Podcast 179: Politics of Health Part – 2

If you’ve not heard Part One of this Podcast, you must go listen… Martin and Scott have been more entertaining and controversial than they have been in years.

The discussion of Metabolic Syndrome X continues here.

In this podcast episode, Martin Pytela and his co-host Scott Paton discuss the general obesity problem that abounds in the United States and the western world in general.

America is the most obese country in the world, with every two out of three people being overweight and over half of that officially obese.

The episode focuses on the causes that have led us to the dire situation we are in. The industrial production methods which have gradually become more and more commonplace over the years have reduced our food to merely processed fabrications that only resemble the real thing in appearance. Governmental subsidization of large scale farming of grains on under-mineralized soils means that our food doesn’t have the nutrients it once did. Packaged foods are so full of addictive ingredients such as sugar that there is no chance to resist eating them.

As a result, the body’s metabolism is out of control and won’t respond to common treatments tried by doctors. This is known as Metabolic Syndrome X. Its symptoms include obesity, high blood pressure, thyroid dysfunction, immunological disorders, low energy, inflammation, and reliance on pharmaceuticals.

The good news is this syndrome is reversible with proper hydration, nutrition, exercise, fresh air, sunlight, and grounding, though it not easy. However, with perseverance you will soon be free of flus and colds, the inflammatory illness, and the excess weight.

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Author: Martin Pytela