Podcast 209: Metabolic Typing – Part 2

Join Martin and Scott in their Webinar: What Metabolic Type are You?

Our metabolism is the total of all the millions of biochemic enzyme reactions that take place in our body at any given time. Some reactions use energy to build more complex structures from assimilated nutrients (anabolism), while others release energy by breaking down more complex molecules (catabolism).

While there are additional factors and overlapping influences, we may say quite generally that our basic metabolic pathways are most strongly influenced by our nutrition, the glandular system is mainly affected by our emotions and the nervous system responds primarily to brain and mental activity. All three factors – nutrition, glandular system and nervous system – combine to regulate our metabolism.

Inherited or acquired variations of these regulating factors produce a unique blend for each individual and call for different specific requirements for optimal health. However, there are also some common key factors and we can distinguish several groups with similar characteristics; each group represents a metabolic type.

Author: Martin Pytela