Podcast 143: Detoxifying Tea

Dr. Miller’s Holy Tea

Martin and Scott are mellow today, discussing how Martin has hand-picked all the products he has available at Life Enthusiast.  All products have been tested by himself, his wife and/or his friends. Once again, when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing you must do is stop digging – stop doing the things that put you there. You must then get the toxic waste out of your system and make sure your digestion is working properly.

Dr. Bill W. Miller (BS, MS, PhD) began testing Dr. Miller Holy Tea over twenty years ago at his location in Jackson, Tennessee. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology from the accredited Lambuth University, and shortly thereafter began a quest in achieving personal optimum health and fitness. He founded and operated two prominent and successful Health & Fitness Centers in the West Tennessee area. One of these centers was the largest of its kind in the Southeastern United States! He personally trained and produced several acclaimed State, National, and World Champion Professional Arm Wrestlers and Body Builders at these centers. Additionally, during this same time period, he earned his Masters Degree in Nutritional Science from Lambuth University in 1974.

Podcast 143: Detoxifying Tea

SCOTT: Welcome back everybody, this is the Life Enthusiast Podcast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet! I am your co-host, Scott Paton, and joining us is Martin Pytela, the founder and health coach at Life Enthusiast. He is also a chief researcher here. We have a mellow show for you today, folks, because we are both feeling kind of mellow, and that is why I am talking the way I am talking, instead of the way I usually talk. But, Martin, you have tried everything you offer at Life Enthusiast, right?

MARTIN: Oh, yes, I have tried it all. I mean, some of it, I have not tried, some of the female health-related stuff, I have tested those products either on my wife, or some other women I relate to, or have a direct conversation with, but most of what is available on our website has been tested directly on my own instrument.

SCOTT: Awesome! We have been talking a lot about things that you can do to have a healthy, strong, vibrant life.

MARTIN: Yeah, or how do you get it back, if you don’t have it right now, but you used to have it.

SCOTT: And I think one of the things we have talked about before too is making sure that and I quote you, Martin, stop digging a deeper hole for yourself. So if you are smoking, eating stuff that is not healthy for you, living an unhealthy lifestyle, you should stop that first, and then start working your way out of that hole to get back up to where you should be. And I think it entails things like getting the toxic waste out of our system, making sure your digestion works properly, keeping the body clean… and we haven’t talked about parasites for a while, but all the unfriendly bacteria, parasites, toxins – these need to get out! And before we came on air, Martin, you were telling me about a tea that actually had some quite amazing effects on you, so I thought maybe that would be something worth sharing with our audience today.

MARTIN: Absolutely! We have taken on a product line developed by Dr. Miller from Tennessee, he is now getting ready to retire, so he must be somewhere in the sixties, his full name is Bill Miller. He is not a medical doctor, he is an herbalist and a natural healer. And he has developed something that many people try to copy, there are so many companies that try to make a knock-off of this. He has two recipes. One is called Holy Tea, the other one is called Miracle Tea, the Miracle Tea has a couple of extra ingredients. These tea blends are all about elimination and detoxification, it helps cleanse the bowel, and it helps cleanse the liver. It works exceedingly well. And the question that you were probably hinting at was my own testing of this product, right?

SCOTT: Yes, I was curious about your own testing.

MARTIN: Well, this is a tea, there are 8 tea bags in the pack, you take 2 tea bags at a time, brew it, and make a gallon of tea, and that should last you about a week, so the whole pack is a one month plan for $29. This works like a charm. You brew the tea, you can either mix it with your favorite beverage or just drink it as it is, it actually has a very pleasant herbal taste. When I drank one cup of tea, it gave me a slightly looser bowel. With two cups a day, it gave me a fairly urgent need to empty my bowel, and with three cups, it was really quick, within half an hour it was like “this is going to happen right now, run to the bathroom” kinda feeling. I even tried four cups, and it gave me cramps, it just caused quick peristalsis, it was sort of like a washing machine, it was squeezing and turning and I just had to go.

SCOTT: So you’re talking about four cups in one day?

MARTIN: Yeah. I probably spaced it by an hour or two.

SCOTT: Okay. So you should always start with just one cup and slowly work your way up to two cups and see what happens?

MARTIN: Yeah, I would say, depending on your body, depending on your resistance, you may need just one, some people might need six cups, it is very individual, but it will do the job, you will be cleaned out on the inside. Remember how I showed you the user reports page that we have on our website? You can go see that, visit our website, go to ‘brands’ and look up Dr. Miller. There are some happy owners of brand new bodies that are showing off what they looked like before, and what they look like after the ‘upgrade.’

SCOTT: Some people had lost quite a bit of weight!

MARTIN: Yeah. The story that really impresses me is this three-minute video of a girl, she tells her own story in very simple, plain language, she actually explains that she was sent home to die. She was sick with hepatitis C, all kinds of serious liver trouble, and yet two years later she talks about the amount of weight she lost. I don’t remember the exact number, but it was a lot. And she looks great even though she was practically on death’s door before she started.

SCOTT: Right. So what is the main premise of the tea? Obviously, people are losing weight on it, they are feeling a lot healthier, but what is it doing?

MARTIN: Well, it is a cleansing tea, just basic herbs, Blessed Thistle, Holy Thistle, Milk Thistle, Marshmallow leaves, and Persimmon Leaves, these are liver cleansers, they have been around for a very long time.

SCOTT: Because when you clean out your colon, and you clean out your liver, your body works a lot better.

MARTIN: Right. The next ingredient in there is Malva leaf, which is an anti-inflammatory herb. People who suffer from digestive problems usually have inflammation all over the body, this helps reduce that inflammation. The Marshmallow leaf is calming and soothing. So it is the synergy of the six herbs put together that works so well.

SCOTT: Right, so people feel like they have more energy, better mental clarity, their skin is nicer looking…

MARTIN: Right, because the cravings go away, and a lot of extra weight is caused by either emotional problems or ongoing underlying illness and inflammation. And people often use foods to pacify some of that emotional stuff. And when you detoxify that, you don’t need to pack as fatty tissue around your waist.

SCOTT: There is actually a comment I just want to read out, because I think it is awesome: “Most Americans have 9-12 undigested meals in their colon. You should have no more than three. When undigested food just sits in there and rots, toxins are released.”

MARTIN: Yeah, it is that swamp metaphor again, you know, when you have a reasonably fast-moving river or a creek, everything can flow, there is no scum or rotting going on.

SCOTT: We want the food to just flow through our bodies.

MARTIN: Yeah, it is called the transit time, and the optimal transit time is somewhere between 12 and 16 hours. Your breakfast should ideally leave you before the end of the day, or at least you should definitely see yesterday’s breakfast the next morning.

SCOTT: One way that you can check this, if you want because I’ve been doing a lot of juicing lately, it is amazing what beet juice will do!

MARTIN: Absolutely! It is such an intense red pigment!

SCOTT: That is right. So have a glass of beet juice, and you will be able to test it.

MARTIN: I see this is gradually getting too graphic here, but the other day I had the raw beet salad. We grate some raw beet, and we mix it with chopped cucumber, zucchini, and some other things, serve it on the bed of lettuce, drizzle with some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, it tastes marvelous. But anyway, the next bowel movement was interesting to look at, because half of it was brown, and the other half of it was purple. It was quite comical to see.

SCOTT: Yeah, there you go! That is a great way of telling how your digestion is doing. You need to know how well your colon is doing, because if it is not doing well, then you have a big problem.

MARTIN: Yes, absolutely, that is the most critical part of your body, that is where most illnesses start or end.

SCOTT: In the user reports, one that really stands out for me is a lady who looks like she is 65, and she lost 80 pounds in 10 months. She said: “Not only this product burned fat, but it also curbed my appetite, and added muscle tone to my body. It also made my skin smooth on all parts of my body.” And she is not a young lady! But she looks fantastic, much younger!

MARTIN: Yeah, you can see and feel these things when you decrease the inflammation, a lot of good things start happening. Dr. Miller actually formulated something called the ‘B3 Spring Cleaning,’ which is a combination of a few things, it is very simple, it is just seven capsules. It is priced pretty high, it is $95. What happens there is you take those seven pills, and it just does a very, very intense cleanse.

SCOTT: Sounds like a convenient, easy way to do it, with just seven pills, one pill per day, and in seven days you are done, you have cleansed and detoxified your liver, your gallbladder, and your lymphatic system.

MARTIN: Yeah, that is correct. Dr. Miller also offers a weight loss system that costs $60 for 20 days. You take two pills in the morning, two pills in the afternoon, there is a fat burner, metabolism accelerator, appetite suppressant, and it just works beautifully as well.

SCOTT: Right, so you can burn the fat, you can suppress your appetite, you can boost your metabolism, and of course you also get some multivitamins and minerals.

MARTIN: Right, things that will support the rebuilding of new, healthy tissue. You can absolutely do just the tea, or you can choose some acceleration. I had one lady calling me, and she said: “My daughter’s wedding is a month away. Can you do something for me?” I said: “I have this 20 days detox program.” She says: “I am two sizes too big, I really want to fit in that dress.” I said: “You can try this, but I can’t guarantee it.” But she tried it and she did fit that dress!

SCOTT: I noticed there’s an article on the tradition of tea drinking in this section. Tea is something that the Chinese have done forever, but I didn’t realize that they regard it as one of the seven daily necessities. The other things being firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, and vinegar. It is quite a culture that the Chinese have developed over the centuries.

MARTIN: Yeah, bringing in the nutrients that can only be extracted from plants. I was actually recently talking to a friend of mine, Patricia, and she was explaining to me that some nutrients are only released when you cook the food. There is this phenomenal push to go raw, a 100% raw is some kind of badge of honor to some people. And yet, things like beans, onions, carrots, all the root vegetable stuff, actually release a whole lot of their nutrients when they are lightly steamed, or cooked.

SCOTT: Well, it is interesting to hear you say that, Martin, because you are right, I know a lot of people that are just going 100% raw, no cooking. And yet I’ve heard things like tomatoes do not release, you know…

MARTIN: Yeah, the lycopene is not released until you actually stew the daylight out of tomatoes. You need to make spaghetti sauce, you need to actually reduce it down before the lycopene becomes active, that is the ingredient that is most famous for helping protect people from oxidative damage in the Mediterranean diet. That is where ketchup was born, too bad it is sweetened with 20 pounds of sugar. It is unfortunate that it is sweetened so much. Actually, I remember when I was back in Europe, and I bought a bottle of Heinz ketchup to use with a meal, and it was very different tasting! It was an astringent, intense taste. Nowhere near the sugary stuff, we have in the US and Canada.

SCOTT: It probably was the way it was originally supposed to be made.

MARTIN: I don’t know what happened to the American consumer, we have been conditioned to expect sweet flavor in everything. The same goes with the pastries! Austrian or German pastries are not as sweet, they are just… creamy. And here, it is just all sugar. Anyway, that is another story. We should skip all of that anyway because those are not very healthy. Well, maybe from time to time with a cup of Miracle or Holy Tea…

SCOTT: Right. So, Martin, if somebody wanted to learn more about detoxing with these herbal blends, what should they do? Are they available on the website?

MARTIN: Yes, www.life-enthusiast.com, go to ‘store,’ look up Dr. Miller in the ‘brands’ section. If you can’t find it, or you just want to ask some questions, call me at (866) 543 3388. Direct links to both teas are going to be included here, or in the description box, if you are watching this on Youtube.

SCOTT: Awesome. Thank you, Martin, for taking time out of your busy day! Thank you, everyone, for listening! This is Scott Paton and Martin Pytela for Life Enthusiast, restoring vitality to you and to the planet! See you next time!

Author: Martin Pytela