Podcast 088: Ellagic Acid Antioxidant in Raspberries

Martin and Scott discuss a sub-category of antioxidants called Ellagic Acid Antioxidants.

Ellagic Acid comes to us from ellagitannins contained in seeds.  Some seeds have it in abundance, like kiwis, blueberries, strawberries but especially in raspberry seeds. Your body has the ability to dissolve cancerous and pre-cancerous cells within a few days, and to replace them with young and healthy cells. However, you must feed & activate the responsible cellular mechanism, with the exact nutrient, in the potency it requires.

Eating these fruits will do you good, but the seeds really need to be ground up in order for your body to get the most out of the ellagitannins. Chewing does not really grind up those tiny seeds. They need to be milled in the presence of emulsifiers and anti-oxidants to protect them from quickly turning rancid. Raspberries are one of the few sources of ellagitannins that your body can transform into useful levels of ellagic acid. The very best way to get the ellagic acid is with extra fine ground raspberry seeds, combined with synergists.

Podcast 088: Ellagic Acid Antioxidant in Raspberries

This is the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, we are continuing along without health education series and in the last few podcast we have talked about the importance of cleansing and nutrition and the pH balance in the body and we also talked a bit about vibrational healing and in our last podcast episode we got into antioxidants and this is such an important area that we decided that we would continue on but not just talk about antioxidants in general but we would also talk about a special sub group of antioxidants that most people have never heard of which is called the Ellagic acid antioxidants so welcome Martin and glad to have you aboard for another exciting pod cast.

Martin: I hope I can provide exciting.

Scott: Having good health is very exciting.

Martin: It’s definitely important and having the Ellagic Acids are coming to us from ellagitanins which are contained in seeds.

Scott: So they are something that all seeds have or just this particular one?

Martin: All seeds have it, and some seeds have it in abundance, the greatest concentration of this stuff has been found in blueberries, strawberries, kiwis and especially in raspberries and specifically the Meeker raspberry which is the more common red raspberry found in both British Columbia and Washington in the north west end of the country.

Scott: So what you are saying is that we can do an awful lot of good just by eating berries.

Martin: Absolutely however you need to understand that these berries contain all these good nutrients but the Ellagitanins they are in the seeds and the seeds you would need to properly crush. You really need to chew the seeds and I don’t know if anyone’s teeth are good enough to process this properly.

Scott: Well the way that most people eat, and I try not to, is put it in and chomp three times and swallow and I know that I haven’t crushed a lot of seeds in my mouth even if my teeth were to crush them because it takes quite a bit of grinding to open them up.

Martin: That’s right, so maybe you could be healthy but you would have worn out your teeth by the time you are forty-five.

Scott: So you will have to figure out a different way of getting it, don’t stop eating berries rather than just doing them. What is this sub group of antioxidants do?

Martin: The important part is that they wake up the apoptosis the apoptotic process in the body.

Scott: And what is that I have never heard that word before.

Martin: Well it is spelled apoptosis and it is a great word and it stands for cellular recycling or cell death. Every cell in our body has a well they don’t live forever they recycle all the time and I think if my memory is correct we have like 300 trillion cells in our body and we turn over a trillion in a day. I hope I haven’t slipped a digit or three.

Scott: So there is an awful lot?

Martin: Well a big number like the numbers that the US congress is talking about.

Scott: So this is a way that our cells know that it is time to disappear and let another cell take its place.

Martin: Exactly it is the natural order of things that if a cell is tired and worn out it heeds the call and shuts down and is recycled and in its place a new healthy cell is created by dividing a normal cell from right next to where it just vacated. In case of toxicity in case of an emotional injury or an toxins from outside or something of that sort or energetic blockage a abnormal cell will start growing and abnormal could mean abnormal skin growth like the dark spots that you start developing as you age on your skin or on the internal side typically cancer is the biggest threat we have.

Scott: Because one of the big things about cancer is those cells don’t know they are supposed to die and they keep on multiplying.

Martin: That’s right in case of cancer the cells refuse to hear the call of the apoptosis system, they won’t listen, they will just keep on growing, and multiplying regardless of what the normal signaling system of the body is trying to say. The ellagitannins that provide you with the ellagic acid is a nutrient that is absolutely required for this signaling system to work correctly.

Scott: So one way of looking at it is it is able to inhibit mutations within a cell’s DNA.

Martin: Precisely now you are speaking like a scientist.

Scott: I was just checking my notes.

Martin: So raspberries are one of the sources of the ellagitatin that provide useful levels of this nutrient. You can get by with using about four teaspoons of this powder every day to get a therapeutic dose. That will make a meaningful contribution to your nutrients and change you. I mean I have had so many wonderful responses for instance this by the way works for both people and other mammals and I had this one dog owner share with me the information about EllagiPlex which is a product we made using the raspberry seed and other things and he wrote this one. I wish I knew about this product a year ago, I lost one dog to breast cancer and when my other dog came down with breast cancer I looked for a natural solution and I found you. The tumor was the size of an egg when we got the EllagiPlex it took one bottle and the cancer is gone, GONE, there is no tumor left and the dog is doing great. If you want to talk to me about this call me at 504-464-4182, Robert. This guy is so impressed that he put his phone number on it.

Scott: I hope he won’t get thousands of phone calls once we post our podcast.

Martin: He may need to get a new phone number poor Robert. So why do we share it? This system works so differently then what the mainstream medicine that practitioners put forward, they would try to burn out, cut out and rip out these abnormal cells. What we do is that we come with these tools and “wakie, wakie” we give them the right stuff, why don’t you just shut down and recycle and the tumor disappears just like that (snap your fingers) and that’s what he said it was the size of an egg and one month later it was gone. I mean I have many more stories like that but I don’t think I can talk about them.

Scott: So since we have been talking about cancer and how these seeds can have an impact on it one thing that is important to note to is that cancer is not one disease, it is just a general name and there are like 200 different types of malignancies or problems that people have and often times we classify them by the tissue type where they arise. For instance we have bone cancer or skin cancer or cancer in our lymph nodes or leukemia which is blood cancer so these are just ways how we label stuff.

Martin: Well I will give you a metaphor from regular life, imagine you take 100 automobiles and brand new ones and you take them out into the field and you do not maintain then and do not change the oil, don’t change the air filters and you run them hard. You take them to the dessert and all other ugly places and you just abuse the heck out of these vehicles and then they will all start breaking down some of them sooner than others and then you haul them all into the yard and you start cataloging all the problems, it’s going to be a head gasket in one and a spark plug in another and differential seal in another, or blown tires, and all these different ways how these cars failed to continue. So that is sort of is reminiscent of what you just gave me, there is a lot of ways to catalog and illness. Now the issue is that you have run the vehicles abusively and you have not maintained them properly and this is what I am talking about if you provide the right nutrients and remove the toxins you will have a wonderfully functioning vehicle that will keep on going beyond the kind of limited expectations that you have put on these abused vehicles. In case of cancer, cancer is a reaction to the body’s lack of oxygen to the tissue and this has been documented by a Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg, he got his Nobel Prize in the 1960’s that showed in order to create cancer you must reduce the presence of oxygen in the tissue and the reversal is true too, if you introduce oxygen into the tissue then cancer cannot exist. It’s sort of the same thing; mushrooms will not grow in the light they will only grow in the dark. So the point here is when the toxicity levels in the tissue rise it gives the terrain where cancer can exist.

Scott: So sort of like the weeds in the garden?

Martin: Yes if you ignore the weeds well better yet in disturbed soil the original plants don’t grow and you get weeds. That’s why the back lots, back of the subdivision doesn’t grow the natural forest or natural meadow that used to be there instead it grows all sorts of nasty weeds like thistles and pig weeds and all these nasty names.

Scott: Right crab grass.

Martin: Yes instead of the natural prairie that you would expect there. Any way the point here is that we need to maintain the tissues. We need to maintain it with the removal of toxins and we talked about that in our previous podcast and we will probably come back to it again and supply of nutrients like the ellagic acid or the seed nutrients are those that are important for the natural cell recycling system the apoptosis.

Scott: That’s something I don’t think most people think about is how to get nutrients to the cells to perform the way they were meant to perform.

Martin: Then again this comes back to the way our society approaches just about everything; instead of looking at the core underlying systemic function we look at the problems and try to fix the problems by removing the symptoms of the problem. I am reminded of the financial crisis which has been created by giving too much credit where credit shouldn’t have been given and the remedy that the US Congress is trying to put forward is to make more credit available it is sort of fighting fire with fire. I just hope that this whole thing doesn’t unwind in a fire storm similarly in the human body. If you create a problem like cancer which is caused by toxins in the body trying to cure it with chemotherapy (more toxins) which is just more toxins is just so backwards and so barbaric so my mind staggers at that. Instead we focus on the removal of the toxins and returning the function back to normal.

Scott: And that’s the key let our bodies heal themselves.

Martin: Precisely there are wonderful studies that we have on our website that are scientific citations that relate to the use of ellagic acid in raspberries and for the people who are scientifically minded and want to take this to their doctor. cancer is not a great thing and you are made to feel fearful in the hands of the oncologists who tell you these natural things they don’t work you have to come to us and we will cut you and burn you and take that damn thing out of your body and then you will be okay. Instead maybe they could maybe turn to this website on the scientific citation page and see all the citations, there are about twenty of them all of them proper studies, well researched that show that supplementation with anti-oxidant rich ellagic acid will give you the relief. It will turn the runaway crazy cells back to normal.

Scott: Yeah wouldn’t that be cool and I think it’s important that people know that what we are talking about isn’t just what you sort of have an opinion of or myself it is what some very good scientists have done studies on and tested and come up with.

Martin: Absolutely this is serious research with solid backing.

Scott: So is there also an antiviral or an antivirus component to this?

Martin: Absolutely some people theorize that cancer is essentially a viral infection just taken to the next level just run wild. The same EllagiPlex is actually a rejuvenator you know you don’t have to take a bottle of Ellagiplex because you have cancer you can take it because you want to rejuvenate. I mean understand that clearly that a malfunctioning cell will be shut down and replaced with a normal cell. Well what is aging but a body that does not replicate itself correctly? I gave the example of brown spots on your face well if you take sufficient quantities of this stuff of this supplement you will reverse that kind of effect on your body.

Scott: Well Martin I think that brings us to the end of another very interesting life enthusiast podcast, this is an area that I really had no idea about before we started talking about it so thank you very much for taking time out of your day to share it with myself and our listeners. Have you any last words before we sign off?

Martin: Well I would like to say that we have the seed available as whole for people who have good powerful blenders you need to have at least 12 amp blenders to crush the seeds in something like Vitamix, Blendtec or other high end blenders. For people who want to build their own smoothies they can buy the seeds from us or the EllagiPure which is milled and ready to be consumed and it is the less expensive version because we only put the raspberry seed blend into this product and then we also have the product I mentioned called EllagiPlex which is a much more complex product, it has something like a hundred different ingredients which everything that we know that we should throw at a cancerous body is in there. It’s not just a preventive it’s for people who really need to step on it and do something quick. Other than that here is another example of how Life Enthusiast restores vitality to you and to the planet. Thank you for listening.

Scott: So Martin if someone wanted to talk to you or get more information from you how would they do that?

Martin: www.life-enthusiast.com and this would be described in the health education Elagitannin antioxidants, I am available call 1-866-543-3388 and there is a phone that rings on my desk which is 775-299-4661.

Scott: Thank you everybody this is the Life Enthusiast pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet see you next time.

Author: Martin Pytela