Podcast 154: Naturally Reduce Pain – Part 1

Healthy Fats to Reduce Inflammation

Martin and Scott begin by talking about how small their garbage footprint is, compared to their neighbors, then go on to chat about Scott’s trip to Hawaii.

One customer called in recently, from Germany with problems of high cholesterol and the doctor tells him that he’s in trouble and must lower it.  So the doctor puts him on a cholesterol reducing drug. This man developed such painful joints from that drug!  Martin says that the cholesterol was not the problem – it’s just the body’s response to inflammation, that causes high cholesterol.  So the drug made the inflammation more noticeable with the associated pain.

High cholesterol is just the fire truck that the body sends to the accident. Eliminating the fire truck will not eliminate the accident.

Eliminating inflammation can be done with healthy, Essential Fats.

Author: Martin Pytela