Podcast 155: Naturally Reduce Pain – Part 2

Inflammation from pH Imbalance

We know there’s a fire because the firetruck has arrived. We need to put out that fire, but more than that – we need to eliminate the cause of the fire.

Martin tells another customer’s story.  This 75 year old man has been with Life Enthusiast since 1991, buying Exsula Superfoods, mostly Iridesca and he walks 3 miles every day and feels great! However, this man has stenosis, the narrowing of the channel inside the spine, squeezing the spine, putting pressure on nerves and excruciating pain.  Constantly on painkillers and steroids, this man needs to cure the cause!

Martin helps this man by suggesting he changes his lifestyle to balance his pH.

pH imbalance can be caused by too much calcium and not enough Magnesium, and can be corrected by bathing in Magnesium Crystals.

Author: Martin Pytela