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Podcast 081: Pure Canadian Elk Antler

Podcast 081: Pure Canadian Elk Antler

Podcast 081: Pure Canadian Elk Antler

What happens when Martin tries Elk Antler for a week?

He says “I have my balls back! I was so mellow and I’m so ready to go… racquetball is not good enough for me… I want to start a fist fight.”

With this in mind, Martin does not hold back when he talks about the Quackwatch website, and one of their views about pH balance.

Podcast 081: Pure Canadian Elk Antler

This is the life enthusiasts co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin and today we have been talking about the different aspects of health education and part 1 was cleanse, part 2 which was nutrition and part 3 was pH balance and last time we talked a little bit about vibrational healing but we are going to go back to talk a little bit more about pH balance because we have gotten some emails from some of our listeners and some of our Life Enthusiast members and I think it is important that we address some of these issues that they have brought up. Martin I hope you are ready because we are going to put you on the spot.

Martin: I am so ready I could not be readier.

Scott: I know you have been taking some of that elk antler velvet haven’t you?

Martin: I started taking it about a week ago.

Scott: I understand that you are so frisky your wife can barely handle you now.

Martin: Well what I want to say is that I have my balls back. I have been so mellow and I have just so left it behind me I am so ready to just go into a bar and start a fight. I’m the man’s man you know and I want to take it on, a racquetball game is just not going to cut it, I want a fist fight. I want to punch someone so hard and so on. Of course I am completely sublimating that with my higher consciousness right. So instead I am going to take on the medical establishment.

Scott: I think you are also going to take on a lot of people who say the nutritional stuff that is out there is quackery.

Martin: You know about the Quack watch website that is my biggest pet peeve. Would you please read this question that has been asked of us and let’s address it.

Scott: Yes, so Martin remembering your teaching on the acidity of the body and disease would you mind taking a look at this article and let me know your feelings concerning this MD physician on the pH of the blood. I know when death is approaching on a “coding patient” in the hospital sodium bicarbonate is injected because they are too acidic so I am confused do you have and can share the alkaline and acid theory? I would really like to see this study because I have friends and family with dire questions who are looking for answers. Thanks and sorry to bother you with this but you are the only person that I feel I can trust with the correct information.

Martin: This was signed by Joanne and she is a real nurse and she has been to school and understands physiology and she trusts the doctors and she understands. So we go to this link and it is on the so let me say it this way is financed by the establishment pharmaceuticals and AMA and those type of things. It is run by a disbarred ex-doctor who just can’t even practice medicine but is enough of a doctor that he gets to throw his name around. These guys are whores for sale.

Scott: Tell everybody what you really think Martin there is no need to hold back.

Marin: No, no need to hold back on this one.

Scott: The elk antler velvet is running rampant throughout your body I can tell.

Martin: Anyway I wrote back to Joanne to say I appreciate this opportunity to address this issue; I would like to preface anything that I say with this. The Quackwatch website is an ideological platform for the mainstream medicine that is fully invested in defending the monomorphic world view.

Scott: Okay what is monomorphic?

Martin: I will get there, because that is the basis of the whole pharmaceutical approach to treating illness. It is completely wrong headed, mistaken, misleading and also a dead end philosophy. It will be defended to the death by people who are invested in it. Many well meaning people, including doctors, researchers are finding ways to justify it but this is as wrong as trying to defend the theory that the earth is the center of the universe. That’s what I wrote to her so lets explain monomorphic. Monomorphic is a name given to the theory that organisms cause an illness and the organism doesn’t change.

Scott: So mono is one.

Martin: That a virus is a virus and cannot become a bacterium, cannot become a fungus, cannot become a tumor. The pleomorphic theory and its cellular terrain management approach that leads to functional or orthomolecular medicine understand the mechanism of pH balance. Now what does that mean? We have dark field microscopy and is a method that allows up to study living blood, not dead blood. Normally when you go to the laboratory they take a test tube full of your blood, they inject anticoagulant and preserve it for several days and then they analyze it. They don’t get around it very quick and then analyze it in its dead state. They don’t do a comparison; they don’t do something like this. Take a sample of blood put it on a slide in a microscope and review the sample of blood within 20 or 30 minutes. We have done this, our supplier of the Himalayan crystal salts has commissioned this sort of study for people drinking the brine and seeing how the picture of the blood changes so here under the microscope studying the change we can see that similarly how an insect evolves from and egg to a caterpillar to a pupa or cocoon to a butterfly.

Scott: What you are saying is that in nature where things change from one thing to another a seed into a plant and into a fruit.

Martin: And very large changes in shape, based on the environment. if you did not watch the process you would never believe it is possible.

Scott: These tiny bushes are full on blackberries and I love blackberries and I can’t wait for two weeks from now when they are ripe but they all flower and the bee comes and does his thing and the next thing you know the flower is gone and there is a blackberry in its place. You know a flower and a blackberry is as different as night and day. One is a fruit one is a flower but they grew out of the same thing. What you are saying is the same thing happens in our body, things will grow and change from one thing to another. Okay Martin let’s get into Gabe’s article here because he has an understanding of the cell and how organisms work but I think it sounds like he is missing some of the stuff that is happening at a cellular level so why don’t we just start taking apart some of his article and explain it to our listeners now.

Martin: Gabe has a full understanding of an MD, the guy educated in the monomorphic theory firmly implanted in his head. The earth is the center of the universe and the sun revolves around it kind of mind set. He says here all foods that leave your stomach are acidic as they enter your intestines where secretions from your pancreas raise the pH to neutralize the stomach acids. No matter what you eat the food in the stomach is acidic and the food in the intestine is alkaline. Duh. That’s correct, we are not arguing that part and then he says you cannot change the acidity of a part of your body except your urine; your blood stream controls your acidity in a very narrow range. Anything thing that changes the acidity in your body can make you very sick and could even kill you. So this is where he completely loses it. He only said blood and the blood isn’t maintained in a very narrow range, 7.35 to 7.45 pH anything outside of it is pretty much end of the story but he is not discussing the lymphatic fluid in fact he is dismissing the lymphatic fluid as if it wasn’t even there. Let me say why I think that is because it is not easy for him to punch a hole in you and draw some lymphatic fluid out of you. He can collect urine with a pH out, he can collect blood because he can puncture a vein and draw some blood out but it has been part of the standard medical arsenal drawing and analyzing lymphatic fluid and he is ignoring it. Here is the best part it’s actually at the end of his article and he says taking calcium supplements or drinking alkaline water will not change the pH in your blood and the point is I agree and then he says: If you hear someone say that your body is too acidic and you should use their product to make it more alkaline, you would be wise not to believe anything else the person tells you. So here Gabe Mirkin defines if I can prove him wrong people should not believe anything else Gabe Mirkin or anyone else with an MD behind their name tells you. That’s irrefutable logic that he used in his article okay so here is my point: we are not discussing their blood. He is using the classic straw man illogical defense, he says you guys are telling me that you can change the pH of your body and he decided that means the pH of your blood and he proves that you cannot change the pH of my blood and that is true I can’t but where have you discussed changing the pH of the lymphatic system? He hasn’t and he doesn’t and he won’t because it doesn’t survive the logic of his argument because then he would have to stand up in a public corner and sort of offer himself up as a sacrificial animal.

Scott: So the pH of the lymphatic system does get changed?

Martin: Absolutely when you measure the saliva of a person in the morning, the pH level of the saliva closely matches the pH of the lymphatic system. Once you start eating things and putting things in your mouth things change and get influenced but first thing in the morning it is a close match. You could of course test it directly if you could draw some of it out but that is not really required. Now it usually has it’s pH between 7.2 and 7.3 once you start adding protein foods especially cooked protein foods into the diet the pH starts its downward movement. People whose lymphatic system is about 6.0 start developing chronic illness, at 5.5 you start developing cancer, at 5.0 they are developing metastatic cancer and at 4.5 they are melting away. You may have heard of it or people may have shown you folks that are in terminal cancer where it is metastatic like bone cancer, their vertebra and ribs cage and all of those bones start melting away, they are completely dissolving and disappearing. Well why is that? We understand the theory Gabe stated in his article, calcium is taken out of the bones into the blood into the lymphatic system to buffer the excesses. Now what happens? Well we do have the answers and the answers are well known to the pleomorphic students of life. All we have to do is go visit that website. The book is called How We Rot and Rust which is by a company that promotes dark field microscopy and they teach how understanding about how this can help you heal. The book is called How You Rot and Rust.

Scott: And that can be found on and then you would do a search on there for how you rust, fascinating pages on there on the biological terrain.

Martin: It’s very much in a popular education format reasonably easy to read from a high school level and not a University level.

Scott: When they are talking about rotting and rusting you know they are not going to get too technical on you right.

Martin: So here is what we tell you. as we age we rot and this is part of the disease process, this is the biological process of aging and disease and it helps us turn us back into the dust from which we came and there is a pH biochemical process which lies beyond this rotting mechanism. What you need to be aware of is that this is a simplification, rusting is the form which oxygen mixes with iron and creates iron oxide which is the classic color of rust on the surface of things. Your body will rust as an effect of oxidative damage. We will discuss oxidative damage in the next chapter where we talk about functional medicine chapters. We have talked about some of this already in the past, we have five or six podcasts devoted to that. Anyway so that is the rusting where we have oxidative damage and then the rotting and that of course is the decay without the presence of oxygen. What I wanted to draw to your attention was that these folks are explaining the acid and mineral exchange in the body. It starts this way if your body can’t get rid of acids then it has to store them, your capacity to get rid of these things is exceeded by intake of acidifying foods or behaviors. Things that are acidifying are lack of sleep, stress, wheat and anything gluten, all the wonderful popular things like eating a pizza at 2 am is probably one of the worst combinations of things that you can pull together. That’s the loading your body with acidic waste if you can’t get rid of it all this waste ends up in the interstitial spaces in the tissue spaces where the lymphatic system is washing throughout. It’s not inside your cells; it’s outside your cells.

Scott: That is a key part to all this everyone thinks we are talking about inside your cells for some reason.

Martin: Yes but it’s not, do you remember a while back I tried to explain the body in terms of an aquarium you have the cells which are the fish and then you have the water in the aquarium which is like interstitial fluid and lymphatic fluid. So the fish have to pick up the food from the aquarium water but they also poop in that same water too and if you don’t clean your aquarium or feed it the wrong stuff it won’t take too long before the water starts rotting in the aquarium and the fish will die or at least they will turn into some other kind of creature which is what cancer is. Anyway when the tissue spaces go acidic the blood will compensate and will go alkaline. Now what happens? Potassium is lost, magnesium is lost, sodium is retained and calcium goes to the blood. That will be known as osteoporosis, arthritis and other wonderful chronic diseases.

Scott: There is another thing in this article that I thought was really fascinating and that’s we talk about pH and what pH stands for, potential hydrogen that’s why the hydrogen atom is so important.

Martin: The hydrogen is the element that forms the acidity in the body.

Scott: More hydrogen you have in your body the more acidic you are.

Martin: Right so I can just quote here, “When the potassium and magnesium leave the body as a starvation mechanism your sodium will be retained. Your body knows it must place an alkaline molecule in the blood to escort out the acidity that is being stored in the tissues and cells like it will often do especially when mineral reserves are low which is the case when you are eating a modern American diet it will draw calcium, the most alkaline mineral available from the bones and put it into the blood. This leads to something called free calcium excess and this is something you don’t want, it is behind osteoporosis and arthritis and so on and it is brought about by the body compensating for an ever increasing tissue acidosis somewhere in the body”. So would you like to have excess acidity in the body or wouldn’t you? I mean if I was Gabe Mirkin I would be saying oh it doesn’t matter there is no way you can have excess acidity in the body, the only place you can have any excess acidity is in your urine. I beg to differ, oh yeah it comes out of the body and you have to return the calcium back into the bones because it is dropping because your body is becoming temporarily more alkaline and so it tries to put it somewhere but it doesn’t have the proper hormones and minerals and enzymes and whatever else in place they are just depositing it helter skelter in the wrong places so now it is creating a bone spur somewhere on the heel. So I am writing back to him and saying well there are a couple of effective ways to deal with the problems and one is soaking your feet in magnesium crystals and the other one is using an ionic foot spa to pull the toxins out.

Scott: Yeah cause those toxins and crystals that are built up on this heel are basically acidic.

Martin: Well these are calcium crystals that have settled in the wrong places, what we need to do is normalize the whole body and normalize the lymphatic system and we need to normalize all the nutrients that are required not just the calcium but also magnesium and the other bits that are needed for it to work correctly.

Scott: Yeah because that is something we have talked in previous podcasts as well the importance of magnesium’s relationship with calcium and how we probably have more than enough calcium but not enough magnesium and that is causing a big part of the problem as well.

Martin: Right calcium is like the bricks in the bones and magnesium is like the mortar so it holds it together.

Scott: So on the site he also talks about the acidic mineral bugaboo and I know we are getting a little bit along to this particular episode but I thought it would be important to talk about that too because it sort of shows a part of what Mirkin was talking about but how he also misses the other side, the rest of the story as a famous radio personality used to say you are going to hear the rest of the story.

Martin: Well you know fortunately the Biomedx how you rot and rest there is about nine or ten chapters and each one of them would probably take a half hour to go over and explain. So I don’t think we can cover all of that but what I want to close on with is this, if you don’t believe that cellular terrain management is important to long term health you are lost. All you have left is the tools of the modern emergency room medicine. We have already known and proven that emergency room medicine only works in the emergency room and it is great at saving your life in heroic fashion when you are dying or in a critical state but it is hopeless to deal with chronic or degenerative disease so wrong techniques, wrong technology and even wrong mind set. I mean that when we talk about the pleomorphic theory, the functional medicine or the orthomolecular medicine because until you understand that cellular terrain management is what you need to practice, retain or regain long term health well they are just lost. It’s like traveling the wrong path.

Scott: So basically Martin to tie it all together we need to drink and eat alkaline foods because it has a huge impact on the terrain that our cells are in which of course has a huge impact on the health of the cell and the ability of the cell to get oxygen and grow properly, to fight off fungus’s and disease and viruses and bacteria.

Martin: Yes and you have just said something that has just changed the whole indoctrinated you have become over the years of the system, you don’t just have fungus you grow fungus because of the pH in your blood or in your lymphatic system. So I am not trying to fault you here but we have all been indoctrinated by the mainstream medical jargon and philosophy into believing that there is something that you can fight. There is no fighting there is replacing the malfunctioning cellular terrain with one that works correctly and you do that by removing the acidity sources and supplying it and switching it to a more balanced lifestyle.

Scott: So I just had an analogy come into my mind while you were talking about that so if you had a car and it needed an oil change and you didn’t give it an oil change it gets sluggish and the oil gets gunky and we wonder why we get poor gas mileage and our car doesn’t run so well and its not pull out the engine and replace it we need to clean up the oil or put new oil in.

Martin: Yeah that’s right good fuel and lubrication and all that makes your car run better and the same thing with the human body you need to feed it the right inputs for it to work right and we have discussed that on the pages of the website the most acidifying activities are stress, staying up late, arguing with people or being upset and then in the food realm it is sugar and all the other white death food refined flour, refined salt, refined oil, wheat and other gluten rich grains and so on. Now you do need to have a balance it’s not like you should eat alkaline to the point where you eat so much alkaline that you develop alkalosis that would be over the top.

Scott: And we would be talking about eating wheat and refined sugar if everyone had that problem.

Martin: That’s what we are saying you need to from time to time have some steak to bring it back into balance.

Scott: There is very few people in the world that have that problem most of us are drinking too much coke and chips and fries and burgers and everything else and we are not saying cut it all out we are saying you have to add some more of the fruits and vegetables you know the living foods and the things you get in Exsula Superfoods products and the greens because we are not getting anything near in terms of good living food. I think that is a great place to end this particular episode so Martin if someone wanted to learn more about this and discuss this with you how would they get a hold of you?

Martin: Well first they would need to go to it is in the health education section of the website and read up on pH balance and then a discussion on the telephone, I can be reached at 775-299-4661 and the company number is 1-866-543-3388 and the other podcasts in this series can be found at

Scott: So that is under the health education section of the website for any of that information it’s all in there and it is easy reading and it will really open your eyes and if you want to talk to Martin one on one you can get him at 775-299-4661 or the toll free number is 1-866-543-3388 and if you have enjoyed this episode we have many more archived at so you have been listening to the Life Enthusiast restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Martin: Thanks for listening.

Author: Martin Pytela
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