Podcast 097: New Year Resolutions and Weight Loss

Ate too much Turkey? Are you stuffed? Martin explains how to get your weight loss program off to a strong, healthful start, and keep it running smoothly.

Nutritional deficiency and wrong food selection can cause serious health problems that include obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Recent studies show that one third of Americans are overweight.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet. Seasons greeting and we are hoping you are having a great holiday time. Hi Martin how are you doing today?

Martin: Doing good just getting ready for this wonderful holiday time one of my daughters is already home and the other one is coming home soon.

Scott: Both my sons are home tonight I am so excited.

Martin: Yeah I am looking forward to that.

Scott: Well the last couple episodes we have been talking about what to do when we are going out to these big parties and big events and there is all this temptation on how we can maybe eat less and how we can digest it. We talked about digestive enzymes in our last podcast but really these are just stop-gap measures and if you really want to restore vitality to your life and you really want to have all that energy you had when you were younger or keep it as you move forward and have optimal health there are some basic changes that people have to make they may not want to hear it but that is just the way it is.

Martin: Yes the truth of it is that if you actually want to have health, build health restore health or maintain health you need to stay ahead of the curve you don’t need to be 99% perfect you need to be 2% healthier then the destruction that you are putting in. It’s like if you take your steering wheel and you just pull on it just a bit to the right it doesn’t take long before you are off the road. Well it is the same sort of thing we need you to take that steering wheel and turn it just a bit so you take that exit off of that freeway that you are heading on because that is the direction you are heading on if you are eating a standard American diet. You are heading into heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, metabolic syndrome X and so on.

Scott: And metabolic syndrome X is the medical establishment doesn’t know why people’s metabolisms are dropping.

Martin: What they are seeing is a high risk of heart disease like sudden death from a stroke or a heart attack and they are seeing diabetes or prediabetes or they are seeing obesity or the tire at the waist line they are seeing all these associated problems that were listed on the previous podcast. So what they are associating it with correctly is the insulin resistance you know your body is not digesting properly it is forcing more and more insulin into the circulation. Insulin is the hormone that is supposed to bring nutrients into the cell but if your cells are insulin resistant it doesn’t get in so despite the fact that you are eating lots you are not being nourished at the cellular level.

Scott: Right and that is why we can eat a full meal and still be hungry afterwards.

Martin: That’s right your body says feed me and it is saying that because it wants nutrients, it didn’t say feed me with calories it is asking to be fed with nutrients but because of the conditioning that we have received we are associating food with a burger and fries and a tall drink of sugar loaded caffeine loaded something.

Scott: Or this time of year it is a turkey with all the trimmings and mashed potatoes and stuffing.

Martin: And a pumpkin pie with a heap of whipping cream on top and top it off with a couple of glasses of wine and a few more drinks to relax with and then on top of that some nuts and not just any nuts roasted nuts.

Scott: Yes roasted nuts and short bread cookies and Christmas cake all this good stuff.

Martin: So anyway all of that set aside if you are going to continue in that direction straight down that freeway it is the most common causes of death. We already have the statistics they are in half of the population will die of heart disease and a third of the population will die of cancer and the next few popular things are diabetes and Alzheimer’s and who knows what else but half in heart disease, a third in cancer and ten percent in diabetes that takes care of eight-five percent of all causes of death.

Scott: And it is all preventable.

Martin: Well because you are digging your grave with your teeth. So the answer then is that you have to get the message, refusing to get the message you can at least minimize the impact of the things we listed earlier which is mineral supplementation, enzyme supplementation all of that.

Scott: Getting the magnesium and iodine.

Martin: It will help but it will not prevent anything. There is another concept that I would like to highlight and that is this most people associate healthy with free of pain, free of catastrophic symptoms but that is sort of just like the middle there is a whole other half of the segment going from pain free to phenomenally well, ecstatic joyful and you know living to the fullest. That can only be obtained when you switch to high nutrient density foods, high in water rich foods that means raw fruit, raw vegetables, fermented vegetables and something that is very rich in colors you know you need to have dark green, dark red, dark blue, dark this and dark that all of the pigments are necessary for your body to maintain itself and for that you can either grow yourself a two acre garden that you can attend yourself and a very large green house or you can possibly start buying superfood blends. So what about these superfoods right?

Scott: Tell us about the superfoods.

Martin: One really great one that we have put together is the ZoeTein, ZoeTein was specifically formulated for people who have a hard time putting together a meal. You know there is a lot of folks that don’t know how to cook and don’t know how to put it together and don’t even have stuff in their fridge to put it together with. Two table spoons of ZoeTein in any juice or even water is a well balanced meal. We have had some older folks that have been living alone and not taking good care of themselves and they ended up using the ZoeTein and all kinds of problems that they previously had of a various sort started going away. I am actually going to read you one of the recent reviews that just showed up on our website okay. This one is from Gerrard, I tried all kinds of protein powders some were good and some were real bad with our food supply weak in nutrition and full of processed crap I needed a serious food supplement that had it all in nutrition power. In three weeks after giving ZoeTein to my teen athlete sons they had increased performance, gained weight in muscle mass, slimmed down and increased energy and an overall great feeling of well being. At fifty I started taking ZoeTein in the mornings and I have slimmed down, I am not as hungry during the day and I have increased energy. This is a serious product and I have tried lots, I will be purchasing more soon. Or how about this one, my results on ZoeTein have been so noticeable that in ten days my brother and two of my other friends have already ordered ZoeTein of their own. One of them noted that it wasn’t that I looked great although I have lost three inches off my waist it was and I quote that I was bright eyed and bushy tailed unquote attitude and just seemed high on life and truth be told that is exactly how I feel. Don’t laugh but as I was walking into the office this morning I was trying to think of a time that I had ever felt better and I came to the conclusion that it was about fourteen years ago when I was nine years old.

Scott: Wow that is great.

Martin: So here is this chick twenty three years old in an office dragging I actually spoke with her in person afterwards she said she was forty or fifty pounds overweight and dragging herself just in a tired stupor and all of that is gone she actually lost more weight and she is doing just fine.

Scott: So there is hope for us all.

Martin: Yes and why is that? That is because this product is formulated with the kind of ingredients that are required for your body to work, there are the proper proteins in it and the essential fatty acids in it and there are the fiber and energy and high alkaloid foods in it, there is the probiotics for the digestive health there are minerals like the kelp, calcium, magnesium and everything else, there is vitamin C and Coq10 and there are enzymes that I can go on for half an hour just by reading the rest of the ingredients one by one. The point is this product is formulated specifically to deal with the conversion of fat into muscle, strengthening of the cellular metabolism and tissues, strengthening the immune system and at the same time controlling the appetite.

Scott: Wonderful, it sounds like a perfect food.

Martin: Well we could have called it that but someone already trademarked perfect food although theirs is not as good as this. So we have to call it ZoeTein. So the point that I wanted to make is that this is a convenience food, the best you can get is water rich foods such as the vegetables and fruits but they need to be grown in good fields, if they are grown commercially in fields that are pushed with the MPK fertilizers and they reach their full size and they look mature but they are actually mostly water in the shape of the vegetable or fruit are supposed to be. They don’t have the mineral content that they should have and they don’t have the alkaloid content that they should have and it looks right but they are not.

Scott: They are fast grown without everything they should have.

Martin: That’s right you know that is sort of like taking anabolic steroids you put on a lot of bulk but there is no substance to it. The moment you drop the steroids you turn into a blubbery saggy baggy elephant. So you know it is the dark colors like the chlorella and spirulina, barley and alfalfa you know the high value foods.

Scott: So what are some of the other products that the life enthusiast has that would qualify outside of the ZoeTein for changing your lifestyle?

Martin: Well the other super foods that we have the best point would be the Excela 50 which would be 1988 which is the original superfood that Exsula made or the Quantium which is the 2008 model it is a redesign of the life energy stand by. Of the fancier things we have the Exsula Gold, did I say Cadillac that we talked about recently, it is the high end high value and then at the very top we have Exsula Iridesca and that would be like the Concorde supersonic jet it’s like when you go from eighty items in a blend to two hundred and forty you go from complexity of a motor cycle to a supersonic jet and the performance that comes with it too. On the completely opposite or the simplest we have the Renew Me powder which is just algae and MSN and a few other things, so that is for people looking for a low cost, easy straight nutrition. It works great too you know I’m pulling it down in comparison to the others in the same way that tricycles are the proper transportation.

Scott: Instead of a Corvette.

Martin: Right instead of a Corvette or if you just want to pick up a case of beer there is not much point driving that big 18 wheeler truck to go get it. In the same way if all you are looking for is just a bunch of energy Renew ME is a blend of the blue green algae, spirulina, MSM and camu-camu which has been known to help your metabolism. Anyway it is all found on the superfood blends on the life enthusiast website so why don’t we give our listeners and economic incentive to try it out.

Scott: Yeah I think that is a great idea start off your new year right by starting to take some of these super foods and we are going to motivate you by.

Martin: If you go to the shopping cart, shop by products super food blends here is a coupon for you, SFD31 if you type that into the coupons you will get ten percent off in this category.

Scott: Excellent and that is a big saving.

Martin: Yes and what we do is we price these things very close to what they cost. These foods are not marked up the way pharmaceutical products are marked up and they are also not marked up the same way the main stay health store products is marked up. I mean there are people who are saying man you can make a killing in health foods you know I can get something made for five bucks and sell it for fifty. It’s not like that with these products, these products cost 25 bucks and we sell it for 50 meaning the value there you know everyone needs to get paid for what they do. The value is way higher than you would expect otherwise.

Scott: That is one of the reasons why they work so well.

Martin: Oh yeah that’s the point isn’t it?

Scott: It is not cheap ingredients going into any of these things.

Martin: Yes that is an important point to be made you know just on the margin there are differences in the individual super foods, number one is ingredient selection but the second part is what is the particle size. You know the smaller the particle the greater the surface area. Your digestive system extracts nutrients only on the surface, it doesn’t break it down further it is just the interface of the digestive juices and the surface of the particle that gets the nutrients extracted, so the finer the powder the greater ability to extract things out of that.

Scott: But if you make the powder really fine but you do it so fast that it cooks it because the friction is so hot, you lose the enzymes.

Martin: That is true so you need to mill it slowly and that is another reason why these products aren’t as inexpensive as they could be otherwise because with large industrial productions they just throw the whole load into the drum push the button and walk away from it. What we do is we feed it in one teaspoon at a time making sure it gets handled properly so a teaspoon of our product probably goes as far as a tablespoon of someone else’s. So that is the story on superfoods.

Scott: So Martin could you just tell our listeners just one more time where they can go on the life enthusiast website to get the superfoods and what the coupon is because I just don’t want them to miss this because I just think this is a great opportunity for them.

Martin: Well it is www.life-enthusiast.com and right there look for shop by products and select superfood blends and put stuff in your shopping cart in the checkout you will need this coupon SFD31.

Scott: SFD31 and you will get how much off again?

Martin: 10%. [This coupon got abused, so we closed it. But if you are reading this, and want to get the discount, give us a call, and we will apply it to your order.]

Scott: And if someone wanted to talk to you a little bit more maybe they have looked at the super foods and they are not sure which one is right for them is there a way they can get a hold of you?

Martin: Certainly it is 1-866-543-3388 or the phone on my desk is 775-299-4661.

Scott: Awesome well thank you very much Martin for sharing all that information with us today and everybody you have been listening to the life enthusiast podcast and we are here restoring vitality to you and to the planet. We appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to spend this time with us and we will see you next time everybody.

Martin: Thank you and see you next time.

Author: Martin Pytela