Podcast 099: Eternal Youth with Magnesium

Since our soils have been seriously depleted of their natural minerals from toxic fertilizers, the food looks fantastic – but when it comes to nutritional content – they are hollow shells. There are no minerals in the soils for the plants to suck up. A carrot has only 30% of the magnesium it had only 75 years ago.

You can swallow magnesium, but that will not be absorbed into your body. The bowl has a very low tolerance for this and will simply flush, very quickly. If you conveniently add Magnesium Crystals to you bath, it will be easily absorbed by your skin.

Podcast 099: Eternal Youth with Magnesium

Scott: Welcome back everybody you’re listening to the life enthusiast co-op pod cast restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I’m your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how are you doing this fine day?

Martin: I’m doing just fine so you keep calling this either a podcast or a radio show?

Scott: I am just trying to let everybody know whatever they like I am just trying to educate them it’s an online radio show, it’s a podcast.

Martin: Let’s start calling it the TV transmission from the Center for Eternal Youth.

Scott: Welcome back everybody you are listening to the TV transmission from the Center for Eternal Youth.

Martin: Yes my name is Zork.

Scott: And I will be Zontar and we are going to restore vitality to you earthlings and to the planet

Martin: That’s right now listen earthlings the stuff that is going on, on your planet is really sad because your soils have been depleted by your stupid use of industrial fertilizers like the NPK that makes your produce grow bloody fast and they look nice and they have a fine shape but they are only really there in their hollow shells the minerals that they should have sucked out of the soil they don’t. In fact your soils are so depleted of the useful minerals that even though the carrot looks like a carrot it only has the 30% of the magnesium it had only seventy five years ago.

Scott: So what can we do oh mighty one.

Martin: Well at this point we are hooped so the only thing we can do is supplement like swallow handfuls of pills like magnesium malate or citrate or oratate or taurate, which would be you know magnesium rocks reacted with some organic acid like lemon juice or apple juice you know those types of acids or you can do the more convenient thing which is the transdermal magnesium which you conveniently add to your bath.

Scott: So we can add it to our baths and the magnesium is absorbed by the skin and we don’t have to worry about any of the after affects from eating too much magnesium.

Martin: Right well the big thing about magnesium is there is a very low bowel tolerance to magnesium, the bowel flush which means you will really get diarrhea or sometimes even projectile diarrhea if you take enough of it so for people who really need to supplement they cannot do it with pills it just simply goes right through them and it doesn’t stay.

Scott: So one of the things in our last transmission we talked about magnesium and all areas of our health and one of the areas that we were saving to talk about this time is its impact on the levels of DHEA which is a main essential hormone for our health and actually as we grow older we normally have none of it or very little of it like eighty to ninety percent is gone by the time you are in between your thirties and eighties and that is one of the reasons why we age and feel tired and we don’t recuperate as fast and all those sorts of things that we would do when we were like seventeen and if we could get those DHEA levels up we would notice a lot of differences in our general health.

Martin: Yeah that’s right when you have this hormone level at the same level as when you were in your twenties then you would feel the same as when you were in your twenties which is quite different from what you are feeling in your fifties or sixties.

Scott: Right and I was just looking at one of the blogs on life enthusiast website and I just wanted to read this sentence that I was reading because I just thought it was amazing. So when the DHEA levels are low than of course the magnesium is low and they go together and if you had a ten percent increase in magnesium and DHEA levels they associate these things with, I don’t want to say it is a caused thing because of the way these studies go but it associated with a forty eight percent decrease in death in cardiovascular disease and a thirty six percent mortality decrease from all other causes. That would strike me as a fairly important hormone to get back up to optimal levels.

Martin: That’s right they call it the youth hormone.

Scott: So this is the fountain of youth?

Martin: That’s what Dr Shealy wrote in his book and he is well respected and appreciated for his research into the reversal of aging. You know DHEA it’s totally important in the metabolism of cholesterol you know the foundational chemical for your brain for your nervous tissue for all the hormones, it’s essential and yet the pharmaceutical guys are telling you that you have too much cholesterol you have to fight it and they are forcing you to reduce it and bring it down but the truth is that you only need to bring down the LDL but you need to keep the HDL levels up.

Scott: So what is the relationship between the cholesterol levels and the DHEA?

Martin: Cholesterol is actually a precursor like cholesterol gets converted into dihydrocholesterol and pregnenolone which then gets converted into DHEA or progesterone. There is a wonderful article that Dr Shealy wrote that is posted on the life enthusiastic website in the health education magnesium and he calls it the health and youth hormone and there is a copy of the map how these hormones convert from one to the other. DHEA is actually made in the adrenal glands and it is made from cholesterol.

Scott: I am having an ahha moment. So here is what I am getting or hearing you say here is all these things that are supposed to control or decrease cholesterol are actually making us older.

Martin: Yes and so Dr Shealy says, in brief summary: DHEA counterbalances the effects of cortisone and cortisone is the hormone that makes you stressed and inhibits the glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase which is a complicated word for important in glucose metabolism and there is a whole bunch of really ugly words that follow that. The important thing is that it blocks the potassium channel and it is also important in maintaining the intracellular magnesium and then also inhibits cytokinesis which is the inflammation effect in your body so that makes DHEA an anti-inflammatory. It lowers the cholesterol, it enhances your immune function and it acts as an anti oxidant so it is important and we need to have high levels of it. As the high levels go down we are more susceptible to oxidation, which is aging, we are more susceptible to immune dysfunction which is falling ill to all kinds of things from flu on downward and high cholesterol well we already know that it clogs our arteries so DHEA is essentially associated with everything opposite to aging and of course you just read out that graph where it says between 19 and twenty you will lose 90 percent of your DHEA capacity. Well if you can bring back the DHEA you will reverse the aging and here is the funny thing Shealy and Carter went out and did these test I think it was 100 subject and they put them on the foot soaks with magnesium and then the next thing that happened was they found that the levels of minerals in all these people’s electrolytes started normalizing. It wasn’t as if it was just the magnesium was raised it was the ratio of magnesium to calcium was normalized and magnesium to potassium was normalized and potassium to sodium was normalized and phosphorus. It is as if you were Imagine that you are trying to raise a house and you have 4 or 5 or 6 jacks under it you need to very carefully be raising all 6 of them at the same time.

Scott: And it is all relative right?

Martin: Oh yeah right.

Scott: You can be doing a really good job on one jack but if you’re not doing a really good job on another jack than you will tip it over.

Martin: That’s right and it doesn’t take much to bring it out of balance and so that was the amazing part was that people were out of range especially in the ratios and you know phosphorous calcium, magnesium calcium, magnesium phosphorous, potassium magnesium and potassium sodium all of these ratios are important for different functions in the body and yet when you get it back to normal things start working. Things that weren’t working are and we talked about the symptoms of magnesium problems before so no point in saying much except magnesium is in just about every part or system of the body you know circulation muscles hormones it is involved in just about everything.

Scott: So as you get your magnesium levels up to normal your DHEA levels tend to move back to normal levels?

Martin: That was the shocking thing that they did not expect it was the DHEAS which is a form of DHEA that they were finally able to measure that the tissue levels went up which is important which is the exact measure of youthfulness that we were talking about.

Scott: Wow that’s amazing so I noticed also on one of the other articles that the DHEA and magnesium deficiencies are very obvious in acute heart attacks and they gave patients magnesium intravenously and those patients had a fifty percent greater survival rate so you know when you think of how many people have heart attacks how big a killer that is in North America it’s like wow just get your magnesium levels up and you’ll be…

Martin: Impervious to heart attacks so to speak to prevent one. So here is another funny one, I spoke with this fellow from France and he was telling me about his patent on quit smoking, guaranteed to quit smoking which was essentially giving people DHEA every time you had an urge to smoke you would just pop another DHEA 15 mg pill under your tongue and so every time you had the urge you would pop another DHEA and in no time you’re smoke free so you know the addiction to cigarettes gives your body the illusion of DHEA to make you feel better. So what do we do now with people, we need to continue to tell people the solution to health and longevity are rarely seldom and complex. It is usually just the basics such as the four major mineral that we have in our body calcium, magnesium in one pair and sodium and potassium in the other and then phosphorus and sulfur in the next two. As long as these pairs are in sufficient levels and balanced with one another you will function well and your body will function healthfully and you will enjoy yourself.

Scott: And I think part of the trick too is cutting things out like white flour and white sugar because they pull the magnesium out of the body as well.

Martin: Yes because those are the antidotes to just about everything healthy. It’s like if you want sick okay. I think I have this joke or funny thing on the website somewhere I recall that we even may have read in one of our previous podcasts and it says so you want to be sick, okay here is what you do number one stay up late, number two drink soda with sugar or if you want it quicker drink it with aspartame, don’t exercise, don’t eat any raw foods only eat refined foods such as refined flour, refined sugar, refine oil and then also make sure you eat plenty of fried food and all of that. It pretty much describes the lifestyle of a person living in an inner city somewhere.

Scott: Yes it does and it’s such a sad thing.

Martin: Yes very much so. I think I put it into our life lessons in our all about us but anyway let’s not worry about that so much. I want to offer people an incentive to get some magnesium. I would say that they should hear the discount code do you think so too?

Scott: Yes so if someone wanted to try the transdermal magnesium or even some the other magnesium products that you can get at the life enthusiast podcast website what can we do to give them some incentive.

Martin: Well I have set up a ten percent discount right across the whole category and here is the code MG107 so if you type that in you get ten percent off all the products on your order.

Scott: So if someone was listening to us say for the first time.

Martin: Oh my gosh I hope it is not the first time.

Scott: Well there is always someone who is going to be listening for the first time I mean we are growing, the podcast is getting more listeners and we appreciate all the calls and letters but if they went to the life enthusiast website at www.life-enthusiast.com and they said okay I want to try this magnesium and I think I’m deficient and all I’ve got to do is put it in my bath twice a week and have a nice long soak for twenty or thirty minutes which one of the products would you suggest they look at for their first magnesium experience?

Martin: Well as you described the bath crystals is probably the easiest so for people who can take baths or at least foot soaks and you take a quarter cup maybe half a cup of these crystals and put them in your bath and enjoy.

Scott: And those are the TransDerma Minerals right?

Martin: Yes that’s correct you can actually add on it a bit more by adding some miracle 2 soap to make the water bubbly you know bubble bath and you can even add some baking soda to it if your water is acidic. So by adding alkalizing minerals to it, it even goes quicker. That would be the bath but for people who don’t have an easy time getting into the bath we have the magnesium oil and magnesium gel. The magnesium oil is just a straight magnesium chloride and the gel has added sea weed extract which is also very helpful because iodine supplementation is another issue that people need to be aware of.

Scott: Yes we have talked about that on numerous podcasts earlier.

Martin: So the gel ladies like it a lot it seems to be a great pampering tool and the oil by itself I mean when I come out of my shower I put some on my hands and rub it on usually my belly and my legs because I am not a frequent bather.

Scott: I have just got hooked on it usually about twice a week I will have a nice long soak in the magnesium and I just love it and I feel so relaxed and calm and I have one of the best sleeps of the week right after the bath.

Martin: I have had this call from one women and she said you didn’t tell me to do this in the evening and I did it in the morning and for the rest of the day I was just something that needed to get back in bed.

Scott: That is funny.

Martin: So people remember that this is a relaxing evening kind of thing just before bedtime. Well I feel we have fulfilled our goal here don’t you Scott?

Scott: I do, head out and try some of this magnesium folks because it will change your life.

Martin: This is the one big thing that people don’t get they think they need this pharmaceutical complicated solution but really it is so simple if you get your minerals right your world will be so much better.

Scott: I want to maybe close off by reading something that Nicole wrote in to us not long ago and she said I tried the magnesium oil for a variety of concerns I had but mainly for weight issues and ADHD symptoms and the results are fantastic I look better and feel better and if I am having a bad day this is really a magic cure for an attitude adjustment. I had tried topically everything but found this to be the most effective which is the magnesium, I add it to my hair after shampooing and my hair had never looked better its shiny and the color is phenomenal and people ask me where I get my color done. There was a ten day lag where I left my magnesium in my hotel room and I had to order more and I assure you that I won’t make that mistake again. It is a wonderful product and I recommend it to everyone I know so thank you very much Nicole for sharing that with us.

Martin: Okay folks here is what you can do, you can go to www.life-enthusiast.com and head to products and find magnesium minerals there and if you want more information you can click on health education and you can find minerals magnesium there and you can listen to more of our podcasts there is a link on our website right in the navigation and you can also go there directly at www.LifeEnthusiast.podamatic.com and you can always find us by phone at 1-866-543-3388 that should do it. I would like to sign off by saying thank you for listening and this is life enthusiast co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Author: Martin Pytela