Podcast 119: Life Enthusiast Success Stories

Another day-in-the-life of Life Enthusiast. “Hi, this is your Health Coach. How may I help you?”

Listen to Martin explain how to think globally (with the body) and to learn the difference between tactical and strategic, when applied to nutrition.

One man calls and asks about all his supplements – that he’s talking lots of – and still has high blood pressure. Martin recommends Exsula Superfoods Heart Studies Formula, Quantium (sorry no longer available) and Iridesca. After one week, the man calls back – astounded!  His blood pressure had returned to normal and could not understand why. Yet another week goes by and his blood pressure is back up high again, so he calls Martin back. Turns out that the man was taking too much – overwhelming his metabolic system.

Podcast 119: Life Enthusiast Success Stories

Scott: Welcome back everybody you are listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op online radio network restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela and last time we were talking about experiencing a day in the life of martin Pytela and we had so much fun doing it and we also had more stories that we wanted to share so we thought we would have another day in the life of Martin Pytela. Hey Martin how are you doing?

Martin: Hi this is your health coach speaking how can I help you?

Scott: Well I am Korean Martin and I am living in New York and I have high blood pressure and my parents are living somewhere in Korea and they have some problems too, can you help me?

Martin: Well that is not how it goes, tell me about your life style Scott.

Scott: I eat kelp and alfalfa sprouts and I eat water with precious prills.

Martin: You don’t you know this fellow that called.

Scott: This is a true story folks.

Martin: Yeah this is a true story I don’t want to embarrass anyone or whatever but this fellow called and he said I am taking all these supplements like coenzyme Q10 a high dose; I am taking a high dose of vitamin C. I am taking vitamin B high dose but I have high blood pressure. So I said listen you need to think globally and I said do you have any education and he said yeah I have an MBA and I said okay you need to take the MBA skills that you have learned and you need to apply that to understanding nutrition. You need to understand the difference between tactical and strategic and he said oh I know those words. Good they taught him something at school and so anyway his complaint was high blood pressure and I said well you know vitamin C is good it’s an antioxidant it helps, coenzyme Q10 it’s good it is great at helping anti aging situations and protect your muscles and other hard working organs in your body but it is very narrow it just focuses on one thing out of ten thousand that you need to take care of.

So he ended up order from us the Heart Studies Formula so we sent it there and he actually ordered more things, the Exsula Quantium (sorry no longer available) and the Iridesca so he is taking some Iridesca some Quantium and some Heart Studies and after one week he calls up and he says I am just so excited my blood pressure dropped, it is normal, how is it possible? and I said well you are taking good stuff and he called after one more week and he said my blood pressure is up what is going on? Is your stuff working or is it not working? So the response was you are taking too much because what he was doing was adding so much of the supplements that now it was over revving his metabolic system and his cleansing and all of the other organs in the body so it is just like stepping on the gas too much and your wheels are spinning and your rubber is smoking out back that is sort of what is going on for him his blood pressure started rising again so we need to reset and come back.

So anyway the interesting part was that he called again today and i have known him now for three or four weeks and he is saying well I would like to help my mother and i said what about your mother. He said she is still in Korea and she has had colon cancer and it is bad and they say they can’t help her so he is asking me what we can do for her and then he says my father also needs help he has heart problems, he has had multiple bypass surgery and his circulatory system is collapsing it is hard and his health is shot. I was thinking how is this possible has Korea gone completely mad as well is everybody living in Seoul just as badly off as everybody living in New York?

Scott: Sounds like it doesn’t it.

Martin: Yeah sure well that is just an example of one but yes how is it that these people are unwell, how is it that this nice old lady with a loving son that wants to buy her stuff and send it to her and of course we have answers right like cancer we always look at toxicity and how to reverse that and oxygenation and how to improve that.

Scott: I want to talk a little bit, you talked about the blood pressure and cholesterol with him and how it went back up and I was just on the heart studies formula product page and I am not sure where I read it but I thought it was very interesting because there is no cholesterol in the heart studies formula itself so when solidified cholesterol starts dissolving off of arterial walls but it has nowhere to go but back into the liquid blood which temporarily raises blood cholesterol and so this means when you think about it when you wash a car you walk up and it is kind of dry and maybe it has some dirt in it and everything else and then all of a sudden it is full of foam and that can kind of be like the blood pressure going up and that is kind of a natural function that happens and rinse it all off and clean it all up and dry it and get back to your clean car and we often if we are checking these things closely we don’t realize if we have all this cholesterol on the insides of our arteries because it has to go somewhere and when that process is occurring it could mean a spike in cholesterol or some other things.

Martin: Oh yea if you are doing that heart study formula you should not take a cholesterol test because it is going to be off the chart crazy high but what we recommend that people do is increase their intake of fiber both soluble and insoluble fiber so it will be something like the Apple fiber you know like the high pectin apple fiber that we sell or it could be something like PGX which is a commercial fiber or even something like psyllium or even just oatmeal you know oatmeal has a wonderful way of absorbing cholesterol it will scrub it out of your digestive system so yeah it will leave your body.

Scott: Right so did you send something off to the mom?

Martin: We are just working on it now we just took the order and I processed it today and it is getting shipped tomorrow.

Scott: So we will have another success story for you in a short period of time.

Martin: Well we hope, sometimes people are broken beyond repair and sometimes they don’t change their lifestyle sufficiently to reverse the damage that they have caused. Yeah you know this natural health and wellness is a fickle field it all depends on the behavior of the person.

Scott: It is the whole thing like we keep talking about it is not just what you eat but if you exercise and how much sleep and how much stress, the air that you breathe, what the environment is like, lots of things go into it.

Martin: And you know what is curious is the repetition of it – I am having to repeat the same stuff over and over but to the same person because they are not getting it or the people who call in because it is just so ingrained in everybody this technological approach to everything and we are saying no the natural approach which is really what you need to do. I remember saying to him you need to think like a Korean farmer and I said eat Kim chi and he said that’s bad it is salty and salt raises your blood pressure and I said well Korean farmers sweat a lot because they are working hard he needs to replace the salt that is why Kim Chi is salty I guess you need to get to the gym and work out.

Scott: Well there is a big difference between being out on a farm versus a big city too that has got to be stressful on the body the air quality to say nothing of the noise and being around buildings with air conditioning as opposed to plants.

Martin: Yes and the wind and the good old sunshine.

Scott: So who else did you talk to today Martin?

Martin: You know this is an interesting thing this is one of our resellers a fellow that has been doing business with us for about nine months or something like that oh not that long about six months. Anyway this fellow started by just being interested in what we were doing and so we are saying super foods and such so he bought a whole bunch of it and has been selling it to his colleagues but more than that he started using it himself and this fellow I’m told when this lady described him to me she said he loves his food.

Scott: So we have a good idea of what he looks like without being told.

Martin: Oh yeah he was about three hundred pounds and just a big, big guy or some number like that anyway he started using these products and they are making tremendous differences I am told he has to buy all new clothes because nothing fits him he is turning into a skinny guy and he is looking good and everyone is looking around but here is the strange thing you know this woman that is calling me to tell me that this nephew of hers loves his food she has known about me for a year and a half and her son who is a fitness fanatic and a health nut who has been using our products has been telling her about it all this time, for months.

Scott: And she won’t try any of it because her son has looked the same as he always has to her so there must not be any difference using these products.

Martin: All he was able to report was i have more energy.

Scott: Right because he had no weight to lose.

Martin: No he just simply had energy to spare and was feeling great and all that but now that this nephew is on it the whole family is noticing it and this fellow the young whipper-snapper who looks good called me up and said everyone wants these products from me now the whole family is calling they all want it.

Scott: It is so funny we need to see the before and after don’t we.

Martin: yeah it is bizarre that they just wouldn’t believe him but you know here is this classic problem that I have is that I cannot convince anybody that I know anything in my family you know like my father will not listen me he still thinks I am a ten year old boy who knows nothing and my brother will not listen to me he thinks that he is a fifteen year old that he remembers that doesn’t know much about anything or my aunt or my wife’s relatives they just see the guy you see at a BBQ talking to whatever about anything they have no reference to the twenty five years of study and daily coaching sessions and understanding on how things work. They only know me as the guy who is the father of cousins that their kids play with so same goes for this fellow who’s mother just doesn’t believe him because she has no reference so I have fully given up on trying to help my family.

Scott: Let me just say you are never a prophet in your home town right.

Martin: Yeah that’s right.

Scott: Or once you leave and go somewhere else then everyone wants to hear what you have to say the people that know you.

Martin: And an expert is a guy from out of town with a briefcase so I can not be the prophet in my own town or my own village so all the same. We have this totally physical palpable evidence in front of us I mean this fellow who has weight problems all this time and he is on superfoods and he has lost massive amounts of weight and everyone is wondering how he is doing it and he say oh I just eat these superfoods.

Scott: Nothing to it.

Martin: That’s the truth, the ZoeTein that we make that stuff is good enough to be a meal replacement to anyone if you take two tablespoons of that in a shake that’s a whole meal and it will work. I am just remembering a testimonial that we got from a girl she was a 24 year old overweight woman and she wrote that she misread the label and she thought it was eight tablespoons not eight teaspoons in a daily dose so she was shoveling it in and she said I don’t mind she said I lost ten pounds in two weeks.

Scott: Wow and that was on the ZoeTein?

Martin: Yeah on the ZoeTein and she said all of my co-workers are getting their own bottles because they are noticing this go get them attitude I have you know this bushy tailed bright eyed thing. This person all of a sudden has energy right.

Scott: Well often times we take the minimum to maintain as opposed to taking what we need for optimum health.

Martin: Yes that was the thing about not taking enough that we talked about on our previous podcast where you thought one teaspoon was enough even though the suggested serving said one ounce and we have similar issues with people who buy the bottle and it has a hundred and fifty teaspoons in it and it cost a hundred and twenty dollars and they are thinking a hundred and twenty dollars, this is expensive.

Scott: And only take a little bit.

Martin: Right it’s like gold eh manna from heaven and yet if you really think about it a hundred and twenty dollars if you use that bottle within a month that is four dollars a day.

Scott: Yeah that’s like your Starbucks coffee.

Martin: Or one fast food quick snack it’s not even a whole meal right.

Scott: Well what I found interesting about the ZoeTein and we have talked about this previously as well is the way the protein and everything works right and I am on the page that talks about it and it says ZoeTein formula includes numerous protein synergists which specifically helps the protein utilization process deep within your body’s cells. These protein synergists include amino acids, enzymes, essential fatty acids, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and trace elements and many other minerals to ensure your body can efficiently utilize them all and I think that is kind of the key because it is from a natural food source and it hasn’t been cooked the amino acids, fatty acids and enzymes too none of it has been damaged or destroyed so your body id able to get it. Just like in the old days when we would be wandering the plains of Africa and we would have a little bit of bark and a little bit of berries and some fruit or whatever would happen to be around, some roots …

Martin: Some insects or sun baked grub.

Scott: So I think it’s important that we understand that it is not just a hundred milligrams of vitamin C which is again that is the pharmaceutical approach. Oh you’ve got a cold well here’s a bunch of vitamin C. Well the vitamin C helps but there are other things that you normally get with the vitamin C if you ate it naturally that are gone and who knows what is supplied. So you have got to make sure you get the whole picture and we go back to that whole holistic approach or strategic approach.

Martin: You know this reminds me of watching a movie and then at the end of the movie watching all the credits scroll by you know if you think the movie is about the actors like you have two or three super stars and then maybe five or six minor roles and then a couple hundred extras that are just sort of on the scene filling the canvas but then you start thinking about all the other people on the other side of the camera. All the support, all the carpenters that built the scenes and the seamstresses that made the clothes and all the people I don’t know but you can read all those credits as they scroll by you know the key grip and the best boy, the caterer and whatever other name they give it. All of these things are important and they are right there waiting to be recognized well that’s what we have here. You know the vitamin C gets the staring in the main role support is vitamin C. Well if that other part didn’t arrive at the same time then we would have no movie.

Scott: Right we need all the players doing their jobs even the ones on the other side of the camera that we don’t see them.

Martin: Right we don’t talk about them but they need to be there and that’s what you were talking about – the synergists – the guys that are on the team that don’t get the full credit or they don’t get the full billing and this is where the force of creation call it god made or nature made or just natural. That’s what is important. That is why we are in the business of promoting whole natural superfoods. We may have concentrated some of the important ingredients like we spike it with co-enzyme Q10 which is a concentrate made out of some plants or we use lecithin because we use more of the emulsifier than you would find naturally but it is god made. We have not extracted it from petroleum products like the typical vitamin B that you buy in a health food store these days. It is not natural it is a petroleum product.

Scott: Right let’s take some motor oil and think that it’s going to make us feel better or work better.

Martin: I read an interesting debate one of the more popular natural health personalities Dr Joe Mercola that had on his website a discussion about natural versus the other.

Scott: The synthetics.

Martin: Anyway there was a reference to a study and the study says that vitamin A is ineffective against cancer so you look behind the curtain. They used synthetic vitamin A and they tried to prove a point. Well they have nothing to prove. It is like saying the fly will not take off after you have ripped off its wings. I am just remembering this little joke about the scientist researching flies and his conclusion was flies without wings are deaf because they will not respond to his command to fly away. It is that sort of thing right you set up a premise than you fulfill the premise with a false solution and then you document that the false solution doesn’t work but pretend that the solution was legitimate.

Scott: I mean that is like saying water doesn’t cure cancer either so don’t bother drinking any water if you have cancer. The logic is just amazing how bad the logic is that people try to feed us.

Martin: Yeah well statistics right you can twist things so well.

Scott: Well you know that 84.3 percent of all statistics are made up including that one.

Martin: And then you are finding out that some companies are like respectable companies like Merk have completely made up or at least significantly made up data that they use to get certified by the FDA on certain products. I mean it is astounding and then these guys are called out on it and then they say yeah we made up the data and you know they don’t pull the drug that is certified or approved based on that data. I have something on my mind do you remember this recent affair about hydroxicut?

Scott: No what happened with hydroxicut?

Martin: Hydroxicut is an anti fat or get skinny product that is really popular with weight lifters and body builders and get skinny quick type of people and it is sold in many stores I mean I wouldn’t take it but it’s out there. Anyway the stats show that one person had significant liver damage I don’t know if it was to the point of death or just significant health problems and 23 reported adverse reactions. so the FDA went after the company that makes Hydroxicut and forces them to pull it off of the shelves, all of them right now like millions of dollars of economic hardship so now compare this to Vioxx. Vioxx caused a hundred thousand or so heart attacks in America.

Scott: I have heard of Vioxx.

Martin: Yeah you have heard of Vioxx it was approved by the FDA and it finally got pulled but it took that much but let’s talk about something that is still on the market, Gardisil. Gardisil is a vaccination for young girls pre-puberty between nine and fourteen years of age and the advertising is relentless telling mothers bring your daughters in to vaccinate them. There are about thirty deaths so far, there are convulsions and seizures and loss of the use of limbs like all kinds of significant problems and it is still on the market.

Scott: It is just amazing.

Martin: Yeah it is the power of the lobby right because the company that makes it has a significant budget in Washington where their lobbyists are talking to the law makers. They are massaging it there and they are steering it there. I mean everybody including the president is beholden to them because they have helped elect him anyway their ability to control the legislative body is phenomenal and the other side of it that their advertising budget is so big that they practically control the television. You know if fifty percent of all advertising dollars comes from the pharmaceutical industry and I think that is close to being correct than they practically own the TV stations too because it is the advertising dollars that keeps it going right.

Scott: That’s right and this is the problem the drug companies make so much money that they are able to throw millions at the advertising and the marketing and of course that just feeds this whole taking the wrong stuff for the wrong reasons.

Martin: Well imagine yourself as the station manager for 123.com and your news program is about to run a one hour expose on a particular drug you know your investigative journalists have done the research and they have lots of material and they have dozens of deaths and thousands of maimings and this thing is just awful and you are about to run this. You are about ten days away from running this and you get a call and the call is something like we don’t want to threaten your journalistic integrity but we would just like it if you didn’t run this and if you did run it than we would be forced to pull our advertising from your station. So now that you have heard it that it is fifty percent of the advertising budget that means about thirty three percent of your operating budget which means you would have to lay off at least a third but probably forty five percent of your staff so what are you going to do. Well you are going to say sorry guys we are going to pull this show and carry on as if nothing happened or you are going to say damn the torpedoes full speed ahead and we are going for it and show these bastards whatever. How many mortgages, how many children’s college funds, and how many households are you going to disrupt. People that you have worked with, people that you care for and all of that and then you look them in the face and say I felt that the truth was more important than your job or whatever all of you 40 percent of you, a third of you and in these bigger stations that’s thousands of you right. So that’s where we are and how far we’ve got. This reminds me of the other problem we had in our society that some companies are too big to fail or to be allowed to fail.

Scott: Well just look at the auto makers.

Martin: I am thinking of the banking and the AIG which had become so large that by letting it fall would have pretty much caused the domino that felled the financial industry but the right thing would have been to let it go. You screwed up, suffer the consequences, we will hurt here for a while but we’ll get through it. that is the high road that we should be prepared to take but we don’t as a rule we don’t because the consequences are difficult. Just as I outlined here about the station manager having to decide whether to pull this program or not.

Scott: That’s right, it’s making the hard decisions and living with them that is really the tough part because of the way we have set up our society.

Martin: Well my line is that the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions.

Scott: Well I was trying to segway that into a closing that we have the best of intentions and we have the road to heaven and that’s about putting good stuff into your mind and into your body and not junk.

Martin: Well we are going back to the word holistic if you are thinking big picture and you see the whole thing than it is important that you consider that you should have let that financial monster fail because if you don’t let it fail the consequences of trying to fiddle it back together and jig it together with spit, chewing gum and wire it is actually going to fall apart on the next bump and the same thing happens with this station manager when he shuts off this one program that would tell about the dirty ugly and the power of money and the pharmaceutical industry and all he made was the bad guys stronger and it is the same thing that happens in our body right if we allow something to fester like in the digestive system and I don’t fix it now and if I take the cortisone shots to dull the pain instead of dealing with the cause of the inflammation I will pay the price down the line. So folks I am sure I am preaching to the choir those of you who are listening here probably understand that there really are no short cuts and you need to take the high road as opposed to if you take the low road because that’s the one you are already hearing about. It’s your road to hell.

Scott: That’s the easy way and I think it is more than the easy way it is sort of the way the system and the process and everything is set up but it doesn’t have to be that way. Like I have some friends that are totally into raw food and I am amazed at what they are eating and how good it tastes so it is also a matter of learning and re-educating ourselves and getting back to those fundamental basics of eating real foods and not fake food.

Martin: Oh Amen brother.

Scott: Alright Martin so if someone wanted to do the Korean living in New York did or do what the women we talked about last week did from Chicago and find out more about what they can do to improve their health, how could they get a hold of you?

Martin: Oh come to our website and read just read it is at www.life-enthusiast.com or listen to the podcast, you can click on the podcast link we have 120 episodes and each one of them is educational and we really try to not waste your time and I believe we have not wasted your time by giving you real live examples about what is going on and implement these things in your life. Or you can phone for answers specific to your needs and you can call at 1-866-543-3388 and we will get you in touch with one of our health coaches, I am one of them and we will get you help.

Scott: There you go, that’s awesome and if you want to listen to previous episodes of our life enthusiast co-op radio network shows you can head over to LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com and of course there is a big podcast button on every page of the Life Enthusiast co-op website as well.

Martin: Okay well that’s it this is how you get a hold of us and we hold to our motto restoring vitality to you and to the planet, thank-you for listening.

Scott: Bye-bye everybody.

Author: Martin Pytela