Podcast 172: Autism and Vaccines

Martin and Scott decide to discuss Autism. Scott is outraged at what he’s learned.

Martin sets up this Podcast with stating that Autism is on the rise. Twenty years ago, one in 10,000 children had Autism. We are now experiencing one in every 150 children, and closing in on one in every 100 children.

Autism is on a spectrum, meaning that symptoms range from mild to severe. The mild end might see learning disabilities or communications problems. On the severe end, you might see someone whose brain is unable to select what it wants to focus on. Most of us can read while the TV is on, or listen to a conversation when there’s several other conversations going on in the room at the same time. Autistic brains hear all the conversations at the same volume so are unable to distinguish. Not just auditory input, but all input. They become quite inappropriate in social settings.

Martin goes on to describe Autism as a disease caused by the “straw broke the camel’s back”.  It just depends on which straw. Many believe that the straw – the primary cause – is vaccines, heavy metal pollution and antibiotics.

Martin shares the story a small boy named Ian who met a fatal fate after being vaccinated. Ian didn’t even live long enough to develop autism, though he surely would have. Martin implores his listeners to reconsider getting their children vaccinated, whether for Hep B or the chicken pox. Though Ian’s case is undoubtedly extreme, the risks are still there, and thankfully we have Martin and Scott to give us the other side of the story.

Author: Martin Pytela