Podcast 217: Healing from Within

Most and Scott talk about personal responsibility. Through sheer willpower and intent, consciousness can attempt to over-ride a subconscious idea. Usually such efforts are met with varying degrees of resistance, since the cells are obligated to adhere to the subconscious program. In some cases the tensions between conscious willpower and subconscious programs can result in serious neurological disorders.

The evolutionary transition from unicellular life forms to multicellular (communal) life forms represents an intellectually and technically profound high point in creation. In the world of unicellular protozoa, each cell is an innately intelligent, independent being, adjusting its biology to its own perception of  the environment. However, when cells join together to form multicellular communities, the cells establish a complex social interaction.

Click here to read “Cell Psychology and Beyond” by Bruce Lipton. It’s fascinating!

Author: Martin Pytela