Podcast 101: Aging, Enzymes and Magnesium

Martin recently wished one friend a Happy 57th Birthday, and wonders just what is middle age?

A few large companies keep records that show how long people take their pensions after they retire, meaning how long until they die after retirement.  People that retire between 50 and 55 live long into their twilight years. And of those that retired at age 65, over 80% lived only a year or so more. The younger retirees seems to still have purpose in life, and the older retirees seem to feel done with it all.

Martin’s 57 year old friend was a track and field athlete at the national level – a very fit person to this day. But now he’s been diagnosed with emphysema. Martin said to start taking Zymitol, an Enzyme Supplement from Generation Plus.

Zymitol is the kind of enzyme that is specifically eating the fibrin – the scar tissue that is the cause of the emphysema in your lungs. So he started on it and called after about a month and said it’s not doing anything. This was because he was not taking enough. You need to understand the activation dose, which is not on the bottle.

So the friend did this until he started to feel the enzymes kick-in. Four weeks later at a check-up, he was significantly improved. Six months later, they declared that he never had emphysema.

Two years passes and after a month away from his supplements and healthy lifestyle, he was not well again.  Martin recommended Zymitol (again) and Magnesium Crystals in his bath. And he got better – Again!

Podcast 101: Aging, Enzymes and Magnesium

Scott: You are listening to the Life Enthusiast online radio network Restoring Vitality to You and to the Planet I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hi Martin how are you doing this fine day?

Martin: It is a fine day indeed, it’s just glorious I just feel so good because today I called a friend of mine to wish him a happy birthday, it is his 57th.

Scott: Wow he is just getting into middle age.

Martin: Oh yeah I guess that is being optimistic I guess anything two years before dying is the middle, the last 2 years is the old age.

Scott: As long as you do it and your vibrant and healthy and full of energy.

Martin: Remember when the retirement age was set at 60 in the earlier days it was set that way because the last two or three years that you had left like the retirement wasn’t meant to last twenty years or any such thing.

Scott: Yeah they thought that you would die at 63 right?

Martin: Right so that was how they had that set up and it was the normal thing and then later they moved it to 65 because people were living to 68 or 70 something like that so now that people are living into their 80’s I think the retirement age needs to be moved up again.

Scott: You know Martin a friend of mine found a very interesting statistic and he was a teacher in North Vancouver where I live and he went in and he was talking to the people who hand out the pension check to retired teachers and the person said we don’t send out about eighty percent of the pension checks and my friend interpreted that as you jerks you are keeping these checks away from seniors that need them and he said no, no they have died if someone retires who is a teacher in our school district at age 65 they don’t collect usually more than eighteen months of pension checks. In other words within a year and a half most of them have died and he said what is interesting is someone who has retired at 55 will live to 75 or 80 so the earlier someone retired as a teacher the longer they would live. It was very interesting so when he found out this he did a little research and he found out that companies like Boeing that have fifty thousand employees and ATT and those companies actually have statistics and keep records of on how long people take their pensions after they retire and with those groups I don’t want to say it with the whole world but with those groups it was the same. The people who retired between fifty and fifty five lived long into their twilight years but those that retired at sixty five were all dead well not all but a significant number like over eight or eighty five percent.

Martin: Well i certainly have formed an opinion in my head; do you have an interpretation for it?

Scott: Well I think the extra ten years of stress and it just takes a toll on you and I had a friend’s dad who was a caretaker at a school and he lived one year past his retirement age of 65 and my friend said he felt like his dad had no purpose in life and sort of said well that’s it my life is over and died.

Martin: I believe that is the issue you see when you retire at 55 you still think that you have a reason to do something else and you refocus your life, you reinvent yourself, you create a life for yourself that you can just carry on with as opposed to the setting where you are waiting to get to 65 when it is over and guess what? It’s over. Anyway I have this friend of mine who is 57 and he is happily working as a knowledge worker he is a CEO of a small business with about twenty five employees but the big issue with him is this. This fellow started as a track and field athlete at the national level he was a junior winner of the hundred and ten meter hurdles.

Scott: So he is a good athletically fit person.

Martin: Good athlete, fit and he maintained it you know he skis and plays hockey and soccer and all of these things but about two years ago he called me and said Martin I am in trouble I have emphysema, I have it diagnosed and I have it on paper and I said well I want you to start taking Zymitol you know Zymitol is the enzyme that is specifically eating fibrin, the scar tissue that is the cause of emphysema in your lungs, so do it. So he started on it and called me after about a month and said that it is not doing anything and I said how many are you taking and he said three a day just like it says on the bottle and i said that is not good enough you need to understand the activation dose so we pushed him on it until he started to feel the enzymes kick in and for him that was nine a day which he reached in about two weeks, and four weeks after that he went to a check up and he was significantly improved and on the next check up six months later he was declared as never having had the emphysema. Completely good.

So that was about two years ago and he called me back again about a months ago and he had gone home to the Czech republic and spent a month there and he was away from his supplements and away from his decent food and away from his gym routine so he spent pretty much a month just sitting around socializing and eating the wrong kind of food and not exercising enough and he came back and he had elevated blood pressure and he was feeling real sluggish and he was asking me what should I do and I said now you need to get on the transdermal magnesium, you need to do the baths and rub it on and you need to get on the enzymes. So he called and the first weekend he went skiing and in four hours he did a lot of extreme skiing you know like double black diamond runs and four hours of that and he said I know what that should feel like when I get home, he got himself into a magnesium bath and he said it should have been pretty much impossible to move the next day and he said he was fine no trouble at all. And here comes the good one:

The next weekend he went to play hockey with his mature team mates and normally he is just one of the guys but this time he ran circles around everybody he said at the end of the shift he didn’t feel tired and didn’t need to come off the ice, he was just getting off the ice so he would give the other guys their turn to have time on the ice and he was just skating away from everyone so he was calling so elated and he was asking can you interpret for me what is going on and how come I am feeling so great. So I thought for thirty five seconds and told him it’s this aging is largely caused by hardening of tissues and hardening of the arteries and especially hardening of the capillaries which causes the loss of the ability to deliver oxygen to the tissues so when your capillaries get harder your heart has to pump harder to get the blood through those hardened passages. So there is your higher blood pressure but even with the higher blood pressure it is still not getting the nutrients there so when you start combining the magnesium which helps undo calcification and softens things and the enzymes all of a sudden you are starting to open up the passages and you are starting to deliver oxygen to the tissues that are not used to that anymore. There he was all of a sudden feeling like an eighteen year old athlete again at 57 running circles around everyone.

Scott: That’s amazing.

Martin: So for all of you weekend warriors out there if you think you would like to be fit if you would like to keep up with your twenty year old son’s friends, if you would like to keep up with your new lover go ahead and get yourself a bottle of Zymitol and a bottle of Magnesium Oil.

Scott: There you go I mean in our last podcast we talked quite a bit about the medical establishment and some of the problems that they have had and it is kind of nice to show what can happen when you get the proper nutrition in your body.

Martin: Well yes, of course aging would not be so hard if A) we were getting enough nutrition and B) we were not getting the toxins that we are getting. It always comes down to these two things. To preserve function we need to feed the cells correctly and get rid of the garbage fast enough.

Scott: And there is no need to grow old or I guess you can say you can grow old gracefully right.

Martin: Yes you can add on years or miles, but you can still retain your function that is just like maintaining your car well, you can have half a million miles on your old Volvo but the thing is as long as you maintain it.

Scott: That’s right and that’s what a lot of people do. I mean they have these cars and it is amazing what they can get out of them and they run just as good today as when they started twenty years ago we just have to follow the plan so the same thing happens to our cars.

Martin: Yes or to our bodies. So do you have any other good stories?

Scott: Well that’s what I was going to ask you.

Martin: I don’t know what story I should offer but the most fun as far as nutrition we can offer has everything to do with the superfoods that we manufacture so I can certainly offer something in the Exsula Iridesca that has always garnered a lot of good responses.

Scott: Sure but first of all tell people what the Iridesca is.

Martin: Well Iridesca is a superfood blend and it is made from all natural ingredients that have been grown in nature unlike the pharmaceuticals that we look down on this is all natural made meaning that it grew in a plant, it is not made form some animal that died other than a plant to make this product. Anyway what we do is we take a set of ingredients and blend it together and to create something exciting. How about this one I am just looking at the Exsula Iridesca reviews straight from the website, 27th December 2008, Don writes: I feel like this product has quite literally saved my life and my health was lacking in many regards and this product has provided me with more than the essentials for life. I cannot make any claims that is cured anything except the deep sense that it kept me out of a real mess. I have been using the Exsula Superfoods products since the early nineties so that would almost be eighteen years now.

Here’s a good one about performance I think we may have shared this one about Charles who did a whole bunch of athletics, I will admit that I was a bit of a sceptic at first but your product speaks for itself, you can count on me being a customer. I want you to know I am only half way through the Iridesca that you sent and I only sent him about an ounce and I can already feel a benefit you should issue a warning about too much energy I struggled to get rid of it all. I wasn’t tired enough after running seven miles, doing 100 push up and twenty five burpies so I ran sprints up and down the hill near my apartment and then I took a one hour nap and woke up feeling completely replenished. I am not trying to brag I was just amazed at how much Iridesca packs now I understand what you mean when you said one teaspoon goes a long way. This really is incredible stuff I take it mixed with three heaping teaspoons of Spirulina and i take it three times a day and I feel amazing afterwards. So what we have here is a 24 year old University student so this is a guy who does have a good reserve and still has plenty of enzymes in his reserve so everything he digests gets to be available to him as energy. A fiftyish fellow is going to use most of this as repair rather than for energy but still it gives you a chance to feel like a million bucks or at least like an athlete.

Scott: Very cool.

Martin: I guess I should offer people an incentive for the Iridesca for listening to this podcast so here is something I am going to offer a ten percent off on your Iridesca order and your coupon for that is redeemable at the end of the check out process and the coupon code is going to be IRD46.

Scott: So when you go to the Life Enthusiast website you can shop by brands and go to Exsula.

Martin: Or actually if you go to the home page on the list of the best sellers, it is our second biggest seller so you will find it right there.

Scott: Okay perfect and when you go through the check out there will be a place to put in a coupon and you are going to put in IRD46 and you will get ten percent off your order, some great savings.

Martin: Actually I will expand it this will be on all of the Exsula Superfoods.

Scott: Okay so the ZoeTein and the Strata-Flora all those good things, wonderful. Well that brings us to the end of this particular podcast it is always nice to hear stories how people change their lives and gotten healthy when they may have not been so healthy. It certainly inspires me to keep going.

Martin: Yes I hope you will, you remember we are in our fifties right we have another twenty five years till out retirement so I need you to be eating a lot of these super foods because we will be doing podcasts in 2034.

Scott: I was going to say one of the things I noticed myself is I have high energy and I don’t have a lot of aches and pains that people my age I know have and I attribute a lot of it to taking the magnesium bath and the Exsula products they have just been astounding.

Martin: Okay Scott I would like to wrap it up and tell people they can find us at www.life-enthusiast.com on the internet and at LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com for the podcast and at 1-866-543-3388 and this is Martin for life enthusiast co-op who is restoring vitality to you and to the planet, thank you for listening.

Scott: Bye-bye everybody.

Author: Martin Pytela