Podcast 188: Natural Relief for Depression

After a weekend off his supplements, Scott began again to take Iridesca and ZoeTein with a smidge of Zymitol.  Martin thinks he’s over-the-top with joy. Scott feels energized and content and in control of calm sailing.

According to Martin, the true cure for depression is raising the level of joy and happiness in one’s life to the point where the down moments become insignificant. I realize that sounds simplistic, but that should at least be the goal, right? A healthy body does not become depressed and bad posture and mental habits only contribute to the downward spiral.

A serious problem for many of us in the western world, depression does not have a single solution or cure. Our medical establishment offers supposedly wonderful treatments including inhibitors of serotonin and all the rest. Do these really solve the problem? Perhaps they only mess with the brain enough to give the illusion that one is not depressed.

Depression can be traced to imbalance between calcium and magnesium. Low levels of magnesium associate with anxiety.

My advice for those dealing with mood balance issues is to give Magnesium Supplementation a go. Life Enthusiast offers Magnesium Crystals for your bath which allow your body to absorb precious magnesium the right way, through the membrane of the skin. This ensures the body doesn’t reject it as it can with oral supplementation. I highly recommend giving it a try, especially if treatments offered by our medical establishment have left you wanting.

Author: Martin Pytela