Podcast 225: Metabolic Typing – Part 1

Martin’s descent into illness is what inspired him to apply his consulting practice to his medical problems, and begin turning the tide to reverse his health issues. Now Martin is CEO of Life Enthusiast, talking to people all over the world about the true causes of health and illness.

Martin believes that it’s almost incomprehensible, that in this age of science we’re still operating from the wrong premise when it comes to human health. The concept of biological individuality has somehow escaped the attention of mainstream medicine (and even some alternative medicine practitioners too). We’ve heard of eating for your blood type, but that’s not quite complete.

The advantage Martin has in talking about these topics is that he’s not a doctor. If he were a doctor, he’d have to tell us what is being taught in medical schools and what his licensing body tells him he can say. Martin started out as a Business Analyst in computer programming and business management. At age 25, Martin was poisoned by mercury in a dentist’s office and he had to figure out how to heal himself.

After this, he gave up managing business and became a full time health coach – and his approach is managing cellular terrain. It’s not so much your genetics, as what you do with it. The importance of nutrition and how it relates to your well-being can be simplified… you can be overly acidic or overly alkaline, and you’ll be alkalized or acidified by either fats & proteins (meat-eaters) and complex carbohydrates & fruits.

If you’re overly acidic, you need to alkalize, and you need to do it with the right foods. What is healthy for one is detrimental to the other, and visa versa.

Author: Martin Pytela