Podcast 091: Energy Devices for Protection

We don’t give enough attention to the power of a walk in the woods, the trees and the fresh air – out of the city’s pollution. That’s more obvious than the negative electromagnetic energies from the wires in our homes, computers, TVs and cell phones. That’s a whole different type of energy that can really impact how we feel, how we think and our general health. With our Energy Devices, these invisible, pre-disease changes can be delayed and even halted.

Podcast 091: Energy Devices for Protection

This is the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Let’s join our host Scott Paton and Martin Pytela now.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op podcast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how are you doing this fine day?

Martin: You already said it, it’s a fine day.

Scott: It’s a beautiful day, it’s not pouring rain and it’s not a hurricane and there is no snow on the ground so it’s a good day. So we have been talking about health education stuff and we have talked about cleansing and nutrition and pH balance and one of the most fascinating aspects of being healthy to me comes under the category of the vibrational healing and I think often times we don’t spend enough time or attention on the power of a walk in the woods surrounded by the trees and the fresh air and getting out of the city environment and out of the polluted environment but along with that, that’s kind of the obvious thing if you are beside a factory or a diesel truck and you can smell all that stuff and feel all that stuff and you go up into the mountains or into the woods by a river and all of a sudden the energy just changes and you feel so relaxed and so alive, but we live in this … it’s like there is air all around us that we breathe it and we know that right but beside the air there are other energies like electromagnetic that come from the electric wires that run through our homes or from our TV’s or our computers and that is a whole different type of sea that really can impact how we feel and how we think and our general health.

Martin: Right so I’m going to address several of the points that you have already made when we evolved we did not evolve in flat line surroundings like straight line rooms like the paved sidewalks and the paved streets and the uniform buildings that are identical one from the other that’s not what nature is like. Nature is fractal, nature is infinitely changeable and variable, I mean no two snowflakes are exactly alike no two trees are exactly alike, no two leaves are exactly alike why is it that we surround ourselves with these identical cookie cutter houses, cars, roads, signs and all of that. It doesn’t work it is bad food for your eyes, it’s bad food for your soul. That’s why that walk in the part is so soothing.

Scott: Yeah and it feels good and sometimes I think we forget how good it feels to go for a walk in the park or in the woods.

Martin: Also what happens is if you spend too much time in that sort of environment you end up liking destructive things. Rock music that is just destructive to your soul or that hip hop sort of stuff new culture there is nothing poetic in it. It is just anger, destruction, shred it, beat it, negativity all the way down to the lowest common denominator. This is not something to be celebrated, this is not something to be encouraged and it is an expression as beautiful as cancer. I mean yes nature can express itself that way but it is not a very positive thing. So that’s one, the other thing you were mentioning was the vibrations, the energies that we are surrounded by. This actually happens a body of water like flowing bodies of water such as a creek has parallel power lines following us. They are like lines of energy that are parallel to the creek itself. If there is an underground water flow that is under your house it will create this sort of permanent energy field that will affect you. If you end up for instance with your bed lying is across these lines that are in your house really you may end up getting very sick. There are people who have suffered from chronic illnesses like diabetes or cancer and all that needed to happen was for them to move a bed to change the angle of it or not sleep in a particular room.

Scott: That kind of reminds me of the ancient Japanese or Chinese that talked a lot about Feng Shui which was the Chinese and the way you had certain things in your home and how the energy flows through your home.

Martin: Right that’s what you can do by arranging things I mean some dousers will go through your house and put loops of copper wire in certain places or surround your entire house with loops of copper wire and clear the energy and drain it and ground it. By grounding the energy and returning it back to the soil of the planet you no longer suffer from it.

Scott: I have to tell you my dousing story. Well my father and I, he was about seventy-five at the time and the rest of my family went to this fair that was just on the outskirts of the town that they live in and so we are walking along and looking at the jams and the boats and how people cut wood a hundred years ago and all this stuff and there is this older guy standing there and he has a branch and the branch breaks off into two pieces like this Y shape if you stood it up and he says okay and he is holding the Y upside down in his hands and he says to my dad you hold this stick with my right hand and told me to hold the left side with the left hand and he said see if there is any water. This thing is going straight up, it’s about an inch thick stick and its old, a dry piece of wood and it is up straight and of course there is water around us, we are not in a desert. So we are holding the stick up straight and there is no hand at the top and the thing starts shaking and heading down and we broke it in half but we were all holding onto the bottom part right and it broke like three feet above us and there was nobody pushing down on the other side and he said wow you guys are really good dousers and I was just so amazed, that to me was a physical demonstration of energy that is around us that we are not always aware of and it was just amazing.

Martin: Right very powerful energy and this is the energy I am talking about you guys were picking up an underground water line or you could be picking up an underground creek which is just undocumented water flow under your feet. So that’s the type of energy that we are talking about and that’s the type of energy that can wreck people’s health, if you don’t harmonize with it, it can really do you a lot of harm.

Scott: Yeah and it’s real and it’s powerful and it can affect you and I think that is one of the things that often times we don’t pay any attention to because it’s not like crossing the street and watching a car come at you and jumping out of the way right.

Martin: Yeah and it’s very subtle and very steady and it is unrelenting.

Scott: That is so true so Martin what are some of the things we can do in our home to harmonize the energy to maybe get rid of bad energy I know I want to mention cell phones and talk a little bit about that too because there is all this electromagnetic energy.

Martin: There are two approaches to this issue one is that you can try to fight with the energies as they are coming in individually and there are devices out on the market that you can stick this thing on your cell phone or stick this thing on your TV or stick this thing on your computer monitor and so on. So those types of devices are based on an opposite wave that is supposed to counteract the negativity that is coming off these electric devices. It’s sort of in the same way as, you have probably heard about these, noise canceling headphones where there is a microphone on the headphones and the microphone is picking up all the noises around you and that microphone is then feeding a little amplifier and it is creating an opposite wave so the two waves are canceling each other creating a non voice so when you are listening to it you can be listening to it in complete silence or you can be listening to a music that can be added to that. But anyway the concept of the noise cancellation is the concept that these devices are working they are trying to guess what disturbances are coming off these devices and they are trying to put out the opposite wave that will stop that and the other approach to this is to say let’s try and balance the person that is within this unfriendly field. If the person is balanced we don’t really care what negative influences are coming at him or her they are balanced and harmonized and healthy and protected. So that is the approach that I liked when I found the company from Poland called ADR I just fell in love with their products because they have products that create an island of peace as opposed to fighting the forces coming at you and the point that I like is this there is no way you can predict everything that is coming from the outside in but what you can do is harmonize the person you are trying to harmonize or the space you are trying to harmonize and that to me is much more powerful and I am finding that so. So for instance the ADR protect which is a tiny little piece of foil as long as that thing is touching your skin and it sends the signal into your vibrational body to harmonize it and it will harmonize all of the meridians, the right channel and left channel.

Scott: Martin can you explain to the rest of us like myself who are unsure what the meridians are and what are the right and left channel are and clarify what that is for us.

Martin: Okay oh dear the Chinese medicine for you the concepts are in your body there are energy channels and on each of the channels there are major muscle groups and also major organs that would be the gallbladder meridian or the lung meridian or kidney meridian and when there is either over energy or under energy on that channel you will have problems and there can be energy blockages. These channels work like little creeks or circuits and when there is an energy blockage the energy pools and become stagnant and that’s where pain develops wherever there is stagnant energy you will have pain and there are 13 of these meridians so you have 26 of them because there is right channel and left channel and then there is the big one down the middle which is the central meridian so that’s the total of 26 plus one. They are all ended in your feet and they are all ended in your fingers by your fingernails, you know each one of your fingers on the left side of every fingernail and the right side of every fingernail there is an ending of one of these channels. These channels are also reflected in your ears so you can massage your ears or find the spot on your ears that corresponds to every organ in your body and you can find these spots on your feet I don’t know if you have heard of reflexology which is where you can find every point on your body reflected in your feet like your neck is on the outside of your big toe or your digestive organs are on the underside of your foot and so on.

Scott: Yeah that’s why if someone is massaging you or rubbing the back of your foot you stomach starts gurgling or you feel a little twinge in your neck or those sort of things because all the meridians are related.

Martin: Yeah it all comes back together in the same place. Scott somehow I have lost contact with you, are you still there?

Scott: Yes.

Martin: It has gone very quiet I thought that you may have died.

Scott: No I put it on mute because there is someone hammering away outside.

Martin: And I thought we had lost the connection.

Scott: No just give me a second and I will take this part out so that is really fascinating Martin when it comes to how those energies work. One of my favorite ones is talking about a cell phones and all the energy being directed towards the ear and that side of the brain. Aside from not using your cell phone what else could people do?

Martin: Well this is where the ADR protect that I was just telling you about when you have the ADR protect either glued to the back of your watch so it is touching your skin all the time or you can have it glued to the back of your cell phone in such a way that when you are holding the cell phone it is actually touching the inside of your palm. When you are in contact with this little device it harmonizes you so that regardless of how many cell phones there are in your immediate area or how many computers are running around you, you the wearer of this little device are harmonized.

Scott: Now that is cool.

Martin: It is totally cool and it is way better than the other approaches that say you are going to counter balance the cell phone you have in your hand. What about all the other cell phones you have around you, they haven’t been counter balanced.

Scott: That’s a good point.

Martin: So here comes the big deal the other devices out there that help balance your cell phones and such are 30 to 200 dollars and this little ADR Protect sells for 20. How’s that for beautiful?

Scott: That’s a great deal.

Martin: Exactly can you imagine you can have every member of your family protected for twenty bucks. The other this is we have this thing called ADR 3 which is a slightly bigger device it’s about four inches in diameter and that thing employs similar technology to clear the space of a diameter of about thirty feet pardon me radius of thirty feet. Well any way it is big enough to cover a house or an apartment or an office. So you would have one of these sitting somewhere in the middle of your space and what that will do is bend out all the negative lines that may exist in that space creating an island of peace. I actually have a whole bunch of them here because I have to ship some of them from here so I have about ten of them strategically placed around my office.

Scott: I know in my office I have quite a few of them and it just makes a huge difference.

Martin: I find that every time I come back into my office it is an island of peace or an oasis of peace. I don’t know just the other day we went out to shop for some things, two hours in a mall I didn’t have protection I didn’t think to bring my ADR protect with me I was just becoming weaker and two hours later I returned home and it felt like oh I am in this comfortable beautiful room and everything feels good again. I was becoming more and more agitated being away you know.

Scott: Right well the thing that really hit me was when I was in a hospital a few years ago and I was walking down the hall and there was all these signs saying turn off your cell phones and I thought holy smokes how do they do that. If I am walking in the middle of this hall and there are all these walls and I can’t see any sensitive machinery and they are telling me to turn it off how sensitive is our brain and our heart and our liver and all the rest of us and we have got these things right up against our body. That really told me how much of an impact cellular phones can have.

Martin: Yeah well a long time ago I watched this cute little movie of these kids that are pointing three or four cell phones at each other on top of the table with a bunch of corn in between them and as soon as the phones started ringing it takes maybe three or four rings and the corn starts popping. I hope you have seen it we should add a link to this podcast just so people can see it themselves. Anyway it is quite interesting that you can microwave you popcorn on the table top just by making three phones ring.

Scott: That is some pretty potent microwaves.

Martin: It is a very effective demonstration of what is going on anyway I think the hospital policy has a lot more to do with the medical devices you might disturb on the patients. I don’t think the hospital cares one iota about the patients what they care about is not to be sued. Sorry to be such a negative influence here but I think it has everything to do with some heart monitoring device being reset or some device that feeds your intravenous at regular intervals and you’re going to reset it and start sending it ten times as much or non from what you are supposed to receive. Anyway it is a good policy to turn off your wireless devices you know wireless computers are more potent like the 3G network that is being built around us. I mean that causes all of us living in cities that have 3G networks to be exposed to a steady microwave soup. I mean it is all around us and everywhere that means there has to be these signals floating all around you, through you and every which way.

Scott: Yeah it’s something to be aware of and it’s not going to change and it’s not going to go away the trick is to make it like you say you have a little island of peace.

Martin: Yes so I would recommend to everyone to check it out. The ADR devices are affordable and they are beautiful and effective and we have all this documentation that tells us mobile phones will cause cancer or possible senility or this or that. I mean the many factors of technology that may of course try to put doubt into all of the studies that will possibly link the devices directly to any health problems. You know since it is a statistical issue and it may take five years or ten years to demonstrate we won’t really know for a long time. I mean it is possible so far I have heard as soon as they erect a cell phone tower in a neighborhood the bird count goes down. It’s possible that this bee colony collapse that we are experiencing may have something to do with the electronics I don’t know that is still speculation on some people’s part. Can we really link it or will we ever find out?

Scott: Yes, it is hard to tell. It could be the pesticides or the herbicides that people are using.

Martin: Yes it could be that as well or it can be the genetically modified pollens or the pollens of the genetically modified plants that the bees are not pollinating.

Scott: All these speculations and I guess what it boils down to is we are not living a natural life, we are living unnatural lives and the consequences are such that we really don’t know what is causing some of these changes.

Martin: You know we talked about this in our previous podcast when we were talking about the water how the water that is run through straight pipes becomes denatured dead water and we need to put it through these twisting shapes that the vortex that will restore its proper relationships and vibrational quality. We need to do a similar thing with everything else we do maybe the spinning dervishes had something good going.

Scott: Well it certainly wasn’t straight up and down.

Martin: So anyway I just want to branch off to a little side bar. we manufacture these water devices like the prills and pearls that straighten or properly structure the water that you drink or bathe in. We also have this technology available for people who want to put it into a spa, this whole set up which we call the star chamber or rejuvenation station is available to folks that either want to set it up privately for use in their homes or people who want to set it up commercially you know for treating others and it is powerful stuff. My own experience I went to visit Jim Carter the founder of Twilight America few years ago and I had a session in his private star chamber setting and it was quite interesting because when I came back for the weekend the people who hadn’t seen me for one week were saying my gosh where did you go, you look different, younger what’s going on with you, did you change your hair style? It was profound you know the way I felt I mean just this one session of recharging my cellular batteries took about six weeks to wear off, I felt so much better so much younger so much invigorated I felt twenty years younger straight off.

Scott: Wow that is a huge difference.

Martin: Yes Enormous. It is a shame that I don’t have one, I only have a sleeping pad here I don’t have the whole set up here that I could use. We need to find some investors that want to do it with us.

Scott: So if someone wanted to know about the Star Chamber or about the ADR products where could they go and what should they do?

Martin: Well like these podcasts we are going through the life enthusiast web site at www.life-enthusiast.com this is the health education section and the link is energy devices, they are all described and discussed right there.

Scott: Wonderful and if somebody wanted to listen to previous pod casts that we have done all you have to do is go to our website and click on the podcast link or you can go to LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com and we have over eighty or ninety podcast episodes now covering all sorts of issues around your health.

Martin: Right so I think enough has been said about these energy devices I mean these podcasts are not meant to answer every single question they are meant to stimulate interest and further research. I invite you to give us a call we are at 1-866-543-3388 or direct line to me is 775-299-4661 I would like to just close up with this is Life Enthusiast restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Scott: Bye-bye everybody thanks for joining us and we will see you next time.

Author: Martin Pytela