Podcast 165: Mineral Supplementation

More on the missing minerals from our depleted soils.

We have a system that creates food that doesn’t create health. We really need to take a look at that system – the way we’re producing food.  As stewards of the planet, we’re really not doing a very good job of looking after it!

It has become an imperative that supplementation is part of your lifestyle.

intraMAX and intraMIN from Drucker Labs are fantastic sources of carbon-bound nutrients.  This is the stuff you need, because the food you buy no longer sustains you.

Richard Drucker of Drucker Labs writes:
“Much of Earth’s soil is depleted, and depleted soil doesn’t produce healthy mineral-rich plants. Moreover, crops produced in depleted soil are more prone to invasion by insects, viruses, fungi and so on. And insects and infectious organisms get rid of unhealthy vegetation, and don’t typically attack truly healthy plants.”

So they’re doing their job, and we’re trying to stop them!

Author: Martin Pytela