Podcast 105: Before it Was Called Keto

Martin and Scott discuss a friend that is overweight. She went to her doctor and was told she is fine – nothing to worry about, in the normal range. This friend was reassured that no lifestyle change is required. She’s likely to age and die at the rate of most of our society.

The decision whether you’re fat or not is controlled by your brain. Research shows it depends on the hormone Leptin. When it’s released, the brain thinks its fat and will not want as much food.

Well first of all, our Standard American Die (SAD diet) has condition us to being fat. Same as a pig can be conditioned to grow better bacon.

So the question is how to turn off your body’s signaling system?

Podcast 105: Before it Was Called Keto

Scott: You are listening to the Life Enthusiast online radio network restoring vitality to you and to the planet I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hi Martin is it a sunny day where you are?

Martin: Oh Scott it is so gloriously gorgeous I don’t know if I can contain myself.

Scott: It is a beautiful day here today a little snows on the ground and sunny it is a good day to be alive.

Martin: I tell you when you say this is the show on the network radio it makes me feel like well somebody I get all puffed up and I start thinking that there is more to me than there really is.

Scott: It is big, it’s huge, it’s a phenomenon.

Martin: Pretty soon I will be thinking my sweat doesn’t stink, you know?

Scott: I am sure you wife will remind you and we appreciate all our listeners telling their friends about the show and it is continually growing so thank-you and speaking of friends I was talking to one of my friends recently and this individual is somewhat on the heavy side.

Martin: Well let’s just call it what it is and not be so whatever, politically correct. Thirty percent of Americans are morbidly obese, sixty percent of Americans are obese which we would call fat or over sized she is one of those right.

Scott: Yeah definitely she is round.

Martin: So is she kind of wider than taller?

Scott: Yes she is wider than taller and she went to see her doctor and we had a bit of a discussion and what she had told me about her doctor was that she had never been this heavy and I was like that is not good. And she said no, no, no it is fine the doctor told me I had nothing to worry about.

Martin: I wonder if the doctor did a blood test for inflammation like homocysteine levels what do you think?

Scott: I would say no I would say that he probably took a stethoscope and listened to her heart and they probably did an ultrasound and said her lungs were fine even though she has been a smoker for quite a few years and probably did her blood pressure and felt oh yeah your within the norm which is of course is lots of cancer, heart attacks, diabetes and that sort of thing. She was sure her health was fine there is nothing wrong and no major change required in her lifestyle.

Martin: Yes well she is expected to age at the trajectory for early demise she is not likely to live into her 120’s she is probably going to be gone in her 70’s maybe top end 80’s which is okay if that is all you expect of life.

Scott: And also what is the quality of life right.

Martin: Yeah I would love to come to my end just skidding and screeching at full speed you know do one of those car stunt pull ins to my final day.

Scott: And then go have a nice nap and never wake up.

Martin: I can’t think of this fellow right now he was a well known nutritionist who died at 96, six weeks after his surf boarding accident.

Scott: Nice surfing at 96, wow.

Martin: Yeah that’s right and it was the accident that got to him.

Scott: So someone who is going to see their doctor what sort of thing should they ask to have checked other than listen to my heart and take my blood pressure and those sort of every day ordinary things which really doesn’t tell us that much unless there is something drastically wrong. I mean if the blood pressure is off the charts than this is a really good time to find out like these things don’t happen overnight right.

Martin: Right it is a creepy kind of thing that keeps going although you keep going you know these logarithmic sea-change kind of events you know it is slowing going tip, tip, tip to some kind of a limit and all of a sudden it is a flood gate and you are fine for five years and all of a sudden you are not, in a big way, not. Those are the most common signals that you get for heart trouble or a circulatory problem is massive heart attack as your first warning. So it is not like you are going to have a knock-knock and then a bang-bang and then hello-hello, no it is going to be boom it’s over.

Scott: Right because most people don’t survive their first heart attack do they?

Martin: Most don’t no, that is the most common way you know. If you are a man over forty boom and you are gone. Now it actually happens to women commonly as well, it didn’t used to. I think it most commonly happen on Monday’s and it happens to people who just hate to go to work. You know they would rather be dead than there but that is another story. What I wanted to say was the decision whether you are fat or not is controlled by your brain and not very old recent research, within the last fifteen years, shows that it depends on a hormone called leptin and leptin is released by the fat itself and when the signaling of the Leptin is recognized by the brain then the brain goes oh yeah we are fat so we are going to shut off the request for more feed and we are going to start burning the fat because normally a fat person would be living off of carbohydrates and living off a high glycemic index food as in I need a piece of cake or a coffee and donut that sort of craving and it is a craving that is practically irresistible.

Scott: Yes I have had that craving I have spent many a night looking through all my cupboards looking for something to put in my mouth and of course I have nothing that is chocolate chip cookies or chips you know.

Martin: You have defended against that eventuality by keeping your house empty of that.

Scott: There is a war going on, there is Scott who will stick anything in his mouth and Scott who doesn’t want to stick everything in his mouth and at eight O’clock, nine O’clock, ten o’clock some nights that war reaches a crescendo and the Scott that doesn’t want to eat anything bad is gone and the other Scott is running around trying to find something to stick in his mouth.

Martin: Well I could visualize getting into the car and driving to the nearest some place to get a fix. It happens to me too because I am that personality type, blood type or whatever that we need to stand on guard against this trap but the point isn’t to try and overcome with your will this craving. the point is to figure out how to actually change your body’s signalling system so instead of having you burn or live on high glycemic index such as a coffee and donut fix the body would naturally want to consume fat. There are these two modalities that they can be in one is burning carbohydrates or sugars and the other one is burning fats and it has everything to do with the insulin and leptin and the Hypoglycemic and Hyperglycemic episodes and it has to do with thyroid and hormonal levels and triglycerides and all of this can be measured and tested in a doctor’s office if you want but more importantly it can be fixed through dietary changes and this is actually what got me really I am going to get onto a side bar right here. Just today about three hours ago a woman called me and said I am calling to ask you about this article you have on your website and I was looking for someone to put us into the study you know you can check leptins only by doing blood tests but we can change that. I said how do you know all this and she said my daughter is doing a science project and I said well what did she do and she said she got blood drawn from 22 people and she got the leptin tested and she is doing a science project and I said is this college level and she said no and then I said is she is high school and she said no she is in grade seven and I said wow you have a bit of a genius living with you and she said well she did make it to the state science fair in Texas so you know the kid is heading straight for med school right after grade seven. Anyway the point was that one of the subjects a twenty five year old woman had a lepton level of 82 which you are supposed to be somewhere in the tens so what that means is this the leptins are high which means she is phenomenally fat which means the brain is not listening, there is a block and if the brain did recognize it then it would say to the body burn fat we have loads of it.

Scott: Right there is a glut in the market, get rid of that. So what causes that Martin?

Martin: Well it is the sad story, Standard American Diet story that we have been conditioned by the food that we eat slowly same way that we can condition a pig to become a fattened hog to make lots of bacon or you can condition a goose to make foie gras like you can make a goose to eat like crazy and become over fat especially it happens when you develop fatty liver so the signaling just gets messed up so you end up with high insulin levels and end up with insulin resistivity so the messages aren’t getting into the cells.

Scott: So I guess what you are saying is that everyone should go and have this checked.

Martin: Well if you are fat for sure or if you are having these crazy cravings but you don’t need to have it checked to know. You know I don’t need to check outside that it is raining I see that it is raining so I look at me and I have four extra inches around my middle and that tells me the signaling system is not working all that good.

Scott: So now we know that our signaling system is not working good what can we do to make it work better?

Martin: There is this researcher Ron Rosedale and we have several of his articles and he has been researching diabetes for the last twenty years and we have his really well received articles on our website. He has now teamed up with a company called Max International where they are introducing this control your weight program and they have a product called WLX which would be weight loss something control and they are doing really well with it. It is an education plus supplement and Ron says it takes about three weeks at the most to re-educate the body to get the signaling back to working so it stops wanting to burn glucose and starts wanting to burn fats which is the natural way for it to be so instead of having these swings where you need to have a lot of easy to burn sugary foods to just switching to the slow burning high fat foods but mainly what we keep talking about is the super foods and the greens and the hemp protein powder and that sort of thing. So all I can say is that I would love people that have that interest to go and read it you know go to Life Enthusiast’s co-op website click on brands and look at Max international and look at products called Max WLX. It will zap the belly fat I promise. [sorry, this is no longer available – Paleo diet will work]

Scott: And basically what it does is help the body realize that there is a lot more fat hanging around then should be and it says it’s okay to release it and burn it up.

Martin: The only known way to fix this is through dietary changes, diet and supplement so you take the right supplements and you re-educate your body with the right signaling and two or three weeks later you are a new man or new woman.

Scott: It sounds wonderful.

Martin: Yeah so they put you on multiple meals instead of fewer and more frequent not two rather switch it for six and you know get some protein and quality fat like fish, vegetables, good oils and chew lots, drink a lot of water, most of it you need to drink between meals and not with meals because you know if you drink it with meals you end up diluting the stomach acids and it is going to be weak to digest.

Scott: So when people get this Leptin into their systems it controls their hunger and it also helps the body realize that it needs to burn some of the fat as opposed to just the sugars.

Martin: That’s right yes so a little bit of supplementation and a bit of behavioral modification and off we go.

Scott: Alright well thanks Martin that was something that was bothering me when we talked before the show and we went on a little bit of a tangent from the minerals we were talking about the last couple of weeks was concern for my friend and I thought what we were talking about was so interesting and so important that I thought that we should record it and put it out on our radio network this week.

Martin: Yeah right good idea I appreciate that. Let me just give you a list of foods that are not conducive to healthy longevity period.

Scott: So these are the foods you want to avoid?

Martin: Yes if you are craving these foods you definitely have a leptin signaling problem. Commercially prepared salad dressings, fried foods, commercially processed oils, you know the Mazola, Wesson, hydrogenated oils, the light of\r squeezable butter, shortening and anything with the word hydrogenated.

Scott: What about regular butter?

Martin: That’s fine, foods that are not allowed are dairy which is skim, 2%, whole, powdered, butter oh sorry I was wrong he puts butter on the don’t eat it list.

Scott: Okay so it wasn’t on the light butter list but it was on the dairy list.

Martin: Okay white potatoes, all packaged white potatoes, all dry packaged breakfast cereals.

Scott: Okay including granolas?

Martin: Yes rice, breads, deli meats, all pork products, peanuts and peanut butter, beans especially garbanzo and chick peas.

Scott: You are not leaving a whole lot left for us to eat here.

Martin: Yeah corn on the cob, popcorn, corn bread, tortilla.

Scott: No corn on the cob?

Martin: No it is starchy, okay I guess I better take a look at what is allowed here.

Scott: Okay steak I didn’t hear you say steak and chicken.

Martin: Okay the highly recommended is nuts and nut bars preferably raw and unsalted.

Scott: And those would be nuts and not peanuts?

Martin: Yeah the recommend ones are walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, pecans, pistachios and then seeds preferably raw and unsalted such as sunflower, poppy, sesame and I would say that hemp and flax should be there too. Sardines are happy fish preferably fresh but frozen is okay and eggs.

Scott: It’s okay to cook them?

Martin: Yeah.

Scott: Not raw fish?

Martin: Yeah raw fish is better and then chicken; it says free range chicken especially.

Scott: And you said eggs?

Martin: Yeah eggs are happy.

Scott: And is that raw eggs or can I have them fried?

Martin: Well preparation poached, hard boiled or soft boiled, wild meat like venison, buffalo and pheasant, non fat cheese like cottage cheese and ricotta.

Scott: Is yogurt on there?

Martin: No but I would expect it to be okay but of course this is Ron Rosedale’s list right. You know this list will be especially important to people with blood type O because they just don’t do well with carbohydrates at all and people with blood types A and B do a whole lot better but still. So going along here veggie burgers are okay, for your fat sources cod liver oil, flax, hemp do not heat them, coconut and if you must cook with oil use olive or coconut, avocadoes, lots of that.

Scott: Good I love avocadoes.

Martin: Nuts definitely no peanuts and for carbohydrates he recommends greens like turnip, mustard, kale, beets, chard and spinach and your lettuce’s, broccolis and cucumbers, onions, peppers, squashes, and spouts every sprout you want in unlimited quantities.

Scott: I have a sprout on every sandwich I make.

Martin: Good for you.

Scott: Yeah I really like it.

Martin: Yeah cool and in limited quantities beef and lamb, soft cheese, hard cheese, canola and sour cream, yeah so that is the story. No cakes, no cookies, and no ice cream well we already know this all right.

Scott: No scotch, no beer, one glass of red wine.

Martin: Yeah that’s right you’ve got it.

Scott: Well the thing is that if we are living the lifestyle that we like to go to McDonalds three times a week diet lifestyle you know this would be daunting and overwhelming but I have a friend that was into a high protein diet with lots of steak and that sort of stuff and he started dating a gal who was into a raw food diet so she started making these dishes out of raw foods and then I would come over and he would say try this and I was like Oh that is really good and he said nothing in here is cooked and I couldn’t believe it so it is just the skill like any other skill if you get a couple of these raw food cook books, I guess you can’t really call it a cook book well recipe book like raw food is pretty interesting stuff.

Martin: You could call it a prep book.

Scott: With blank pages because there is no food you can cook in it but it is just a matter of making that change these dishes that she was making were spectacular and I really think it is the case of learning it and practicing it a little bit and you know when you go to the produce stand and you but the fresh fruits and vegetables and everything else you know you can buy an awful lot of food for what will go into one bag of canned food so that is a good way to save on money too particularly in these recessionary times that people talk about us being in.

Martin: Yes I actually have a raw food, or living food expert friend and I am hoping to convince her to start taping some you know when she is preparing food at home I hope there is going to be two people taping her and taking pictures so we can turn it into a couple of lessons about lifestyle changes.

Scott: Yeah that would be awesome.

Martin: Yeah she told me that she had twenty five tapes already that she wants me to transcribe and turn into something so I will have to work on that. So you heard it here.

Scott: There you go.

Martin: The good thing is this, the Max WLX supplement it really does make it a lot easier so we are going to go with that.

Scott: Awesome so it will help you restore vitality to you and to the planet.

Martin: Absolutely at least to you.

Scott: So if someone wanted to talk to you about Max international and all this interesting stuff and raw foods, how can they get a hold of you Martin?

Martin: On the phone 1-866-543-3388 and on the website at www.life-enthusiast.com and for the other podcasts at LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com and that should do it.

Scott: Alright well thanks for joining us everybody and hope to have you along for the ride next time and I am Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela and you have been listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op online radio network restoring vitality to you and to the planet see you next time.

Author: Martin Pytela