Podcast 157: The Gift Supports Cycles of Life

Although Smart Minerals is no longer operational, we have many other ORMUS supplements to suit your needs.

In this new decade, Martin is in a cycle of feeling responsible and accountable, from the astrological influence that is upon us. People don’t realize that things are cyclical in nature.

Your personal energy is interdependent on that of the environment. Due to ever-increasing levels of energy distortion caused by the proliferation of modern technology, dealing with these issues may be a matter of personal survival.

Life Enthusiast has a product that can help open you to higher consciousness and superior performance. The Gift from Smart Minerals. Unlock your heart’s potential – feel love and loved. Surround yourself with a cocoon of love energy that supports you through the day’s challenges. The effects of this formula are like naturally occurring hormones in your body. It’s structured into nano-particulate minerals: these ultra small minerals (ORMUS) are thought to act as a bridge between consciousness and matter.

(Sadly, The Gift is no longer available. Farrell Brenner has retired, and he will be missed.)

The Gift targets issues of the Fourth Chakra and supports your heart with the energy of unconditional love. Healing codes are embedded in the minerals that command compliance of your lower energy centers, to love without strings or conditions.

Author: Martin Pytela