Podcast 191: New at Life Enthusiast 2010

The primordial antioxidant MegaHydrate to increase your energy and reduce pain, swelling & inflammation. As the original creators of Silica Hydride and Microcluster technology, Phi Sciences sets the benchmark for quality and effectiveness in antioxidant. Scientific studies validate that active hydrogen delivered into your bloodstream is the most powerful free radical scavenger available. It is the first product that delivers active hydrogen directly into the bloodstream using Dr. Flanangan’s patented nanotechnology silica Microclusters.

It’s no secret that aging can be significantly slowed by proper cellular hydration. Without proper hydration, everything is affected (hair, skin, fingernails, even elimination). MegaHydrate helps fight the negative effects of alcohol, stress, and free radicals as part of aging. Many customers report immediate pain relief and increases in energy.

MegaHydrate has the power of active hydrogen for health and longevity, providing a way for your cells to hold on to the hydration they so desperately need. It is the key that unlocks the potential of water as a medium for nutrient replenishment and waste removal at the cellular level. In a state of dehydration, body cells cannot assimilate nutrients and remove waste and relief pain from conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia.

Dehydration also occurs as a side effect of caffeine. Caffeine effects include anxiety, dizziness, headaches, sleep disorders, and many common ailments.

Zeolite Pure has been proven to absorb toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals from your body, as well as boost your immune system. Zeolite will balance your body’s pH, creating an environment that foreign cells can not grow in. Zeolite is a natural mineral that has a cage like structure and is negatively charged by nature. The negative charge acts like a magnet to attract toxins and heavy metals into its cage structure and carry them out of the body. It also balances the pH in the body which doesn’t allow foreign cells to grow.

Podcast 191: New at Life Enthusiast 2010

SCOTT: Hello! Welcome to the Life Enthusiast Podcast, I am your co-host, Scott Paton along with the founder of the Life Enthusiast, Martin Pytela! Hi, Martin! How are you doing today?

MARTIN: Excellent!

SCOTT: Great! Well, last time we were talking about some of the new items we have at the Life Enthusiast, and we wanted to continue on, because there has been a number of new items that you have added over the last little while, and we have not really given them the spotlight, so that is our plan for today. So which one do you want to start off with?

MARTIN: Well this one was forced upon us by one of our suppliers. We have been getting the Dr. Flanagan Mega Hydrogen, but they discontinued it, so we decided to get the new product and expand the line a little, so now we have Mega Hydrate and we have a product called Crystal Energy. These things are primarily antioxidants. Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented this thing over 20 years ago if I remember correctly. This particular silica compound is really good at releasing hydrogen ions wherever you put it, in water, in the air… it changes the properties of the water, such that it becomes an instant donor of missing electrons. To explain it further, an oxidant is something that is missing an electron, an antioxidant is something that is willing and able to donate a missing electron. It is sort of like a hole that needs to be filled.

For example, vitamin C shows up, it hands over its electrons, and it quenches its oxidative capacity. But now that this has happened, vitamin C now is missing the electrons, it needs to sort of return back to home base, it needs to be recycled back into its full capacity by gaining some of those missing electrons. I guess it is sort of like a little car that drives around, does its job, but then it has to return to the filling station to replenish itself before it can go on the next delivery. Crystal Energy and Mega Hydrate are both universal electron donors, they don’t do anything else, they just donate the missing electrons to wherever they are needed.

SCOTT: Okay, so they’re very, very powerful antioxidants.

MARTIN: Right. So if any person is suffering from oxidative stress, having this as a supplement is fantastic.

SCOTT: So Martin, just to clarify something for me: is there anyone not suffering from oxidative stress on this planet?

MARTIN: No, actually, oxidation and reduction are the normal processes by which we exist! All of the energy that we generate is generated through oxidation. Visualize a campfire, it gets heat through the consumption of wood in the presence of oxygen, that is basically what oxidation is. Of course, if you stand too close to this fire, you will burn yourself. This is the same thing that goes inside of every single cell in you. The mitochondria need to generate that energy, and in order to generate the energy, you have to burn something. Typically, mitochondria burn sugar, and they burn it only in the presence of oxygen. If they generate too much energy, for example, if you eat too much sugar, or you have an overall abundance of calories that need to be disposed of, you are aging yourself, you are constantly burning something, and you cause your body to suffer from oxidative stress. 

Other ways that you will cause yourself oxidative damage is smoking, consuming too much alcohol… Alcohol is a huge injection of excess energy that will cause oxidative stress too. In fact, you could probably have two people sitting side by side, one is a smoker and a drinker, the other one is not, and you will see it on them. By the time they are 68, the non-smoker and non-drinker will look a lot better than the other one, you will almost definitely see that on their skin.

So if you want to reverse some of this aging we keep talking about, then you should try some Crystal Energy. It doesn’t have any side effects, it doesn’t do anything else than addressing the oxidation issue by donating electrons to other elements in your body that need some. You just add it to your water. The Mega Hydrate is basically a more powerful version of it. It has 50% more of the silica microclusters, which causes this negatively ionized hydrogen to be released, and it has a stronger effect. It can have a really nice impact on people’s health. Anyone who is suffering from oxidative stress, which is from high energy outputs, eating too much sugar, drinking too much alcohol, or just generally living in an urban setting – these are the reasons why you’d want to try this.

Of course, you can take another natural supplement, like one of our superfood blends, they will naturally supplement you with antioxidants too, but these products with silica hydrate clusters, they will really help protect you from oxidative damage, they are very effective. These are really wonderful products, very universal, and deal with the problem very successfully. If you want to look better, live longer, enjoy a better quality of life and performance, this is it. This is the stuff. It is available either in capsules, loose powder, or crystal liquid. If you are needing to improve your water hydration property, especially when you are traveling, or at work, or wherever you may be, having a bottle of Crystal Energy on hand is a fantastic idea.

SCOTT: Cool! We have to be hydrating our bodies properly, we often hear that we are pretty dehydrated, right? What is another product that you have just introduced?

MARTIN: Recently we decided to start getting products from a company called ZEO Health. They have been around for 12-13 years now, and their big claim to fame is that they are delivering powdered Zeolite, as opposed to liquid Zeolite. Most of the medical research that is done has been done with powder zeolite. Liquid Zeolite is not really a “liquid form of Zeolite,” there’s no such thing as ‘liquid zeolite,’ it is just powder suspended in water, and we call it liquid zeolite to keep things simple. We sell Ultra Liquid Zeolite in water with humic acid. Humic acid is the medium that helps minerals to be absorbed in the human body. We could spend a long time talking about that, but we already covered humic acid in the past, so we are not going to go into detail about it here.

SCOTT: So zeolite is a mineral that basically pulls out the heavy metals and toxins from the body, right? And typically what we do is just take this liquid zeolite, put a few drops into the water, drink it, and it does its thing. But now you have got a powdered version!

MARTIN: Right, so let me just explain the difference. We just talked about the Mega Hydrate being a universal donor of missing electrons. If you have something in your body that is electropositive, such as a molecule of mercury or lead, you know, big, heavy metal, it is a big molecule. And to remove that from the body, we need to have something that is bigger than that. Zeolite is a product that creates a cage-like structure. Visualize a cage that is permeable, and inside of the cage is electronegative, so it is attracting electropositive things. All these heavy metals and toxins are electropositive, so they will be attracted to the cage structure, and get trapped inside of it, and then later eliminated from the body. That is how Zeolite works. And we now have it in a powder form, which might be less convenient to consume, but the price is very affordable, this is a fantastic value. You just mix a teaspoon of the powder with water or juice. But you need to work your way around it, you need to learn to work with it, you want to detox gradually.

SCOTT: Right, so you want to take a little bit at a time, maybe half a teaspoon three times a day with eight ounces of water, and then work your way up. But just to be clear, this is non-toxic, you are not going to overdose. But if you are taking too much of it, it is going to be pulling out a lot of the toxins in your body too quickly, so you will have what is called a healing crisis, too many toxins floating around your body at the same time. Don’t do that, start slow, start with a lower dose, and detox slowly.

MARTIN: Yes, just don’t be a hero and don’t start with a huge dose.

SCOTT: Take a little bit, three times a day, it goes through your system, it doesn’t stay in your system, it gets eliminated via urine in a couple of hours, along with all those trapped toxins.

MARTIN: Yes, it has a very short half-life, you pee it out within three or four hours.

SCOTT: Right. If I have it at eight or nine in the morning, and then I have it at one or two in the afternoon, and I have it at six or seven in the evening, that kind of covers the day fairly nicely. Maybe you will not feel a thing! But not feeling anything doesn’t mean nothing is happening! It just means that it is not happening at a level that is going to cause you a healing crisis. And then gradually over the next couple of three weeks, you can increase it. This way, the powder supply is going to last many, many months. I personally notice, when taking the other zeolite, that I get a slight… I wouldn’t want to call it a headache, but… it is almost like I can feel the heavy metals in my system a little, you know?

MARTIN: Right, it is a spaciness, or sort of a sense of unreality, where you are just feeling as though you are walking under a glass dome, that type of a thing. There are various sensations, but yeah, one of them is that your sensory perception of the world is affected, your perception has shifted, and it is shifting by the poisoning of the terrain by the presence of the metals. This will all go away as you detox your body. I experimented with it a bit, I wanted to know what that feels like, so when I started taking zeolite, I took too much on purpose. And by two o’clock in the afternoon, I was on the sofa, and I could not function. I made my liver so busy that it had no capacity left to give me some energy to just walk around, so I just went to bed.

SCOTT: Right, right, I remember you telling me about that!

MARTIN: Yeah! So that is the Zeolite powder, which also is available in capsules, and it is actually combined with the humic acid, so it is really good at dealing with viral conditions.

SCOTT: Yeah, and the Zeolite Pure sounds like a pretty cool thing.

MARTIN: Yeah, the pure powder is definitely for the heavy lifting.

SCOTT: And actually we have a story from Cheryl who e-mailed us, let me read it quickly: “My daughter had mercury in the brain, and Zeolite got it all out. Her daily migraines were gone within a few days. This was after about $20,000 of wasted money on things that didn’t work.” It probably crosses the blood-brain barrier, since the Zeolite goes wherever the blood goes, right? I thought that was just a great little story. Anyway, we can now move on to another new product!

MARTIN: Oh, let me just finish this antiviral thing! The Zeolite-AV we have in the store. It has anti-viral properties. If you have conditions like hepatitis, or hay fever, and even AIDS, and that sort of thing… I am not promising a cure, I am just saying that it will remove the viral load from your body.

SCOTT: How does that work? What is it that works on viral things? You’ve been hammering this into me for years now, about how it attaches to the toxic metals and removes them, and the electron part, but I am not sure how that applies to viral stuff or antibacterial stuff.

MARTIN: Well, again, everything in the body thing that goes on is electric. The virus is able to operate in the body through a terrain that is acidic, and Zeolite removes the particles from the body that promote the acidity.

SCOTT: Okay, so if your body is more alkaline, these viruses are going to have a tough time living in it.

MARTIN: Right. And because this does it by directly swallowing the causes that cause you disruption, it makes sense that when you remove the cause of disruption, a regular smooth function returns.

SCOTT: And what about the humic acid that is in there?

MARTIN: Humic is related to the word ‘humus,’ which is essentially a compost pile.

SCOTT: I can see on the website that this humic acid and I quote: “It is made of over 22 branch chain amino acids and nutrients that are no longer available in our food. This is from over-farming. This specific Humic Acid has shown in independent studies to coat and isolate the virus before it can attach to the cell and multiply (Viral Fusion Inhibitor). When a virus cannot attach to a cell, it is vulnerable to attack by the immune system. Proven in studies to be effective against a wide variety of viruses.” So that kind of explains to me why this would work so effectively.

MARTIN: Precisely. So lastly, we have this product called Esdifan, made by the same company. Esdifan is phenomenal for intestinal restoration. It works in the digestive tract, and it works exceedingly well in dealing with diarrhea, irritable bowel, that sort of stuff. It is a natural alternative to Imodium, but it doesn’t have any side effects. It stops the pain and brings your body back to normal. So again, this is something you want to travel to Mexico with.

SCOTT: Right! This is going to calm down my bowels, it is going to remove excess fluid in my digestive tract, so my stool will be nice, and it is going to remove toxins from the digestive tract as well, which I think is really cool.

MARTIN: Yeah, it is a very, very good product to have if you suffer from digestive issues.

SCOTT: Is it safe for long-term use?

MARTIN: Absolutely. It is a mop-up. If you have things in your stomach that are causing havoc, this thing just sort of marries itself to it electrically, and takes it away and cleans it up.

SCOTT: So it is safe for long-term use if you need it to, but the chances are it is going to clean up your digestive system and everything else so that you don’t have to deal with the problems for a long time. But if you don’t change your lifestyle, then the lifestyle that brought you all this irritable bowel and Crohn’s disease and everything else that you’ve had a problem with are probably going to come back.

MARTIN: Yes, absolutely, there is a chance. We have also added a new brand to our website! It is called Genki Foods, this is a Canadian company, and their claim to fame is fermented foods! Lacto-fermentation is one of the oldest traditional food preservation methods. You probably know sauerkraut, or kimchi. Those types of foods are fermented, the lactobacilli will eat all of the sugars remaining and turn it into the most nutritious, nonperishable food. You have probably been reading or hearing about probiotics and how important they are. These are the original probiotics. So the reason we went with the Genki Foods brand is that they work with whole grains or whole sprouted greens. We have products available in capsules or in powder form. We also have a gluten-free version of the powder!

SCOTT: These Genki products are a combination of raw whole grains seeds, legumes, and greens like spirulina, alfalfa, barley, and wheatgrass.

MARTIN: Right. They don’t actually use the grain, they sprout the grain, and when that is sprouted, they ferment it, and once it is fully processed, it becomes dehydrated. There is also a liquid product they make, it is called GOLD Liquid. It is essentially loaded with friendly probiotic bacteria. The supplier actually bottles this, they bottle it in these 2l bottles, it is very fizzy, so it needs to be shipped in these bottles that are able to withstand quite a bit of pressure. When you are opening this, you need to actually open it really carefully the same way you would open a bottle of champagne, you crack it open and then you wait for it to fizz off a bit, and then crack it open some more.

SCOTT: How would you use this?

MARTIN: There is a fantastically good article on our website about candida cleanse using Genki products. You need a six-pack of these 2l GOLD bottles, we sell them individually as well, one bag of powder, and one bottle of capsules. It is all gluten-free. The program is something like this: you start with an 8oz glass of the gold liquid, that pretty much resets and reboots your entire digestive system. Then you continue to drink just the juice the first week. Then you start adding the grain powder, and then on top of that, you start taking some of these capsules, and in about five weeks, you are going to be a completely new person. You can read all the details in the actual article. This is how you rebuild your entire digestive system in such a way that there is no room for candida. The metaphor I came up with is a garden. You know, candida is like the thistles and pigweed in your garden, so when you show up and you want to grow carrots and radishes, you need to put yourself to work, get rid of the weed, start watering it, start fertilizing the soil, all that stuff.

SCOTT: It sounds like a simple, easy-to-follow program.

MARTIN: Right? It is not the cheapest thing, but having candida is not the most pleasant condition to try and deal with, this program is very effective.

SCOTT: My ex-wife had candida, and she was working with the chiropractic naturopath, and she had to be on a very strict diet with no sugar, which was not really something she wanted to do, it was amazing how hard it was for us to find food for her to eat.

MARTIN: Oh yeah, I can relate. There are many people who are in a horrendous amount of trouble with the overgrowth of candida, all of this caused by gut sterility. As children, we were not allowed to put stuff in our mouths, which is what little kids naturally do. You know, they are playing with sand and dirt and then they put their fingers in their mouth. And then as we grow up, we start drinking carbonated water that kills off the intestinal culture, and then finally we top it off with antibiotics, and then we fill up with sugar. So after we kill off the good guys, we feed the bad guys and they overpopulate our digestive system.

SCOTT: Well, the good news is that we have a plan!

MARTIN: Absolutely. This is amazing for people with candida. There are two stages to candida, first, it is intestinal, and then it can go systemic. With the intestinal, you just have intestinal upset, you don’t feel great, but if it goes systemic, you can experience anxiety, depression, all kinds of mental issues, I don’t even want to go into that, that is quite a big topic, maybe for another day. I think we are out of time anyway.

SCOTT: So Martin, if somebody wanted to know more about how they can use these products to improve their health, what should they do?

MARTIN: Visit www.life-enthusiast.com! You can browse our blog, listen to our podcast, check out our store. If you need more guidance, call me at (866) 543 3388, I am here from 8 AM to 8 PM Pacific time. Thank you for listening!

SCOTT: Thanks for joining us, everybody! See you next time!

Author: Martin Pytela