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Podcast 095: Digestive Enzymes and Feasting on Cooked Food

Podcast 095: Digestive Enzymes and Feasting on Cooked Food

Podcast 095: Digestive Enzymes and Feasting on Cooked Food

How to cope with the traditional feast.

Cooking inactivates enzymes. Replace the Enzymes – by supplementing with Digestive Enzymes. Everything natural, every natural tissue – whether it’s a carrot or a piece of flesh – contains enzymes. And the enzymes will assist in their own destruction. So when you eat a carrot, it goes into your stomach and the enzymes that are already in the carrot help your stomach digest that carrot properly.  But if it’s a cooked carrot, the enzymes are no longer active, and your pancreas and liver are having to work extra hard to provide the enzymes that you have not provided with the food you have just eaten.

In the absence of sufficient amount enzymes in your digestive tract, food will cause you gas, bloating, burping and more. Instead of 12 hours, the food will stay inside you 4 or 5 days. You will have less energy and you will develop food intolerances and degenerative disease.

Podcast 095: Digestive Enzymes and Feasting on Cooked Food

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how are you doing this fine day?

Martin: Great. doing good still winter and almost Christmas.

Scott: Yes the Christmas season is upon us and followed quickly by new years and in our last podcast we talked about what people could do if they didn’t want to over eat which is of course a major problem at this time of year and has certainly been a problem for me but this time I wanted to talk about how we could actually use the food that we are eating because a lot of us are going to be having big meals and a lot of well cooked food and one of the things we have talked a lot a lot is the problem with eating food that is dead as opposed to living foods or superfoods. What are some of the things people can do rather than having all that food in our gut or our stomach just sitting there and doing nothing.

Martin: Okay what am I to do if I still want to be eating the American diet?

Scott: Exactly I have been invited over to grandpa or grandmas or mom and dad’s or the sister or brother’s place and I know there is at least one huge turkey with all the fixings and trimmings and hey I have been eating this way for fifty years so it is a very good chance I am not going to change my ways so what can I do to limit the damage or get through this with a minimum amount of pain because you know on January first I have a new year’s resolution I am going to eat well and exercise and lose ten pounds. We want to get a jump start on that.

Martin: Okay well setting aside the option of becoming a raw food enthusiast and switching over to proper food combining and eating two thirds or more of raw food meaning fresh fruit and vegetables and all of that so in the absence of your complete conversion let’s just say you are going to be eating cooked foods well every meal that you have cooked the enzymes have been killed so the best thing you can do is replace the enzymes and that you can do with a digestive enzyme.

Scott: So tell us a little bit about enzymes I know we have talked a bit about it before but for those of us just joining us what is an enzyme?

Martin: Well an enzyme is made from amino acids and it is a protein and it is a protein with a specific function and the specific function is to break apart other proteins and the word for breaking apart is called lysis so you have proteolysis or taking apart proteins so you have protease which will be taking apart proteins or you will have amylase which will be taking apart carbohydrates or lipase which will be taking apart lipids there are thousands and thousands of different enzymes.

Scott: Okay so they always usually come with raw foods like raw carrots, raw broccoli, raw apples they all come with enzymes.

Martin: Well everything natural, every natural tissue whether it is a carrot or a piece of flesh contains the enzymes and the enzymes will assist in its own destruction or decay and being taken apart.

Scott: So I eat a carrot and the carrot that goes into my stomach so the enzymes that are in the carrot will help my stomach to digest that carrot properly but if it is a cooked carrot those enzymes aren’t there so it has a harder time digesting that.

Martin: Yes that’s right your pancreas which supplies some of the digestive enzymes and your liver which supplies some of the other ones are having to work extra hard to make up for the enzymes that you have not provided with the food that you have just eaten.

Scott: So if I have some undigested food going through my system that could cause some imbalances.

Martin: Well it starts with our food putrefying no I miss spoke the food putrefying.

Scott: You do such a good job with pronouncing I mean in our last podcast I was so amazed and so grateful that you didn’t ask me to say some of those words you said because I would have just butchered them and I am very appreciative with the way you generally speak so well on these topics because some of the words I just look at and I don’t know how I would say that.

Martin: Well this is good I hope everyone else is not too taken aback with my accent and all of that English being my third language you know.

Scott: No I think you do a good job particularly when we talk about when it is not easy to understand and I think you do a great job of boiling it down so most of us can understand it.

Martin: Well thank-you for all the praise.

Scott: You don’t like that at all do you?

Martin: Well I think it is pretty disingenuous, blowing my own horn really.

Scott: So getting back to this undigested food and we are eating all this turkey and yams and dressing and bread and all this stuff.

Martin: Okay in the absence of sufficient amount of enzymes in your stomach and intestines that stuff is going to sit there and rot waiting for it to be composted so you are going to be flatulent, you’re going to have gas and burping like it is going out of style, you are going to be bloated, and the poop that normally would go through you in one day is going to sit around for three or four or five maybe.

Scott: And it is going to become hard when it comes out and our energy level would drop. Now would that be a cause of some of the food allergies?

Martin: Indirectly yes you know the allergies develop after you have long term liver damage so that takes a while. So what is interesting that I would like to highlight is what is known as the metabolic syndrome because it has become fairly well known that metabolic syndrome is something people suffer from sometimes it is called metabolic syndrome X and it is a bunch of factors that actually increase the risk of cardiac arrest, it’s insulin resistant and cardiovascular disease and early death so you’re insulin resistant, obesity especially obesity you know like the big tire in the middle, high blood pressure, blood clotting that is abnormal or lipid production or metabolism that is abnormal well typically you will have high cholesterol, triglyceride levels are high, blood pressure is high, fasting glucose is high meaning that you are prediabetic which is so common. This is common for eaters of the standard American diet the fast food and I don’t know how else to say it, food that has had the living daylights cooked out of it or all its goodness cooked out of it. So the Christmas season is just another example of doing more of that.

Scott: But we tend to do it so much better with a higher level of enthusiasm.

Martin: So anyway the point is that the enzymes are the critical difference between the living food and having the daylights cooked out of it food and then the second thing that is involved is that you need to have sufficient mineral levels in your body to deal with all of the effects and the biggest issue is magnesium. Magnesium is the single one element that is missing in most people that have the metabolic syndrome. Now of course you no longer have metabolic syndrome right?

Scott: I don’t know.

Martin: Well you have been swimming in magnesium for a good while.

Scott: That is true.

Martin: Well how are your triglycerides? Have you had it checked?

Scott: No I haven’t had it checked recently no.

Martin: Well we need to have you checked then you know you just go get yourself that standard blood test that you would have for having your life insurance renewed. They will do the standard blood panel, triglycerides, LDL, HDL you know all of that stuff. So I guess we will have to pick on a different example not you.

Scott: Yes please pick on a different example not me.

Martin: Well I will tell you this when I first became a vegan first a vegetarian and then a vegan and I did that for three years and I went to have my blood work done and I couldn’t believe it I was still in a metabolic syndrome. I still had high levels of triglyceride and high levels of LDL and low levels of HDL I couldn’t believe it how was this possible. Well I was a vegetarian but I was not eating raw food I was eating cooked vegetarian I was eating the western vegetarian or eastern vegetarian which wasn’t raw food or living food. That’s what happens to a lot of folks they think they are vegetarian so they are healthy.

Scott: Not necessarily the case.

Martin: Right.

Scott: So what you are saying is that cooking food will not restore vitality to you.

Martin: No cooking food will improve the flavor; cooking food will make it more enticing to be eaten.

Scott: Maybe a little easier on the teeth.

Martin: Maybe the thing is the reason we have taken to eating cooked meals is because they taste better they are not healthier it is just because they are so tempting and we need to talk ourselves into making raw food meals and learn to prepare making raw food meals that are as tasty or approximately as tasty as cooked foods.

Scott: Yes and that is possible to do.

Martin: Yes with skill and a lot of persuasion this raw carrot tastes as good as caviar.

Scott: Well it will for me because I am not that keen on caviar but I know what you mean.

Martin: So the point is to deal with the metabolic syndrome okay now let’s visualize yourself at the first of January and you have already eaten terribly and you have already put on four inches on your waist line and you already have these high triglycerides what are you going to do. Get yourself some magnesium crystals and start doing the magnesium baths, one every day for the first five days and twice a week for the next two months and then once a week on going. Maintenance just maintenance levels most people don’t get enough magnesium in their body.

Scott: Right that is for sure most people don’t get enough magnesium that they want.

Martin: Right have you read recently the list of psychological side effect of magnesium deficiency?

Scott: No not recently what are some of them?

Martin: Road rage is an acute imbalance of sugar metabolism caused by calcium and magnesium imbalance. The inability to relax, reacting to stimuli, the reaction is out of proportion with the stimulus you know visualize the boss that all of a sudden goes purple faced mad screaming like crazy because someone just dropped a stapler on the floor or some other non issue. Or a parent that flies off the handle and beats their child for nothing well the parent has just given himself a coffee and a donut and no magnesium for six years.

Scott: So the magnesium also has an impact on our weight.

Martin: Well of course because it will improve the cellular membrane permeability, it will allow your body to get rid of toxins, and it will help you balance the insulin that you have become resistant too so the insulin levels will drop the insulin will be able to deliver the energy into the cells so you won’t be as tempted to eat so much.

Scott: And if you are not in the road rage type mental and emotional quagmire you are probably not so likely to eat comfort foods, you are more relaxed and not going I have to have something to eat so you have that going for you as well.

Martin: That’s correct and if you are prediabetic all of a sudden your insulin resistance goes down so you can start eating normal food. Well by normal I mean normal healthy food or if you are going to eat cooked foods you are going to eat it with enzymes. That is a lifetime sentence. You cannot say I am going to buy just one bottle and eat that and things will be fine it is not like that, Thou Shalt Eat Enzymes! if you are over 25 years old your enzymes are declining, thou shalt eat enzymes by the fistfuls there isn’t a capsule of enzymes that your body won’t thank you for and we actually have some really interesting ones. We have some digestive enzymes and we have the entry level and the medium level and the Cadillac level, general motors’ should thank me for this commercial. So anyway we have the plain old E3 enzyme and we have the great value Allegany enzyme and we have the energetically enhanced Generation Plus line which is a premium price but also a premium performance so we should actually tell our users that we are going to put on a ten percent promotion for them.

Scott: Yes I think they will be delighted to hear that.

Martin: Yes and your code for ten percent off all enzymes for listening to this podcast is ENZ44.

Scott: ENZ44 I feel like I am playing bingo or something so if someone goes and they want to get one of the Allegany nutrients digestive enzymes or the generation plus enzymes they will get ten percent off.

Martin: That is right anything that they find on our website under the category enzymes.

Scott: Cool all they have to do is when they log out and go to the shopping cart put that ten percent off code in and you get the discount.

Martin: That’s right enzyme products ten percent off.

Scott: That’s a great deal just in time for the Christmas rush getting your health back. I think it is so important that we eat all this food and we don’t do what it takes to get these things digested and used causes huge problems.

Martin: Absolutely I mean under-digested foods we haven’t discussed it but the food in your intestine that is not properly taken apart by the enzymes is going to sit there trying to compost itself and it is going to turn into black sticky goo that is going to coat the inside of your colon and it is going to stink to high heaven. I don’t know if you have some experience with having to go to public washrooms and you enter that place and it looks like someone just ripped a couple of vipers in half and I don’t know have you ever smelled snakes when they are mating?

Scott: No I can’t say that I have.

Martin: I have in my childhood I have come upon snakes mating and they have these particular pheromones going and it stinks something fierce so I always remember this is like snakes mating. But anyway I am sure you have been to a public washroom where someone has just left a stink bomb in there well the thing is that person’s digestive system is in just horrendous shape it’s dying. That is just death and enzymes are one of the fastest ways to get things back in order.

Scott: So anyway that is something that everybody can do right away and they will find when it is time to do their new year’s resolution maybe it is dropping ten pounds instead of twenty pounds.

Martin: Anyway enzymes couldn’t recommend it any higher.

Scott: Put a bottle under the Christmas tree for everybody you love folks.

Martin: And here is how you find them go visit and if you are wondering which one to pick and you can’t make your mind up call us at 1-866-543-3388 or 775-299-466.

Scott: Well and we just want to wish everyone the very best in the holiday season and that you have a happy new year, we have appreciated you all joining us in our previous podcast and hope to hear from you in the coming year.

Martin: Thank you everyone this is life enthusiast co-op parting with restoring vitality to you and to the planet thanks for listening.

Author: Martin Pytela
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