Podcast 223: Removing Deadly Chlorine

Since Scott has removed soda and sugary drinks, he’s feeling much better drinking lots of water. He’s also feeling good about his chlorinated tap water.

Martin goes on about the chlorine, about how it’s meant to kill organisms and it does a great job of that. So good that when you drink chlorinated water, it kills organisms in your gut – the bad AND the good. Just like in a garden, when you kill the plants, what comes back first is the weeds – or in the case of your gut, the bad organisms. And they don’t have the good ones left to balance everyone out.

So we need filtration devices for chlorinated tap water. Not just for drinking water, but for the water you shower and bathe in too!  Not only does your skin absorb the toxic chlorine, but the hot steam gets into your lungs too.

Chloramine does the same job and is even more insidious than chlorine. Chloramine does not smell like chlorine. Beware of this toxin and remove it from your life!

It is vital to have a pure clean water supply to ensure continued health, and when you consider that we are essentially made of 70% water ourselves, you can see how water quality directly impacts on our health.

Author: Martin Pytela