Podcast 160: Cellphone Radiation Protection

Martin and Scott discuss an article about the possible requirement of cell phone resellers to state radiation emission levels.

AUGUSTA, Maine — A Maine legislator wants to make the state the first to require cell phones to carry warnings that they can cause brain cancer, although there is no consensus among scientists that they do and industry leaders dispute the claim.

Click here to read the full article “Maine considers cancer warning for cell phones

Life Enthusiast has several products that protect from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) that come from wireless devices (cell phones, tablets, mp3 players, e-readers, routers & wi-fi transmitters), overhead power lines, transformers, electric motors, laptop computers and monitors.

Environmental sensitivity is on the rise. Symptoms of inflammatory diseases decrease when EMF levels are lowered.

The ADR Protect is and electrosmog protection device and energy stimulator.

  • Stop Personal Energy Loss, Life Force Decline, Fatigue
  • Reduce adverse effects of electromagnetic pollution
  • Neutralize cordless or cell phones, computers, wireless, microwaves
Author: Martin Pytela