Podcast 110: Nano Minerals and ORMUS – Part 1

David Hudson used the acronym ORME to refer to Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements which he patented in 1989. In October of 1997 around 70 people agreed by consensus to call the un-assayable form of the transition elements (these are the elements down the center of the periodic chart) by the name ORMUS or m-state. We did this after a fairly lengthy debate on whether these elements were monatomic, diatomic or something else.

There’s a group of elements, all of them in the trans-platinum group, like gold, rhodium, iridium, rhodium, ruthenium, osmium, palladium and these elements can exist in what’s become known as monatomic which are difficult to analyze or to detect, but which deliver a large impact when we encounter them.

We don’t have tools to see nano minerals, but the physical properties are these… instead of being a yellow, pliable gold or metal, it becomes glassy – same way as diamonds or sand.

Their purpose is to nourish your body, mind and soul, for healing and enlightenment.

By increasing the subtle, natural energy of life force (holy spirit, prana or chi) at the cellular level, you can increase your physical and spiritual health.

Believed to help cell to cell communication, ORMUS Supplements can strengthen your immune system, repair damaged DNA, slow or halt aging, increase psychic awareness, and energize your light body.

Each product varies slightly from the others. It is recommend you try several, in order to decide which works best for you. These products have provided many people with general health support, rejuvenation, and spiritual practice enhancement.

Podcast 110: Nano Minerals and ORMUS – Part 1

Scott: Welcome back everybody you are listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op online radio network restoring vitality to you and the galaxy, I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela, hi Martin how are you doing?

Martin: Good Scott your announcement about restoring vitality to the galaxy is probably more appropriate than you would know because I would like to talk to you about Nano minerals.

Scott: So very small minerals?

Martin: Oh so small that they are invisible to the regular Newtonian physics tools they are in fact smaller than atomic, sub atomic so quantum stuff.

Scott: So we are getting into the realm of quantum physics and alchemy and all that sort of good stuff?

Martin: Well the word alchemy. I don’t know exactly what it means to anybody but what it means to me it is the physical or practical work that you can do in changing our reality without the super crazy tools like CERN where they have the twenty mile circuit and trillion electron volt and charging where they drive an electron to maximum speed and jam it into another particle and than watch what happens when it explodes like that. Do you recall when that happened?

Scott: I do recall when that happened and everyone was kind of worried what impact that would have on our reality and it kind of reminded me of two kids with matchbox toy trucks ramming into each other just to see what would happen. They are just young kids right.

Martin: Right that is exactly what the nuclear physicists or nuclear physicists are doing. They are just smashing things just to see what happens. Well anyway this sort of activity has been carried on for millennia going back perhaps to Moses where people have been able to interact with nature creating these unusual elements. This is so big that I am having difficulty finding the words to describe it so I guess I will try and say it this way. There is a group of elements all of them in the trans platinum group which means gold, rhodium, iridium, osmium. rubidium, ruthenium, palladium, those kind of very heavy metals.

Scott: Is silver in that group?

Martin: Yes it is too. These elements can exist in what has become known as monatomic or mono atomic which is something like this when you speak of oxygen it exists really only as O2 where two atoms of oxygen are paired up to create a molecule of oxygen so for instance gold exists in a very similar way where it is aurumn auride as in two atoms of gold each of which has three valance electron fields empty and they hook up with one another. So it is like a pair like a man and a woman if you want to be regular with it hugging closely but mono atomic is when you elongate the atom in such a way that instead of one atom of gold hugging another atom of gold will hug itself so that the three valance electrons that are missing from one layer will actually be hooking up with the three empty spots of itself so to speak.

Scott: So a single atom of gold is what you are talking about?

Martin: Right so that is how these people described it but they really don’t have tools to see it I don’t really know if they are right but the physical properties are these. Instead of being a yellow pliable gold or metal it becomes glassy sort of the same way as diamonds or beach sand.

Scott: I was going to say would it be something like sand.

Martin: Well when you crush glass into small particles it looks like beach sand right.

Scott: Actually if you sit on a beach and you actually look really closely at the particles of sand it looks like glass.

Martin: And what is really not clear is whether they are made of Silica or whether it is possibly mono atomic gold and you wouldn’t know because David Hudson a fellow who spent millions of dollars, thank god he had that type of money and curiosity to pursue it. He went into in the 1990’s well it started in the late eighties and he went public in 1995 when he wanted the world to join him in his inquiry. Anyway what he was publishing was these elements become super conductive even at room temperature there is something called a Bose Einstein Effect and it was in the late 1980’s where David Hudson did a lot of his research and then the mid nineties when he came out to the public on the lecture circuit telling the world what his discoveries were and they were really interesting things. First of all he was talking about the Philosophers Stone telling the world that folks this stuff that we are describing is the Philosophers Stone and he was also talking about the mono atomic gold and he was talking about that it looks like crushed glass but most importantly that it is undetectable by standard analytical methods. This is where it all started because he had this material on his fields that would behave strangely.

Scott: So what you are saying is this monatomic gold or any of these other Nano minerals can occur naturally in nature.

Martin: Oh richly present absolutely they are found especially in volcanic soils they are found in water like sea water subsequently we have since learned how to concentrate them from sea salt. You know I can take Himalayan salt or Dead Sea salt or Atlantic like Celtic salt and I can extract using what is become known as the wet method I can concentrate the ORMUS, the Nano minerals.

Scott: Interesting because I always thought it was something that required a lot of energy and high tech stuff in order to create but what you are saying is that it is a very natural substance in our planet.

Martin: Right in fact I have come to believe that all living things are searching for that like when you put that stuff on your fields plants grow absolutely beautifully as in stronger healthier, bigger. We have pictures of walnuts the size of small oranges and oranges the size of soft balls and so on. It is amazing what it does when you start feeding the plants more of this material. In fact I would actually think rather than ingesting it directly because it is a mineral after all it might be the best use of this material is that you feed it to your garden and you eat whatever plants become once they pick it up it is within their flesh so to speak.

Scott: So what else did David Hudson have to say on the monatomic minerals or the Nano minerals?

Martin: Well the big point is that it was not detectable by the standard chemical analytical methods including spectrographic analysis which is normally done you know you have a carbon electrode and you place a small amount of material on the electrode and you run a huge amount of electricity through it and it just vaporizes the whole thing. So whatever you vaporize there are different bands in the spectrum that is why it is called spectrum analysis and it tells you there is a little bit of iron and a little bit of silica and a little bit of this and that and it tells you which materials you have and what the ratios are. So when he handed this material that he collected on his farm to the analysts they said you have a little bit of silica and a little bit of alumina and little bit of iron oxide and he said well remove those so they removed it and he said what do you have left and they said it is a pound of nothing, it is not anything but it looks like glass. So that is when he got his interest tweaked and he had to try and figure out what it was and it is the monatomic elements that make things grow and make people and animals really healthy. I think later I have come to believe that it is the interface between the world of spirit, the creation, the consciousness and the physical expression of it. See “Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark

Scott: Well that is absolutely fascinating Martin what you are talking about because I read a statement by Steve Coleman from Ocean Manna and I actually just want to read it, it is about three paragraphs and it is quite fascinating particularly when you talk about you know reaching higher spiritual realms or experiences and he is trying to make something and he says the missing factor for one thing is you don’t have to have the gold metal of course there is a lot of missing factors in all of this and I made several forms of red whatever from several sources now one of them exploded when I tried boiling it a few weeks ago fortunately I was not standing next to it when it went off. It was a lye menstruum that had distilled water added to it, it was having small detonations before it reached boiling point which basically refused to boil so I increased the amount heat several times before it started to boil slowly. I went inside the house and about five minutes later I heard it go off. It was red hydroxide stuff quote unquote just all over the place and I can just imagine he is doing all this stuff and it just blows up all over the place it was just red everywhere right and the twelve quart pot was dry with multi colored residue mostly red inside of it and the burner was still going. So I turned off the burner and got the water hose out and started washing the stains off the deck and the house which was almost twenty feet from the burner which was in a three sided enclosure. Two days later I got very ill and broke out all over my body I felt better in three days which included taking some M-3 and rubbing it all over my body the sores that had formed took longer however I have experienced incredible dreams and phenomena that I can’t even explain since then. Some very difficult to deal with and some like the heart cracking wide open which can be hard to deal with and amazing at the same time. I don’t know what else to tell you from this except there is a lot more to understand than what we know thus far somehow I am more convinced that there is more to the platinum group elements. be careful, smile a lot, and love a lot, Steve Coleman and what I think he is talking about is that he is working with this stuff and the cautionary tale always right you know be careful what you are looking for because you might find it.

Martin: Exactly well Steve is an alchemist I mean we represent several of these alchemists on our website. We have materials made by Don Nance under the brand of Ocean Alchemy and Don and Steve used to live together for some time. We have Atlantis Alchemy which is made by Joe Lello and Joe is in Arizona now but he used to apprentice with Don Nance and then we have Don Nance’s daughter Crystal Nance, we have here product under the ORMUS oils. Don is a well liked and well respected alchemist that has just given of himself so generously to others. The point I am trying to make is this: The Work of the alchemist is one of mysterious encounters with reality if you look at the old alchemy books they are full of allegories and stories and descriptions and you will find out that the work of an alchemist was just as much a spiritual journey as a physical journey or art or craft.

Scott: Right and that ties in exactly with what we have been talking about with these mono atomic metals.

Martin: Right you are not only ingesting it after you produce it but you are inhaling it as you are producing it and you are interacting with this stuff and when Steve described how he had that explosion in a twelve quart pot it goes back to something David Hudson was describing in his early experiences he found that when he left a certain amount of this material in open daylight, if sunlight hit it especially ultraviolet rays this thing would just blow off and disappear in a flash of light. So sort of like spontaneous combustion which we have heard humans have seen it and done it, experienced it. You know a person can disappear in a flash of light in a spontaneous combustion. The only thing that is left of a person is just the shoes on the ground everything else is gone.

Scott: So it sounds like I should avoid Nano minerals based on what you just told me because I don’t really want to leave just now.

Martin: Well you should be careful of making the stuff you should learn slowly and you should leave the dangerous processes to the professionals. There are two basic methods of making it and one is the Wet Method, which is essentially concentrating what is already in nature so the starting materials would be the salt the Himalayan salt, the Dead Sea salt or the Atlantic sea salt and things like that and the concentration method is no more complicated than making a soup in the kitchen you just need to be careful because you need to be dealing with caustic chemicals but other than that it is not hard to do and we have the description of this process on the website for anyone to see for anyone who wants to do it. The other method where you actually start with the metal itself you start with gold or rhodium or whatever one of them and you can actually rip it apart and turn it into this monatomic material and that is what Steve was working on, he was boiling this menstruum which is essentially a highly caustic solution and as he was pushing towards the limits of what that material can stand and he is hoping that it will jump to the other side and jump to the monatomic that he will be able to concentrate the thing in such a way that he can interact with it.

Scott: So Martin it is one thing to want to be an alchemist and it is not something that I would do like having a fire in my backyard with 12 quarts of something and causes a big explosion that covers my house in red stuff and gives me boils and everything else, so the question that I have is what is the purpose of the Nano minerals and why should I be you know you have told me enough to scare me away from the Nano minerals and I am thinking in my journey in life one of the things that I want to do is get a higher level of consciousness and maybe approach enlightenment or whatever that may be as well as having a strong healthy physical body and I want to have a strong spiritual side as well and I suspect from some of the stories I have read on the life enthusiast co-op website and particularly under the Nano mineral section in the health education that there is a really strong spiritual reason to learn about this stuff and also to make sure we are getting the Nano minerals.

Martin: Yeah you formulated it really well it is a fantastic question to go back to Steve it is a question of concentration you know if a glass of water is something that will keep you away from thirst a tub of water is something that is going to wash you, and a thousand gallons of water could drown you so Steve was doing the drowning experience you know and when you do too much of a good thing it is going to be a disaster.

Scott: So it is not necessarily a good thing anymore.

Martin: Well as he over did it he had this opening of the heart experience which is a wonderful thing if you are ready for it. I am thinking of this material as if it was an amplifier you know when you put this in it just cranks up whatever you’ve got so if your wires are full of happy music or happy thoughts you are just going to have more of that joy to the ten. If on the other hand you are full of piss and vinegar you are going to have a high volume of piss and vinegar which means you could have a real blow out of anger or things of that sort. so this is something that should not be toyed with in large quantities it should be worked with slowly and in quantities that you can handle so it might be wise to turn to somebody like ourselves with products that we have tested and that we know that are manageable even by a beginner. So for instance one of the products that we sell is called The Gift and it utilizes one of the aspects of these nano minerals which is it carries consciousness the nano minerals somehow remembers what is embedded into them and deliver it so if the person that has created this product for you is at a much lower level of consciousness than you are it is actually going to drag you down to their level and I have had those experiences when I first testing these products for Life Enthusiast to sell. I remember I picked up this one particular item and started taking it and I was getting angrier and disgusted and all kinds of emotions that I had dealt with long ago that I was sure I was past it took me a couple of days to realize it was the fellow that was making the stuff that was experiencing this.

Scott: Right and it is like what Dr Emoto says about water and the memory of water and everything else and you can see how that can apply to anything that is being produced.

Martin: Right and you know what it is possible that the Ormus or the nano minerals are dissolved in water and are actually responsible for the arrangement of the water and the memory it will carry because I really think it is the carrier of the consciousness of the impulse from the you know when I say I want to do such and such who is making that decision.

Scott: Who is the I?

Martin: Yeah who is the I, I had this image in my mind and it is something like a stagecoach you know there are the six horses and behind the six horses there is a guy with the reins and he is sitting at the front and then behind him is the cab and in the cab sits that I don’t know what we shall call it that person that hired the stagecoach driver to take him someplace so the stagecoach driver might think that he is in charge of it, the horse may think that he can go where ever he wants to go but in the end it is the guy in the back that says take me to Paris and I will give you a couple of pieces of gold for your effort. So who is speaking when he says I want you to have a painful experience so that you remember. right? who makes the decision for you to marry a women who for the next fifteen years well whatever the experience that you wish you had not had.

Scott: Who makes that decision indeed I would like to talk to that guy.

Martin: Exactly but I have a little metaphor that I would love to share it is a little parable and it goes something like this. There is a farmer and this is the seventeenth century somewhere is Europe and the farmer has a son and they are working the farm their female horse the mare is in heat and all of a sudden this wild stallion arrives and is courting the mare and he is there for a while and the neighbors say hey this looks like a good idea because all of a sudden you have not only a mare you have a stallion with it and what good luck and the farmer says well, you know, good luck, bad luck who knows? and sure enough three days later the mare and stallion break through the gate and run off into the bush and the neighbors are saying what bad luck you lost your mare and the farmer says good luck, bad luck who knows. well three days later the mare comes from the bush pregnant and the stallion returns with her and the next thing we know the son is trying to break the stallion and he gets thrown off the horse and breaks his leg and such bad luck and good luck, bad luck who knows. a week later the emperor’s crew comes through the village and starts high jacking every young man to come into the next war that the emperor is fighting, all young men are taken except the cripples they have no use for a guy with a broken leg. Good luck bad luck who knows?

Scott: That is a great story.

Martin: Yes it is one of my favorites I just wish I could have told it better than I did but the same thing with the Ormus and what is it going to do and what is it going to amplify, what is it going to bring into your life well you are in control of that so when you take it I would recommend to beginners The Gift because it is programmed to open the human heart and it answers two questions. First question is, am I safe and the second one is do I have enough? Now the am I safe is the fear, is it okay for me to speak in public, is it okay for me to experience something that I haven’t experienced before so that is the fear of the unknown, fear of the public speaking, fear of failure and all of those fears. The second one do I have enough that is the one that drives Bill Gates to continue work even though he has a billion dollars, it is the one that drives Tony Robbins to do his seminars every two weeks even though he doesn’t have to work another hour in his life, it’s the workaholic impetus that we have.

Scott: And it is something like we don’t feel good enough, we don’t have enough money, we don’t have enough love, we don’t have enough health which is always a very stressful situation.

Martin: There is the other aspect of it which is the hoarding you know the pack rats that think this will come in handy you know people who fill their houses with every scrap of paper. I was helping a friend move or at least clean out an apartment after his mother was deceased and that place had department store bags that were twenty to twenty five years old that were neatly folded in a box under the bed she had dozens and dozens of these beautiful things you know every plastic bag that she had ever brought home was neatly folded under the bed and set aside in case one day it might be needed.

Scott: And that is not to say that you shouldn’t be prepared but there is a realistic expectation there too that has to be.

Martin: Yeah how many bags do you need in a life time? Anyway it was amazing this was a one bedroom apartment that had the content of a three bedroom house.

Scott: Wow you could probably hardly walk in it.

Martin: Oh yeah everything, there were lanes and alleys and everything stacked up to the ceiling. Where do we go from here?

Scott: Anyway we were talking about the gift in particular and that is was programmed to answer those two questions and I guess a part of what this whole conversation is about and I think Martin we are going to have to spread this over a number of podcasts episodes because it is such a deep topic is the impact of what you put in your mouth and the impact of that on you spiritual growth.

Martin: That is the scariest thing if you really think about it you are what you eat you know the temple within which you dwell is built by the foods you ingest.

Scott: And when you eat something that has such an impact like the gift you really see that correction in most people and you know I say that I am asleep too we go through life and we pop a ice cream cone or a popsicle, or drink a coke and some of the things we know long term are not going to be helpful for the general well being of our body and forget about our spiritual growth and when you see something like the gift and it is like wow you take a couple drops of this has a huge impact on the way you feel and your spiritual life and you start to see that connection and you start to see the value in what the gift really is.

Martin: That is profound that way. although it doesn’t work that way always and it doesn’t work for everyone in all situations, we have found that people who are deficient in trace minerals don’t feel it as much as people who have trace minerals so it is again we have found that the first few times that you use it, it is always extremely potent you know it is a strong experience but if you don’t have a steady supply of trace minerals this experience will diminish sort of wear off. So do you think Scott that it is time to break it off and and let people hear us in a week to continue?

Scott: Hey Martin do we not have a special coupon for all the listeners today.

Martin: Gee I almost forgot yes we do ORM77 that is only two sevens will get you 2% off of all of the Ormus material including all of the nano minerals.

Scott: Awesome so that is ORM77.

Martin: This is a rare kind of a discount because we actually don’t get a lot of discounts from these alchemists so enjoy.

Scott: Great thanks Martin.

Martin: Okay folks you can find us at www.life-enthusiast.com or call us at 1-866-543-3388 or visit our podcast at LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com and the link is on the website under the podcast link. I thank you for listening this is Martin for Life Enthusiast restoring vitality to you and to the planet.

Author: Martin Pytela