Podcast 173: Autism and Mercury

I walked into my living room today to the sounds of the news of TV. The host of the news show was questioning Dr. Andrew Wakefield about the possible link between autism and vaccinations. I was really taken aback by the guy they had who was practically shouting at the top of his lungs that Wakefield should not continue to make claims of this sort when all the evidence points to zero connection.

As I sat listening to this, I asked myself about the 1 in 150 children who now have autism, one hundred times more than only twenty years ago. Recently one of my nieces declared that her child was officially autistic, so I have been confronted with it up close and personal.

The point is that for some reason or another more and more people are becoming autistic and we don’t know why – but one thing is for sure – whether the cohort is vaccines or not, more research needs to be done to help combat this terrible trend in our society.

One way I propose that we do this is through a product offered by the Life Enthusiast Co-op called Lecithin. Lecithin is a Superfood offered by Exsula that will strengthen the immune system to an unbelievable degree. It has been very effective in dealing with the after-effects of chemotherapy and purges the body of all toxins. I feel this product is a much better alternative to dealing with illness than vaccination, which seems to come with risks we shouldn’t have to take.

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Author: Martin Pytela