Podcast 082: Minerals for Strong Bones

What happens when a healthy thirty something snaps his femur wake boarding? Scott talks about a friend of his that is in excellent physical condition and takes supplements galore. He decided to go wake boarding and broke his leg.

Now here’s a man that has eaten lots of protein, maybe to excess. He’s pushed his body to be lean and strong. In the process, he’s caused his lymphatic system to be excessively acidic. For his body to counteract this pH imbalance, it will pull calcium from his bones to normalize. If not for this imbalance, he would probably not have broken his leg. He pushed protein over a balanced diet.

Are your bones ready to snap?

Podcast 082: Minerals for Strong Bones

This is the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet and I am so excited we have some great information to be sharing with you today. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how’s it going?

Martin: I’m fine but what happened to Shane?

Scott: A very good friend of mine had a very interesting experience about a week and a half ago. Just to give you some back ground he is about six foot, he played at the highest level of junior hockey, he has been a fitness model, and he has always worked out and is ripped most of the time. I mean it wouldn’t take long for him to go into body building contests if he wanted to. You know he is working out all the time and he takes supplements galore and he went out on a week’s vacation to his mom’s cabin and they got the boats into the water. One boat went fishing and the other boat went wake boarding it’s kind of like water skiing but it’s like a snowboard and not two skis. I water ski I don’t think I would ever get on a wake board because I don’t like snowboarding. Anyway he got up and he was going along and he wasn’t going very fast, you know how these things can go super fast and he’s not a very good wake boarder and he fell a couple of times and he finally got up and he was going and he lost his balance and fell in the water. I mean he was in the middle of the lake and it’s not like there was any rock around. He said when he hit the water it was like he hit a brick wall he snapped a bone, the femur, which is a major bone in his right leg. When he hit terrible pain and the boat came around as quickly as possible and of course he is hanging onto his leg the bone fortunately did not break the skin but you could tell the leg was broken and they had to pull him out. Fortunately his family and friends, a lot of them were police officers and ambulance types so he was around people who knew what to do in this type of emergency. So they had to pull him out of the water, not just one level but three levels. So here he is hanging onto this leg that is broken and just in absolute agony and it was just terrible to listen to the first time he was telling me and when they got to shore of course they had already had called ahead and the ambulance was on its way and they are not in the city they are out in the country by a lake.

His grandma and grandpa were there and when his grandpa found out something had happened they thought he had a heart attack because he collapsed. So they had to call a second ambulance for his grandpa and it’s interesting why things happen because the first ambulance arrived and there was no one there to give him morphine for the pain and he is sitting there holding his leg and he’s in terrible agony and someone else has is holding his hand on top of his hand to help hold the leg when they were moving and the ambulance attendants arrived and they said we can’t give you anything more than an aspirin and of course it is over bumpy roads and they are out in the middle of nowhere and its 20 to 30 minutes to the hospital and a few minutes later the second ambulance arrives for grandpa and on that ambulance there was someone that could do the morphine and do whatever they had to do. So they gave him the drugs and off he went to the hospital and of course they don’t put you in a cast for this they put him right into surgery and put a pin or two pins in his leg and one of them just above the knee and one in the hip and of course he’s got to learn how to walk all over again even just moving his knee or lifting his knee.

Grandpa had just stress and the excitement was just too much for him he did not have a heart attack he was just fine and they have a picture of both of them in the same hospital room and side by side beds and they are saying this is something that doesn’t normally happen, grandpa and grandson in the hospital at the same time. We have often talked about the role of medicine and that being in the case of an emergency like when you break your leg and that definitely was the case for Shane at this point in his life.

Martin: Thank god for all of that intervention.

Scott: Absolutely because otherwise he would have gone into shock and who knows what would have happened and he may never have walked properly again.

Martin: Well you know without the modern technology to x-ray it and set it and correct it and plate it and so on, this man would have been a cripple or possibly amputated.

Scott: He’s going to be fine and they say with six months of therapy to get everything you know relearning how to walk and he will be fine.

Martin: They probably sliced him up pretty extensively getting all this support equipment into the bone. So more about Shane, so here is a man who loads on proteins excessively, this is a man who has been eating whey protein and protein breakfasts and every sort of a protein and just protein is god right.

Scott: Yes and what is interesting is the last few pod casts we have been talking a lot about protein.

Martin: Precisely, here’s a guy who for years has pushed his body to be lean and pushed his body to be loaded with nitrogen, amino acids pushed his body to produce more muscle mass and in the process causes the lymphatic system to be excessively acidic. I would speculate that this fellow doesn’t have perfect skin he probably has issues with skin elasticity and has the odd acne kind of stuff going on.

Scott: I wouldn’t say he has any acne but he definitely has stretch marks where his muscles have been working.

Martin: Yeah he probably has been fairly large at times. Anyway I would be putting it all into the realm of his acid alkaline balance has been way off on the acid side and his bones have been weakened by having to push the calcium out of the bones into the blood and into the lymphatic fluids in order to counteract the acidity. If it were not for all that his bones would probably be a whole lot stronger and he probably would not have suffered this injury that is typical of seventy five year olds when they fall. I don’t wish it on him, I don’t find any pleasure in saying here it is but I pray to god that he will learn from this and switch from this mindset that had him always pushing the proteins over the balanced diet.

Scott: Well you bring up an interesting issue we have done over 80 episodes and I am pretty familiar with your opinions on a lot of things and also all the great products that people can get through the life enthusiast co-op one of them that I just love is ZoeTein which is a higher protein green then the Iridesca or the Excela-50.

Martin: Well the ZoeTein is formulated specifically for people who want to increase their muscle mass and I remember I introduced it to Shane and we had this discussion where he was shooting this product down saying oh this is the wrong balance not enough protein and too much fat.

Scott: What I was thinking was if you were taking the ZoeTein would that be as acidic as, I’m just trying to get a picture how that particular product could supply the protein without causing all the calcium to be leached out of the bones.

Martin: Well first thing that needs to be said is that it’s the cooked protein that is acidic, the raw protein usually isn’t.

Scott: I didn’t know that. How can you tell this is all done live, so there is a difference now between like a cooked steak and a raw vegetable protein.

Martin: Let’s just stay with the steak itself if you are going to eat steak you should eat it as steak tartar or as rare as you can stand it. If you are going to eat eggs you should eat them raw, uncooked or a minimally cooked, still jiggling.

Scott: You impress me Martin because the only way I eat a steak is if it is practically charcoal and the only way I eat eggs and I don’t do it deliberately but I always over cook them so I am going to stick with the ZoeTein I think.

Martin: Okay so there is another one the biggest one is the whey which is the protein of choice for many body builders unfortunately all of this comes from pasteurized milk. If it was raw milk and raw whey then it wouldn’t be a problem but unfortunately in this society all of this is cooked denatured and dead.

Scott: So what you are saying is that the more living the protein is the less acidic it is which means you can get all the protein you want to build your muscles, you can become leaner you can get rid of the jiggly fat around the hips and thighs and it is not going to pull all the calcium out of your bones.

Martin: Right that is what I am saying.

Scott: Very cool and it is a great lesson because he was very healthy looking after himself to take this fall and have this happen was a huge shock.

Martin: Oh terrible and I have all the sympathy for him and I hope that one of these days I will get to sit down with him to talk about the philosophy of the pH balance and the lymphatic system management and how all of this plays together, how a over acidic system will cause osteoporosis and weak bones. I wanted to give you a different story because this one is a whole lot better this is a good news story I just received today. I received a phone call from this lady and she is the wife of Stan and these are older folks in their sixties. Any way let’s read it and this story rises on stuff that is not even in the testimonial and a friend of these people bought an ionic foot spa from us and donated it to them this was actually a gift made to them. Just my heart just rejoices anyway here is a story written by this wife her name is Arlene and she is writing about Stanley. On Jan. 25th, my husband, Stanley Aoki, had his blood work done for his heart doctor. His Creatinine, the poison from the kidneys, left in the blood, was at 5.7, with 6.0 being high enough to require dialysis. We started the Ionic Foot Spa treatments, on the 26th. We saw the kidney specialist, Dr. Cowley, on the 28th, in Oklahoma City. He really considered putting my husband in the hospital to do dialysis, but gave him a month, since we’d explained we’d started this foot spa treatment. One month later, my husband’s Creatinine, had dropped to 4.4. Another month later, his Creatinine had dropped to 3.8.

Scott: So almost a fifty percent drop in two months.

Martin: Right and it’s not supposed to be zero it’s supposed to be in a normal range. Our doctor was in shock. My husband was already on a kidney transplant waiting list. When we went to visit with the kidney transplant people, after sitting through all of the videos and talking to several people, I showed the co-ordinator his latest blood work. Her face turned white in shock, and she told him he was much too healthy for a kidney transplant. I told her what we’d been doing, with the Ionic Foot Spa treatments, and she wanted to know more about it. After we got back home to Duncan OK (about 110 miles one way), I e-mailed her the details. Since then, my husband’s cholesterol has dropped from 270 to 120, his blood sugar has dropped from well over 120 to 66-90, his blood pressure has dropped from 154/90 to 113/70. His Creatinine, his Protein, his BUN (blood urea nitrogen) has continued to drop lower until he was in the healthy normal range. He can eat fruit for the first time in over 10 years. He can eat dried beans (red beans) for the first time in ten years. His kidney doctor is so thrilled that he’d now decided he would like to try this treatment for himself, and his heart doctor is of the same thought, since HIS OWN cholesterol is also high. This has made a world of difference in my husband’s life, not to mention my own. I urge EVERYONE to at least try this, give it a month. You’ll be so shocked at the difference it will make in your lives. Well can I top that?

Scott: No I don’t think so it’s just amazing.

Martin: All we would hear is that this guys lymphatic system is polluted, his kidneys are not keeping up for some reason and we are just soaking his feet, this is a six hundred dollar dialysis machine you just soak your feet for twenty minutes not here is a guy who’s sugar and triglycerides, blood pressure, BUN and cretin and protein in the blood and protein in urine has changed to normal range from being a transplant patient.

Scott: And we know that these people didn’t make any big changes in their diet.

Martin: No I wouldn’t think so these people wouldn’t do that. They are set in their ways right. They are living their lives as they always have in fact he never ate fruit and he can eat kidney beans now.

Scott: I bet his wife likes that.

Martin: I’m sure she will put up with it if he is healthy. This guy with the creatine of 5.7 is so sick that he is only able to shuffle around, people at that stage are barely moving he couldn’t even go out and cut the grass and now he is a normal guy.

Scott: Now he is a normal guy wonderful, awesome. Alright Martin if someone wanted to talk to you more about the ionic foot spa or if they have enough calcium in their bones if you could just take a moment and tell them how to get a hold of you to get more information about all this stuff.

Martin: Well lifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com is where we store all our podcast episodes and www.life-enthusiast.com the most fun section of the web site is the health education section if you wanted to expand your horizon. If you already know what you want click on products and shop till your heart is content. The only reason why this business continues is because people do buy products from us and we get to stay open for another day.

Scott: Well people have the results from the products as that couple did.

Martin: Imagine these guys spent six hundred dollars and didn’t have to travel 100 miles to the dialysis center or spend money on hospital stays and didn’t have to have all these tests and all that would follow. I mean where is the insurance company that has just missed spending 100,000 dollars on a kidney transplant.

Scott: And if someone wanted to speak to you?

Martin: Oh yes the phone numbers, the toll free number is 1-866-543-3388 and my direct line is 775-299-4661 and if there is anybody in Canada we do have a Canadian number 250-483-4149. That’s about it folks this is Life Enthusiast co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Scott: See you next time.

Author: Martin Pytela