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Water Energy Device
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  • Helps Super-hydrate Your Body, Pets and Plants
  • May Enhance Nutrient Absorption and Toxin Elimination
  • Treat Your Bath Water, Helps Moisturize Skin

Water Energy Device


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Transderma Minerals Precious PrillsTransderma Minerals Precious Prills


Use Precious Prills to create Energized Water.

Energized water has it’s molecules returned to their original pure, super-hydrating state. Like a fresh mountain spring.

Better hydration leads to enhanced nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. This may boost your immunity.

Precious Prill Water is super-hydrating, and is a far superior moisturizer to common water.

Very affordable and they last many years. Creating Energized Water that is wonderfully moisturizing. Absorbed immediately so that every cell (human, animal, plant) is properly hydrated. This is the key to body repairs and maintaining health.

Energized Water has increased oxidation-reduction potential, lower surface tension, and higher pH. Helps reduce free radical damage.

Energized Water from Precious Prills

  • Drink for superior hydration.
  • Add to your bath for rejuvenation.
  • Spray on hands, face, in your mouth and on your tooth brush.
  • Great for cleaning baby’s bottom at diaper changes.
  • Clean and/or soak fruits and veg to enhance flavor.
  • Spray top of food when cooking, for added moisture.
  • Spray and wipe counters and sinks to clean.
  • Add to toilet tank to help clean septic systems (may corrode plastic or metal over long periods of time).
  • Add to a humidifier, as breathing Prill Water vapor helps people with a sinus or lung problem. It repels black mold, and helps eliminate odors, creating a healthier indoor environment.
  • Use to extend the life of cut flowers, and to improve the health of your pets.

Every time some Energized Prill Water goes down the drain, it helps restore water in your area. We help clean the waters on Earth. One person, one septic tank, one sewer system, one river and lake at a time.

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Precious Prills are made of magnesium oxide infused with Life Force, and have had their vibration adjusted in The Star Chamber Factory. They do not contribute minerals, but when in contact with common water, a very energized and life giving liquid is created. They absorb impurities from water for several years. The Prills are powered by the force of Creation, and really can not be compared with anything else, from any source.

Precious Prills are not meant to be a water purification device, but because the water does not support lower life forms such as germs, bacteria or fungi, it does not need to be sterilized.

If you leave your Prill jar in sunlight, Algae will grow from spores in Prill Water and color it green.

Health Recovery by Hydration with Prill Water

Most of the pain in our bodies can easily be tracked to a shortage of moisture, called “dehydration”. Prill Water has the power to hydrate and may reduce pain, and the stress caused by the pain. It is a wonderfully moisturizing liquid.

Placing common water in contact with Precious Prills causes a remarkable thinning of that water. The resultant liquid is known in nature as Dew. It is much thinner than common water, and tissues absorb it, both the moist internal tissues, and the somewhat drier tissues (skin) found on the outside of your body. Living cells that are properly hydrated have excellent dynamics, while under-hydrated cells, or perhaps even worse, over-inflated cells are extremely vulnerable to toxins and disease. Proper liquid stasis relates directly to cellular longevity, and cellular longevity relates directly to health and vitality.

When you drink Prill Water, you are getting maximum hydration, because it is being directly absorbed by your cells.

We believe that all natural water is more than H20 – two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. There is something else which enables water to change its structure. We have evidence that this “something else” is ORMUS. There is good evidence that the ORMUS elements are particularly abundant in magnesium chloride, the active ingredient in Magnesium Oil and Magnesium Crystals.

Proof of Superior Hydration

I spent last Sunday afternoon with my friend, his wife, and three of their friends. The purpose of the meeting was to use the five people as test subjects to see what kind of hydration the Prill water creates in the body. The women ranged in age from 30 to 50 and the men were about 50. I was using my $2,000 hydration testing equipment that is certified to 0.5% accuracy and approved by the FDA for clinical use. In addition to percent body fat, this device measures the total water inside the body to within 0.1 liter. It then indicates how much of that water is outside of the cells and how much is within the cells, both to 0.1 liter.

I used this equipment extensively when I was selling the Clustered water developed by Dr. Lee Lorenzen and sold through, at the time, Cellcore


Hi everyone! Just wanted to share that after being on the Prill for about 5 weeks, my constant thirst stopped, about a week ago. And I notice around this same time, that I no longer crave sweets and salty snacks. (This may be encouraging for some who have just started drinking Prill water). Both salts and sweets were very huge magnet for me in the past, but no more. In fact, I have some salty snack food in the cupboard and every time I look at it now, I think, “yuck”. This is pretty significant for me, because in the past I was a big cheeto/dorito fan.
Jim had indicated to me that when people started using Prill water exclusively for drinking, they generally did not need to drink as much water to maintain hydration. That also makes sense to me now. The best part is that many of the clustered waters available cost $50 to $100 dollars per month and generally it is prohibitively expense to use the clustered water for all of your needs. By contrast, a single investment of $20 will allow you to produce all the Prill water you will need for a long time. This is exciting stuff and we are a part of it. Blessings, ~David Dartez

Clearing a Lake

In my conversation with Dr. Bob this morning he mentioned that Jim has recently told him that once Prill Water, Cupcake water or Laundry Bag water is structured, it remains permanent and then begins replicating itself. Thus there is a whole relevance to the different crystal beads beyond what direct benefit we might receive. Bob suggested that it might be a good idea to put a Prill or a  Laundry Bag into the tank of the toilet. I think I will use one of my Founder special Prill beads bags that way. Today, I got a call from Elana who lives along the bank of Lake Tahoe. She went out into the lake a few days ago and tied a Laundry bag to a string, attached it to a buoy and then dropped the bag into the water.

She is a very energetically sensitive lady and very quickly started sensing the energy of the bag going out about 25 feet from the buoy. The next day the energy was going out 100 feet from the buoy and after several days, she could sense that the entire cove that she lives on was energized and cleansed. Today she went out to the cove with a friend (Clark) who communicates with the Nature Spirits or what I call the Devas and the female Deva of the Lake very aggressively presented herself to Clark to tell him “Thank You” and to ask if there was anything that she could do to thank them for the gift of the Laundry Bag.

Clark and Elana have promised me that they are going to send me a testimonial that I can post to the email list and to the website. I have done lots of Earth energy and pollution clearing work around the world and this is indeed exciting stuff. Elana ordered five more Laundry bags today to place in other critical spots around the lake. After her experience with Lake Tahoe, Jim Clark’s story about Lake Mead has new meaning for Elana. Age Reversal, or Youthing, is really only a minor part of the relevance of the Twilight products. This is about making a difference for Mother Earth and all of Mankind. Please do whatever you are moved to do for the polluted pond; the Mother will Love you for it. Consider finding a way to suspend a bag of Prill beads in the water of the pond somewhat like what Elana did.

Skin Conditions

It’s been ten days since I received my Magic Oil and Twilight’s most precious gift of Precious Prills. Although I was skeptical when I first read about Twilight’s products (there are just too many “rejuvenating” products available right now), I was at the same time very excited because all I can ask myself was “What if?” I received the book, “Holy Water Sacred Oil” by C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. just this past Thursday; and I finished the 200+ pages by Friday. What a story and what a book! I am so glad I decided to order it and read for myself about the wonder and magic of these miraculous products. I thank you, Adam, for sharing them with me.

I believe this to be part of what I am here for, in this lifetime, in the here and now, to be able to share and help so many people that really need to know about these gifts of the Earth and of the One. The first thing I did when I received Magic Oil was to put some on my face and on my neck. From the very first application, that is, the very next day, I noticed that my pores were much smaller making my face smoother, especially my nose where my pores had been very noticeably large; it is now very smooth to the look and feel. Upon application, I felt a “sting” or “burning” sensation, but I was able to tolerate it. I didn’t know I could have diluted it (but my Prill water was not ready yet).

The sensation only happened that very first time. The Prill water is wonderful. It’s hard to believe that those little stones turn regular water into clear, pristine, thin water. It gives me the feeling of fullness where regular filtered water did not. I’ve been cooking with it and giving it to my animals and plants. It is now the only water we drink. What is so miraculous to me is that the Prills lasts a long time. What a great and wonderful gift and what a value. I believe everyone needs to get Precious Prills, especially those who don’t even use a water filter. Thank you Twilight, once again. My neck; well that was an embarrassment to me.

I have these lines in my neck, not only from my age, but because I am considerably overweight. I wanted more than anything to make these lines go away. Well, those lines, from the very first application, have begun to be less noticeable; and I swear they are disappearing. My neck looks “young” again more and more every day. My feet: From living in the Caribbean for two and a half years now, my feet have become suntanned (that’s an ugly suntan I might add) and very rough as I mostly use slippers or sandals because of the heat. The worst part about my feet is the fungus I have on both large toes and second toe on both feet from when I used to visit my sister at her college dorm over 20 years ago and I contracted the fungus from the showers.

No one told me I was supposed to protect my feet. Well, I’ve been living with this condition ever since, not being able to wear open shoes or feel comfortable at the beach around others. From the very first application of Magic Oil the ugly tan on my feet began to fade away. I now have my natural skin color back on all my toes, which were the ugliest looking. The soles of my feet are much smoother now, and most importantly, a very rough patch of skin on the sides of my ankles completely vanished with the very first application. I was never able to scrub this rough spot away with soap and water in the shower every day. It never came off. Until now! My ankles are as smooth as a baby’s butt now.

I am thrilled! My fungus-laden toenail? Well, I notice they are now white instead of yellow and I can actually peel away the nails on my big toes with my bare hands instead of using special scissors for thick nails. I expect that over the next few weeks, or maybe months, I will grow brand new toenails. I will, of course, keep you posted on this miracle. I have allergies that began six months after I moved here to Puerto Rico. I could not sleep without taking Benadryl because if I awake during the night, immediately my nose gets so stuffed up I cannot sleep until I clear it all up and that would take over an hour to do. I had run out of Benadryl one day and what a nightmare I had with trying to sleep and not being able to. I was up to taking 2 tablespoons.

Energetically enhanced magnesium oxide pellets in a nylon organza pouch.

Directions for Use

Wash the bag of Precious Prills before use, as you would with any fruit or vegetable. Drink & cook with it, bath in it, and feed it to pets & plants. Because Prill water detoxifies your body, it is advisable to start with small amounts, and build up to consuming 2-4 liters a day.

The Prills work in any water. Some tap water is quite horrible and takes longer for the process to complete. The better the water quality that you begin with, the better your resulting Prill Water will be.

Prills Beads will last longer if you use filtered water. They clear the vibrational distortions produced by industrial water processing.

For Consumption
Place the bag of Precious Prills in a glass or glazed ceramic container (do not use metal or softer plastic) and fill with about 4 liters (1 gallon) of common (filtered is better) water. After an initial period of 24 hours, it is ready for use and the Prill Water can be transferred into a hard, acrylic type of plastic container if you wish. Now you may use as much Prill water as you wish, and refill the container.

When traveling, keep a jar of Prill water with Twilight America’s Crystal Pearls or Magic Stars to keep your water in great shape.

Prill water can taste metallic to some people, especially at the beginning of their detoxification process.

For Bathing
Put 2 gallons of Prill water in a bathtub, then fill with hot tap water for an exquisite rejuvenating soak. When drained, the waste water goes into the process of transforming the water in your area.

Bath Prills
Place the Bath Prills in your bath as you are filling your tub.
Keep it in your hot tub for extended time to create a super-hydrating experience.

In a Humidifier
Breathing Prill Water vapor helps people with a sinus or lung problem. It repels black mold, and helps eliminate odors, creating a healthier indoor environment. Twilight America’s Crystal Cupcake or Pearl would be more effective in this application.

Recommended Use

Hydrating effects support enhanced nutrient absorption and toxin elimination. This may boost your immunity.

To Clean Your Crystal Pearls and Precious Prills

Over time, some people have seen these Energy Devices change color, either from algae growth (stronger when exposed to sunlight) or mineral buildup (from hard water). The color does not affect the functioning of the Energy Devices. We have seen gray, beige, orange, blue and green, depending on the water source (calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, etc.)

To restore your Crystal Pearls and Precious Prills to clear and white, simply immerse the whole bag in plain vinegar or Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (pharmacy grade), or full strength vinegar. Rinse thoroughly, and start over.

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