Podcast 120: Silica for Healthy Connective Tissues

When we call Orgono Silica organic, we do not mean that it comes from organic agriculture or a specific plant source. In chemistry, the term “organic” means the molecule includes a linked carbon atom. In its natural form, silica is inorganic and is not assimilable by humans. To be absorbable, it needs to be organic (with a carbon atom within its structure).

The discovery of organic silica unfolded when Loic Le Ribault found that some quartz crystals contain amorphous silica that was soluble in water. After studying many samples he proved the frequent presence of micro organisms such as bacteria and diatoms, on the surface of certain grains of sand.

Podcast 120: Silica for Healthy Connective Tissues

Scott: Welcome back everybody you are listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op podcast restoring vitality to you the planet and the solar system and all the little bitty microbes in your body you need to be healthy and strong and everything else and I am your co-host Scott Paton along with the other co-host Martin Pytela it is sunny where I am is it sunny where you are?
Martin: It is so beautiful I hate the thought of sitting at my computer recording a podcast but I am committed.

Scott: You are and this is the 119th podcast and I don’t think we have missed a two week period in the last two and a half years or so and we have made a huge commitment to you our listening audience and we really appreciate the feedback that you give us at our LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com podcast page or also the comments that you give when you call or email us so thank you very much for that and Martin it is beautiful right here too and we went for a walk along the river and oh I have to tell you news flash folks there are these signs as you go on the path to the river near me that says beware black bears and so of course I do what I always do when I see those signs I totally ignore it and two days ago around dusk I went for a bike ride around the river and if you go south there is a little walking bridge over the river and you come up the other side and then there is a big bridge that can hold cars on it and then I come back down the other side and I was just about doing that loop and of course coming off the bridge with the cars and then I swung back into the neighborhood and then back onto the path and the path is a slight decline so I love it because by this time I am a little bit tired and I just kind of let go and I look up and about thirty or forty feet in front of me I see these beautiful green bushes and the path and a black blob and I am thinking that’s weird and then I realize that black blob is alive and so I put on my breaks and it is kind of gravely so I make that kind of gravely stopping sound, skidding I am totally out of control I can’t stop in time if that bear is hungry I am dinner and the skidding sound startles the black blob and it trucks off into the woods as I go by and i am no more than ten feet away from its rear end and I am looking at this black bear and he is like I don’t want to meet this guy but he is not running just kind of moseying on and there is another black bear four or five feet in front of him so I am thinking oh my goodness I could have run into both of these bears with my bike if I was a little unlucky I mean if I was like a blueberry I would be toast.

Martin: Toasted blueberry well I have had a similar story walking up the path and I want to walk where I want to walk but I see you know 20 or 30 yards ahead there is a bear and I kind of put my arms up in the air to make myself look big just to signal that I am the dominant creature here and the bear backs up and puts his paws up in the air and it was clearly defending whatever it was doing there I think it had some food or whatever so I kind of said you know what I think I am backing down and went back down the path and took the long way around.

Scott: That’s funny.

Martin: Yeah it was a no contest with the bear I am just not equipped to deal with the situation.

Scott: I wasn’t equipped either I just thank my lucky stars that it didn’t get ugly but I think of course at dusk you know when the sun is getting ready to set and that is of course the time that they come out and they want to chew on some leaves and that sort of stuff.

Martin: So the moral of the story we both enjoy life yes?

Scott: That’s right yes and somebody is obviously looking after me because otherwise I would be half eaten right now.

Martin: So those of you folks that are listening from Los Angeles you probably have no idea what we are talking about.

Scott: Yeah and it is not like I am in what you would call the wilderness either.

Martin: Oh yes you are you are right at the edge you know like ten miles north of where you are, is absolutely nothing.

Scott: Okay five miles north of where I am is absolutely nothing you are right but where I am is considered city.

Martin: But when you live at the edge you know Canada is like that you actually do live at the edge of what man has claimed to be his territory.

Scott: Actually I was talking to somebody at a party I was at a couple of months ago and they are supplying ten thousand bear proof garbage cans to the city I am living in I don’t know if it is for the city for the parks and everything or they are giving it to all the residents or what but wow that is a big order and he says yeah there is a big problem with bears and we need to make sure they don’t start liking our food.

Martin: Yeah they get hungry and they like garbage and they will come in and take it and once they get accustomed to taking it, it is trouble.

Scott: Yep up in Whistler BC there is a real problem with bears breaking and entering now like they will break into houses and go to the fridge and open the fridge and help themselves and it is a very big problem because once that happens like where can you put the bear where it is not going to be threatening.

Martin: Just kill it that is the only option you have.

Scott: And that is not good so a little education can be a little harmful.

Martin: Okay so this is a little Canadiana for our worldwide listeners it was only about four hours ago a fellow called me up from United Arab Emirates and he said I am an avid listener of your podcast and I would like to consult with you about this that and the other and so we talked and it is kind of interesting to know that someone in Dubai or where ever he is that is listening to our podcasts.

Scott: That is wonderful well hello Dubai or the United Arab Emirates.

Martin: Yes sir I don’t want to break you anonymity but you are appreciated.

Scott: That is wonderful so when we discussed what we were going to talk on today’s show Martin you brought up a mineral called silica and I said to you what is silica because I have never heard of that I have heard of stuff with silica derivative names but not just silica and you kind of were about to explain it to me and I said let’s wait and record this and let everybody else find out what silica is at the same time I find out about it. So today we want to talk about a mineral and the mineral is silica and there is a whole section on the Life-Enthusiast.com health education pages so you can read more detail and I think there are some amazing stories in here so first of all what is silica and what is it for and how does it work and why do we need it.

Martin: Perfect well you know it is so interesting that there is not even an RDA recommended daily allowance for silica. you know back in the 60’s when they were setting up all the important nutrients that a human should know or should have or should be considering silica didn’t even make the list and yet it is so important it is extremely important and is misunderstood and unknown and I will explain that shortly. So of course silica, silicon valley what are we talking about, silica is SiO2 which is an oxide of silicon and is the element and is essentially the beach sand or the stuff from which computer chips are made.

Scott: Okay I have heard of that like Silicon Valley and sand and computer chips so I understand that our computers I can see that our computers need it but i never thought of giving a supplemental tablet to my computer to make it healthy and keep it from getting viruses but why do humans need it? Well, OK, that’s a computer joke … why do humans need it?

Martin: What is curious is that silica SiO2 or beach sand or quartz is not absorbable to the human body in any way we would need plants to help us bring it back into the form that we could actually absorb. It needs to be bound to something like carbon or organic like if it is not organic we can’t do anything with it, it just passes through. So the story goes in an interesting territory there is a scientist from France his name is Louis Kervran and he wrote a very important book called Biological Transmutations and this fellow discovered the following and he tested this when you deprive chickens of calcium they will continue to lay eggs, perfectly formed good eggs but if you deprive chickens of silica they will stop. This puzzled him, how is it possible that chickens continued to make eggs which are calcium shells only if they have silica and he discovered that silica combined with carbon will form calcium well what he discovered was a method called protonization and he discovered in nature there is such a thing as cold fusion and it happens in living bodies all the time that is why he called it the biological transmutations and he discovered that the chemists and physicists of the modern age don’t understand they only understand the electron based transactions where one element never changes into another you know carbon remains carbon and oxygen remains oxygen.

Scott: So we are getting into the alchemy again.

Martin: Oh yes very much so and so in this article called biological transmutations it is on the web site under the health education minerals, silica you can find this tiny little table that says if you take sodium and add it to hydrogen you end up with magnesium and if you take sodium and add oxygen you end up with potassium if you take sodium and add lithium you end up with oxygen or the other way around if you start with lithium and oxygen you end up with sodium and the important bit here is the silica and carbon which equals calcium so if you want to build strong bones you actually need silica and carbon.

Scott: Not calcium?

Martin: Not calcium.

Scott: So there is another let’s just call it urban myth that just got squashed because I have often wondered why people talk about you drink milk because it has lots of calcium and your bones get strong and ever since we have drank milk we have more osteoporosis than we ever had when we didn’t drink milk.

Martin: Well you know cow’s milk is formulated for baby cattle it is not formulated for a human and it is not formulated for an adult I mean at best when it is fully fermented like when you have yogurt, kefir or something like that it is a fully fermented product than you have some chance of absorbing some of those nutrients but if you just take it straight especially pasteurized it’s no good. Oh and especially homogenized, the homogenization in the fat globules in the milk that is very problematic. Any way I don’t want to get into a whole side bar about milk and how it really is not a good source of nutrition for anyone. What I wanted to get to was that silica combined with carbon is the source of calcium and so silica is really extremely important, organic silica is extremely important to us mammals and apparently even birds like chickens to form calcium and silica as such is involved in all connective tissue so that would be your hair, nails, skin, joints, ligaments so if you want to have beautiful smooth supple strong looking skin you need organic silica.

Scott: So where do we get silica?

Martin: Well you certainly cannot go to the beach and start taking fists full of sand because that is SiO2, and you need to get it carbon bound so you can get it through some plants the most famous one is horsetail. You have heard of horsetail right?

Scott: Yes.

Martin: So that is a good source of plant bound silica and the other source is now we are going to take another side bar to a French scientist this time his name is Loic le Ribault who has discovered how to make organic silica out of ordinary silica and he created this curious combination that is called mono-methyl-silane-triol or something like that I don’t even remember the name all of a sudden. We have the formula written up somewhere here. Oh here it is orgono silica mono methyl silane triol as if that would make sense to anyone right.

Scott: Yeah right you might as well have been speaking some foreign language there Martin. So he made a process where he could get silica into the body?

Martin: Well the process by which you combine silica with carbon.

Scott: And once you do that you are able to absorb it?

Martin: Yes.

Scott: Okay just making sure I got the concept right.

Martin: Yes absolutely correct so here we have Loic le Ribault, a Frenchman who discovered how to cure many things, arthritis was the first thing and cancer was the other but unfortunately as many of these types he started telling people all around him what he found.

Scott: Which is always a big mistake isn’t it.

Martin: Well think of Galileo Galilei sixteen hundred something he started telling his neighbors that there are moons around Jupiter and it looks like Earth is not the center of the universe.

Scott: And it’s not flat.

Martin: Well yeah it’s rotating. So the news got out that Loic le Ribault was curing people and the powerful interests that don’t really need a cure for things that they all ready have a treatment for you know this is a nice side bar for there is a difference between a cure and a treatment and western medicine the industrial professional medicine as we know it is very good at designing treatments you know like typically we have a very good treatment for osteoporosis we don’t fix it we treat it or we have a great treatment for cancer like chemotherapy or we have operations and radiations and this and that and we tell you are in remission you are not cured you are treated. So here is Loic le Ribault and he has cure for stuff.

Scott: Yeah because he is giving it to people and they are no longer sick.

Martin: Yeah they no longer need treatment now that is transgressing upon the economic interests of the people who have the patented treatment.

Scott: So some of the things he found that silica would do with this process that he had was it would minimize joint discomfort so it would transfer calcium and other essential minerals into the bone matrix and it will increase flexibility and mobility so it will help with muscle soreness and it will help with arthritis and support or it would maintain your bone density and strength, it will help you regain an active lifestyle, it would help strengthen the arteries and increase the elasticity if blood vessels I mean isn’t that a big problem with people as they age?

Martin: Yeah hardening in the arteries is one of the two biggest causes of high blood pressure.

Scott: And those of us who are narcissistic it puts moisture back into an aging body so you start looking younger and your hair and skin and teeth start looking better and the weird thing is that it is the second most abundant element on Earth and it is an essential element of living matter and we have a critical need for it and it is just weird that nobody talks about this stuff.

Martin: Because it is just not understood I mean the preamble you know silica plus carbon equals calcium it would negate all of these ideas that we need to eat calcium rocks in order to make bones. It is upside down like the Earth is flat and the next thing you know is oh my gosh, it’s not you have to step out. I mean there is so much invested interest in believing that cold fusion is nonsense and biological transmutation doesn’t exist and that cellular terrain management is not the answer to dealing with illness, that the flu is something that comes from outside, that you cannot prevent it by keeping your body alkaline and all of the other myths that the system needs to defend because that’s where the patented treatments are vested. So here it goes again right folks.

Scott: I mean this isn’t a new thing either, this isn’t something that we just figured out a few years ago this is something that has been around for decades. So this French scientist that we are talking about he was prosecuted and everything else and that was in the fifties wasn’t it?

Martin: Well the last version of the silica, the G5 he started distributing in 1995 and they started writing about it and after some initial skepticism the author became completely convinced of the therapeutic effects of Loic le Ribault’s discovery and published a five page article in a magazine about the details of his work and the suppression of his findings and the unbelievable result of this article was that le Ribault was dragged into an uncontrollable conflict with the judiciary and other hidden forces in the days following the publication and he received thirty five thousand phone calls, letters and visiting patients. He had to rent a hotel room and call scientists and doctors and personal friends to help sort out the calls and the newspaper had to hire eight receptionists to answer all the calls. The local telephone system broke down and the phone lines to the police station were blocked for days. In the three months that followed the article le Ribault did his best to treat thousands of people who converged on the area seeking help. He says now that pharmacists in the area lost about thirty five percent of their volume to this tidal wave.

Well the article had other more sinister results as soon as it came out other new papers were warned not to publish such articles. He received frequent death threats, his house was burglarized, and his collaborators were threatened. One middle aged women who had been his aide for years was held hostage for an hour in his house and was attacked and seriously wounded and le Riabult knew the assailant, a Marseilles criminal who tried to force le Ribault to give him a franchise for the G5. The police did nothing when they were informed of the situation so you know we could go into the conspiracy theory or whatever but anyway he essentially needed to go underground than to foreign land you know he left France for Ireland and in the end he died imprisoned and harassed and broken hearted and just hounded to death. Reminds me of another guy … never mind.

So what we have now is his heritage, this process that he invented is known and patented and there is this company in Spain called Silicium Laboratories that manufactures this product based on this discovery and we sell it. It is available in the liquid form that you can drink; it is available in the gel form that you can put on your skin and joints and so on and it is also available in a couple of other formulas like there is the mix called the Soriasil which can be used on psoriasis and Hemosil which would be used on hemorrhoids because it helps to heal connective tissue problems. Poor guy really when you try and contemplate the story I feel like crying every time I look at these things.

Scott: It is really like an alchemy right before our eyes right. I guess the point I wanted to make was that even though that French scientist did a lot of that stuff in the 1990’s like if he saw further it was because he stood on the shoulders of giants and those were people in the 1800’s trying to figure out some of these things. Like one scientist in 1831 germinated water-cress seeds in clean glass vessels and showed that the water-cress contained minerals which did not previously exist in the seeds and you would think probably weren’t in the water.

Martin: No it would have to have been by cold fusion by biological transmutation.

Scott: In 1844 another scientist found evidence of biological transfusion and these had been published in journals and peer reviewed and everything else so it is just pretty amazing that stuff just comes together in ways that we don’t have an understanding of. I mean we are learning it now but it is something that.

Martin: Well it exists in the same way of functional medicine or orthomolecular medicine exists side by side with the allopathic medicine but all of the funding goes into all of the allopathic medicine and that’s just the system. It runs and controls the insurance companies and the advertising budgets and the TV sets and what we see on them and it just controls all of that. Even though the orthomolecular medicine is alive and well and we promote it and practice it and I know doctors that are specialist in it that do that very expertly. You know people who have gone to medical school and learned it and know what to do they practice only alone. Not in the system they are outside of the system.

Scott: Right so very cool.

Martin: So if you have the condition that looks like your skin is sagging or sinking or becoming wrinkly it is a chance that your silica levels are low and if you are experiencing aches, pains and arthritis chances are your silica levels are low, if you are experiencing psoriasis or lupus or any other inflammatory illness or conditions of the connective tissue chances are your silica levels are low.

Scott: What about if you have a heart condition or cancer?

Martin: Well it’s related but I don’t know if there is a direct link, do you see any writing about that?

Scott: No but let’s just sum that up you basically said if you are getting old than you’re silica is probably low that’s what I was hearing. Everything you were describing was when you hit forty or fifty that’s normal life, yeah my skin is sagging, yeah I have aches and pains now.

Martin: Okay well let’s sum it up and this should be repeated in every podcast that we put out there are essentially only two causes to every degenerative disease it is either a presence of toxins or an absence of nutrients. Presence of toxins will give us things like cancer and absence of nutrients will give us things like arthritis or something of that sort right.

Scott: Yeah and I don’t suppose that anyone has done a study or something about what the optimal level in the body is?

Martin: Especially if the silly thing is transmuting itself with carbon and the only way to research it is not with silica by itself but silica bound with carbon.

Scott: This is really getting into quantum physics type stuff isn’t it because I have a friend who is a therapist and is very much into quantum physics as an explanation for how people’s minds aren’t working the way they should be. If I can put it that way and he says yeah if you have two scientists look at stuff on a quantum level one sees a particle and one sees wave, energy and so what they see is based on what they want to see I mean it is not exactly the same but it’s like you have the silica and it works with stuff to make other stuff that you want.

Martin: Well you know look at it again from the perspective of the Galileo in a world where everyone believes the world is flat so the guys who believe in the flat Earth in our paradigm would be the ones to believe that calcium is what you need to eat in order to build your strong bones and the government the FDA will authorize you to make a statement such as calcium builds strong bones.

Scott: It will not authorize something like silica to build strong bones.

Martin: No because there is no proof for that because we know that there is calcium in bones.

Scott: Right so we think that we have got to eat calcium to get calcium into our bones. I can see the logic in that.

Martin: At surface level it looks right but it isn’t.

Scott: It is like so many other things.

Martin: It ain’t what it seems.

Scott: So if someone wanted to try some of the silica do we have anything especially for them?

Martin: Oh we will do a promotional, okay SIL29, ten percent discount on silica.

Scott: And the silica is made by?

Martin: Oh we will just put it on the whole shopping cart. The company is called Silicium Labs so if you are at the life enthusiast website and you can go shop by products and there is category minerals and then silica and if you click on it you will see about nine products there that qualify for this coupon. SIL29 gives you ten percent off, let’s see those coupons used so that we know somebody is listening.

Scott: Yeah so one of them is Orgono Living Silica and that is for tissue elasticity and reflexes and supporting your connective tissues to your bones and blood vessels and I guess this is another important thing too, the body does not store silica so you have to replenish it so since most of us don’t eat refined sand it is kind of hard to get it into the body.

Martin: Even if you did you couldn’t remember you need to eat it in a carbon bound system.

Scott: So are there plants?

Martin: Yeah remember the horsetail I mentioned?

Scott: Oh yeah horse tail so there is not a lot of plants. I don’t remember the last time I had horsetail was.

Martin: Yeah it’s not common but isn’t it funny that it has a name that evokes what it looks like but also what it makes stronger.

Scott: It makes you strong as a horse.

Martin: No the tail on the horse you know hair nails, skin and all of that.

Scott: Oh I see what you are saying. So I just want to pull this all together for everyone who is listening. the silica is really recommended if you want to maintain your joint flexibility or if you want to protect the cartilage or if you need calcium right we talked about that a lot or you want to reduce swelling or if you want ligament protection and elasticity particularly elasticity of the skin. So Martin I have a question for you I have seen a number of these big shows like the biggest loser for example so someone loses like a hundred and fifty pounds so if somebody lost that and maybe they are in their twenties or thirties it might be a bit of a difference but if you are in your forties, fifties or sixties and you lose a hundred pounds your skin ends up sagging quite a bit.

Martin: Oh you are stretched, you are looking bad.

Scott: So is this something that would be good for that?

Martin: Absolutely it would be wonderful for that so it will reintroduce elasticity where it was lost.

Scott: So your skin would be stretched out. I know a friend of mine who dated this girl that was super fit for six months or a year and he said yeah she used to be really fat and I was like really she is like 32 right and he said when her clothes come off everything is saggy but when she is in clothes she looks great because it folds everything right and he said when they get intimate everything is kind of you know.

Martin: So she was in neoprene she looks gorgeous but outside of those you have hanging skin right and it is a big challenge and doesn’t look very good.

Scott: So this is great for promoting collagen production for healthy youthful looking skin decreasing demineralization and helps the body keep the minerals in the body. It just sounds wonderful.

Martin: Oh you need to feed it to anybody who is planning to lose weight, anybody who is planning to gain weight, anyone who is planning to be pregnant and anybody who is just planning to deliver a baby. You know all those stretch marks and all that it can be largely prevented or perhaps even rolled back by sufficient organic silica supplementation. Don’t try just licking the beach it’s not very good.

Scott: Or you can’t absorb it through the skin as you walk along the beach either.

Martin: No it is not going to happen.

Scott: Awesome so Martin if someone wanted to discuss this more with you in more depth obviously with just the small amount of time we have had today we have just really given a good overview how could they get a hold of you?

Martin: www.life-enthusiast.com, read the articles that we are talking about, it is under health education, minerals and then silica or give us a call at 1-866-543-3388. We are here from eight in the morning till eight in the evening pacific time and I guess that’s about it. We do enjoy entertaining you and your calls and questions and first of all we are trying to restore vitality to you and to the planet so call us we will help you.

Scott: Thanks for joining us everybody and we will see you next time. Bye-bye.

Author: Martin Pytela