: It’s a catastrophe.

Martin: It’s not that but I’m hating you for it, right.

Scott: And that’s not like you don’t normally feel like that right.

Martin: Normally I say he’s late maybe he has a good reason for it, maybe he’s working on something for me but today it’s like what’s he doing Jerk? I’m sitting here waiting for him, we made a date.

Scott: And of course I thought we were talking about biorhythms and when we look at your biorhythm at the low end of the cycle so I look at mine and mine are low too and I had my emotional like today is your emotional low and mine was two days ago and two days ago I was fit to be tied. I was just in such a state and of course I hadn’t looked at my biorhythm in a long time and I noticed that my intellectual and emotional biorhythms are both heading down.

Martin: So you don’t you be negotiating any important things.

Scott: And I’m making bad decisions right, I could have called you at the appropriate time but I was running around trying to do all these things, answering the phone when I shouldn’t have and making bad decisions that I normally wouldn’t have made. Well maybe I would have.

Martin: Well for me it’s Wednesdays I always have to watch Wednesdays because you know the emotional biorhythm runs on a 28 day cycle so you know every seven days you go through a maximum, an inflection, a minimum, or the other inflection so I have to watch Wednesdays.

Scoot: So for our listeners who may have never heard of biorhythms can you give us a quick explanation?

Martin: I actually don’t know why this is; I haven’t studied enough about it. All I know is that it has been statistically proved and that it is actually working like that, and that is not down to the minute, but it is definitely like that. Your emotional biorhythm runs on a 28 day cycle probably hitched to the moon somehow.

Scott: There is also an intellectual cycle and a physical cycle those are the three primary cycles and then there is three secondary cycles which would be the mastery, passion and wisdom.

Martin: The physical is a shorter cycle that runs 23 days.

Scott: So they don’t run the same length, so they are always changing.

Martin: No they don’t and the intellectual runs at 33 day cycle so these things are forever changing so you could have a good week or a so so week or a fantastic week or a week from hell and I’m having a week from hell.

Scott: Like I said a few days ago I wasn’t very happy day either and that is when my emotional low kicked in so my physical was heading towards a low and my intellectual was heading towards a low so I was in that low …

Martin: So we have given ourselves a fairly good excuse to produce a fairly miserable podcast.

Scott: That’s right that was a funny thing you said that it’s going to be a bad podcast because we are both in these lows. What I think is funny is actually how in sync our rhythms are and they are actually quite close.

Martin: That was just the luck of the draw with how we were born a few years apart.

Scott: So the emotional one, this is the stability and positive energy of your outlook on life and so it would be interesting for our listeners. We went to a website called www.facade.com/biorhythm and you can go for free and you can put in your birthday and it will show you what your biorhythm is and I think it’s good for you to check it when you’re having a good day or an emotional day just to see where your primary rhythms are, the emotional one which is the stability and your outlook on life and also your capacity to empathize with and build a rapport with other people. Today would be a day for both of us that we would probably have a harder time creating rapport with other people instead of in two weeks when it would be at its highest. The intellectual tracks your verbal, mathematical, symbolic and creative abilities and also your capacity to apply reason and analysis to the world around you.

Martin: So you know the way you would want to use this before you are heading to some important business meeting out of town to negotiate something your life is going to depend on a significant way you do want to know where you are at.

Scott: Absolutely and the third one is the physical and it’s your strength your health and your raw physical vitality.

Martin: So if you’re going to go for a hike that is going to sort of strain you to your limits or a bike ride beyond your ordinary capacity. You would definitely want to do it at a better cycle than the worst or else at least you will be forewarned you know what I’m not going to be at my best so give yourself a little slack.

Scott: Because often times I will go on a hike and think oh man this is so hard I don’t understand and then I’m thinking that it’s me but it’s just the rhythms of our bodies and I think we have tides coming in and coming out and the seasons and our lives have these rhythms in them. People don’t normally talk about the rhythms in life and how things go up and go down and I think that is an important aspect of it.

Martin: I have actually studied this topic quite a bit because of human market behavior is influenced very strongly by the three most significant celestial bodies that being the position of the sun, the moon and the earth which is directly tied back to the tides tables. You probably know the tides tables repeat exactly every 19 years plus five hours so that’s the case and it repeats all cycles for market behaviors, every 19 years things repeat. Actually every 19 years there is this point of inflection where things can either jump up big time or crash big time. They don’t have to but it’s usually once every 19 years where there is this big opening for massive changes.

Scott: I had no idea.

Martin: That’s where if you look back through history you will find these market shifts or big booms or big busts that’s where it will run along in cyclical ways and the were several people who have studied it and get really confused by it because sometimes the tops flip for the bottoms and they think oh my theory doesn’t work as soon as you introduce this inflection you will realize. Anyway the point is this, the shortest cycle that exists is four days and every four days patterns repeat and because we have a seven day week we don’t get to see it because the four day and seven day don’t overlay very well. The next one is the four full moons again that is four weeks and the emotional cycle overlay that one and then the next one is twelve full moons and again that doesn’t overlay much with anything in our calendars. In business cycles we don’t really understand it because it is 48 weeks and not 52 or 53 as the year would have it. It’s backing up through history so if you had a high in January next year it’s going to be sometime in December and the year after that it’s going to be sometime in November or something like that. Then beyond that there is a 500 year cycle.

Scott: Not too many of us are here to see that one.

Martin: No but you can study it backwards and you can certainly expect it is going to be a huge upswing or the end of it and that is basically what this western European culture is experiencing. The good times started with the Renaissance back in the 1350’s or something like that and we’re hitting the tail end of it. Either it’s going to swing up and be twice as good or we are heading for much worse. Three hundred years from now we will be able to tell which it was. Anyway the funniest thing was of course was all of the influences, the price of things like price of gold or oil or corn or orange juice, all of these things are running on these cycles that I just mentioned.

Scott: I was going to say there is also these three secondary biorhythms, I just wanted to get back to the biorhythms.

Martin: That’s so boring I want to talk about markets.

Scotts: It’s a health podcast that you are turning into a market podcast.

Martin: Did you know, you need to hear this one. The single biggest cause of health problems is poverty and financial problems.

Scott: I could totally see that because I know how I feel when I have a full bank account and I know how I feel when I have an empty bank account and they are very different.

Martin: And if your bank account is empty long enough then you don’t have the money to go and get your tooth fixed and you have to just go and into the garage and get a pair of pliers and pull it our yourself, that kind of poverty. So let’s talk about these biorhythms for people who can afford an internet connection.

Scott: Or if you can’t they can go to the library or lots of coffee shops have free internet connections.

Martin: Yes for a mere two dollars or three dollars for a cup of coffee you can have free internet connection.

Scott: There’s a thing eh, from a twenty cent cup of coffee up to a five dollar cup of coffee.

Martin: Just the other day I was watching a piece of news they were saying 500 outlets of Starbucks was closing and it was layoffs of 12,000 people. That’s a significant pull-back.

Scott: So they are definitely on the down ward swing of their rhythms.

Martin: It’s a shame that I didn’t get to them soon enough to tell them about these super foods, you know juice bars are definitely increasing in quantity.

Scott: I’ve noticed them popping up all over the place, and I have noticed in Starbucks that they like to package things in what they call healthy juices.

Martin: It is certainly better than a cup of coffee although I have not long ago seen on television on CNN or something like that one of these pundits saying that coffee is actually good for you. Two cups of coffee is a perfect source of antioxidants and go for it and I was thinking well yeah if you isolate that aspect of it and not look at anything else that’s true but it is such an acidifier that it will drag down everything else.

Scott: I don’t even want to go there with the coffee, let’s go back to the secondary biorhythms, the first one they talk about is the mastery and this is a combination of the intellectual and physical cycles and that is where you see your ability to succeed at tasks and obtain what you desire and it also tracks your athletic ability and your ability to focus and to learn physical skills, I thought that was very cool and my mastery is heading down, it hasn’t quite hit the bottom. Although what’s interesting is on some of these secondary ones it won’t always hit bottom because it’s a combination. If one is going down and one is going up it can kind of cancel each other out. The second secondary one was passion and this is a combination of the physical and emotional cycles. Passion encompasses your motivation to act and drive that allows you to continue a difficult pursuit. It also tracks sexuality in its purest form and I’m at the bottom.

Martin: So don’t bother going to a honeymoon or a holiday or feeling like that because you just won’t be into it. Also what you want to checked your loved ones cycles because if you’re interested and she is not then what is the point of trying.

Scott: That’s right and if you look at the biorhythms and you have an idea of which way it`s going to go, not to say that everything is 100% based on the biorhythms.

Martin: No but for instance if you are planning a holiday where you are hoping to spend a whole bunch of intimate time and have some vigorous times, feel up about things than plan it in the cycle that is going to be good for all the parties involved.

Scott: My passion hits a peak in eleven days so watch out, not you Martin but someone else.

Martin: I`m looking at my cycles and I will be doing pretty good in a week from today and even better two weeks from now so I have planned to do a retreat with myself when I have planned the next year in business because I need to have all of my faculties available to me then.

Scott: The last one is wisdom and this is the combination of the emotional and intellectual cycles and it is all about your understanding of the world and your role in it and the things that are truly important in your life. It also tracks the presence of mind that you need to make crucial decisions and as I had mentioned i am just at the bottom of my wisdom cycle but it hasn’t gone as far down as it could like my mastery one will in a couple of days but it`s still at the bottom.

Martin: Well mine has touched the bottom today so I`m afraid to say anything I am saying is completely lacking wisdom.

Scott: What’s funny about it is that we are both in sync right now and we are both right near the bottom on most of our biorhythms.

Martin: We will always be in sync you see.

Scott: We will always be in sync.

Martin: We make good business partners, our highs are together and our lows are together and we just need someone to balance it out, to call it out because when we are bad we are really bad.

Scott: I wonder how many people that are in relationship like business relationships or family relationship, if they looked at these things if they would say this is why some of these conflict. Someone who`s mental rhythm or emotional is really high where the other is really low and vice versa, they are going to be thinking why is this person such an idiot and the other person would be thinking the same of them because they are so out of sync.

Martin: Right, it helps to look back at it if you’ve had a difficult time and it`s definitely useful to look at it before you are going to do anything important, like a week of travel and things like that. If you are planning an important period take a look at your biorhythms, it is worth it. Most people don’t know how to spell biorhythms that is spelled biorhythms.

Scott: Yeah and I`m one of them constantly spelling it wrong.

Martin: Since my wisdom is low I need to shut up.

Scott: Anything new happening at the Life Enthusiast co-op Martin, some success stories or something.

Martin: That’s coming all the time; well I’m glad you asked about what’s new at the business. I got an email from a fellow not long ago; he’s an Australian living in Germany and I’ve had lengthy interaction, years and here is what he wrote: In the last few years before I started using Platinum Plus Amino Acids the discs in my back became so weak and so fragile that I damaged them with movement as simple as walking. My brain was also dreadful, it appeared to be working at one quarter of normal speed, I could hardly remember anything and it was difficult to even speak, I couldn’t find the words and my tongue felt like it didn’t want to move. Those are symptoms of brain fog and it is related to the dysfunction caused by having heavy metal toxicity in the body. He continues, three days after taking platinum plus my brain returned to normal, the improvement was dramatic and after five weeks my back pain had reduced by 40%, I stopped deteriorating and my discs stabilized. Is that pretty good or what? and this is pretty much true for any one suffering from the syndrome that is caused by the genetic … about 25% of the population does have this problem. If you get metal toxicity your body will not detox it and you will get into trouble. This guy has it in the extreme fashion and the amino acid; they clearly make up for the problem. It`s just like night and day. I’ve had this one lady she is in her seventies and she has been buying these amino acids and she ran out and she called me and she said Martin I ran out three days ago, how quickly can you get me a bottle of this, I don’t care what the shipping costs and I said what’s up and she said you know all of the aches came back and I didn’t know I was free of them until they all came back and now I remember how I used to feel before when I didn’t use these amino acids and I want them back. It turns out that it is our biggest seller,too because that stuff works. Good enough news for somebody who wants to fix their pain cycle.

Scott: Look at your rhythms and fix your pain cycles and life will be wonderful.

Martin: Or at least tolerable.

Scott: So if somebody wanted to find out more about the amino acids or talk about some of their issues how can they get a hold of you.

Martin: Well we have the website, life-enthusiast.com and our 15 top sellers are right there on the left column on the top of the page and if they want to discuss details the company number is 1-866-543-3388 and the phone that rings on my desk is 775-299-4661 and more of these podcasts lifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com

Scott: So you have been listening to the Life Enthusiast podcast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. See you next time.

Martin: Thank you for listening.

Author: Martin Pytela