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Podcast 092: Healthy Essential Fats

Podcast 092: Healthy Essential Fats

Podcast 092: Healthy Essential Fats

Feeling healthy today, Scott talks about a product called FluBrew, that he left on the counter and got sick with a cold, getting better and worse repeatedly. Finally he took FluBrew as recommended on the bottle. Immediately, he felt better. Scott was totally amazed that one dose worked! Unfortunately, this product is no longer available here. Try Immunagen.

Podcast 092: Healthy Essential Fats

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how are you doing this fine day?

Martin: It’s a fine day.

Scott: It is a fine day and I have to tell you my voice sounds normal, I am not hacking and coughing, I don’t have stuff coming out of my nose, my ears don’t hurt and I don’t have an achey feeling in my body and I want to tell you why. I got one of the products from the life enthusiast co-op called flu brew, one of my friends you know Don said oh yeah man you have got to get this flu brew before the flu season starts and so I placed my order and got it. Well then I got the worlds worst cold, I had cold sweats, I was coughing and coughing and blowing my nose and I was miserable. I don’t know Martin what I was thinking I had the flu brew for two weeks on my counter and I would even look at it and never touched it and it was just like I was being stubborn or something I think it was that I thought I just had the cold and not a flu too and I could justify it that way. I was just not willing to take it or something.

Martin: I know what it was; you did not want to admit to yourself that you are sick. When you say flu you are admitting that you are sick.

Scott: So this cold it would come and go and for a day you would have just a little cough and you would go yes and then the next it would be back worse than ever and it was like the fourth time this happened and you are just shoot me and put me out of my misery right. I had had enough so I went and it’s in a little dropper bottle and its liquid and comes with a dropper so I filled it up and stuck the dropper stuff under my tongue and you know anything kind of herbal and comes in a brown bottle you know it doesn’t taste like candy. It tasted terrible, it burned my tongue and my throat and I didn’t even have time to make a face because by the time I swallowed it I could literally feel all the little parts of my lungs that were not taking in oxygen because they were all clogged up it was like they all just opened up and cleared up. My throat felt good my sinuses were clean, I mean one little dropper of this thing. it was like the sun came out and the birds started singing, the flowers burst and some guy is playing a violin in the back ground, it was unbelievable so I took a little bit more later that day and two days later being a non doctor type declared myself cold cured but I was absolutely totally amazed what happened when I took it I had never experienced before the congested lungs that make it hard to breathe and it just opened up I could actually feel it opening up my lungs and it was just like a friend of mine would say it was better than sex. It was just unbelievable so the master formula flu brew gets fourteen thumbs up from me. I think still today and this was a week ago and I would still be hacking and miserable and everything else and it’s not just me I have four or five friends and I talked to on the phone and we would go do you have this, yes, do you have that, yes I mean did it go away and come back and it is just what’s going around this part of the world right now but this flu brew just saved me.

Martin: Well congratulations and I suppose we will have to restock it with a testimonial like this one.

Scott: I think our listeners would be interested to know too before we started this podcast episode I told Martin I wanted to tell a story about the flu and I didn’t tell him what the story was because I wanted to share it with all of you all at the same time and he said yeah I am not going to carry it anymore and I convinced him to keep carrying it before we went on the air because it was the savior of everybody’s cold and you just get this bottle and you put it under your kids tongues and trick them the first couple of times and it will just be gone. It is just absolutely amazing I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t have the experience myself.

Martin: Well that’s great we will post it up for posterity and have to see just how many people want to have your kind of experience from death bed to violins and sunshine in less than two days.

Scott: It was actually like it was instantaneous it was just a wonderful thing. So one of the things that I was hoping we had time to talk about after I did my excited rant on flu brew which is if you go under the master formula brand at the life enthusiast co-op website at I thought it would be kind of cool to talk about essential fatty acids which has been in the news a lot we have the omega 3’s and the omega 6’s all that sort of good stuff and I know that you like talking about coconut oil because it is just amazing.

Martin: Let’s just lay some ground work about essential fatty acids, the big deal with essential fatty acids is number one is they are fats and number two they are acidic and number three they are essential. Now let’s get the word essential up there that means that your body cannot obtain them from any other way except external sources and without them you are in trouble. So the point of this is that fats in general as we recognize them such as butter or lard or chicken fat or coconut oil or things like that those are all fats and most of them are broad spectrum they contain a whole number of these fatty acids and we sort them on saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and unsaturated and the more saturated they are the thicker and stiffer they are and they have a higher melting point. We can actually force a polyunsaturated fat that is very runny into becoming quite stiff by a process called hydrogenation where we actually drive hydrogen gas or some oxygenating effect such as hydrogen peroxide we could use to drive the fats from the liquid state into a stiff hard state hence old margarine where you could take old fats that are readily spoiled and turn them into something that is very resilient and unchanging. Well guess what if something is not going to spoil at room temperature it is also going to be hard to digest at room temperature.

Scott: We come back to that same old story, it you have food and it’s not raw and it doesn’t break down you are not going to be able to digest it.

Martin: Yes precisely the point if you can’t digest it what good is it eating it?

Scott: We want to make a distinction too between our essential fatty acids and fat like the white in the steak.

Martin: Well there are essential fatty acids in that but a different classification, omega 3, omega 6, omega 9 and it is the omega 9’s that is mostly in the meats, the omega 3’s are mostly found in plant oils and also in fish oil. So anyway just so we go back to relate it to the body the omega 3’s are really important at maintaining the cellular membrane and the cellular membrane is the most important functioning concepts in the human body because the membrane directs what happens in the traffic between the outside and the inside of the cell. Everything in a cell depends on movement of stuff in and movement of stuff out. The stuff in can be water, oxygen, nutrients and the stuff out could be toxins, metabolites like the burning of the energy and whatever is left over that we don’t want. If the cellular membrane is not functioning correctly nutrients don’t get in and toxins don’t get out.

Scott: And then you have a really bad situation within yourself.

Martin: Right, but when this becomes systemic you end up with things like metabolic stress which we know is sensitivity to carbohydrates and high blood pressure and even diabetes and stuff like that starts developing. If you have essential fatty acid deficiencies your skin will start aging much quicker than it should otherwise. There was actually an interesting piece of research done that Dr Nicholas Perricone did not long ago he was trying to help people with skin, he is a skin care doctor and he started supplementing essential fatty acids in his clients because he knew that it would rejuvenate the skin and as a side benefit everyone was getting skinnier. That led back to the other story that is well cited of an American farmer who imported coconut oil to fatten their hogs after all hogs who eat all the fat should get fatter so the more they fed the coconut oil to these hogs the skinnier they got so this was very confusing but the bottom line is this when you are well supplied with essential fatty acids you don’t gain weight, you only gain weight when you are under supplied with the essential fatty acids.

Scott: That’s interesting because that is not how many people understand it they are like, don’t eat fat or don’t eat carbohydrates.

Martin: Yeah well fatness is associated with sickness; you put on weight mainly because your body is becoming acidic not because it is fat deficient so the natural cultures that have been using fats like in the Mediterranean it is the olive oil, in the tropics it is the coconut or palm oil and the central Europeans in more northern climes it is butter. Those are the three fats that contain decent levels of essential fatty acids that are able to sustain you from getting into too much trouble and there are at least two other northern fats and that is hemp and flax those two are also quite effective in keeping us healthy.

Scott: I was going to say it is interesting what essential fatty acids can do one of the things that you state on the life enthusiast web site is if you have inflammation it can help with that like arthritis and it has an impact on blood pressure and regulates our heart and our kidney and our digestive function and reduce our cholesterol. When I think of cholesterol I think about eating too much fat but maybe I am not eating enough of the right type of fats and it can help with emphysema and psoriasis.

Martin: All of which are inflammatory conditions in the human cells so how do you get inflammation typically through toxicity or injury to the tissue if the tissue is not getting nourished properly and is becoming toxic because of the membrane not being properly permeable to allow this traffic to take place, it looks like a rush hour down town. It becomes congested and then things like car accidents start happening and people are not happy with each other and start arguing and arms flailing and all that. That sort of thing is going on inside your cells instead of enjoying the proper traffic managed by the proper sediment brain condition supported by essential fatty acids. So start supplementing that and the inflammation starts going down and that can be expressed in blood pressure and cholesterol or the skin condition such as psoriasis or the lung condition like the emphysema all of that only because you don’t have the essential fatty acids. Now why is it that you don’t have enough essential fatty acids in this wonderfully affluent rich society. It is the industrial processing of the fats. The simplest or the lightest of the acids, the omega 3’s melting temperature somewhere around below freezing colder then frozen water so even if you keep them in a fridge they are still able to be rancidized so when you have oils on store shelves like safflower or canola oil or something like that. if that oil is in a clear bottle sitting at room temperature capable of staying there for a couple of years without getting spoiled, they had to have been stripped of the omega 3 essential fatty acids because if you left those acids there, it would go rancid and this is what happens with nuts, walnuts go rancid this is what happens to wheat kernel because if you have whole wheat even whole wheat flour if you leave it sitting on the shelf for anything more than six months it goes rancid. It happens to whole rice, it happens to any seed that you crack open so the moment you mill your flax or hemp or whatever it starts to go rancid. When you buy oil and your think you are making a good salad dressing and you are making it from an oil that you think is refined you are making it from an oil that has been stripped of the omega 3’s beneficial essential fatty acids that means you will be deficient yourself and your body can’t make them because they are essential and illness sets in very soon. So the counter measure is eating a lot of whole seeds that you mill on the spot like put your flax, hemp or whole seeds that you put into your blender in the morning to make your smoothies in the morning or afternoon smoothies type of thing or you have to get properly prepared oils which must mean whole virgin olive or virgin coconut those oils for some reason I don’t know why they don’t go rancid.

Scott: It’s okay for them.

Martin: Those few oils are able to stay complete for some reason and do contain the essential fatty acids and do survive extended periods.

Scott: One of the things when we are talking about oils and fats that I am always confused about is these Trans fats because I am noticing now that the grocery store food manufacturers have kind of jumped on this and all of a sudden everything is Tran’s fat free.

Martin: Okay you need to understand labeling. something trans fat free means less than .5 grams in a typical serving.

Scott: So not really free?

Martin: No for instance a typical serving of potato chips is 30 grams per ounce which by the way is like one handful I don’t know who eats only one handful. A typical bag of chips is 180 g so if there is less than 0.5 g of trans fats it is allowed to be labeled trans fat free well that is sort of like nonsense piled on. It’s just total nonsense if you are going to eat things made commercial oils then you know there is going to be trans fats in it. Accept it and deal with it. just make sure you make up for it by making your own salad dressings with olive oil, hemp oil, flax oil, salba oil or primrose is excellent, as is borage. those types of oils are just great, coconut works just phenomenally well. You can cook with coconut which you cannot do with olive oil and what I mean by cook is that you can fry something in coconut oil or you can fry something in butter but again it is just not high heat you know high heat forget it you get trans fats that way. So what do we want to tell people well it is important to eat uncooked stuff, hydrogenated is equivalent to cooked, refined is not good because it is missing the essential nutrients that you need. So we recommend that you take coconut oil, hemp oil, flax oil, olive oil and butter. Butter is fine; butter is safe there is actually something in butter called butyric acid which is sold as a supplement that helps heal inflammation.

Scott: So if you have a choice between getting margarine or butter you are better off getting butter.

Martin: Yes especially if the margarine is hydrogenated and of course you don’t want to overdo it right. Mind you I have some really cool articles in the nutrition that we will get around to it, the nutrition raw food which is in the health education section of our website there is an article written by a Aajonus Vonderplanitz, he is a raw food diet pioneer and expert and he is quite capable of eating a pound of raw butter a day.

Scott: Now you said raw butter?

Martin: I said raw butter.

Scott: So if I go to a grocery store am I going to be able to find raw butter?

Martin: I doubt it because it is probably made from pasteurized milk and it is probably cultured. I’m getting in trouble how do we help people find raw mild, I know what to do we need to have an uprising and start a letter writing campaign and send it to congress and legislature and senate and everything else and we need to get our food back because if we are going to leave the food in the hands of the industrial manufactures they always find ways to make the food last longer and spoil less and of course we will start buying this because it cost less.

Scott: You were just reminding me that my parents grew up on a farm and all my aunts and uncles grew up on a farm and I can remember as a kid going to one of my uncle’s farm and he had dairy cattle and you know he didn’t take milk from the dairy cattle to processing and then home. He just took it from the cow into the home and we would pound away at it to make butter and cream would be in a jar in the fridge there wasn’t very much concern about boiling it or pasteurizing it or doing anything to it. We just drank it.

Martin: Well for the most part raw milk is safe but there has always been some problem and the regulatory solutions are always heavy handed and it is more harm than good. Recently two people had salmonella poisoning from eating raw almonds the solution was all almonds are pasteurized with flash pasteurized by heat and steam so now when you buy a raw almond it essentially won’t sprout anymore because it has been killed. When you buy milk you don’t buy raw milk you buy pasteurized milk and all the enzymes in it have been killed off.

Scott: Well that is our basic rant that we always do raw food and don’t have all the chickens crammed into a small small little space when they are growing to be normal. Let them do what they are supposed to do and that is to be out in the wilderness pecking away at the ground.

Martin: That’s right that is what they should do. So folks if you want to live a long life free of inflammation you need to have essential fatty acids you can find essential fatty acids supplied by us, they are in whole foods and in whole grains and whole seeds, all of the Exsula super foods are very carefully loaded with essential fatty acids and we also have some supplements like the SuperNutrient Flax-Borage combination for people who need to take them by capsules and we also have it in bottles of oil, like the salba oil.

Scott: So there is lots of ways to get it because it is important to everybody’s health and the thing is most people aren’t getting it.

Martin: Yeah there is deficiencies so if you suffer from inflammation or your skin is wrinkly or you have some rashes or things like that then you are probably deficient in fatty acids well you named those conditions like emphysema and psoriasis and the ugly ones like diabetes and blood pressure and so on.

Scott: And if you are overweight you might find yourself dropping weight by taking these fatty acids too.

Martin: Yeah you need to buy yourself a bucket coconut fat and start spooning it a tablespoon a day. Coconut Candy.

Scott: Alright so Martin if anyone wanted to talk more about fatty acids or anything we talk about at life enthusiast co-op where could they go?

Martin: Go to and click on the health section and essential fatty acids and start reading, there are six or seven articles about what we just went over with the scientific background and explanation how exactly it works and why.

Scott: And if someone wanted to talk to you about their specific case?

Martin: Our company number is 1-866-543-3388 and you can me direct at 775-299-4661 and you can head to to listen to the podcasts of the series.

Scott: Well Martin I want to thank you very much for taking time out of your busy day I know you go from morning to night talking to people.

Martin: Thank you and I would like to part with my standard restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Author: Martin Pytela
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