Podcast 216: Cleansing Improves Moods

Healthy Cells and Healthy Mind

In this episode, Martin and Scott discuss how cells work and why we get sick. Martins thinks that humans are much better at seeing what’s wrong, as opposed to what’s right. Advertising seems to focus on selling you the storm, not the sunshine. Both hosts are suffering from a sore throat, so here the discussion begins.

Lymplex capsules can be used to support your body in maintaining a healthy immune response at the first sign of a sore throat or general malaise, or as part of a complete detox program. It capsules contain a blend of 10 organic and wildcrafted herbs designed to strengthen and tighten the lymph nodes and junctions as well as cleanse and flush out the 45 pints of fluid in our lymphatic system. The lymph system, which includes the 1,00,000+ nodes as well as specialized organs, such as the spleen, tonsils, thymus and appendix, is responsible for proper immune function, as well as the direct drainage and detoxification of the blood and interstitial fluids.

Ellagica capsules contain ellagic acid and other plant compounds to support the body in resolving infections and other pathological processes. Ellagic acid inhibits the enzyme gyrase, which many viruses use to enter our cells and replicate, inhibits chitin-synthase, which fungi use to build their cell walls, and kills certain parasites. Ellagic acid stimulates apoptosis, the pathway by which abnormal and pathological cells are directed to self-destruct. In addition, Ellagica contains four plant extracts designed to support the body in maintaining healthy blood viscosity. Ellagica is the safest and most potent way to take ellagic acid.

Author: Martin Pytela