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Podcast 134: Flu Epidemic 2009

Podcast 134: Flu Epidemic 2009

Podcast 134: Flu Epidemic 2009

Martin and Scott have a guest speaker today – Greg Gerrie and they talk more about How To Get Sick, more specifically, the Swine Flu.

Greg Gerrie is a former school teacher and author of the book “Fired Up For Life!” – How To Get & Stay Motivated. He talks about a wonderful product called FluSTOP.  Unfortunately, this product is no longer available, but please take a look at all the other great Immune  Support products from Life Enthusiast, to support your body through flu season.

We regret to inform you FluSTOP is no longer available, yet there is still interesting information here.

Flu Vaccinations
Seasonal influenza vaccine does not provide protection against avian influenza. Flu vaccinations attempt to predict what viruses are coming and this is what they create the vaccine for.

We invite you to do your own research on Flu Shots. Recent studies have been unable to confirm that flu shots have resulted in fewer influenza-related deaths among the elderly.

Podcast 134: Flu Epidemic 2009

Scott: Welcome back everybody you are listening to the Life Enthusiast co-op online radio network, restoring vitality to you, the planet and all the pigs of the world. I am your co-host Scott Patton along with Martin Pytela, hey Martin how are you doing today?

Martin: I am doing great, I am doing great and I am not alone I have a guest I would love to introduce Greg Garrie.

Scott: Hi Greg, how are you doing today?

Greg: It’s great to be alive.

Scott: Awesome, so we have been talking about how to get sick on our last six or seven episodes and of course one of the things that is huge in the news is the massive pandemic that is sweeping the world and causing wide spread panic and of course giving the wonderful farm animal the pig a bad name and of course that is the swine flu and we brought you on board Greg because we think you know a little bit about flus and we wanted to share that with everybody but before we do you came into the health arena differently than probably most people do because you started off as an author, speaker and traveler, traveling the world and getting people fired up and before we get to the flu stuff and what people can do about that we would like to know a bit about your background and how you got into public speaking and the book that you wrote and also how you transitioned into what you are doing now.

Greg: Well I am a former school teacher and I just thought the general public needed to know more about life skills and living life effectively so I wrote the book Fired Up For Life and ended up doing seminar programs for kids and parents and corporations and that sent me around the world from United Kingdom to India and all over North America so that is sort of the motivational speaker story and then I got married to a beautiful Chinese woman and she introduced me to a product that showed significant results completely made up of herbs. She asked me let’s build up this company and I was not interested at all but the more I learned about it and the more I saw what good it could do it actually caused us to shift and take on this product and as you know when you take on something and try to raise up a company it is full time.

Scott: More than full time usually.

Martin: That’s right.

Greg: So it is three and a half years now and the product is becoming known around the world actually.

Scott: And the name of the product is Flu-stop right?

Greg: Yeah the current name is flu-stop, that’s the name in Canada.

Martin: Yeah we have some issues because the regulatory agencies do not like you to mention the name of an illness that is in the diagnostic sense in the name of a product because it instantly suggests that you can do something with that and if you are a natural product you are definitely not supposed to do that so I think we are going to have to rename it virus-killer or maybe viral terminator, what do you think?

Greg: Viral terminator, I like it.

Scott: I like that one too. Put a robot with red eyes on the label. That goes after a few copy write issues as well right.

Martin: I don’t know about that.

Scott: Yeah we will get Arnold running around in a movie spraying this stuff at mad robots and having them fall over I think that would be awesome. So let’s talk a little bit about the swine flu that’s going on and what’s interesting too is that it’s amazing to me how we lose control of our language because when people talk about the swine flu pandemic it sounds like epidemic and a catastrophe waiting to happen if it hasn’t already happened and pandemic actually means just that there is a flu running around that people are contacting it. It doesn’t mean that it is a catastrophe necessarily, it is kind of funny that they use that word that being said we have the World Health Organization and other organizations running around talking about vaccines and how we are going to have to give this to the pregnant women and kids and old elderly people first and there might be enough. I know in Canada they are making enough to give every Canadian two shots and the potency is supposed to be the equivalent to three shots or something like that I am not 100% sure. Let’s just talk about this swine flu is it something that think everybody should be concerned about?

Greg: Well your listeners can do the research themselves.

Martin: No, No, No Greg we tell them and serve it to them on a silver platter, just tell them.

Scott: And we don’t hold it back history will either vindicate us or hang us up by our toe nails.

Greg: Well it certainly appears that all the news agencies are over-stating what is going on like there is no doubt that the swine flu is out there and that there is evidence that it is mutating but not to the degree of scaring the general public.

Scott: Okay Gregg just a second in Martin and I’s relationship I am the guy who has no clue so I always stop him and ask him if there is something that I don’t understand so what I don’t understand is you are talking about the swine flu mutating and it is not mutating as fast so that is a good thing so first of all when I think of a flu mutating I think that’s terrible but why do we care if it mutates or stays the same.

Gregg: Well it’s a good question you know those people who believe immunizations work there is some concern there because an immunization is supposed to stop a particular strain but if they have mutated then the immunization is rendered impotent.

Scott: Okay so what you are saying is if we believe that vaccines are the be all and end all but that is a totally different discussion but they are coming out with all these different vaccines and they are saying they don’t have time to test it and we are going to just get this out because it is such a terrible catastrophe and the cure won’t be worse than the disease maybe but if it’s not mutating then there is a better chance that the vaccine will help somebody rather than if the thing has mutated totally by the time the vaccine has come out.

Gregg: That’s a quote what they are saying.

Scott: Cool and its interesting looking at the news because I am actually looking at the news right now and one headlines from Calgary Alberta says Calgary has confirmed seventh death from swine flu so I don’t know what time period that was but I don’t know if that was one this month and one three months ago and one four months ago and one seven months ago or whatever but the other thing is that I have nothing to compare it to so of course oh wow seven people have died from the swine flu this must be really bad however in the same period of time there has probably been three people stabbed and two people shot and how many people died in the hospital, I don’t know right.

Martin: I would like to say this, there are probably three or four thousand Canadians dying a year, thirty-five thousand Americans dying a year of the flu the influenza the one that we have always had.

Scott: Yeah right so if we’ve got thirty-five thousand dying from the everyday regular flu that we have always had and we get a thousand dying from the swine flu is it even a blip right. Maybe it’s the same number I mean we don’t know when we look at the information and it seems to me that it is always skewed like what are we comparing it to. A hundred thousand people do they die from car accidents like we come across this all the time like millions of people are dying in Africa because they don’t have fresh water so you know if you have two thousand people dying of swine flu every year versus two million in Africa from no water then why are we spending millions of dollars on a vaccine when we should be spending it on fresh water for these people who really need it and like the problem is that we don’t have any stats to look at because we are not getting that information.

Greg: And the media feeds you what they want you to hear.

Scott: That’s right and I guess that’s my point because I look at the article and oh wow nine Albertans have died of the swine flu and had it been seventeen of the regular flu in the same period of time it puts it into perspective but that doesn’t seem to be what everyone wants to do.

Martin: Well we do have an agenda, we want to hype up the swine flu because we want to do something. Greg do you have any theories about the government and the pharmaceutical companies are actually trying to accomplish?

Greg: Well what I am about to say Martin might sound overbearing because I am in an industry that I am promoting a natural anti-flu product but I have come across a plethora of information about what the pharmaceutical industry is doing to the citizens of the world and it is absolutely horrendous. There is a drug called Tamiflu and it is being highly promoted and it is being promoted for kids. I have a Globe & Mail article here Manitoba’s pregnant women get priority for flu drug and yet when you look at the adverse reaction reports and again they are horrendous and I am just reading here from the independent newspaper in the United kingdom, four hundred and eighteen adverse side effects in Tamiflu and a further six hundred and eighty-six suspected cases of adverse reactions. Fifty one to fifty percent had one or more side effects from Tamiflu and the side effects can be significant right down to hallucinations and kids committing suicide, it’s serious.

Martin: So the treatment is worse than the thing you are treating.

Greg: Absolutely and the promise of Tamiflu that it might reduce the time you have the flu by a day.

Scott: Yeah not that big a difference and talking about the news and I think these people might be doing more than all the pharmaceutical companies in the world but in Israel fifty Rabbi’s prayed on an airplane as it circled the county earlier this week in an effort to fight the flu. The aim was to stop the flu pandemic and people from dying from it one Rabbi told the newspaper so those of us who have been following Dr Emoto’s work on thoughts and love and praying and everything else he will be happy to know the Rabbis are doing their bit and probably more effectively than all of the pharmaceutical companies.

Greg: Well and I just read that the Israeli government just accepted their new king.

Scott: They are not listening to their Rabbis that’s for sure.

Martin: Yeah because the Rabbis are not paying the wages of the people from the pharmaceutical companies.

Greg: And the other thing when we are talking about these pharmaceuticals is that these vaccinations that they use, they are untested and full of chemical toxins like ethylene glycol which is antifreeze and formaldehyde and also adjuvant which was designed to increase the speed which these so called immunizations work but the one adjuvant is called squalene.

Martin: That thing is there to knock out the immune system right?

Greg: Well it is not to knock it out it is used to cause a higher response in the immune system but in fact what it is doing is it is degrading the immune system and we have tons of evidence on this too especially the US military because they know those being injected with squalene they develop arthritis, fibromyalgia, rashes and chronic fatigue and abnormal body hair loss, non-healing skin lesions, I mean the list goes on and on and on.

Martin: Actually Greg this is looking pretty good for us because we offer a solution for fibromyalgia and skin rashes so it looks to me like we are going to have a pile of new customers.

Gregg: Well I think there is going to be a lot of people around the world looking for ways to naturally heal the damage done by these pharmaceuticals.

Martin: Yeah I won’t be surprised by that.

Gregg: So good for you for being ready and prepared.

Martin: I feel badly for the fools who will trust the media and submit themselves to this treatment.

Gregg: Please be careful everybody, be very, very careful out there.

Martin: Careful doesn’t do it, we need to put it out there and say it so let’s say it. If you are taking the flu shot number one you are subjecting yourself to these adjuvants which are going to disrupt your immune system and number two you are subjecting yourself to toxins that are going to cause long term damage – inflammatory conditions and number three you are taking something that is going to be like driving through the rear view mirror because it is going to be going against the strains that we are able to multiply right now but because it’s mutating it is not going to stay the same anyway so if I protect you against fifty or sixty percent of the stuff out there now, forty percent is going to be new and no coverage anyhow so all you are doing is essentially injecting your body with poisons in the hope that half of this stuff that is coming your way is from the territory that may cover.

Scott: Yeah I add an exclamation mark to that and in the UK today’s Independent they are talking about Tamilflu’s adverse reactions they have had over four hundred reports of adverse reactions and then another six hundred that they think might be from Tamiflu but they haven’t confirmed it yet. About three hundred thousand people have been given Tamiflu since the start of the swine flu outbreak and they are basically saying if you started and had an adverse reaction and you didn’t finish it you could be contributing to the development of swine flu mutations that are resistant to the Tamiflu drugs so it is like if you have side effects too bad finish it off.

Martin: Greg how many cases of side effects can you report with flu-stop?

Greg: Zero.

Martin: And how many would you say you have put out there?

Greg: Thousands.

Scott: So if I have the swine flu and I didn’t want to take the Tamiflu and I should take something more natural would the flu-stop be good to give a whirl.

Greg: All I can tell you is this; we have done a clinical trial with flu-stop and we tested three different influenza viruses and all influenza viruses have all the same characteristics, they have something called HA and NA which are kind of the little spikes that stick out of the round virus and these spikes punch into the mucous membrane and they start multiplying.

Scott: So does the swine flu have this too?

Greg: Yes.

Martin: Well it is the H1N1

Greg: Yeah so the H1 is the HA so they call it one and the N1 is the NA so that is how they identify them and they all have the same characteristics and all I can tell you is with the three viruses that we tested that the HA and NA were knocked out, and inactivated and so we have proof that. Now we leave it to the reader to extrapolate will that work on all viruses well we think so. We have not done a live virus test on H1N1 so A we’ve got the clinical trial and B we’ve got lots of testimonials coming in. I just had a private school from the interior of BC order a whole pack for their students because they had a flu outbreak this year and businesses are calling me saying I want to protect my employees.

Scott: So flu-stop is an herbal based product right?

Greg: That’s correct.

Scott: So how long have people been studying these herbs and using them?

Greg: Oh that is a great question, thousands of years.

Scott: Oh so these aren’t things that just kind of appeared and you just went and picked in your garden and picked them off and said let’s just try this a couple months ago.

Greg: No it has been tried over a thousand years and the Chinese have something called the pharmacopeia and the pharmacopeia used to be anecdotal, meaning stories were passed on from generation and they were valid but now pharmacopeia is also scientifically backed so you can look up pharmacopeia and look up an herb and it says what the herb does so there is a lot of science behind what the Chinese have done and now the west is waking up to the power of those herbs.

Martin: So you just woke up a little earlier than the rest of it?

Greg: Well there are quite a few people out there using natural products now and in my home and your hope is that people will just wise up to even greater things and so many possibilities.

Martin: Well here at Life Enthusiast we promote natural treatments and natural cures you know natural preventive measures and all of that so here we are telling the world about something that has no side effects, I have actually taken it myself because I traveled to Europe not long ago and I sprayed it in my mouth on my way there just as a preventative and I was certainly feeling fine thank-you very much.

Greg: We have a doctor that uses it and she says I would not get on an airplane without a bottle of flu-stop.

Scott: Okay so Greg we have been talking about the negative consequences from people taking drugs and I am the kind of opinion that if I know there is something that is going to have zero negative impact on me when I take it because it is all natural and it has thousands of years of use behind it on one hand and then on the other hand I have something that I know that hundreds if not thousands of people are getting very ill or are having very bad effects or almost dying like the person in that independent newspaper in the UK, one of the people there had asthma and they thought she had the swine flu and they gave her a double dose and she just about died and they didn’t get a diagnosis or anything they just gave her the drug without even thinking. Like why do we have pharmacists and doctors, why not just have a pill dispenser somewhere and put your quarter in and get your pill and be done with it but it seems to me if I have something that has zero negative effects, here is something that is supposed to do this and has thousands of people getting ill on and they say it is supposed to do this why not take something that has no negative effects first and then if that doesn’t work go onto the next one. Now having said that here I am and let’s suppose I have the swine flu and I am going to take the flu-stop what can I expect to have happen? Would I get over it in the next six months, would I be up and running a marathon the next day or like an hour later feeling good and I know everyone is different but I am just wondering when do I say okay this is not in my individual case is not working as well as it should I need to look into doing something else.

Greg: Right, well I like the fact that you said no harm can come to you in fact we have had people with severe fevers and we have had them drink a whole bottle of flu stop and their fever has been knocked out and again no side effects.

Scott: Just a second can you just imagine here is this little bottle of the flu-stop and you drink the whole thing with no problem and then here is this little bottle of Tamiflu and you pop the whole thing and in one case you are going to be up and running and the other case you are going to have to call the morgue.

Greg: You may not see tomorrow, that’s right.

Scott: I mean no doctor would ever tell you to take more than one or two right that is just amazing.

Greg: Well the clinical trial showed that seventy-five percent of the people had their flu symptoms gone after two days and eighty-three percent after three days. Now when you contrast that with not doing anything at all usually about day four with a flu or cold that is when your immune system can really kick in so there is a big delay there in your body. It also depends on how early you catch it so you can use flu-stop in two ways you can use it preventatively or you can use it as soon as the symptoms come on but even if the symptoms are full on it still works powerfully. I think it was in year two that I was promoting this product that I got really sick and had a really bad flu and so all Friday night I sprayed and then all day Saturday I sprayed like I was damn near down and out and in bed and Sunday I was getting really mad and I said what is this crap that we are promoting and then Monday morning came and I was one hundred percent well. That has never happened to me, if I get a flu it is a week, two weeks and then side symptoms and lung problems and that is the thing about these flu’s is they leave other problems afterwards.

Scott: Yeah I typically have a hacking cough for months after I have a flu or a cold.

Martin: Actually that is quite common I have been hearing that people are having a lung problem that just lasts and just lingers for three or four weeks and just unable to shake it.

Greg: You can get either viral pneumonia or bacterial pneumonia and I know Martin is coming out with some products to help with that as well because that is something that we need to be prepared for is to help people after these flu’s.

Scott: I liked what you said about doing it as a preventative because if you know your kids are going to school and it’s flu season you know out the door and wash your hands and then spray them when they come home and wash their hands and then they will probably be fine and Martin when you went on your plane trip and you took it I think it was just brilliant, we know when we are going into places that are high risk you know going to see somebody in the hospital could be high risk and why not take it as a preventative. I think that’s awesome.

Greg: We tell people if you are planning on going flying spray it at the beginning of your flight, the middle of your flight, the end of your flight and before you go to bed that night spray it again and you should be fine and if you are going to be in any crowded environment spray do the same thing and certainly if you have been in the company of kids with the flu or adults do the same thing. If you use it that way the bottle lasts a long time because it is in the spray form, preventatively it will last about fifteen days with spraying so that a long time.

Scott: Greg you know being the martyr that I am and I heard you talking I think all you have to do is go to a convention center and hire a pretty girl at every convention center and when people walk in say here is some flu-stop and give them a spray and here is a little pamphlet and after three days when none of them have the flu and they are all used to being sick and everything else they will be lining up to make orders particularly when they see everybody who is sick.

Greg: Hey Scott who is going to interview these pretty girls to make sure they are right for the job?

Scott: I am sure you can find someone who would be happy to do that.

Greg: We are very excited about the product, a lot of people have ordered through Martin and other means including London England, including Texas so we are excited about the fall and making this product available to people.

Martin: Okay so I want some recap you are telling me that the product even though we have this batch on our hands has a date on it that expires it in about December is still good for another year after that yes?

Greg: Yeah we have done what is called the stability test on it and the government requires you to date stamp all of your product so we did that and it also requires you to do stability studies on it so it is left at the factory and it is tested every year So we know that it is A still safe and B still effective. If you have product that doesn’t go beyond December you are fine, go ahead and use it right into the spring.

Martin: Okay so the real smart thing would be before kids go to school get a bottle right.

Greg: Yeah, arm your family and be safe and do all the health things that I know you have advised your people about.

Martin: Yeah we need to say that, alkalize, alkalize, alkalize.

Greg: Strengthen your health and get ready for the fall and yes have enough flu-stop to arm your family certainly for the fall and winter.

Scott: Greg I am kind of curious about some of the herbal ingredients of flu-stop so is there any I might have heard of or any that stand out in your mind that you want to share with our listeners. I know we are getting towards the end of our show but we have kind of sort of said it is just an herbal concoction and left it at that so I would like to put a little more clarity in what might be in it.

Greg: I am so sorry Scott, that is an ancient Chinese secret.

Martin: Oh you make me laugh.

Greg: You would recognize licorice, most people associate licorice with candy but it actually has tremendous medicinal properties and you would also recognize something called sandalwood. The other ones the common North American won’t recognize but you can always go to Martin’s website, I don’t know if you have the pharmacology on there or not.

Martin: Oh yeah we put all the information out. We support our people’s information.

Scott: Okay so licorice root, some other type of root that I cannot say, jujube fruit, something else I can’t say and sandalwood. I guess one of the things I was curious about was whether it was a thousand different herbs or if it was boiled on a full moon or if it was just three, four or five so what you have done is you’ve got some very specific herbs that the Chinese medicine has proven over thousands of years to be very effective.

Greg: I actually traveled to the factory this year to look over the operation and just to see how it was all done and I was just delighted in seeing it all.

Martin: Good so no antifreeze, no mercury, no squalene, what else don’t you put in it.

Greg: Just good herbs that are good for your body by the way there is another property of this product as well and it serves as an anti-inflammatory we had a lot of testimonials from people who say that I felt a sore throat coming on and as soon as I sprayed it on my sore throat went away so it has that property as well but the main thing we promote is the antiviral aspect.

Scott: Very neat.

Martin: Scott can you think of anything else?

Scott: Well I was just thinking have we kicked vaccines enough or should we talk a little bit more about that.

Greg: I always invite the readers and I know you guys say serve it up on a silver platter but just go out there and try to find any evidence that flu vaccines actually work, try to find a study.

Martin: There cannot be because they cannot possibly prove it because people will get the flu regardless of the vaccine because they say it is about sixty percent coverage so then they will have the excuse well I guess it was a strain that wasn’t in the vaccine so too bad.

Greg: Yeah and in fact if you seek out someone names Dr Tenpenny you will find that it is not just flu vaccines you will find that it is about all vaccines so you would want to encourage your readers to do that.

Martin: Oh yes I am certainly carrying some interesting opinions about vaccinations myself.

Greg: Well one thing I want to encourage everybody to is that don’t let all this get you down because your mental side of your health is extremely important too, you want to build your body and build your mind and come into the fall with strength and joy and love and peace and patience and kindness and get out there and enjoy life but just be wise and protect yourself at the same time.

Scott: Well I think that is a pretty good place to start wrapping up this show because you got me fired up hearing that Greg.

Greg: Good to hear.

Martin: I am ready to go and buy one.

Scott: Greg Gerrie the author of “Fired up for Life” and also one of the principles behind the flu-stop and Martin do we have anything special for anyone who wants to try out flu-stop?

Martin: Well we are selling people a two pack for people who are ready to roll at a discount you know this product was originally sold for a lot more then what we are selling it for and it is thirty eight dollars for two and then there is a real discount when you buy six boxes and you can find it at and you can find it under cold and flu remedies and it is in the last quarter of the links when you go to shop by products and if you have any difficulty finding it call us at 1-866-543-3388, we will be here as before restoring vitality to you and to the planet. I want to thank you Greg and Scott and I hope we are helping people out there so call us, thank you for listening. Bye bye everybody.

Greg: It’s been a pleasure, thank you.

Author: Martin Pytela
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