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Podcast 214: Detox with Suppositories

Today, Martin is raring to go, so he and Scott discuss how you can increase effectiveness of your supplements by up to 20% from one mildly uncomfortable trick.

There are a few ways to ingest nutrients into the body. One is through eating. Another is through the skin as previously discussed with magnesium. And the one discussed today is from the bottom up – suppositories in the anus. Most find this to be a very unpleasant thought – but the thing is this – it’s 20 times more effective to supplement the same ingredients by suppository, than by mouth.

Xeneplex suppositories contain organic coffee and reduced glutathione to support your body in removing toxins such as pesticides, petrochemicals, plasticizers, solvents, metals, artificial flavors and colors and mold and fungal aflotoxins. Provides all the benefits of a coffee enema and a glutathione IV in a suppository form, and is well suited for those suffering from chemical sensitivities. While Xeneplex will remove metals as well as chemicals, we suggest that Medicardium be used together with Xeneplex. In this way, toxic metals are chelated out with EDTA and the glutatione in the Xeneplex can focus on the removal of the toxic chemical burden.

Glytamins suppositories replace the kidney and gall bladder flushes with amino acids and herbs to support the body in dissolving and passing gallstones, bile sludge and kidney stones. Unlike the older olive oil, lemon juice and Epsom salt flush, which drains the body of bile fluid, Glytamins rebuilds the bile supply.

Unlike traditional I.V. chelation, which is an invasive medical procedure done in a doctor’s office, Medicardium suppositories can be used in the privacy of your own home. EDTA may also support the body in removing calcification from the soft tissues and joints. Magnesium and potassium may also help reduce the “fight or flight” response that many people experience as the result of the stresses of modern life.

Author: Martin Pytela