Podcast 102: Alkalizing Minerals and Hydration

pH Balance for Health

Martin and Scott talk about an island off Japan called Okinawa, where people are living longer than on the mainland.  It’s believed to be because as the water filters through calcium reefs and ends up in their drinking water, the beautiful alkalized – mineralized – water alkalizes the people, and they live longer.

The video originally referred to in this podcast appears to be gone.

Martin goes on to talk about when your bodily fluids are acidic, they lose their ability to carry oxygen. This makes you very tired and your athletic ability goes downhill.

Podcast 102: Alkalizing Minerals and Hydration

Scott: You are listening to the Life Enthusiast online radio network restoring vitality to you and to the planet I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hi Martin how are you doing this fine day?

Martin: A beautiful day Scott I feel like celebrating.

Scott: Well we have something to celebrate because we have hit the century mark, we have done over 100 podcast episodes so that is like fifty hours of interesting intriguing alternative health information.

Martin: That’s right it has been over two years now that we have been doing this stuff.

Scott: Two years that amazing but pretty soon we will be saying it is our tenth anniversary.

Martin: I am looking forward to that if we are still in business in eight more years and hopefully I would be able to say our teeth haven’t fallen out and we will still be sitting upright in our chairs and all that.

Scott: That’s right still enthusiastically spreading the gospel to everybody so anyway congratulations, I think it is wonderful that we are over a hundred episodes, I think we are on our 102nd episode today.

Martin: It’s great.

Scott: So I was on the internet and a friend of mine sent me a link to a video and I watched it with great interest because some of the things in the video were about things you and I have talked about in previous podcasts and it had a little bit to do with minerals and a lot to do with water and I just wanted to share what the video was about and how they demonstrated stuff because it was a very visual demonstration and get your opinion on it.

Martin: Let’s make sure we do your video and help your friend promote it, let’s make that video a part of this presentation.

Scott: Okay so if you go to LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com I will put a link in the show notifications for this particular episode which is a hundred and two. So it was really very well done, they had two people in the video and one explained to the other what was going on and they took a glass of tap water and they said we are going to put this material in it and i don’t know what it was because i wasn’t paying that much attention to it but he told me what it was and if the water was acidic it will turn yellow and if it is alkaline it will turn blue.

Martin: It is a pH indicator solution it is used in all water testing purposes.

Scott: So you can just go to any water testing place and just pick it up probably well he put it in and the water turned bright yellow and then they had a coral product and basically they were telling about these people that lived off the coast of Japan living quite a bit longer than the people on the mainland were living and they looked at the food they were eating and the Sake they were drinking and how long they were working and exercise and genetic and they couldn’t find anything different to explain why these people on this island were living quite a bit longer than I don’t know how much longer but enough to be noticeable to the people on the mainland.

Martin: I reckon you must be talking about Okinawa. You know Scott I would like to side bar this, it is a story that was promoted a long time ago together with coral calcium when Bob Barefoot was promoting coral calcium in capsules so what you have here is just another delivery mechanism for the same benefits.

Scott: I think so and what they said was that the rain would hit the island and be filtered through the old broken coral that made up the island because there was a coral reef around it and it was all coral and the water became very alkaline and it absorbed a lot of calcium and what they did was they took that calcium and put it into a tea bag and they had all sorts of products and they took this product and put in the water and of course it turned dramatically blue which meant it was now alkaline and they talked a lot about the importance of alkaline water versus acidic water. I am actually remembering more and more as I am talking about it the funny thing was they took a bottle of a cola I won’t say which one because it doesn’t matter which one and they said if the cola is as acidic as we all know it to be then by putting this calcium in it we would cause all the O2 to be released very quickly and he puts just a pinch in and the thing is just like a fountain of suds coming up and they knew it was going to happen so they had it in a bowl and there was like an inch of cola left in the bottle by the time it was all done.

Martin: It was a fizz bomb, have you never seen these videos where someone is taking an aspartame cola like a diet Pepsi type of thing and throwing a Mentos into the bottle and creating these fabulous geyser so you can go on YouTube and look for Pepsi and Mentos fountains there are many videos there and now people are trying to out play each other for who can make a taller fizz bomb.

Scott: That is funny.

Martin: So anyway that is what you are trying to explain is the acid in the colas alkalizing because you can demonstrate this very same thing on your kitchen table you can take a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon or two of vinegar and mix them together and you will see a rapid reaction. There is a lot of fizz as a result of CO2 escaping and a lot of heat at the same time too. This is a highly exothermic reaction and by the way that is the reaction that when it happens inside your stomach it is known as the heart burn, burping and heat and heart burn pain that’s the reaction of the acid and the alkaline together. Let’s take you back to the story so in Okinawa there is this water that is filtered through the coral reefs and it ends up in the aquifer and people drink it and they drink this beautiful alkalized mineralized water and people live longer. Okay great there is actually a wonderful book out there that we advertise on our website in the product books section and it is by Dr Theodore A. Baroody and it is called Alkalize or die.

Scott: Okay I will put a link to that on our show notes page.

Martin: Okay well the book makes an essential point on the dramatic facts if you are acidic your body doesn’t function so well, we discussed it in the pH balanced section of the podcast we talked about it not long ago the point is when your bodily fluids are acidic they lose their ability to carry oxygen and when you lose your ability to carry oxygen your body becomes very tired, your athletic ability goes downhill so anyway let’s go back to this wonderful product I don’t know what it is called calcium tea bag right?

Scott: I think it is called Berry tree.

Martin: Yes this is the performance hydration O2, O2 proformance hydration is what they call that product.

Scott: So basically he showed a bunch of quick demonstrations on how you could turn acidic water into alkaline water and it was very well done and very dramatic.

Martin: I think they are doing a wonderful job and I think coral calcium has a long history of supplemental use and it is a good thing. Although I must tell you to turn acidic water into alkaline I can do that with a pinch of soda just as quickly so it is not that there is only one way to alkalize your water it is that it is good that the supplement alkalizes water but I can do that with a bit of soda. There needs to be more to it than your water is alkalized and I am sure there is because mineralization is important and we should supplement with minerals and these people will also have something about surface tension which is important. Did they mention surface tension when they demonstrated it?

Scott: No not at all.

Martin: I imagine that the product will do that because surface tension makes water more penetrating and we do that with our Precious Prills right. We have talked about the Precious Prills now here is the interesting thing here you have a product that you will pay about a dollar a day for which is not a huge price for something that is going to save your life on the other hand we sell a bag of Precious Prills for fifteen dollars and they last five years. It is somewhat similar in action just a whole lot cheaper. So I am thinking if you are going to do just a water treatment how about if you buy not just a mineral supplement but a whole bottle of super foods with it you know the superfoods we sell go for about 30 or 40 cents a teaspoon or something like that no maybe more maybe 70 cents a teaspoon so you could spend 70 cents on the Exsula Superfoods and have not only the minerals but also the greens and the vitamins and all kinds of stuff that you deserve or that your body desires. I am sorry that I am not making your friends presentation look like the best thing since sliced bread.

Scott: Well I sort of wondered not that it was too good to be true but it was about a lot of things that we had talked about previously and I had never seen anyone pour like a like a little sugar package of this stuff into the water and have it make that dramatic change it was just very interesting.

Martin: By no means do I want to suggest that what they are doing is wrong what I am saying is that you should consider the value that you can get at Life Enthusiast co-op you know you can buy yourself the Bundle: Precious Prills Starter which will treat your drinking water for years and you will have some spare money to buy some super foods to really improve your life. It is quite interesting similarly with water ionizers we have talked about water ionizers and how they help people and they do. They are a wonderful tool to help people who are acidic you know imagine if you are quite acidic you don’t carry enough oxygen in your body fluids to exercise so just walking up a hill you are going to feel tired and breathing hard and not moving fast. You can’t get on a bike and peddle away, you can’t sing because you can’t hold your breath, you can’t go diving because there is not enough oxygen in your body’s fluids you know here is an easy demonstration if you cannot hold your breath for more than thirty seconds you are in real trouble, a healthy alkaline person should be able to hold their breath for five minutes that’s when you are well alkalized and in top shape. Yeah maybe we should do a demonstration on that except I can’t talk and hold my breath.

Scott: You know it reminds me of I don’t remember who it was I was at a naturopath I think, I don’t think it was my chiropractor and we did a number of tests and one of which was holding my breath and I held it for about a minute thirty five or a minute forty in around there and people were amazed at how long I held my breath.

Martin: And how recently was this.

Scott: About three of four years ago and I used to do a lot of swimming and I could hold my breath underwater when I was in my twenties I mean I am in my fifties now but if an alkalized body can hold your breath for five minutes and she thought I was doing great at a minute and a half boy oh boy.

Martin: There is a difference like we have done it in a seminar with Tony Robbins and it was to hold your breath and they used this demonstration for desire because as time goes forward the longer you hold it the more you really, really want to take your breath and so they wanted to show us what it felt like to really want something really bad so they asked us to hold our breath longer and longer and it was sort of like a bet I remember I just hung in there for like four minutes or something but you know you can break through all kinds of levels of I need to take my breath now and you can say heck no I can hang in there. There are levels of commitment that you can break through with this exercise like you could have probably done four or five minutes in that chiropractor’s office it’s just that you felt oh well that’s enough but if you really want to show you go for much longer. Anyway the point is that a person who is acidic can’t do it, it just isn’t possible. See what your body does is getting rid of the acidity through the carbon dioxide elimination.

Scott: Right and that builds up and of course causes pressure and you think well I have got to breathe.

Martin: Yeah I have got to get rid of it because pretty soon I will be passing out so anyway the lesson here is about acid alkaline balance and how the coral calcium can help you with that but so can ordinary Prill water because the Prill water will be properly structured which will make the water more alkaline, it will have a lower surface tension which will help you dissolve things better, it will have a better ORP making it more like an antioxidant and it will have the clustering in a better shape, that the water will be tasting better. Have you had a chance to taste the water of that calcium tea bag?

Scott: No it was just a demonstration I saw online.

Martin: Yeah that is one important thing you know your taste buds are a very important tool in your arsenal of checking things, thing that taste good are healthier you know your body actually tells you. So have I talked you into a corner here?

Scott: No I was just thinking if things that taste good are healthier why do I not like brussels sprouts and yams?

Martin: Oh you need to have organic brussels sprouts that have been well prepared.

Scott: Oh that’s the answer.

Martin: I actually like the brussel sprouts this is the strange thing.

Scott: So one of the things that we want people to think about on this particular episode is where do you get your water and is it actually hydrating you, is it actually alkalizing you because it used to be just get eight glasses of water and there is obviously more to it than jst that.

Martin: Yes that is a wonderful point that you just made you know that we are in search for water actually in small clusters so that our body can absorb it into the cells you know hydration intracellular. We need hydration not just irrigation we don’t actually want to just have water in our stomach and our gut we want to get water into the cells as well and there is this mechanism called the aquaporin channel where the molecules of water are going through this very small opening one molecule at a time so if the clustering of the molecules is such that it is forming large blobs it will not be friendly to this intracellular hydration and that is why you need a whole lot of water that is industrial common badly clustered water. You don’t need nearly as much of water that has been treated. you know like this Prill water all you need is three or four glasses a day. You don’t need eight and the second thing is carrots, carrots will properly cluster the water so when you get freshly juiced carrot juice that is going to be well structured but it doesn’t last very long you know. Like you have maybe two or three hours before it reverts back into the bad structuring.

Scott: Well it starts to break down right?

Martin: Yes the organization that the carrots are holding in place doesn’t hold once you expose it.

Scott: That kind of brings up an interesting point when we all know we live in a fast food society I mean we have talked about it on and on but It’s not just I guess what I am saying is it is not just enough to make it but you also have to make it and consume it in a very short period of time I guess I keep going back to the cave men when they pulled the berries off the bushes they didn’t pull them off the bushes and put them in a corner and leave them there for six months and then eat them.

Martin: Well they may have, they may have made pemmican with berries and bear fat, because they needed something to feed them in the winter and the nutrients will remain there but the hydration like a good clustering of water in nature will in naturally distilled water which is the dew that you find on the leaves of trees in the morning. You know that water has been evaporated out of a lake and condensed in the air and onto the leaves or onto the surfaces of cold things in the morning. That is fresh distilled morning dew better than the distilled water because the distilled water we make is made through boiling rather than just cold temperature evaporation. But anyway what I wanted to say about the carrot juice that has just come out of the carrot and hasn’t oxidized much is very good. The carrot juice that has been bottled and flash pasteurized for you it is nowhere near as good for you I mean it has the nutrients that are in the carrots and all of that but it will no longer have the structure and clustering that the fresh carrot has.

Scott: Right and that is a big important part of it.

Martin: And this is where the water structuring devices that we sell come in play, remember this ADR-4 that we promote a lot it is a cute little five inch diameter across metal plate and you can put your tea cup or water glass or whatever you have on top of it and in one or two minutes it will structure and organize all the water in it.

Scott: I use it all the time.

Martin: Yeah you actually have one of our funny prototypes that laminar crystal mug, the popular mug.

Scott: I drink out of it constantly and I sit it on an ADR-4 thing.

Martin: So you are double bagging right.

Scott: And I easily drink four or five cups I was thinking about it it’s not eight it is only about four or five glasses of water.

Martin: And you are probably not feeling parched.

Scott: No never feeling parched.

Martin: But i tell you I have a clear memory of having coming home from a weekend trip I was away for four days and the first thing out of my mouth was Maureen do you have any Prill water with you because I was parched from only drinking the unstructured ordinary industrial water all weekend long, I forgot my ADR 4 I didn’t bring it with me. It was very sad.

Scott: I took mine on a cruise and then I left it in the cruise berth so now I never take it with me because I would rather be without it for a week or two than not have it when I get back and have to order another one.

Martin: So that is your answer for hydration because I know that my body tells me if I am drinking water that has not been structured that you know I start feeling parched. This will be one of the benefits from this calcium tea bag I am quite sure it is going to adjust the water restructuring and people who drink that will feel the hydration effect.

Scott: Interesting.

Martin: Yes indeed interesting and so even though we should be talking about minerals because the water is the carrier of all the minerals that you need to get into your body and if you don’t have the transport that is readily carrying it around penetrating the cells it doesn’t matter how many wonderful nutrients you eat if you are not transporting them where they need to go you are losing from the beginning. I would like to point out to people that we have this wonderful Prill Special that we have, we have a bag of Prills and the Pearls that increases their effectiveness by at least double and is available on our Life Enthusiast website, let’s put a link to that on our podcast page.

Scott: Yes we are going to do that; this will be the Prills special.

Martin: Yes 29 dollars buys you several years of good hydration.

Scott: Yes and what is the regular price?

Martin: That would be thirty five or thirty six dollars; it is a twenty percent discount.

Scott: So that would be a considerable savings there. It is almost twice what we normally give as a discount.

Martin: Yeah it’s great it is six dollars off.

Scott: It is double your discount day at the Life Enthusiast co-op.

Martin: www.life-enthusiast.com with your questions you can call us at 1-866-543-3388 and you can visit all these 102 episodes at LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com do you want to say anything else on the topic Scott?

Scott: I think it is very important that we are very aware of what we put into our body and that includes what is absorbed into our body through our skin which is our largest organ and I think if you just start making small changes over time you will see that they will cause huge changes in your life and I know that is the case with me because I feel like I am in my twenties sometimes my kids will tell me I act like I am in my twenties and I have friends that are going into see doctors and the doctors are telling them they have lumps here and they have black spots there and they have this and they have that and you know it is really kind of sad but I know they have spent their whole lives smoking or drinking or eating steaks and not taking good care of themselves but I mean I am not going to say I have lived the perfect life either but if you start from there and work on improving or getting better and it is not about going and dramatically changing your diet or anything else but when you do that the people around you slowly change as well like both my teenage sons drink a ton of water and it is because I have always had well first of all I don’t have any coke, Pepsi or seven-up or anything like that around for them to drink but I have always drank water and their friends come over and they have five zillion zits and my sons they have like two or three. Part of it is the water is clearing stuff out and part of it is that I don’t have bags of chips, I have carrots and oranges and so you just start making these small changes and you would be surprised what a huge change it can make.

I have said it before and I will say it again my youngest son who is sixteen going to be seventeen within the month and has only been living with me for a year and a half and three or four months after he moved in with me and he came up to me and said Dad I have lost twenty pounds and I was like what because he was like obese when he came and I don’t talk to him about that but I said really and he loved to bike and was active when he was home but when he wasn’t living with me there would be a bag of Doritos chips or they would go to McDonalds and do the things I never do and he said yeah all the exercise I have been doing and eating the oranges like he was shocked right and I don’t know where he weighed himself but he weighed himself one day and than four months later he weighed himself again and he found out he was twenty pounds lighter and he probably didn’t notice. I wouldn’t have either but if I look at a picture from three years ago and I was like that kid is round faced and not anymore he is a good looking boy. That to me is the biggest success because my health is important to right because I want to be around when they have grand kids or kids and I have grandkids the other side of it is you have a huge impact on the people around you as well don’t think you don’t.

Martin: That’s correct I agree.

Scott: So there is my comment, Scott’s rant.

Martin: Yes so we need to drink good water and we offer a fantastic value here with the Prills special.

Scott: And I want to say that the water I drink has Prills in it they soak in the water and the ADR-4 that all my water goes on it and I have the laminar cup that water goes into as well but that is beside the point.

Martin: No one can get that it is a prototype that isn’t getting made.

Scott: But the ADR-4 makes a huge difference so thank you everyone for joining to us today you have been listening to the Life Enthusiast podcast radio show our mission is to restore vitality to you and to the planet. Join us all next time everybody.

Martin: Yes bye-bye.

Author: Martin Pytela