Podcast 127: How To Get Sick – Part 3

Continuing our discussion of all the things we do that bring on illness in our society.

  • Don’t breast feed your baby.
  • Get tattoos.
  • Get all of your immunization shots.
  • Travel in airplanes often.

Podcast 127: How To Get Sick – Part 3

The full article “How to Get Sick: A Modern Prescription for Illness” is from Jordan Rubin’s book called “The Maker’s Diet
The 40-day health experience that will change your life forever.

Podcast 127: How To Get Sick – Part 3

Scott: Welcome back everybody this is the Life Enthusiast co-op online radio network, you are listening to us and we are about restoring vitality to you and to the planet I am your co-host Scott Patton along with Martin Pytela and for the past two episodes we have been talking about the other side of health how to get sick. We think it’s important that you have a modern prescription for illness so that you know exactly what you are doing when you get sick and we have talked about stating out of the sun, going to bed after midnight, never sweating, mega vitamins and one of our favorites the impact that fluoride toothpaste and mouth wash can have on your health. We have hit artificial sweeteners and sugar and believe it or not showering everyday and swimming in chlorinated pools and today we are going to go through the next four on our list. Hey Martin how are you doing today?

Martin: Hey Scott, you are just going so well I just want to applaud you. It is just awesome and yes I am doing great. I got up early today to be on a radio show, I don’t know if people listen to the Power Hour but from time to time they have me on there and I do my thing with radio we were talking about magnesium so I am feeling like something the cat dragged in because I sinned I got up way too early because they are on the east coast and I am not.

Scott: Well and for those of you who don’t get it or don’t hear about it when we are done this particular series, we are almost half way through it I believe we are going to have that show on right after this series. Martin has got me the show and I am going to edit it slightly so you know what it is about and get it up so you will be able to hear it in a week or two.

Martin: Sounds good so okay lets jump into this.

Scott: Okay so Martin, the next one on the list is don’t breast feed your baby and I have to say I have never done that personally.

Martin: I was a witness to attachment parenting that my wife and I practiced with our now grown children and I tell you it was quite something. Both our girls and the older one wanted to breast feed past three years old and the younger one lasted almost as long.

Scott: And they are both very healthy young ladies right now.

Martin: Oh they are, they are well adjusted, now adults I don’t know I don’t want to spoil it, knock on wood somewhere because you never know how things turn out but I think they are doing great.

Scott: My sons were both breast fed as well and when you think about it mother’s milk is really the perfect food for a baby so why we would want to give it to them is beyond me. I mean they can be healthy and well adjusted and everything else if they just followed nature’s path so this being about how to get sick we are taking that other side for the next little while.

Martin: Well I think the issue with the breast milk is the immunity if you give the baby a good start it will have a good strong immune system. One thing we both were thoroughly aware of is all the challenges that are caused with early immunization you know like vaccination shots. So we didn’t, we withheld those pleasures from our kids and we exposed them to these awful things like when there was chicken pox in the neighborhood off we went to make sure that they get it and little things like that but I want to say this the milk was a good thing in our lives because I remember when friends had to go warm up the baby formula and then I have to take it to the baby’s room and I would say our baby sleeps in our bed and my wife sort of just rolls over and offers a breast to the child and it’s the right temperature and the child just feeds and then goes back to sleep.

Scott: Gee not hard at all.

Martin: The biggest advantage you want to say…

Scott: Actually Martin you just cut out and I didn’t hear a word you said so the biggest advantage is?

Martin: The biggest advantage is to the mother and it cuts your chances of breast cancer by about twenty five percent.

Scott: And it gets you over the post partum depression probably as well.

Martin: Yes, good chance of that.

Scott: So if you want to be healthy as a female and you want your baby to be healthy don’t breast feed your baby. Okay so the next one is getting tattoos and I have to say I am amazed just walking down the street looking at people and of course we are seeing this with celebrities all the time is the number of tattoos that they have.

Martin: Yes it’s as if the way that the creator made us just wasn’t good enough we just need to improve on it.

Scott: Paint on us.

Martin: I really think that it’s self mutilation; I think it comes from a place of not liking one’s self.

Scott: I could totally see that particularly among when you see actors and actresses and you hear about the drugs that they are on and the depression they are on and their self sabotaging behaviors that they go on and some actor has a two hundred million dollar movie that he is the star of and the next thing you know he is pulled over for drunk driving at three in the morning and you have to think well not good.

Martin: Just couldn’t manage being happy right.

Scott: Yeah young and foolish and heading in not a very good direction, yeah, tattoos, piercings all those sorts of things.

Martin: Let’s just say why okay they are there are two issues here one is the introduction of the paint into the body because now the body has to deal with all the toxins that you have stuffed under the skin and the second thing is the possibility of introducing a serious infection during the process. You know some tattoo parlors are clean and they sterilize all their needles and all of that but in this day and age of shared needles and what goes with it I would be really concerned even though I don’t believe in AIDS as such I have heard that people do get it from shared needles.

Scott: Well it’s like you said we are talking about all types of natural stuff normally or trying to follow nature as closely as we can and you know to go deliberately go like you go for a walk in the woods and you go by a bush that has thorns or something and you prick yourself and your like okay and your body can actually heal it but I actually feel kind of the same way in some cases I mean it is probably extreme based on where we are in society you know pierced ears I wouldn’t want to pierce mindeand of course I am a guy so I don’t look at it quite the same way but I have been around people and I ask oh what’s wrong and well my ear is infected, well why, I pierced it and it closed and I re-pierced it and it is kind of pussy now and it is not necessarily a huge thing but I think it is something we have talked about in previous podcasts that over time these are all like little straws like you said eventually you get to the one that breaks the camel’s back and why do this sort of stuff when you don’t have to.

Martin: Right exactly and interestingly enough you mentioned the ears you know if you go to an acupuncturist you will hear that every organ of your body is super imposed on your ear so you can stimulate a certain organ on your body by stimulating a specific point on your ear. When you see some people who look like someone has stapled them with studs on their ears they have introduced a significant disruption to their electrical field. They don’t usually notice it when they are in their twenties but on the far end of the cycle they will know about it. They won’t be nearly as well off as they might have been if they hadn’t done this.

Scott: Cool so the next topic we want to talk about because this is all about how to make sure you live a life of illness and misery and this one actually makes me feel a little guilty because I have done some of these things to my kids and that is get all of your immunization shots. So our government that wants to keep us healthy and everything else says okay get this vaccine and that vaccine then you’ve got to go to school and get this shot and all sort of good things. When I was a kid I think there was three immunizations that I had to get and I can remember getting a shot once for tetanus because I cut myself on some rusty iron or something and I noticed about two years ago they were just giving tetanus shots just to have tetanus shots and I was thinking why that’s just weird. It is not something that you just give but nowadays school kids can get up to twenty two or more immunizations.

Martin: I actually saw the schedule and it had thirty eight shots by the time you are seven and it is recommended. It is crazy okay let’s talk about tetanus for a second. Tetanus is typically transmitted through horse manure so it is usually on rusted nails that you step on that some horse manure got on.

Scott: That’s right I stepped on a rusty nail in a barn.

Martin: So you would have been a candidate because there might have actually been some of that present but when you haven’t seen a horse in about fifty years in that location and you still think you should protect yourself from a chance, I don’t know. I hake my head.

Scott: I had a friend who’s nephew had two immunization shots and after the first one started showing signs of autism and really started showing it after the next one and at that point the mom was like no more and the dad who was a veterinarian was insisting on him getting it and finally she just said no way look how bad he is now from these shots and they never gave him another one but I have no doubt that the young man would have been a basket case if she hadn’t have stopped it.

Martin: Yep there is an interesting lottery which is a genetic lottery about twenty five percent of us have an immune system that does not do to well with foreign substances especially heavy metals and in the earlier days a good number of the shots were deadened with thimerasol which is a mercury compound so there was a chance that you could get two or three shots with enough mercury to make it look like you have just eaten a car load of poisoned tuna kind of thing and so there was a chance to get a heavy metal dose that way but even just the formaldehyde or some other substances that they use could possibly trigger it because you know in an adult it is not such a big deal because you take a fifty milliliter shot or whatever the size of it is and you go okay but if you take that same volume of stuff and out it into an infant, a ten pound baby versus a hundred and eighty pound man, big difference.

Scott: Also when you look at the growth that is occurring and how that can impact your cells growing and everything else it can be huge.

Martin: So if you are going to do it, delay it, if you are going to do it ask hard questions and don’t do the convenient thing by doing the bundles you know these days they have these bundles of things like three or four or five or more all at the same time so you don’t have to come so many times to the office to do it. It is just a multiple threat right.

Scott: In the name of convenience you don’t have to come here ten times just come here once and we will do it all at once and of course we don’t think of the impact of all those things mixing together could have on our body.

Martin: Yes on our baby’s body and so the mother who thinks she is doing the right thing for her is actually practically killing it or causing herself a life time of looking after an autistic child. That’s not a funny thing but what I wanted to mention was this, why do we vaccinate? Do I do that to protect myself or do I do that to protect everybody else? If you understand it, it is sort of like car insurance, we all buy car insurance so that the bad drivers can continue to drive. Have you ever thought that through, do you really understand the words that I just said? Car insurance is there because we want to allow everybody to drive instead of taking the bad drivers out of the picture.

Scott: Well if you want to think of it in a different way is how much you have spent on car insurance in the last five years so maybe five to seven grand so did you spend five to seven grand repairing any accidents in your car?

Martin: Probably not but the point that I want to get across the logical argument for vaccination is not that you want to protect yourself it’s about protecting everybody else just in case you get it. It is the big picture that everybody needs to be protected or it doesn’t work.

Scott: Right and that’s interesting because there are people that I know that refuse to get their kids vaccinated and the school said if they are not vaccinated they can’t come to school because they will infect the other kids and they turned around and said but all the other kids are vaccinated right to protect them. It logically makes no sense.

Martin: That’s right if the other kids are vaccinated then what are you afraid of?

Scott: That’s right and it was kind of one of those dumbfounded moments like they looked at him and they had no answer to that.

Martin: Yes because it’s an illogical statement right but that is essentially the weapon that the collective uses against the individual. So I would say ask hard questions because these vaccinations are not there for your child’s interest they are there for the medical establishment and of the employer and the parent too because all of a sudden if your child gets chicken pox you have to spend two weeks looking after a sick child instead of going to work.

Scott: Right and you actually remind me of a friend of mine whose wife when she was a baby up until the time she was seven or eight and every time a child from the neighborhood got sick like with the chicken pox the mom was there with that little girl, go play and she got whatever that kid got and my friend said I have known her for ten to fifteen years now and he says she has never been sick. He said I will come down with some really bad flu and everyone else will and she just goes on her merry way and she is never sick so we are thinking that by protecting our children it is kind of like the story of the monk and the two tree right and it is like shake this tree but not that tree and oh why am I mean to this tree and you will see in five, six or ten years this tree is strong and healthy and one is weak and which one is the weak one well the one that didn’t get the shaking. We are not doing a good job helping our kids improve their immune system and strengthen their immune system when we put them in a sterile environment and then they get out into nature or something and they are walking in the sand they get sick because their bodies aren’t used to interacting with natural stuff around us.

Martin: Right the defense mechanism is impaired from all this protection it has been given. It reminds me of exercise; if you don’t exercise you will get weak so when the need arises for you to actually carry something or put out some serious energy you can’t because your muscles aren’t even capable of it. I think it is similar in the case of the immune system if you prevent it from executing what it is designed to do, trying to outsmart nature you are actually making things worse.

Scott: Outsmart nature I like that like what’s the point we have things that happen that may seem like you said the kid is sick for two weeks and you have got to be with them and you can’t be at work well you know in terms of a good long healthy life that is a good thing. What’s two weeks out of your life right but we grow up wanting to not be inconvenienced and we have all these pressures that we are not willing to stand up against so end up with autistic kids and ADD and ADHD and all these weird things going on that really we didn’t have a lot of when I was growing up and this is why these are one of the leading factors.

Martin: Right and those things are actually unholy nightmares for the parents so for the convenience of 90 percent we now have a ten percent rate, I don’t know what the numbers are but I think the tide is turning, I think the tide of trouble is becoming so high that pretty soon the pendulum will swing and people will start saying the natural way is you eat wholesome natural foods and you get your natural wholesome illnesses when your immune system needs to get them because that’s how you become strong. Because I don’t know any way to cheat your muscle strength without going to lift things and move objects and jump up and down.

Scott: Yeah you can’t you have to move your body. Okay so the last topic we are going to cover in today’s podcast episode is and this is something that you just did recently is travel in airplanes often, now. traveling in airplanes often is a very good way to get sick.

Martin: That’s a fact fortunately I went traveling with my flu stop in my hand so I sprayed it in my throat just as I got into the airplane and just as I got out of it and yep I wasn’t in any trouble in fact when I arrived at my destination my brother’s wife is just sick so I ended up handing her that flu stop and told her to use it you need it more than I do.

Scott: So when you are up in the airplane and you are basically five miles up in the air or however high they go so some researchers say air travelers are exposed to a couple hundred cat scans and that of course is a huge oxidative stress on the body.

Martin: Yes it ages you quickly. It’s the oxidative stress that equals aging.

Scott: And the other side of course is that you are in a plane kind of like sardines is the way I like to think of it you know there is three people in a set and you’ve got hardly any room so there is four hundred people coughing and sneezing about you are getting it.

Martin: It’s a fact because you are recycling the air right.

Scott: Yeah because it is not fresh air coming in.

Martin: No they need to pressurize it right because outside it is minus fifty and three kilometers above Mount Everest.

Scott: Right there is not really any air you can pull from outside right. I have never actually thought of that before and if it wasn’t pressurized it would collapse.

Martin: That to yes but the point is you are breathing air that is being recirculated so whatever one person has you will inhale it at least twice so congratulate yourself on your strong immune system because if you don’t have it you are coming down with it and that is so common people are traveling to the tropical vacations and I hear it from so many of my friends that oh we are going the Dominica or Mexico or someplace tropical and they have two weeks and they get there and on day two or three they come down with some respiratory thing and on day five they come down with something intestinal and it is just a disaster on wheels.

Scott: So there you go how to get sick and this is the third part and I don’t know how many parts there will end up being but there is probably three or four.

Martin: Well we are half way through the list.

Scott: So another three for sure and I think it is really good to talk about this stuff because one of the things I am learning is there is lots of little things and big things that I can do or stop doing that I really don’t care that much about like I am not that excited about getting an immunization shot so i am pretty pleased with that and not having to do that so I think people would be pretty happy to be aware of that.

Martin: There are other ways to deal with immunity challenges you know we have just listed a product based on ionic silver you know there has been a lot of research done about colloidal silver out there and we have actually found a company that has patented a process that uses ionic silver and we have just listed the product you know silver 100 which is a phenomenal tool for dealing with both bacterial and viral infections and the flu-stop product is a phenomenal thing that is good for dealing with influenza A so that the bird flu and the swine flu so they are all covered by that.

Scott: So you don’t have to buy into the hysteria that the world health organization is spreading about the pandemic and the medical community about you need to be getting all of these vaccines which has stuff in it that we know is not good for you but you know we would say it is better than coming down with the flu for two weeks.

Martin: Yes I agree with that statement and more so because it is more required now that many people have weakened immune systems if they had the full strength immune systems that have had the fun of dealing with the whooping cough and chicken pox or a tiny bit of swine flu wouldn’t be an issue.

Scott: Well the other thing to that too like you said is the immune system like if you are eating well and you are hydrated because a lot of these people I have noticed particularly in Canada who have the swine flu and everything else they are living in poverty like you hardly ever hear of a CEO of a company coming down with the swine flu and dying from it. He will be in bed sick for a couple days and then go back to work.

Martin: Yeah the victims are immune compromised people who live on very poor diets and unfortunately in our society the cheapest eating are the carbohydrate rich diets like macaroni and cheese that sort of thing.

Scott: Yeah I grew up on that.

Martin: We can get onto another topic which would be the availability of fresh food in inner cities but that is for some other time so folks I thank you for listening to my rant this is Life Enthusiast co-op and you can reach us at 1-866-543-3388 and you can find us online at www.life-enthusiast.com so give us a call or you can find more podcasts at LifeEnthusiast.podomatic.com or you can read one of the fourteen thousand pages and there was answers to many of your questions in relation to your health and wellness.

Scott: Martin: Can you give that phone number again.

Martin: 1-866-543-3388 so go ahead Scott.

Scott: Thanks everybody we will see you all next time if you have any comments or question please leave them on our podcast page and we will be happy to answer them in a future podcast and you have been listening to the Life Enthusiast online radio network restoring vitality to you and to the planet. Bye bye.

Martin: Thank you for listening.

Author: Martin Pytela