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Podcast 196: The Gift: Self-Esteem in a Bottle

Although Smart Minerals is no longer operational, we have many other ORMUS supplements to suit your needs. Farrell Brenner has retired, and he will be missed.

Essentially, The Gift is self-esteem in a bottle. Use it to empower personal growth and raising your consciousness. The Gift can simply “opens the door” – it does not force you through it.

High self esteem means self-acceptance and love, which helps to lower stress, generate success, and build healthy relationships. It opens the way for creativity and self-development. It armors us against negative messages, programming and subliminal suggestions. High self-esteem is also well correlated with good immune system functioning. The Gift can support a release from addictions too.

Surround yourself with a cocoon of love energy that supports you through everyday challenges.

The Gift is a unique formulation of naturally occurring minerals as a base carrier for the bio-equivalent of a strongly positive attitude. It is charged with energies that disperse immediately into your emotional body.

Unlock your Heart’s Potential ~ Open your Full Potential

Author: Scott Paton