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Podcast 226: Metabolic Typing – Part 2

Podcast 226: Metabolic Typing – Part 2

Today’s Podcast starts with a listener’s question: If a person is tending towards anxiety, being upset and easy to be taken out of balance, and also the body produces mucus and allergies – what type of food should they eat to balance that?

This question is precisely what Martin is trying to overcome with education. There is not a single answer to it. You need to eat the foods that bring YOUR body into the right range. If you’re a fast oxidizer, you need to switch into more fats, more proteins and less fruit and carbohydrates. If however you’re a slow oxidizer, you need to switch into very little meat, a lot of fruit, a lot of salads – mostly vegetarian. More likely you’ll do better with more vegetarian diet because that’s the more common body type.

Number one thing to do is detoxify, which causes toxicity in your body, probably heavy metals. We’ve used Zeolite very successfully to detoxify.

To prevent illness, you need to do more on the good side of the ledger than you do on the bad side. If you look around, you can see that most people are failing at this.

Author: Martin Pytela