Podcast 200: Precious Prills and Water Ionizers

This podcast the topic is water ionizers and how they can improve your overall lifestyle.

Water ionizers are devices designed to transform ordinary tap water into a super-healthy drinking water full of negative ions which neutralize active oxygen, or free radicals. Acidic tap water which is unpleasant to taste is altered to fantastic alkaline drinking water.

Ionizing your water also allows the regular water molecules to be broken down sufficiently so that the body can absorb the oxygen more efficiently. This results in all around better hydration.

Once you’ve had water with a higher pH level, you will realize the degree of damage that can be done by acids to the body.

Podcast 200: Precious Prills and Water Ionizers

SCOTT: Welcome back everybody! You are listening to the Life Enthusiast Podcast, and it stars Martin Pytela, the founder of the Life Enthusiast, and his humble co-host Scott Paton! How are you doing today, Martin?

MARTIN: Scott, you have been promoted! You are now the executive producer, and I’m doing fine.

SCOTT: Oh, awesome, great! And I appreciate the raise in salary that goes along with that! (both laughing) I’m very, very excited because I am in week two of my colonic therapy, which is basically going twice a week to a hydro colonics therapist, who sticks a hose somewhere, and cleans out my insides, which we’ve been talking about for the last week or two. One of my concerns was that I had some discomfort with the insertion of the hose, and one of the things that my colon therapist said that maybe my prostate was slightly enlarged, and it was pushing on the hose. So yesterday when I went, she said: “you know, you don’t feel like you have to pee during the process, right?” And I said no, so she said it’s not pushing against the prostate, it’s probably not enlarged, because if it was, I would have had this feeling of having to go pee the whole time, because it would be pushing here and pushing there and everything else, so it was a relief! But it still felt like something was sort of pushing against something. And one of the things she said is that I definitely have a lot of candida, she can see it coming out, and there’s redness that she recognizes.

SCOTT: So this got me thinking about all the things related to bowels and colons, so before we went on air, I looked up stuff about bowel cancer, and I found this article that was published yesterday in the New Zealand Herald, titled ‘Five rules to avoiding bowel cancer.’ So a major study was done, and it pointed to five rules said to reduce the incidence of bowel cancer among other things. 

So the rules are 1. Be physically active for at least 30 minutes a day. 2. Have no more than seven drinks a week for women, and 14 drinks a week for men, I’m assuming that is alcohol. 3. Be a non-smoker. 4. Have a healthy diet. We could probably talk forever on these four rules, right? Except maybe being a non-smoker, that is simple – just don’t smoke. But the one that got me, and I actually did a Google search on this, because I was wondering what it was in inches, was: 5.Have a waist circumference below 88 cm for women, and 102 cm for men. Growing up with the Imperial system, I have an idea of how many inches I should be around my waist, but I have no idea how many centimeters. So 102 cm is basically 44 inches. I’m 34 inches around my waist…

MARTIN: Hold on, this needs to be said! Just because you are able to put 34-inch pants or jeans on, does not necessarily mean that you have a 34-inch waist. Think about that guy who comes in with his pants gently tucked under that gorgeous huge belly that hangs over the top of it, he might be wearing 34 size pants as well! If you don’t have a flat belly, as a man, you can still wear size 34 jeans, but the guts are going to be hanging well over the top of it.

SCOTT: You are right… so what you hear now is my tape measure, let me measure my waist… so 38 inches! Here’s my whole point, which you’ve just helped me illustrate: I’m thinking 44 inches, and I’m wearing 34-inch pants, so I’m good, right? Well, maybe not! Maybe it is like you said, 34-inch pants, but the waist is well over 34 inches, in my case 38 inches. And I’m working on getting it down, I’m not happy with where it is, but at least it’s going in the right direction. So we get this information, so let’s talk about it! Let’s start with being active for at least 30 minutes every day.

MARTIN: So that is a common sense, good general health message. And it is a perfect plug for a rebounder, if you put the rebounder in the office, all you have to do is spend maybe 15 minutes twice a day on it. The waist measurements, these guys have put it at 44 inches for a man in general, but you know, if you are a slim guy with a small frame, you will measure even less, same for women. You shouldn’t be a ballooned out skinny guy. If you are big and fat, your risk factors go up big time.

SCOTT: Yeah! So get that exercise and eat a healthy diet!

MARTIN: Yes! I thought you will say something like: ‘the reason I am slimmer now is that I’ve started eating a better diet, more alkalizing to my body type. I cut out some foods that were making me acidic and that’s how I lost a lot of weight.’

SCOTT: Of course! A diet specific for my metabolic type has been helping me lose some fat, and then Exsula Superfoods have been doing a great job of helping me control my cravings. My cravings now, compared to six months ago, are nowhere near the same. I’m eating less sugar for sure, I’ve cut out a lot of carbohydrates like pasta, and I cut down on bread, I maybe have a slice or two of bread a day, as opposed to four or five, and I’m working on getting that down as well. And I do hot yoga, and I love my little rebounder, it’s right here in my office, so I can move often, my lymphatic system is getting stimulated, and I notice it when I come off, it feels like my body is sloshing around for 30 seconds before it settles down.

MARTIN: Well, that’s good, wonderful to hear that you’re making this progress. And of course, the confirmation that there is candida tells us that that has been the biggest source of your cravings. Candida is the little fungus that lives inside of you, everywhere, and it calls for food, it wants sweets, it wants carbs, starch. That’s what it lives on, and it causes those cravings, that eight o’clock call to the fridge, that’s the little creature calling: “feed me!”

SCOTT: The other thing that I think is really important, and I don’t feel like I give it as much credit as I should, is water, good water, that I’m drinking. There is so much information about water that’s contradictory out there, that we really need to spend time educating people about the proper water we should be drinking. So let’s talk about water ionizers. First of all, what is an ionizer?

MARTIN: We have this device for water ionization. The water must not be either treated with reverse osmosis or distilled, it must be water that has actually minerals in it. And when using this device on the water, the electropositive ions get pulled to the negative electrode, and the electronegative ions get pulled to the positive electrode. So all of a sudden there’s an overabundance of acid on one side and alkaline on the other side. It’s a temporary situation. This device essentially sorts the water. All of the alkaline ions flow out of one pipe, and all of the acidic ions flow out of the other pipe. You can set it to your desired level of acidity or alkalinity, based on the pH scale. Some people think the more the better, so they turn it up to 11.0 pH, but that is not necessarily doing you any favor, if you do too much of it, you might give yourself a cleansing reaction.

SCOTT: That’s one thing you want to be aware of. What we talk about a lot is doing things in a gentle way.

MARTIN: Yes. People have caused themselves all manner of trouble by being just too brave. So here goes ionizer. In fact, just recently, Dr. Mercola stepped up into this arena, he is one of the bigger writers, his mailing list is probably about 10 times the size of ours, he managed to just declare that water ionizers are just bunk, that it’s just nonsense, which is really unbelievably stupid of somebody of his size and importance. He actually declared in his article and the podcast that he did that he didn’t know, that he didn’t need to know, because he already knows. Like saying: “I’ve never tried it, but I already know that it’s nonsense.” So of course he got a whole bunch of manufacturers of ionizers quite upset because when a guy who carries a lot of weight declares that everything you do is nonsense, that’s not a good thing.

SCOTT: Exactly, and he then says he doesn’t know, he just assumed.

MARTIN: Right. Here’s what the declaration was: When you drink the alkaline water, it goes in your stomach. And of course, your stomach is quite acidic. So if you drink alkaline water and put it into an acidic stomach, what do you get? It just neutralizes your stomach acids, and you’re done, nothing happens. It’s over. Therefore it must be nonsense. But of course, that’s not what happens! When you supply an abundance of electrons to the body, that’s what being alkaline means, when you supply the electric quality of alkalinity to the body, there always is a reaction to that. Somebody asked me the other day if I was using a water ionizer and my answer was: “no, I’m not, I don’t need one.” I actually had one at home for about six weeks, and I shut it off and gave it away because all it was doing was making me overly alkaline, I was alkaline already before I started using it.

SCOTT: Because we don’t want to be too much alkaline or too much acidic.

MARTIN: Conditions that are caused by over-acidity would be things like cancer, or arthritis, the illnesses that are inflammatory, like fibromyalgia, lupus, things like that. People who are suffering from those types of conditions, well, they would be well advised to have an ionizer until they manage to balance the ions in their body.

SCOTT: Right. So a water ionizer is different from a water filter, right?

MARTIN: Yeah! Actually, most ionizers do have filters built-in. You can have multiple types of filters that remove things from the water, most pre-filters will take out mud, they call it turbidity, and it will usually be something like acrylic yarn. Then you have a filter that will remove chlorine, which typically will be a carbon filter. And then you can have other types of filters that will remove other contaminants. There are so many options available, it could get quite complicated.

SCOTT: Right. But the ionizer is all about electric charge, right? We’re talking there about the electric charge of the ions in water.

MARTIN: Yes, there are two plates in the ionizer, the water travels across these plates, and is separated into two streams.

SCOTT: Right, one stream is more acidic, the other is more alkaline.

MARTIN: By the way, the acidic water is really useful! When you wash your hair, your skin, your face, or whatever, it really improves the look of the tissue, it makes your skin healthier. So if someone asks me: Do I need an ionizer? The answer is this: If your lifestyle brings you into oxidative stress, then having an ionizer will help you balance that. If your lifestyle is already balanced, having an ionizer is silly, because it’s going to push you over too far.

MARTIN: There are other ways to balance yourself. Drinking alkaline water is not the only one, you can supply your body with other alkalizing techniques. We already talked about food combining, we discussed the body types in the past, the metabolic types. If you’re a metabolic type that is alkalized by fats and proteins, eating a lot of fruits and carbohydrates is going to do you harm. And vice versa, if you are the body type that is alkalized by fruits and vegetables, eating too much protein is going to be bad for you, it will acidify you.

And then there are the activities that acidify people: staying up late, stress, drinking, sugar, drinking coffee, alcohol…All of those are acidifying events. Suntanning is an acidifying event. Can you believe it? So, when you engage in acidifying activities, you need to figure out some way to balance it. If you balance it through your diet, great! If you don’t, you are developing an acid-alkaline imbalance, you’re developing a deficit, then you need to figure out some ways how you can make up for that deficit.

SCOTT: I was just reading one of the articles on our website about ionized water research, and these doctors said they introduced alkaline ionic water in their clinic. Here is what they said: “We’ve had the following interesting clinical experiences on the use of this type of alkaline ionic water for drinking and the preparation of meals for our inpatients. We have noticed declines in blood sugar levels in diabetic patients, improvements in peripheral circulation in diabetic gangrene, declines in uric acid levels in patients with gout, improvements in liver function exams with hepatitis disorders, improvements in ulcers and prevention of their recurrence, improvements in hypertension and hypotension, improvements in allergic disorders, such as asthma, and other things that I can’t pronounce, improvements in persistent diarrhea, quicker improvements in postoperative bowel paralysis, improvements in serum bilirubin in newborns patients…”

MARTIN: Right, that is quite a medical vocabulary training! Bilirubin is the pigment that your liver produces as a treatment of fats, it’s used for the digestion of fat. The list of things that you mentioned, all of which are oxidative stress illnesses, are associated with an industrial society lifestyle. Diabetes was unheard of in societies until we started eating these stupid diets loaded with carbohydrates and high fructose corn syrup. The diabetes epidemic that’s upon us is entirely and completely caused by American industrial food manufacturers because they have been pushing things like corn, soy, and wheat into society. And they are trying to invent even more ways to load them into society. But back to the article you mentioned! That is wonderful, they were indeed able to see a reversal of symptoms associated with stupidity.

SCOTT: (laughing) That’s a good way to put it, yeah.

MARTIN: So if you’re going to live a lifestyle that is going to include doing the things that are going to make you sick, you may as well go get yourself an ionizer, because it’s going to help and make you healthier. It’s just no question about that. I’m just simply saying it’s not the only way to go. You do not have to spend a couple of thousand dollars on one of these things, but if you find yourself already with one of these illnesses, such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, any one of these things that are indeed caused by the ‘stupid lifestyle,’ then please go send us your money, we will send you an ionizer, and we will help you greatly with that thing [health].

SCOTT: It’s often difficult to cut out the sugars, starches, pasta, and bread, so it is a process, it might take weeks or months or even years, but drinking the ionized water, that’s pretty easy to do, and it would be a good, easy way to take a good step towards improving your health, particularly if you’re suffering from some of these diseases.

MARTIN: Yes, diseases of civilization. Of course, our industrial society is also really into gadgets, right? It’s so much easier to say: “Just buy this gadget, and it will improve your life,” as opposed to going in and saying: “You have to change your habits, your lifestyle, give up something.” So it’s easier for me to say: “Oh yeah, just send me $2,500 and I’ll send you this device, and you plug it into your water tap, and you start drinking this water, and it will help you greatly.” By the way, similar effects that this delivers can be delivered by other water devices, any device that can add electrons, negative ions, into your diet.

SCOTT: Right, and the prills! I have the prills in my water filter, I have a gravity-fed water filter, and I have the prills in the bottom compartment and it’s wonderful. You will find links to all these products we are mentioning in the product bar on the left side of the screen if you are interested to check them out.

MARTIN: Yes. The prills will do something very similar to what a water ionizer will do. That’s kind of comical really, sell these prills for $15, a bag of prills will treat about a thousand gallons of water. That’s probably about three years of your drinking, and it’s roughly comparable to the $2,000 ionizer. So there are pretty inexpensive options for you to try!

SCOTT: So we now know what the water ionizer does. We know why people should use it, and you mentioned that we get the alkaline water coming out of one side, and the acidic water coming out the other side. Alkaline water is really good for drinking, and that acidic water is really good for washing things and using it externally on our bodies, right?


SCOTT: We are not on an anti acidic kick, we actually know there are benefits of both types of water, acidic and alkaline.


SCOTT: Is there anything else you’d like to add about water before we sign off, Martin?

MARTIN: The principles are very simple, and the basics are very straightforward. If you are maintaining your pH, your balance, internally, through reasonable behaviors, you don’t develop an illness and you don’t need these gadgets to help you. But when you are unwilling to do the right things, eating correctly to your metabolic type, eating healthy, nutrient-rich foods, you will probably need more than just a pH balancing tool. When people ask me: “what should I do?” I usually say: “First of all, get on the superfood blend. Don’t even question it, just get on it now.” Many people come to me and say: “I have cancer, or I have inflammation, or I’m aching here and there, what gadgets should I buy?” First of all, you need to focus on your everyday behavior. You need to focus on nutrient density, and the proper food combining for your metabolic type, the acid alkaline-balance of your lifestyle. You need to make lifestyle changes if you want to improve your condition.

SCOTT: Make choices that are going to help your health.

MARTIN: Yes. The point is this: you can buy an ionizer and spend your hard-earned money, but I would much prefer that you eat well and never need this thing in the first place. That’s the Life Enthusiast message. We are restoring vitality to you and to the planet. You can find us at www.life-enthusiast.com, you can call me at (866) 543 3388 and talk to me directly.

SCOTT: Thanks for joining us, everybody! See you next time!

Author: Martin Pytela