Podcast 208: Metabolic Typing – Part 1

Martin Pytela and co-host Scott Paton started the Life Enthusiast Online Podcast, which now spans over two hundred episodes. Together they debunk common medical myths or tackle a particularly pressing health issues, and provide plenty of advice for improvement.

This week the topic is the idea that there are various metabolic types. Understanding your own can lead to greater understanding of your health and wellness. Our metabolism is simply the sum of all the millions of biochemical enzyme reactions taking place in the body, so how can we make sure the right processes are taking place?

It turns out some foods can be great for certain people’s metabolism, like meats, while being terribly detrimental to others. Finding out what your body likes and doesn’t like is a huge part of becoming a healthier and more conscientious person. There are generally three factors at play in any person’s metabolism: nutrition, the glandular system and the nervous system.

Biological individuality is very important and completely ignored by the western medical model, and largely ignored by natural health practitioners as well. Needless to say this gets complicated so we encourage you to listen to the podcast or read more about metabolic types on our website.

Author: Martin Pytela