Podcast 126: How To Get Sick – Part 2

Here’s a few more sure-fire ways…

  • Use fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash, and drink fluoridated water.
  • Use artificial sweeteners and avoid sugars.
  • Shower every day, but don’t bathe (take a bath).
  • Swim in chlorinated pools (and drink and shower with chlorinated water).

The full article “How to Get Sick: A Modern Prescription for Illness” is from Jordan Rubin’s book called “The Maker’s Diet
The 40-day health experience that will change your life forever.

Podcast 126: How To Get Sick – Part 2

Scott: Welcome back everybody you are listening to Life Enthusiast co-op online radio network restoring vitality to you and the planet I am your co-host Scott Paton along with Martin Pytela. Hey Martin how are you doing today?

Martin: I am doing good, thanks for calling from where ever you are.

Scott: Well I have made a trip and gone out to Vancouver Island in British Columbia to visit my parents and they are kind of hitting their eighties and life begins at eighty as we are aware of and they are hitting their eighties in stride and having fun and I thought I would take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and come over and see them unfortunately one of the downsides to that is the internet connection isn’t as good as the one I am used to using that I normally call you on and of course we tend to record our conversations over the internet so we may get the odd little distortion coming through so hopefully you can understand us and hear us well.

Martin: I hope so to actually your little blip reminded me I saw Paul McCartney with some lady on the television and she was saying they had been using his song, the Beatles song, When I Am 64 but she said we had to change the words it is now when I am 84 so it is will you still need me, will you still feed me when I am 84 so of course Paul McCartney has now reached his 68th year or something like that yeah he is older than 64 anyway.

Scott: It is amazing thinking about when I was so young listening to them on the radio and now they are heading towards 70 it is absolutely astounding. Time goes and I think one of the things that is so important is realizing that the decisions we make today are going to have such a huge impact on our quality of life 20 and 30 years from now.

Martin: The biggest thing I believe are toxins you know poisons because they are accumulative if you are taking in toxins faster than your body can get rid of them if the rate is small you know it is just like straws that you are adding to the camel’s back. One straw no big deal, ten straws no big deal right but there comes a time when the proverbial straw breaks the camel’s back. What is going on here is this concept of total toxic load that has recently been entering into the general medical awareness where we understand that for instance you know two parts per million mercury is about the tolerance level for mercury toxicity but it was something like four parts per million for lead and I forget the other numbers but the point would be how many of these multiple marginal or sub clinical toxicity that you can handle.

Scott: Yeah when you get them all together like you can say here is the mercury one when you have nothing else what happens when you have a little lead and a little mercury and a little something else.

Martin: Yeah exactly and then it all adds up together and then the next thing you know you are showing signs of liver over load and toxicity symptoms, Well maybe we should return to the original topic that we promised people we would talk about which is the Makers diet and the twenty seven sure ways to get sick.

Scott: Just exactly what I was going to say last time we talked about how to get everybody healthy but really we should have a balanced approach here we should also tell people how to get sick and last time we talked about the first four which was number one stay out of the sun because we all know the sun is vital to human health and the second one was to go to bed after midnight because every hour of sleep before midnight is worth four hours afterwards. Never let them see you sweat was number three because like who wants to get all wet and salty and everything and who wants to be excreting toxins and number four was take mega vitamins because if you isolate specific compounds and stick it into your body that’s got to be really good for you as opposed to giving what nature gives so those were the first four that we talked about.

Martin: That last one number four should really be renamed I know that my pharmacist is smarter than god.

Scott: Yeah that’s right we will take a little bit of this compound and add it to a little bit of that compound and we will call it vitamin C and give it to you, wonderful.

Martin: So also if the content of one apple is good for you why not a thousand?

Scott: That’s actually a good point. So here we go on another tangent, what about juicing? Can you over do the juicing thing? I guess you can overdo anything.

Martin: Yes you can overdo water and drown in it.

Scott: I am just thinking because I have a juicer and some friends of mine have got me back into it so I get about four or five carrots, a beet, some garlic, some ginger, maybe a bit of asparagus or spinach and I used to put apples in it but they said no don’t mix vegetables and fruit after a while I kind of weaned the apple out and most of the time it tastes really good because carrots tend to be fairly sweet but I noticed after about two or three weeks have one 12 oz juice like immediately after it was juiced because we all know that it starts breaking down right away because it’s living foods. You can’t make a juice and wait three hours and drink it that is just not going to work you have to drink it right away but I noticed after about a month and a half I don’t want a juice, I just don’t want any of this juice. I am listening to my body you know maybe it has had enough or something right and it just occurred to me that maybe five or six carrots and a beet and some celery everyday there comes a point where your body just says give me a break from this right.

Martin: Yes absolutely I agree, that’s exactly what you are getting, too much of a good thing.

Scott: And the key is to listen to your body right because oh it’s fresh, it’s raw, it’s living, it’s organic. It’s all these good things so I must have it but no listen to your body if it says I’m not hungry, I’m good give me a break because there is things like a fast. Certain cultures fast one day a week so if you decide you don’t want to eat something one day then it’s okay not to eat it one day.

Martin: Well I agree maybe what you are missing is the apple you know maybe it should be the ABC, apple beet and carrot.

Scott: Yeah but I eat an apple every day, it’s not like I don’t get it. I just don’t get it in the juice.

Martin: Yeah food combining is a valid thing but it does not have to be rigid you know.

Scott: And I think the thing to is just listening to your body and it is telling me don’t have it for a while and give yourself a bit of a break from it and who knows maybe I am putting too much garlic in it with one clove and it is just getting to the point to take a break. I mean I have no idea what it is but here I am taking these juices and I am feeling like my consciousness is changing and I feel like I have to take these breaks during the day and sit and meditate or lay down and meditate and yeah it is really wild.

Martin: So I would actually suggest that it’s the garlic that you need to delete from the smoothies because that is definitely a consciousness disruptor.

Scott: Okay because I have never heard that before because I had heard that it was antibacterial and cleansing and everything else so.

Martin: Oh it is but it is sort of like a hand grenade thrown into the room you know.

Scott: Yeah because sometimes that’s what it feels like it is kind of like I don’t feel ill or sick or anything but I feel like my brains have been bombed a bit. I don’t know if I have described that well or not but. So are there like there was ginger, garlic is there something that you would recommend like an herb to throw in to add to the juice?

Martin: No actually I wouldn’t I would say go with the ginger that’s nicely stimulating I mean if you want more stimulation you can toss a little cayenne pepper in there you know if you want the intensity of it but the garlic no, I would say don’t use it. Anyway it is the onion and garlic and other sulphur compounds because what they actually do is they are consciousness disruptors.

Scott: Wow that’s amazing. Okay so if you want your consciousness disrupted while you get sick eat lots of garlic and onions.

Martin: Yes correct, you learn well.

Scott: Okay now we are going to get into the meat of the at least next four topics in how to get sick because we really think it’s important that if you are going to do anything, do it well so number five in our list is use fluoride toothpaste and mouth wash and drink fluorinated water. I think this is one of your favorites.

Martin: Oh gosh this is such a horrendous difficult subject because people have been so brainwashed into believing that fluoride will prevent cavities and fluoride given to small children will prevent tooth decay and so on. All the studies that have been done on this show clearly that it has to be a specific concentration between one part per million and two parts per million and that is fairly difficult to attain and achieve it just doesn’t work and you know my kids have had no fluoridation and they have no cavities so clearly on statistical samples I have one hundred percent confirmation of my theory.

Scott: Well the thing is too that if you are drinking colas and carbonated drinks and eating chocolate bars you are creating an environment in your mouth that is not good right and what we are doing is creating that environment and then say we are going to use this fluoride stuff to fix it. It is pretty ludicrous particularly when you know fluoride is extremely poisonous like it continually amazes me that we take substances that we know like mercury I mean you have a great story you know putting mercury in your tooth like give me a break right.

Martin: It is so barbaric it boggles my mind you know when I really think it through all the way you know when it is shipped into the dentist’s office, it is shipped as hazardous material right.

Scott: And we have permission to stick that in your mouth and you are going to have it there for the rest of your life.

Martin: And here is another little tid-bit here, what is the profession of professional people that has the highest suicide rate?

Scott: Dentist?

Martin: Ding, ding you win the prize.

Scott: Wow I didn’t know that.

Martin: I don’t really know if it is just looking into people mouths that would depress anyone but I would even dare to guess that it’s the mercury because when I was poisoned with mercury I had plenty of suicidal thoughts and it wasn’t just me it was part of the deal. So anyway fluoride well let’s just say dentistry as a class is a very corrupt trade and both the mercury and fluoride are frauds delivered onto the untrained or gullible public.

Scott: Good so if you want to get sick use fluoride toothpaste, use fluoride mouthwash, drink fluorinated water so I guess what I would be saying is take a real close look at the toothpaste and mouth wash that you are using and make sure there is no fluoride in it and then you are going to have to filter your water because otherwise you don’t know what you are getting in your drinking water.

Martin: Yep that is absolutely right.

Scott: Even if they don’t stick anything in the water and I don’t know if that exists but even if they didn’t you are getting water through pipes that have been laid down for ten, twenty, thirty, forty or fifty years so what is it picking up as it is going along those pipes. You know what is in the pipes, are they lead pipes, how did they lay the pipes, did they use solder with lead in it you know.

Martin: Yeah it could be, it could be two or three parts per million of lead coming your way.

Scott: Like if you are in New York like Manhattan that is like a hundred and fifty year old pipes.

Martin: Plumbing.

Scott: So you are in an old building so who knows so you are better off to get a nice good filter. So don’t get a filter if you want to get sick.

Martin: Yeah just get a filter some other time.

Scott: Yeah okay so fluoride is great if you want to get sick and number six on our list is use artificial sweeteners and avoid the sugars, oh dear.

Martin: Well as far as sugar is concerned we have been driven to madness with the fear of sugar right and I mean it is no friend sugar is the most readily available energy food so if you take baked goods that have been sweetened you know like a donut with a jelly center and sugar all over it. When you eat that it is definitely going to spike your sugar level in your blood very rapidly which some people can handle it but some people don’t do so well with it.

Scott: Well the more you do it the harder it is to handle right because you are constantly putting that stress on your whole system. I mean I worked in a grocery store and it had a bakery and donuts and apple fritters all these great things and every break there I would be eating one or two of these great things but I am seventeen or eighteen running a mile a day and now thirty years later I go by and go oh that looks really good. next! where are the apples. That stuff makes an outline of a donut on the side of my stomach right oh there is that donut, oh there is that donut so I thought oh I just better not have that and what is funny actually is using the Exsula Superfoods particularly the ZoeTein and the Strata-Flora I find that I don’t have because I remember when I was in my twenties there wasn’t a choice. This was just, there is your money get it and eat it there was no consciousness and I think there was an addictive aspect to that and now I am in the grocery store and I go huh muffins nice and I continue right on and I don’t even think about it.

Martin: Yeah maybe somebody else can have it.

Scott: But I really think that having the nutrient dense food in my system helps to combat those cravings and temptations.

Martin: Well if you are committed to having a soda pop drink just have the regular don’t go for the one with the artificial sweetener you know don’t go for the diet drinks, if I was religious I would call it the devil’s invention. I tell you it is so bad for one thing it is a neurotoxin. People have been known to get addicted to it, I know one woman who was so addicted to it she had to wake up in the middle of the night and crack open a two quart bottle pop bottle of her Diet Pepsi that she needed and she had to have a swig or two and then go back to sleep because it would wake her up. She would also get phenomenal migraine headaches and suffer from withdrawals and all kinds of stuff. Yeah bad news anyway I have read this is not from a personal experience but I have read people who have gotten rid of their multiple sclerosis symptoms just by eliminating diet drinks from their lifestyle.

Scott: Cool so if you want to have multiple sclerosis, you want to have low energy, you want to get over weight and set yourself up for all sorts of different types of sickness just have those neurotoxin nutra-sweets or equals instead of sugar and we recommend going to natural sweeteners that come with like we eat an apple but we don’t put sugar on it, it has a natural sweetness to it. We have talked about white four, white salt and white sugar and how that is really bad for you and it is hard to believe that they could make something worse than white sugar but they have.

Martin: I think we should call it the white death.

Scott: Yeah but I think you were mentioning off the air that there is a clear scientific link between aspartame and increased occurrences of brain tumors, seizures, headaches and hyper activity in kids. Like we wonder why schools keep talking about these hyperactive kids and ADD and ADHD and all this stuff well if you give them 2 liters of root beer for breakfast what do you expect?

Martin: Yes I have recently done a study done in Great Britain and they have similar behavioral problems as anywhere else and in this one particular school they have eliminated all snack foods crisps and biscuits which in America would go as potato chips and cookies anyway they took it all out and they instituted a wholesome food policy and their behavioral problems almost completely disappeared. Even children who had been labelled socially disruptive or whatever even they became normal, intelligent with the ability to focus.

Scott: Well you know stick a whole bunch of salt and sugar in a kid and expect him to sit quietly it just doesn’t make any sense from any sort of perspective right and we are just so blind to what we are sticking in our children and in my opinion it is just really criminal it’s like parents should be taking some sort of food program before they have kids because I mean they all want to go to McDonald’s and play in the play ground and of course while you are there you have got to have a pop and fries and an apple turn over and then you wonder why an hour later they are crying and screaming and bouncing off the walls.

Martin: Yeah and there emotional health is just in tatters. Anyway we are on artificial sweeteners and the word is if you want to have trouble load up baby.

Scott: Okay the next one is one you and I discussed and scratched our heads before we started the show because we were totally bamboozled by this one.

Martin: I am not actually really so surprised it was just really tragic for me to realize I am probably washing too much. Number seven is wash often or shower every day. Well the point would be when you cleanse too much you are stripping off the protective layers of natural oils off of your skin. I guess the natural way to think of it would be back in the Stone Age or back in the jungle I don’t know how often you got into a creek to wash.

Scott: Well and often times when you go back into history they would have a lot of ritual type things with water like the baptism right you just dip in and dip out and those sort of things and we have got into a society where we want to strip everything down and make it like antiseptic and sterile and our skin in some places like a rain forest and some places like a dessert and in the rain forest there are all these things that live in it and we kind of immediately go yuck and kill them all but we are not an island like no man is an island and we are in a situation where we have a symbiotic relationship with a lot of these little critters and they are what keep our skin soft and supple and healthy and everything else and when you strip them all away things that don’t help us kind of take over and all of a sudden you have problems.

Martin: Yes so I guess what we should advise people to do is the following wash with soap those areas that typically create a smell so that would be your arm pits and your genital areas that generate the most smell and pheromones like the most intense smells that people around you would find offensive right. So I guess we will wash that every day and if you are going to have a shower you don’t have to soap everything or scrub everything like you can scrub just not with soap you can use regular water and not the soap that strips everything down. I mean that’s what I do right I don’t soap most everything every time.

Scott: And I think we are talking about excessive showering like if you are in the shower for forty minutes and the hot water runs out then you have probably stripped away a lot of your natural oils and stuff and you know get in there have a quick shower and get out and be careful what you are putting on like I love the miracle two product that you’ve got because it’s great you just put it on and whoosh is off, wax on and wax off and I jump out and I feel fresh and ready to go for the day but if I had Head and Shoulders and I wash my hair four times and then I had dove soap and I was lathering my body up like crazy for an hour then the chances are there is nothing left there.

Martin: Yes you know there was one of the better inventions of the cosmetic industry when they coined the phrase lather, rinse, repeat, because you use twice as much and always if you are doing the second time I mean the thing will lather like crazy because there is absolutely none of those oils left on your body.

Scott: Yeah and you think wow what a great job it’s doing.

Martin: This leads us back to the next point.

Scott: Yes go swim in chlorinated pools if you want to get sick.

Martin: This is number eight so now if you spend forty-five minutes standing in a hot shower with the chlorinated water hitting on your skin you are probably going to absorb a whole lot of that. In fact I think I read a study that showed a fifteen minute shower was equivalent to drinking two gallons of water as far as what the chlorinated content was. So if you are drinking filtered water but are showering in chlorinated water then you are still having an issue that you probably didn’t know about.

Scott: Yeah that’s right, holy smokes well and chlorine is an effective bacteria killer but the problem is that it kills the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria and we all know when the friendly bacteria is gone the unfriendly one takes over and that causes a lot of problems.

Martin: Have you heard of the technical term trihalomethanes?

Scott: No.

Martin: THM as in T for tri, H for halogens, M for methane’s when the halogen like chlorine interacts with methane it creates a compound that is very toxic and this compound can be found in the body and people with cancers have high concentrations of this in the diseased organs you know like your liver, your kidney, your pancreas whatever.

Scott: Well the other thing with chlorine is if you put it on a lead pipe it eats through it and corrodes most metals and so why would we want to be sticking that on our body or in our body.

Martin: So you need a filter on your shower to remove the chlorine from your shower.

Scott: That’s right go talk to your city about getting rid of chlorinated water.

Martin: But that is not going to happen by the way there are technologies other than chlorine to do the same thing. We could kill the bacteria by using ozonation or ultraviolet light and some cities do it but it is more expensive than chlorination and of course the stupidity of our water systems is that we have one pipe instead of two pipes right and instead of having drinking water separated from grey water I mean we don’t have to filter everything, we don’t have to kill he bacteria in everything I mean you could wash your car or water your garden or even perhaps wash your laundry in water that does not have to be drinking quality. So we could easily have non chlorinated water arriving at the house and then at each house have a little water filtration device for drinking and cooking water.

Scott: Not only that we could build houses that you know like you have the rain water coming like in the old days on the farms I remember there was these big barrels and that water was pretty good.

Martin: Well actually there is more to it than just saving water you know rain water is distilled water and that is an important thing because when you are watering your garden with water from a well you can see the deposits that it is leaving on the leaves you know the hard water stains that are usually in your coffee pots or glass they also get on your vegetables or grass or whatever you are watering with it and that doesn’t happen with rain water because rain water is naturally distilled.

Scott: Well there you go we have covered the first eight and it only took us forty minutes for these last four.

Martin: Well I guess we better cut it off while we are still alive because the next thing that is going to happen is one of the listeners is going to come at us and say you guys are keeping me awake way into the night with your silly babble about chlorine and it is giving me nightmares.

Scott: Well then we have done our job.

Martin: Yes we have done our job, so listen people if you want to get sick drink fluoridated, chlorinated water and wash with it daily using lots of soap.

Scott: And then eat artificial sweeteners.

Martin: That will do it, that’s the crowning on the cake so here is thanking you for staying with us this long if you want to see more of these types of articles you can go to www.life-enthusiast.com and you can find a link to our other podcasts and whatever you read there that is not clear than we can be reached at 1-866-543-3388 so this is Martin and Scott for Life Enthusiast co-op restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Thank you very much for listening.

Scott: Bye-bye everybody.

Author: Martin Pytela